My Beauty Uniform: Kelsey Miller

My Beauty Uniform: Kelsey Miller

Writer Kelsey Miller on a miracle lip balm and a donkey milk cream!

The Face Off: Highlighters

The Face Off: I Tried 5 Highlighters

Caroline tried five highlighters to uncover the winner.

The Random $10 Beauty Product I Swear By

Can't live without it.

My Beauty Uniform: Crystal Dunn

Soccer player (and World Cup defender) Crystal Dunn shares her struggles, heroes and favorite tinted moisturizer.

My Beauty Uniform: R.O. Kwon

Author R.O. Kwon talks about her signature smoky eye.

The Best Hair Tool

The $18 Drugstore Hair Tool I Swear By

People always ask if I've gotten a blow out, and it's because of this magical tool.

My Beauty Uniform: The Engineeress

Engineer Lindsey Noskin shares her ingenious secret to the perfect nude lip.

My Beauty Uniform: Klancy Miller

My Beauty Uniform: Klancy Miller

Cookbook author Klancy Miller shares her favorite French beauty products.

The Makeup I Wear Every Single Day

Seven products, five minutes. Done!

My Beauty Uniform: Lindy West

Author Lindy West on coral lipsticks, bar soap and reclaiming the word 'fat.'