10 Ways to Entertain a Toddler on a Plane

Will you be traveling with a little dude over the holidays? Last year, I wrote 10 tips for traveling with a baby, but now that Toby is an energetic toddler, he also needs to be entertained en route. Here are a few tips we’ve figured out…

1. During the days leading up to your trip, read the book Airport. This was a great tip from my friend Randi, who said: “It’s the perfect explanation of the whole airport experience, and our son was so excited each step of the way since we’d read the book a million times before we left. He’s even more obsessed with it since we’ve been back; I read it to him five times a day!”

2. Wear a backpack, so your hands will be free in the airport. Fill it with all the snacks, toys and diapers that you want to have on hand, so you won’t end up rooting through your suitcase for a pack of raisins. If your child is old enough, consider letting him or her carry a mini backpack of their own.

3. Surprise your child with a new book, especially one with lots of different things to look at. We love Richard Scarry books, which take a while to read and are filled with discoveries.

4. Bring a toy car with doors that open. For Toby at least, if you give him a toy car with doors that can open, he’ll open and close the doors for a solid ten minutes, and then drive the car around with his fingers (“Fingers driving!”) wedged inside the doors for another ten.

5. Scroll through family photos on your phone. Toddlers are (adorably) self-obsessed, so they typically love looking at personal photos. We can spend forever looking through “Toby photos” and talking about each one. We also talk about what we’re going to do on our trip, which gets him excited for everything. (For example, my mom is going to drive her car with her hands on the wheel and read Toby “a bunch a books.”)

6. Ask the flight attendants for a plastic cup with ice and straws. The combo is weirdly entertaining.

7. Bring a box of raisins or the end of crusty baguette or a lollipop or any snack that takes A LONG TIME to eat. This is key; you want this snack to last a long time so you can sit and chill:)

8. Pretend to cook food. Not sure about every toddler, but Toby loves to whip up a fake meal, and the more specific our requests, the better. I’ll ask him for cheesy pasta with meatballs and zucchini, plus purple juice and very hot tea. The feast can go on and on and is a great way to pass time while sitting in a seat.

9. Play favorite videos on your laptop (Toby’s a Bubble Guppies guy), or apps on an iPad (say, Freight train or Hugless Douglass) if you have one. This tip is probably a no-brainer. :) All our rules fly out the window!

10. Chat with other passengers. I’ve been surprised by how friendly most people are on planes (with a few traumatic exceptions:). Toby and I will go on an “adventure” down the aisle (I’ll build it up for a few minutes first) and scout out chatty passengers (typically grandparents) to have conversations with. Once, an older man on a flight to Michigan did that trick where it looks like your thumb is popping off, and it basically made Toby’s whole year.

Good luck! Happy travels! And I’d LOVE to hear any helpful tips you may have discovered along the way…

P.S. 10 overall tips for traveling with a child, and an unusual thing we do on vacations.

(Photos from this trip)

  1. Need help for a new 12 month old traveling for the first time by plane and also for 3 hours. She is very antsy and sleeps lightly so we can not expect her to sleep much. Books are her first love so we can take turns reading to her. She eats healthy so I will offer tiny bites of avocado and nectarine. We have not given her sweet snacks with sucrose so besides being a choke risk lollypops are not a go for her. Will pack her infant/toddler “puffs” and “cruchies” to also take up some time. Not sure what else to do. She is so young. Any advise and activities will be sooooo welcomed. Thank you!

  2. Andrea says...

    Loved this post and the comments. So very helpful!

    I bring
    – Dum Dum Lolipops (and wipes).
    -a pill box (You know: M, T, W, R, F, S, S) with little food in each one (like Cheerios) or toys (pom moms, etc(
    – a few weeks before the trip, I hide some of Ruby’s favorite things and then – voila! – they appear on the plane!
    – I hate buying junk, but… I buy junk at the Dollar Store for the tip
    -a notepad and pen to doodle; post it notes, too!
    – stickers
    -bags with zippers with stuff in them so she can open, close, rearrange, etc
    – she is only 2, but we let her watch whatever shows are OK for her. At this point, she doesnt even know there is sound for the shows – she just watches in silence! (Is that mean?). But this next trip, I think we will let her use our headphones (not earbuds)

  3. Really enjoyed your previous article about traveling with a child and happy you made another article as your child has became older. Especially on a commercial flight where having an un happy toddler or child can make the other passengers restless these tips are key makes you almost wish you could afford private traveling!

