Have a Great Weekend.

Sleepy Jones

What are you up to this weekend? I’m flying back from San Francisco, and I fell extra hard for the city this time. The weather was sunny and sparkly, and I had such a good time eating fish tacos and walking through eucalyptus trees. Most of all, a huge thank you so much to all the wonderful women who came to our party! Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The boys want to make these monster cookies. (Twist my arm.)

What a pretty dress for work. Those little sleeves!

Two fantastic, funny profiles of two fantastic, funny women: Melissa McCarthy and Chrissy Teigen.


Trusty weeknight dinners, according to 25,000 people.

“Why I finally got on board with royal family fandom.”

This bedtime routine sounds about right.

Another powerful obituary that sheds light on addiction. Really beautiful.

13 tips on sibling rivalry. “Talk about your children as friends and not always as siblings. Instead of saying, ‘You opened the bottle for him because you are a good big brother and take care of him,’ you could say, ‘You are such a nice friend to him. He really likes being your friend.'”

Do you love the show Friends? This new book is for you.

Have you tried Daily Harvest? Their food has been such a lifesaver on busy days, and I love their Cauliflower Rice + Pesto Harvest Bowl for lunch. (They’re offering Cup of Jo readers $25 off their first box with code CUPOFJO.)

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Chris on a year of magical thanking: “When my mom was diagnosed with a terminal disease a few years ago, I didn’t know what to get her that following Christmas. For the next two holidays we shared before she died, I wrote her thank-you notes as presents. I thanked her for everything from her stain-fighting tips and sharing her love of Thanksgiving with me to showing how powerful a simple act of kindness is. I also thanked her for making me write thank-you notes! I read four of the notes to our family and friends in my eulogy at her funeral. Gratitude is powerful, and I’m so glad I expressed those sentiments to her before she was gone.”

Says JN on potluck dinners: “Potlucks remind me of Christmas dinners growing up. As immigrants in a new country, we didn’t have extended family around, so over the years, we’d befriend other immigrant families who’d come from other parts of the world and have our own ‘patchwork family’ holidays together. Every Christmas, we’d have a potluck of different traditional foods. I still have fond memories of eating Colombian natilla, Indian samosas, Dutch oliebollen and Malaysian laksa around the living room, while ‘Joy to the World’ blared in the background.”

(Top photo by Sleepy Jones. The Daily Harvest offer applies to orders of 9,12, or 24 boxes. Chrissy Teigen profile via Jenny. Siblings advice via Liz. Obituary via my sister Lucy.)


Four Fun Things

Star is Born

Have you seen a Star is Born? (HAVE YOU RECOVERED?) I saw it last week and was — along with every single person in the audience — completely captivated. I’ve been subconsciously humming the soundtrack for seven days in a row. In the remake, Bradley Cooper directs and stars in the movie with Lady Gaga, and I loved watching this Anatomy of a Scene, where he narrates an early scene he describes as crucial for the rest of the movie.

Everlane pants

About every five years, corduroy comes gallivanting back into my life. A dress in third grade, Sears pants in eighth grade, a jacket in college. And now, it’s back again. This fall’s new cords are soft and comfortable, and are a fresh change from jeans for work or the weekend. I’m loving them styled monochromatically with a sweater — I have my eye on the pair above. Here are four more great options: straight leg, dress, cropped and jacket.

Food52 Cutting Board

For their first original product, Food52 wanted to make the perfect cutting board. Their method? They interviewed 10,000 home cooks about the cutting board of their dreams. And after prototypes, testing and more prototypes, they designed it. The two-sided cutting board has enough chopping space for anything — a whopping 18″ x 13″ — plus, a juice groove, a phone slot and, maybe most important, it can double as a cheese tray.

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, we’re coming for you! To celebrate our Clare V. collaboration, we’d love to warmly invite you to a relaxed fall gathering this Thursday, October 18th, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Hayes Valley store. We’ll have flatbreads, wine and sparkling water, and would LOVE to hang out, if you’re around. Also, do you have any recommendations of things to see/do/eat around the city?

P.S. More fun things, including an ode to Boursin cheese and what you’re actually thinking when you run into an ex.

(Food52 cutting board photo by Ty Mecham and Rocky Luten. Golden Gate Bridge photo by Sasha Zvereva. )