Beauty Uniforms

My Beauty Uniform: Kim Rhodes

Kim Rhodes, our beloved associate editor, moved from Oklahoma to New York…

My Beauty Uniform: Leah Nixon Fitzgerald

The designer shares her favorite eyebrow product and what she wished people knew about disability.

My Beauty Uniform: Casey McIntyre

My Beauty Uniform: Casey McIntyre

A publishing executive shares the best tinted lip balm and a trick for using toner.

My Beauty Uniform: Samantha Irby

The best-selling author shares her dream brunch guests and the one scent she can't live without.

My Beauty Uniform: Anjali Pinto

A Chicago photographer on the French product she swears by and an easy way to feel beautiful.

My Beauty Uniform: Zoë François

The pastry chef shares the secret to caring for her beautiful curly hair.

My Beauty Uniform: Allison Rhone

Allison Rhone shares her favorite drugstore dupes and the time of year she feels most beautiful.

My Beauty Uniform: Deb Perelman

The force behind Smitten Kitchen shares her thoughts on food and beauty.

My Beauty Uniform: Marielle Heller

Including cutting 12" off her hair.

My Beauty Uniform: Liz Montague

New Yorker cartoonist Liz at Large shares her beauty secrets, including the best hair mask.