  4. Painter’s Tape. It provides hours, or at least many minutes, of entertainment. It’s saved us on two year’s worth of flights at this point (my son is three years old now). We like to make pictures out of it on the tray table, window, and wall (ladders and firetrucks are my little guy’s specialty). We’ve recently started to tape toys together as well, creating such wonders as an airplane with a race car on top! Seriously, painter’s tape is the BEST thing for us on the plane. We peel it all off and chuck the big blue ball in the garbage as the plane is landing.

  5. Painter’s Tape. It provides hours, or at least many minutes, of entertainment. It’s saved us on two year’s worth of flights at this point (my son is three years old now). We like to make pictures out of it on the tray table, window, and wall (ladders and firetrucks are my little guy’s specialty). We’ve recently started to tape toys together as well, creating such wonders as an airplane with a race car on top! Seriously, painter’s tape is the BEST thing for us on the plane. We peel it all off and chuck the big blue ball in the garbage as the plane is landing.

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  11. I flew from Sydney to NYC with a 3 and 1 year old sans husband and will be doing it again in 2 weeks. I found getting 2 backpacks and stuffing them with new trinkets, books, toys and snacks did the trick. Also kid-friendly headphones for the iPad and airplane movies are helpful. I have a new found respect for flight attendants as well. When a mom is traveling alone with 2 small children, flight attendants come to the rescue. A wonderful male FA took my son for walks around the plane and gave both kids treats, while a female FA was a great sounding boarding for the trials and tribulations of parenthood. thank you Virgin Australia:)

  12. Joanna, I always know which site to look up when I’m in need of a rescue/quick fix. We’re taking our 14 m.o. daughter on a long trip tomorrow & she is UBER fidgety at this stage, so naturally I’m v. nervous. I’ve already downloaded some of the apps & plan to switch all my items from my hand-held purse into a backpack for a free hand. I will give raisins a try (this girl loves to eat) & I had forgotten about stickers (which take up no packing space at all). THANK YOU!

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  17. Very quit little Toby. I really like your tips, it’s going to be helpful on our next travel since my 2 years old cousin will be coming with us. She’s quit hyper, and goes around to much. Your tips will definitely make her sit all way trough.
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  19. We have 5 kids, and we always keep them busy with audiobooks. Their ipods are full of them. There are lots of great sites to download them, but we use this one a lot because their stories are original and free. Here’s the link if anyone wants it.

  20. Hi, I’m just catching up on your blog after getting back to NYC after visiting home for the holidays! Flying back, I sat by two families on the plane: one with two devil children that seemed about 4- and 2-years old, and one with four kids of varying ages that were so quiet and well-behaved (while still being normal kids). The bad kids didn’t listen to their parents and alternated between screaming and running around and touching strangers (and coughing on them). As someone who’s just starting to reach the point in life of thinking about kids, I’m interested to see if you have any thoughts on kids and their behaviors, and how much is ineffective parenting and how much is just the kid’s personality. Thanks!

  21. I travel all the time and as a preschool teacher I always feel frustrated when parents don’t think ahead about this. I think the gifts for seat mates are a MUST. I have never received one but it would be very, very appreciated: especially ear plugs and whiskey. Don’t forget that things like tape can be a big treat for a little kid to play with–anything to tape up and a full roll of scotch tape can go a long way. Finally, here’s what I find more annoying than a talkative kid: a loud, talkative parent, for which there is no excuse. I recently flew from Miami–NYC and found the chatty mom with two toddlers more distracting and irritating than the kids themselves. If I had to hear “okay, honey?” one more time or anything else about all their plans for NYC which mom was broadcasting to her seat mate (it was a 6am flight, BTW), I was going to order a drink (at 7:30am).

  22. Not only is this a well-written post, but I love the topic. I recently traveled with my 7-year-old nephew and boy was that a wake up. Since we fit everything into my hardside luggage suitcase, I made sure to bring toys, games, coloring books and headphones in my carryon to keep him entertained.

