A Week of Outfits: Hannah Proff

Lawyer Hannah Proff's week of outfits

Denver-based Hannah Proff knows workwear. “As a criminal defense attorney, I’m in court almost every day,” she says. “The unspoken rule is that you have to wear a blazer, but I try to mix it up on the days where I’m not in court.” Here, Hannah shows us five outfits she wears regularly…

Lawyer Hannah Proff's week of outfits

Jumpsuit: Elizabeth Suzann. Coat: Soia & Kyo, similar. Booties: Nanette by Loeffler Randall. Earrings: Four Eyes Ceramics.

“I grew up in rural Alaska and dreamed of being a downtown career lady. There was none of that in my family or the small town I grew up in. My parents tell stories of me talking about the suits I’d wear for my job. Now, I love wearing professional attire and working in the law. When my husband and I watch legal dramas, I’ll pause the show and say, ‘Let me show you how it would really work, I’ll cross-examine that guy…’ He gets annoyed, but I kind of love it. My dad relates to my work by watching Better Call Saul. He’s always like, ‘I’ll tell you what Saul would do.'”

Lawyer Hannah Proff's week of outfits

Tank: Frame. Skirt: DVF. Blazer: Elizabeth and James, similar. Heels: similar. Bag: Clare V.

“Since suiting is expensive, I try to buy high-quality basics and add fun accessories — like scarves and jewelry. I have a good tailor and will get blazers re-lined if they get ripped or start to smell weird. I’ve worn this blazer for seven years, and it has been re-lined twice. I’ll get superstitious and if I’ve won a lot of cases in a blazer, I’ll think it’s my winning blazer. This is my lucky one.”

Lawyer Hannah Proff's week of outfits

Dress: J. Crew. Blazer: Theory. Heels: similar. Scarf: Animal Handmade. Briefcase: Tumi.

“I own J. Crew’s résumé dress in every color, and I buy them during the huge sales they have now and again. And my sleek briefcase is the love of my life. It’s the perfect size for my laptop and legal files. There’s also Advil, lip gloss, highlighters, turkey jerky… I could survive for days as long as I had my briefcase.”

Lawyer Hannah Proff's week of outfits

Dress: similar. Blazer: Milly, similar. Tights: Nordstrom. Booties: similar. Earrings: Oxbow. Briefcase: Tumi.

“My feet are wide, so I’ll get shoes stretched. My cobbler is super grumpy, but you just hand him your shoes, he says, ‘Come back in two weeks,’ and they’re perfect. I’m 6 feet tall, and when I was younger, I’d avoid heels because I used to think, there’s already so much of me! But now that I’m older, I’m like, you know what, there should be more of me.”

Lawyer Hannah Proff's week of outfits

Top: similar. Skirt: Halogen. Shoes: Everlane, similar. Briefcase: Tumi.

“I represent kids who are charged with serious crimes, and I get to really know and like them. The activist Bryan Stevenson says, ‘Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.’ That becomes so clear in my work. I wish people would spend more time thinking about institutional racism and white privilege and how that has affected the criminal justice system. One book I give to my clients all the time is by the poet Dwayne Betts. His incredible memoir talks about committing an aggravated robbery when he was a juvenile. He went to prison for eight years, and now he has a family and is a public defender. It’s hard because people can get so myopic about their situation, but there are examples of people who have made lives for themselves outside the criminal justice system.”

Lawyer Hannah Proff's week of outfits

Thank you so much, Hannah! You can also read more about her nonprofit LYRIC, which teaches high-school kids how to safely assert their constitutional rights when confronted by the police.

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(Photos by Lashley Rhodes for Cup of Jo.)

  1. Erin says...

    I am a juvenile public defender in Idaho and I LOVE this post. I keep coming back to it because I am inspired by so many different parts of it. I have a couple questions: where is the ‘schools not prisons’ print from that is on Hannah’s desk? I would love something like that for my office. Also, I’d love more information about how LYRIC got started. I don’t think anything like that exists in Idaho and there really is a need for something similar.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Erin, I am sorry I never responded to this post before now. We would LOVE for you to start a LYRIC chapter in Idaho. Email me at

  2. Heather says...

    I need more info on those black heeled booties! Love the elastic slip on and how low profile they are on the ankle. The “similar” pair isn’t doing it for me. Can Hannah provide any more details??

  3. Karleen says...

    Yes, thank you for representing Denver and a badass DU alum!!!

  4. Sarah says...

    Wait can someone talk more about stretching shoes for wide feet?! Is this a real thing??! Can you do it for any kind of shoe or just leather?

  5. Trish says...

    Wait… You can have shoes stretched?!?! This changes everything. I have small but wide feet and can never find a pair that fits. I have been searching for a pair of black flats for over 10 years, I kid you not. I have bought and returned dozens of shoes.

  6. Jane says...

    I love this Week of Outfits so much – both the style and the good work this attorney performs. Thank you!

  7. Ileana says...

    Yes Yes yes yes yes!!! I had been looking forward to a Week of Outfits like this! I’m also an attorney and find it difficult to find inspiration in these kinds of posts because I can’t relate to the boho / artistic style. I love this! More of this, please!

    • Jane says...

      Me too! I could not love this Week of Outfits more!

  8. Hadley says...

    Well there goes $300 dollars on a silk jumpsuit I wasn’t aware I needed in my life until today.

    • Katie says...

      I can not speak highly enough of Elizabeth Suzann’s stuff. It’s amazing. Enjoy the jumpsuit!

  9. Renee says...

    What is that fun fuchsia lipstick shade Hannah is wearing in the photo with the red dress and black blazer? I love how she paired it with a burgundy dress!

  10. Cynthia says...

    She’s so right. I have re-lined coats because it’s a shame to throw away a perfectly good coat because the lining is in shreds. Unfortunatley, ready-to-wear often uses poor quality lining fabrics. Her style is fantastic. This is one of the best style posts ever!

    • K says...

      How much should it cost to get something relined? I tried asking a tailor once but she refused, saying it was too expensive. I have a jacket I really love and I would rather repair it than buying a new one. Just need to find a new tailor but would help to have an estimate!

  11. Lidia says...

    I think this might be my favorite Week of Outfits posts ever! Her style is amazing and she’s just as amazing herself! She’s definitely #goals!

  12. Madeleine says...

    Join me in DONATING to Hannah’s awesome nonprofit — wow wow all around & keep up the great work! ??