Best Recipes

Before and After: How to Make Your Recipes Look Amazing

Here's the before and after.

Um, Can You Even Handle These Brownies?

Basically a slab of chocolate.

Carla Hall’s Southern Spoonbread

A Southern classic from celebrity chef Carla Hall.

Three-Ingredient Brown Sugar Shortbread

Couldn't be easier.

This Apple Crisp Makes the Entire House Smell Dreamy

Just four ingredients.

The Quick Dessert I Bring to Every Party

Sweet and salty bliss.

The Easiest (Gooey-est) Skillet Brownies

Grab a spoon.

Dump Everything on a Puff Pastry and Call It a Night

An easy vegetarian dinner with puff pastry and feta.

This Salad Is One Reader’s Cure for Homesickness

A pick-me-up Greek salad with shrimp.