  23. hello everyone, I use to buy some small gift, I wrap them in bright colour paper and a lot of scotch; when tough moments arrive I simply take out from my bag a surprise that 1. takes time to be unwrapped so they have time to cool down and 2. keep them busy for a while…
    This is a trick that as the time goes by and they get older is less and less needed… good luck

  24. Great suggestions! I just flew home to DC from England sans Daddy with my 22 month old…nearly a 9 hour flight! We played with sticky Christmas bows, a magnetic doodler, barf bags, cups, the seat belt (clicking and unclicking) the tray (up and down) and took many “adventures” up and down the aisles, blowing kisses to the stewardesses and SNACKS. Of course, there was some TV watching too, which gave me a little break here and there. Oh, and he had his own little backpack, and loved it.

  25. I second the Richard Scarry books, even the short board ones can hold my almost two-year-old’s attention for quite awhile. Lots of things to find and talk about. On our last plane ride I took a small magnadoodle type pad (you know, with the pen attached), and it was a big hit. She still loves it and now that she’s into learning letters, will sit forever requesting that I write new words or names of people she knows (bonus – no mess and the pen can’t get lost!). For little girls who are into nurturing, Wal-Mart has some small baby dolls (like 3 inches tall) with their own little swings/high chairs/cribs. That was a big hit last time too. I would add that moms should dress modestly – there will be lots of bending over, clothing pulling, etc happening :) Safe travels, everyone!

  26. Before we take off, I always grab a few straws and spoons from Starbucks. It’s amazing how kid’s can be entertained by these two simple items! I also bring along a mini magna doodle aka less messy, more contained coloring book.

  27. Last year when we flew to China with our three year old we ran around the airport to wear him out. During the take off he fell asleep and stayed that way the first four hours of the flight.

  28. You are the best! We are flying on Saturday from Montana to Virginia and need all the help we can get. What did you do last year when Toby was 1.5 and had a shorter attention span? (my situation right now!!)

  29. Jon is 3, and we only have taken one plane last june. The flight was very short, just one hour and we spend the time playing with 8 little cars, painting and reading his favourite book. The worst thing was when landing, he didnot want to put his belt!

  30. After reading this post I’m looking forward to a flight with a toddler on board. I think it’d be cool if prior to take off folks could “sign up” with flight attendants to be part of “adventures” for kids. That way a) some parent’s who would feel awkward asking strangers wouldn’t need to b) I could prep something fun (or it could be like a story throughout the plane!) and c) it’s more fun for everyone rather than hearing all of the kiddos whine/cry.

  31. As a nanny I’ll tell you right now, the fake food trick works with all children ages 18 mo – 4 yo. Especially if you “eat” it enthusiastically.

  32. sticker books! the Richard Scarry one is awesome and really big.

  33. i travel a lot for work. The husband and our toddler often meet me where I am to make a weekend of it. he came up with something so cleaver the last trip- beside his endless surprise toys from the dollar store (that can be left/dropped with no real trauma), he wrapped everything in wrapping paper with ribbon! it was GENIUS! icluding the books he brought from home.

  34. These are great tips! I teach preschool and I have to agree, it seems like all toddlers love looking at pictures of themselves and “cooking” :)

  35. This is slightly unrelated. but:

    I’ll never forget the first time I flew by myself. I was eight years old and REALLY nervous. I was also a fanatic, obsessive reader, and so right before the flight my dad surprised me with “Dinotopia.” I was totally engrossed in it the whole flight. Thanks for bringing back that sweet memory!

  36. I was on a flight today and we ended up being on the plane an extra hour. There was a particularly fussy baby behind me, but once I turned around and talked to him, he brightened right up. His mom said “thank you, his patience was starting to wear thin.” Making friends with the people next to you seems to be a winning way to ensure everyone stays happy!

  37. great top pic!!! xo(for the other post;)

  38. We flew yesterday with our 15 month old and the hit of the flight was a mini flashlight – both me and then him holding it and moving the spotlight around. That and patterned tape all over the table and chair.

    • We did lots of international flights when our girls were young. I always had airplane surprises and wrapped them. Once in the air, they could unwrap them, which was fun and took awhile. (I wrapped their snacks, books, little toys etc.)

      One favorite was notes. They could draw on them and stick them all of the seat.

      Happy travels.


  39. Yep, I agree with the carseat tip. I’ve always brought a carseat on flights for kids under the age of 3. They will sit better and be able to sleep more comfortably in a carseat, than in the airplane seat. Plus, you have to bring a carseat along anyway (assuming you will be riding in a car at your destination), so I feel safer having it with me, rather than checking it.
    We travel with a cosco scenera. Super light weight and affordable. Not the greatest seat for every day, but it’s fabulous for travel/spare.

