Dating Tips

What Are Your Random Turn-Ons?

Think: muscular forearms and strong hugs.

The Easiest Relationship Tip

Two words: bodega santa!

My Boyfriend Weighs Less Than I Do

"He was 20 pounds lighter than I was, and that was nerve-wracking."

The Very First Emails Alex and I Sent to Each Other (We Were Nervous!)

Here are our reserved but hopeful emails.

‘Will I Be Single Forever?’ and Other Pressing Questions

Your relationship questions, answered.

Dating and Relationships Column

Do You Have Any Dating/Relationship Questions?

Announcing a regular dating column.

Together or Apart? When You’re Newly Dating During Quarantine

Four couples share their personal decisions.

My First Date Was at Age 30

What I learned from being a late bloomer.

The Rules

“The Rules” Book, Revisited 25 Years Later

The best (worst) advice from the classic dating book.