Have a Great Weekend.

When Harry Met Sally behind the scenes

What are you up to this weekend? We’re grateful to be meeting up with old friends (Sharon Beesley, some of you know her old blog:) at this Kid & Coe house in East Hampton (thank you so much, Kid & Coe!). Our kids are excited for the bunk bed room that sleeps six kids. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

When Harry Met Sally almost had a very different ending.

Obama surprises some Chicago interns. Their shocked faces!

These award-winning nature photos are incredible — including an eagle stealing a rabbit from a fox.

For sibling battles, be a sportscaster, not a referee. (New York Times)

Would you like to eat a sandwich with pickles as the bread?


Driving a car through France? Oh my gosh, these photos. (New York Times)

Reading what your kids are reading.

I’m into this at-home facial that has a cult following. Have you tried it?

Sad Animal Facts make me laugh every day.

And thank you for being excited about our editors’ picks! We’re looking forward to updating them with answers to reader requests (non-fiction books, maternity dresses, a daily sunscreen, etc!)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Andrea to a low-key summer checklist: “The other night, kinda wiped out after a big day at work, I came home and changed out of my work clothes, but instead of getting dressed again, I threw open my bedroom windows, turned off the air conditioner, turned on the ceiling fan, and laid down on my bed in my bra and undies and read a book. Suddenly I was a sophomore in college again, living in an old house off campus with no air conditioning. My 12-year-old daughter came in my room, saw me, ran and grabbed her Wings of Fire book and laid down next to me. We didn’t drive to soccer, we didn’t cook dinner (about 8 p.m. we got up and ate some watermelon) and I think it’s a night I will always remember.”

Says Emily on what road trip songs do you love: “We always end with Sloop John B by the Beach Boys (‘I want to go home, let me go home, why don’t you let me go home…’) It is PERFECT when you are almost home and tired of being in the car for hours!”

(Photo of the When Harry Met Sally crew — Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan and director Rob Reiner — on set in 1989. Pickle sandwiches via Kottke.)


Fashion Pop Quiz: What Would You Wear to a Wedding, Job Interview, or Long Flight?

The best pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Yellow dress: Sam Edelman. Drop earrings: Kendra Scott. Perfume: Le Labo. Sandal heel: Paul Green.

Today, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale opens to the public. So, we thought we’d share some of their beautiful (on sale!) pieces for three tricky fashion moments: weddings, a job interview and a long airplane flight. Please share your thoughts…

First up: Are you attending any weddings this summer? (I wish I were!) As a guest, you could stand out in a jumpsuit (so chic!). For a daytime wedding, try a floral number or a lace dress. For a city wedding, consider this spot dress with red lipstick.

The best pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Blazer: J.Crew. Striped shirt: J.Crew. Chunky hoops: Argento Vivo. Watch: Tory Burch. Block heels: Aquatalia.

One question we get asked often is what to wear to job interviews. (What’s your go-to look?) Of course, you want to look professional, but you also want to feel comfortable and able to move/gesture/explain brilliant things. I love this easy blazer (which comes in four colors), and alternate looks would be a wrap dress or a swiss dot blouse with black pants.

The best pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Cardigan: Topshop. Red top (for photo opps!): J.Crew. Rolling suitcase: Herschel. Sneakers: Converse.

For a weekend away, wrap yourself up in a cardigan sweater and cozy plane pants (with pockets!). And for a trip — or everyday life — these perfect booties are both cute and comfortable.

Thoughts? What would you wear for these three fashion moments? And a few more wonderful pieces on sale: gingham pajamas, a beautiful dress and all the beauty.

(This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, a retailer we’ve shopped with for decades — I got my prom dress at the Michigan store! They also have the kindest customer service. Graphic design by Maud Passini for Cup of Jo.)


Four Fun Things

Do you play an instrument? I grew up learning piano, but I haven’t played since college. This piano video makes me so inspired to try to tinker around again. Pianist and composer Nahre Sol plays the song “Happy Birthday” in 16 increasing levels of complexity. She’s incredible.

best spaghetti puttanesca

Could this be the perfect pasta? Green olives, red pepper flakes, and two kinds of tomatoes = briny and delicious.

best self tanner

After years (decades?) of trial and error, I found a self tanner that actually works and doesn’t look orange. Enter San Tropez mousse. You rub it on and a few hours later, you look like you just got back from Italy. I’ve been using it for the past few months and highly recommend it.

East Fork Pottery vase

And, finally, exciting news! We just launched an editors’ picks page on Cup of Jo (see the red “shop” tag on the top of the homepage). Many readers have been asking us to bring together our favorite books, clothes and gift suggestions in one place. Now you can find everything here, and we’ll be updating regularly. Also please let us know if there’s anything specific you’re looking for (a blue rain jacket? a literary thriller?) and we’d love to help. Thank you so much, and we hope you like it! xoxoxo

P.S. More fun things, and marriage pet peeves.

(Spaghetti photo by Alex Lau. Vacation photo by Lucy Laucht. Vase photo by East Fork Pottery.)