  40. I have never flown with a kid, but I’ve been a nanny stuck in a long car ride MANY times. My best tip is to tell stories. Every kid I have ever met loves a good story, especially if you make it about them! Ask them what happens next when you can’t think of anything, and then just run with whatever they suggest–silliness does NOT matter at this point!

  41. Another tip, make sure they’re sitting in their car seat. Then again, my flight is only 2 hours. I don’t have to worry about chasing him down an aisle, etc. :)

  42. LOLLIPOPS!!! especially the little organic kind. We once had a whole section of kids on a plane quieted with this treat. I buy them by the huge bag full and then have them for the rest of our trip and the plane ride home. Priceless. Also beware of tiny cars, they have a way of going in places that are hard to reach. I really twisted my neck up bad trying to get one from in between the seat and the window mid flight.

  43. I would love to see your packing list for Toby, you made one when he was a baby, and I would love to see how it has changed since he’s become a toddler. For example, you recommended the graco snap and go, do you now rely on your mcclaren for travel, and what about your car seat? Thanks. Planning to travel with my almost 2 year old soon and your tips when he was an infant were awesome.

    • Would love to see the list for a newly 12 month old. We will be flying for 3 hours right after my grand daughter turns 1 and she is not happy sitting still for long. I will try tiny bites of fresh avocado and nectarines that she loves along with her infant/toddler “puff”and “crunch” snacks instead of lollypops both because of the choking risk and sucrose content. Otherwise, reading books will be an activity she enjoys, peek-a-boo and telling stories. After those activities (not sure they will take us halfway there), I am stumped. Any other ideas for things to play/do would be welcomed. Thank you so much!!!

  44. My dad always used to do the thumb trick! That, and any other “magic” (it doesn’t have to be real magic if they’re young enough, it just has to look cool), will entertain kids for ages!

  45. My dad always used to do the thumb trick! That, and any other “magic” (it doesn’t have to be real magic if they’re young enough, it just has to look cool), will entertain kids for ages!

  46. Great tips. We have done all of these as we have been flying with our now 4 yr old girl a couple times a year during her whole life. Stickers and a small dry erase board are helpful. I now always take a large bag of gummy fruit in case the descent is too steep and her ears get bothered. Chewing helps and saved me a couple of times :) Happy travels

  47. Great tips. We have done all of these as we have been flying with our now 4 yr old girl a couple times a year during her whole life. Stickers and a small dry erase board are helpful. I now always take a large bag of gummy fruit in case the descent is too steep and her ears get bothered. Chewing helps and saved me a couple of times :) Happy travels

  48. My life would be complete if I were ever on a plane with your sweet family! Toby is too cute, I would be THRILLED to entertain him!

  49. Another vote for sketchpad with crayons/washable markers and stickers. Sometimes I will sketch a scene for the stickers to be placed in. Best sketch was a cockpit so toddler could pretend to copilot the plane — the more wheels, buttons, switches you draw the longer this game can last! Also all the junky crap from bday party goody bags, I save them up to dole out 1 at a time on the plane — if we lose them no sweat, better than losing a favorite ‘real’ toy. I Spy board books good too, similar to Scarry books by being picture dense.

  50. Great tips! We’re flying next week with our boys (5 & 2) so I’ll be trying these out.

  51. We’ve done 2 roundtrip (5+ hour each way) flights recently and I have to share what is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever discovered. seriously, Charlie (turned 2 in November) played this for an hour straight each time! It is an app for your iphone or ipad called Monkey Lunchbox (Charlie calls it monkey dance) and it is super educational (I couldn’t believe he could do the puzzle or match the fruit in the memory game) and fun for him. win win. I know some people don’t like entertaining their kids on a plane with videos/phones/ipads, but I’m of the “whatever works” camp, and this does. Check it out for Toby. it is seriously the best 99 cents I’ve ever spent!

  52. So what do you think about flying during the day vs. night? I have yet to fly with my daughter, and we just recently cancelled a trip to NYC to visit family (Sharon from NYCTaughtMe). She said red eyes with kids are so so difficult, but I don’t know which would be harder-entertaining them for 5 hours, or hoping they will sleep for 5 hours!

  53. great tips, joanna! filing this away for the future.

