My Beauty Uniform: Nora McInerny

My Beauty Uniform: Nora McInerny

Nora McInerny is one of the funniest women in radio today — despite the fact that her podcast, Terrible, Thanks For Asking, features stories about some of the hardest things in life: tragedy, illness, loss. She’s been tackling these topics as a writer and speaker since losing her own husband to brain cancer in 2014. (She also founded a support group called the Hot Young Widows Club.) Here, she shares her favorite drugstore face mask, her secret to surviving Minnesota winters, and how makeup helped her grieve…

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What Do You Have for Work Lunch?

Five Easy Work Lunches

What do you usually eat for lunch? Work lunches often fall into two distinct categories: expensive or boring. Many people in our workspace either grab pricey takeout or bring in leftovers, hoping they reheat okay. But, of course, it doesn’t have to be that way! With some help from SoYoung, here are five cheap and delicious meals that’ll take no more than fifteen minutes…

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9 Sweet Pajamas

sweet pajamas

A couple years ago, my sister got all the cousins matching pajamas, and the grandparents lost their collective grandparent mind. This year, I’d love to do it again, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for cute numbers. Here are a few…

Nothing sweeter than a bundle of round bellies in matching penguins. Eeps! What holiday rituals do you have?

P.S. An ode to rituals, and a seven-year-old’s guide to surviving holiday travel.


Have a Great Weekend.

Ilhan Omar

What are you up to this weekend? We’re taking the boys for a nighttime carousel ride (!!!) and going on a leaf-crunching bike ride. It’s definitely fall out there. Hope you have a good one, and if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few great posts around the web…

The year of the woman, including Ilhan Omar, above. (NYT)

10 impressive questions to ask in a job interview. I like when people ask #6.

“What the black church taught me about lipstick.”

Wearing this sweater on repeat.

The former Chief of Disguise of the CIA explains how spies use disguises. Fascinating!

My friends are flipping out over this book. Have you read it?

“I quit drinking a year ago, and here’s what happened.”

Trader Joe’s five most Thanksgiving-y recipes.

Michelle Obama opens up about her own miscarriage.

Jennifer Garner’s pretend cooking show is really charming.

Snowe is giving Cup of Jo readers 15% off site-wide with code CUPOFJO15 ($100 minimum purchase). Their gold flatware is so pretty.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Anna on breakup advice: “I had a tumultuous relationship that completely destroyed my self confidence. When we finally broke up for good, I came across a quote that changed my perception forever. ‘It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest, roundest, juiciest peach, the best peach in the entire world, there will always be someone out there that doesn’t like peaches.’ Maybe it’s because I’m one of those people (*bleh*, peaches), but this really resonated with me. You can give it your all and go to extreme lengths to keep a relationship afloat, but sometimes not being ‘their one’ isn’t your fault. It’s just who they are.”

Says Ashley on how to raise grateful children: “That last comment from Anton reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Kurt Vonnegut: ‘I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.'”

(Photo of Ilhan Omar by Mark Vancleave for the Star Tribune, via Erin.)