Five Fun Things

Last night, Alex and I were playing around with the FaceApp, which…

Have a Lovely Weekend.

11 fun links, including celebrity hairstyles and a Vermont home makeover.

Four Fun Things

Including a funny new show and the freshest shampoo.

Have a Great (Long) Weekend!

11 fun links, including Keanu Reeves as every Disney prince!

Summer Style

By Grace Farris.

Have a Sweet Weekend.

11 fun links, including a deep dish pie and Mindy Kaling being hilarious.

How Long It Takes to Do Something

Things take a little longer these days.

A Book-Filled Manhattan Apartment Where Everything Tells a Story

Writer David Coggins gives us a tour of his one-bedroom Manhattan apartment.

The Dinner-Changing Magic of Candlesticks

Candles make dinner feel fancy, even when you're having scrambled eggs on a Tuesday.