  54. thank you for this, joanna! we are driving seven hours to kentucky tomorrow morning with our baby, so your guide from last year is perfect for me this year :) i remember reading it when you posted it, not even realizing that this year i would actually need to utilize those tips! i hope you guys have a lovely evening :)

  55. On our trans-atlantic trip with an energetic two year old, one thing kept saving us over and over… a bag of balloons. We would blow up a balloon at the airport while waiting for flights, in plazas while having lunch, and any other time we had space and our guy would run, kick and chase — getting out all that energy!! Inevitably, other kiddos would join in too!! Fun, cheap and so so easy. Time to board the plane? Toss out the balloon, or pass it on to another waiting toddler!

  56. Love these tips : ) Who would have thought of finger driving? Only an imaginative little guy : )

  57. I may be a bad parent but until they were about 5 my husband and I relied on Dimetapp. We would make sure we took off at night and everyone would get a dose of that and out they would go. We’re big fans of red eyes so we can leave after work, when everyone is ready to sleep. I brought snacks and toys and books as well but the meds worked best. Two little heads conked out on my shoulders for hours. It was a great break. We didn’t do that when they were infants obviously but when they were old enough for the grape stuff they got it!

  58. I love hearing what parents of other sweet, energetic 2 year old boys do when flying. Here are some other items we found entertained our son for long stretches. A slinky, mini etch-a-sketch (or anything else with knobs or buttons), tegu magnetic blocks, interactive books (we have one called ‘Animals’ with sliding doors that kept him busy for a good 45min). Other than that you listed all of our other go to’s (a cup and straw are amazing, especially if the cup has a lid!)
    Thanks for the post and great tips!

  59. My gosh, Joanna! Those are exactly what my husband and I’ve been doing for these past 3 years. (We took our daughter traveling–by plane or roadtrip–for the first time when she was 8 months old)

    Last summer, I traveled with her (she was 2.5 year old) all the way across the world, from Indonesia to USA. Just the two of us and we made it!
    We transited in Qatar and New York before we headed to Texas, so total trip was 35+ hours.
    Took me a week to recover hahahaha =D

    • nope! wait,
      (We took our daughter traveling–by plane or roadtrip–for the first time when she was 8 WEEKS old)

      she was 8 weeks when she flew for the first time :)

  60. We went to Korea last month with our 2.5 year old energetic toddler (long long flights from the east coast) and we’re happy to say that we used almost every one of these tips (down to the Richard Scarry books and chewy ends of baguettes and Everlane backpack) with great success! I had so much anxiety about how it would go but it was a lot easier with a plan like this and I’m not totally dreading the next time.

  61. We live in Australia and as my husband is French we travel a bit between the two countries… about 24 hours! And we have an almost 2 year old! We just did the trip a few weeks ago and tried quite a few of your tips. Some others ideas that worked were sticker books, little fox app – gorgeous! – finger rhyming games, requesting a bassinet (even if they’re too big… It gives you extra leg room so they can sit on the floor for a while). And yes, Richard scarry books are a huge hit! Thanks Joanna…

  62. oops! just saw that you added a link!

  63. this is great! one question tho: i’ve been trying for a few months to find a toy car with doors that actually open and close. very difficult surprisingly! any recommendations?

  64. awesome advice ! thank you !

  65. For kiddos who are toddler age like mine (20 months) — stickers, crayons with pads of paper. Mine loves them. When she was a little younger I bought a lap size magnadoodle type toy and she loved that…extra bonus — no mess and the pen was attached to the toy itself so no fear of losing it. We still use it for car rides. I would suggest not bothering with toys that have many pieces or are very small because they’ll inevitably get thrown on the ground and guess who’s constantly gonna be ungracefully trying to retrieve everything off a dirty plane floor? (Hint: mom) Love the tip about food that takes a long time to eat. I’m not sure what that would be for my picky little eater because she INHALES most of her food that she does eat, but I’m going to give that some thought for our next plane trip!

    And while I know this isn’t in everyone’s budget, I think once the little ones pass a certain age (probably once they’re legitimately running), it’s going to make sense to buy them their own seat, unless the trip is a short one, like 1.5 hours or less. We really wanted to take advantage of the lap baby thing til the very end, but our most recent trip in late August (4.5 hours) was fairly difficult because all she wanted to do was wriggle off my lap and walk up and down the aisles touching people. Fine the first time, not so much the twentieth time and while the seatbelt lights were on. Friends who have traveled a little more recently with kids the same age as ours have been very thankful they bit the bullet and bought the extra seat. We won’t be traveling again until early next spring, but we’ll definitely be budgeting in the cost of her own seat for that one!

