Talking to Kids

21 Completely Subjective Rules for Raising Teenage Boys

"Pretend you’re tying your shoe so they won’t notice you leaning in to sniff the still-intoxicating smell of their scalp."

Who Was Your First Crush?

This weekend, five-year-old Anton asked me to help him write a note…

A Big Guide to Halloween Candy Trading

Sorry, raisins.

Toby and Anton in Conversation

What funny things have your kids said lately?

Toby and Anton in Conversation

"Mommy, do I have any long-sleeved shorts?"

Three Words That Changed How I Parent

What's the best parenting advice you've ever heard? Here's mine...

A Funny Parenting Realization

It's happening.

Conversations With a Four-Year-Old

"What are hours?"

How Did You Introduce a New Baby to an Older Child?

Planning for a big family transition.