Packing Tips

My Packing List for Our England Trip

My Packing List for (Last Year’s) England Trip

Here's what I packed for a week in England — everything fit in one bag!

Whats Your Must-Pack Travel Item

What’s Your Must-Pack Travel Item?

The weird things we won't leave home without.

The Best Travel Shoes

The Best Travel Shoes

The three styles we never leave home without.

Three Things I Always Pack for Trips

What about you?

Beach Packing List

15 best things to bring to the beach. (We swear by them!)

My Vacation Mistake

That one time Caroline packed the wrong thing.

What to Wear on Vacation

A handy packing list for summer trips.

How to Pack Without Wrinkles

Keep your travel wardrobe fresh and ready to go with a few quick packing tricks.

Packing Tip

The #1 thing you should bring on a trip.

Dry Shampoo Trick

Dry shampoo has been part of my morning—and travel—routine for ages. You…