  66. These are great tips. My best secret tip is: when the toddler shows the common signs that he really needs to move now and just can’t sit still anymore and maybe even starts getting frustrated with being in a limited space: tickle him. That releases some stress for him and the noises he makes are far better for all other passengers than whining or crying. Works even better in a car seat.

  67. Great tips! One more that works for us – last Easter I bought some heavy-duty “eggs” (actually Elmo heads). Each time we fly I bring those eggs, each filled with a different suprise (on the last trip I stocked them with yogurt raisins and Cheerios, a new little car, a bunch of stickers, and coiled pipe cleaners). I pull them out only when it’s getting dicey to (hopefully) prevent a meltdown.

    A great product that works for traveling or anywhere you need a toddler to sit still is Imaginetics ( They make a ton of varieties (trains, dancers, dress-up, animals, etc), and my kid loves them.

  68. This list is perfect! Believe it or not, our little Hazel Bee loves music so much she likes to listen to head phones. We allow it as long as she promises not to turn the music up too high. I have an old I-pod that I have filled with her favorite worship tunes, books on tape, and funny songs. I’ll listen along with her, too!

  69. All good! I remember walking and running our kids across the Atlantic many times… They were not the kind that sits still…

    All the best from Spain

  70. Wow. It sounds like you’re a wonderful parent.

  71. Painters tape! Kept our two-year old entertained for quite some time. Tape on our noses, taping his cars to the ceiling, taping a cup to the tray table…fun (and cheap)!

  72. This list is awesome and freaking adorable!

  73. Im laughing out loud because this is such a spot-on post that would seem so random to someone without a toddler. We always ask for a cup of ice…next time I’m requesting a straw! Cars without doors drive him crazy and he loves watching videos of himself. LONG snacks = genius! Just ordered the airport book – thanks!

  74. I love this post! We will be there soon…I have an 8 month old myself. Your so right about photos of themselves! Great tips, I will be using this for sure in the coming months when Lillian becomes a toddler. I have heard that hand puppets are also a great distraction and can be another character to them telling them to shhh… ;). I just wrote something like this too on my blog if anyone wants to check it out! Good luck traveling, your family is beautiful and I just love reading your blog!


  75. I also love stickers and post-it notes. My 2-year old loves to stick them all over himself, the seat, me, whatever. It takes up a good 20 minutes as well. I am flying on Friday and I love your tip about the new book. I’m headed out to buy one now. Thanks for this list! :)

  76. We love the book Airport. How funny is the giant airplane in that book-it has a lounge in it!? We had a great thing happen for us while flying with that book. The flight attendant took it to the pilot and he signed it then all the attendants signed it. Every time we read it now (it’s still a favorite and my child is 5), my son and I remember how nice that flight attendant was and recall the trip we took when that happened.

  77. Toby is just so darn cute!! I remember when I used to fly with three little ones (4,3 and newborn)…They all flew from the time they were newborns and were usually pretty good except for one time when my youngest kept pushing the flight attendant call button and she threatened an emergency landing if he did it again – he learned! Now they are 23, 22 and 19 and I am counting the hours until they arrive home for Christmas. Enjoy your sweet little guy!! xoxox

  78. j says...

    These are so cute to think about, I’d love to be sitting behind you listening to you guys whip up a fake meal! :)

  79. What great tips! Usually I’m not a fan of ‘how to keep toddlers/babies amused on planes’ lists because they are all the same, but this one has some interesting suggestions. I found myself nodding along with the idea of taking a snack that takes a LONG time to eat. Good one!

  80. Joanna, unrelated to this post, but I just want to thank you for your “moment of silence” post on Monday. Very touching. I’m a parent to a 1st grader and just devastated by the event of last Friday. I am also totally overwhelmed by the media’s attempt to “one-up” each other in trying to find the most heart-wrenching and/or controversial details. So, I really, really appreciated your respectful, thoughtful post and then call for silence. Thank you.

  81. great tips!
    We pack books, stickers, paper, crayons, SNACKS, and throw out any rules about limiting screen time!

  82. These are such great tips!I love stocking up on these so that (one day) when I’m a parent, I might sort of know what to do!