Goddard-Williams family

Goddard-Williams family

Happy holidays! What are your plans for this week? I wanted to thank you so much for checking in over the past year. I’m so grateful for this exuberant community of smart, funny, wonderful women, and feel lucky every day to be part of it. We’ll be visiting relatives in California over the next week — and posting photos on Instagram, if you’d like to see — but in the meantime here’s a look back over the past year on Cup of Jo…

Yen Ha

Fashion posts, like our week of outfits series, including a criminal defense attorney, antiques dealer, nutritionist, architect, law executive, stylist and our beloved Stella. Plus, the best shoes and pants to wear to work, seven everyday clothes I swear by and the prettiest signet rings.

Trader Joe's breakfast

Food posts, like the dessert Franny brings to every party, my sister’s killer salad recommendation and an instant pasta upgrade. Plus, four Trader Joe’s hacks, an ode to potlucks, a tribute to Anthony Bourdain, the best jarred pasta sauce (for real!) and the case for intuitive eating. Oh, and Alex grouching about sharing food at restaurants, lol.

Samin Nosrat

Beauty posts, including a fishtail braid tutorial, the one product Caroline always finishes and four women on going gray. Also, our beauty uniform series, featuring the Hot Young Widows Club founder Nora McInerny, charming cooking show host Samin Nosrat, wise reverend Lydia Sohn and funny fashion writer Connie Wang.

Natalie Portman hotel

Travel posts, like our trips to England and Maine. Also, three things to always pack, what NOT to do on a plane, a genius way to entertain kids on flights and the (weirdest) best part of trips.

John Derian house

Design posts, including house tours in Copenhagen, Ohio, upstate New York, Mexico City, Cape Cod and of course, Brooklyn, and small spaces like this 600-square-foot family home (with a Murphy bed!) and Stella’s 175-square-foot studio. Plus, how to hang family photos, how to arrange grocery store flowers and tons of fun things.

Abbey Lossing podcasts

Culture posts, including the 6 best fall books, the mistake R.O. Kwon made at Crazy Rich Asians, beautiful life advice from a woman with stage IV cancer, what has inspired you lately and 15 reader comments on books. We also discussed serious topics, like sexual harassment, mental health and family separation.

Lisa Inge wedding

Relationship posts, like funny marriage pet peeves, wedding dos and don’ts, 17 reader comments on grief, trying out the diva cup, finding a role model and nine women talking about divorce. Plus, career thoughts, like coming out at work, money advice with Paco deLeon and what NOT to say during a job interview.

Insecure HBO

Friendship posts, including the love story Caroline never thought to tell, the power of thank-you notes, finding a hobby, a beautiful small kindness (sob!) and a how to make friends with a cookbook club.

Best of Parenting 2018

Parenting posts, like three words that changed how I parent, having an only child, a foolproof $1 birthday present, 12 beloved children’s books, funny conversations with kids, what contractions really feel like, why moms should be in the photos, class differences with your parents and the one thing I’d tell Meghan Markle about pregnancy. Plus, our motherhood around the world series, including Wales and South Africa. (These comments also made us laugh out loud.)

Thank you again for everything this year. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing break. We’ll be back on January 2nd with a gorgeous week of outfits, a post about solo sex, and…thoughts on turning 40 :) Have a great holiday and a happy new year. Lots of love. xoxoxo

P.S. And in case you need them: 10 tips for traveling with a baby, 10 ways to entertain a toddler on a flight, and 16 ways to travel with kids (and actually enjoy it).

(Top photo by Nicki Sebastian. Fashion photo by Christine Han. Food photo by Yossy Arefi. Beauty photo by Talia Herman. Travel photo of Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier. Design photo by Alpha Smoot. Culture illustration by Abbey Lossing. Relationship photo by Anna Caitlin. Friendship photo from Insecure. Parenting photo by Lauren Volo for Land of Women.)