Frequently Asked Questions

How did you build a blog readership?

People ask me that all the time, and unfortunately I don’t have an easy answer. I have been blogging since 2007, and I try to post very consistently. The growth has been slow, steady and organic. I think the best advice is just to stay true to your own voice, since then your blog will feel authentic and seem different from other blogs. I also wrote about blogging as a career here.

Do you have any advice about blogging overall?

Sure! My biggest tip is to be true to yourself. When you write a post, imagine your mom or best friend reading it. Does it sound like your voice? Does the topic fascinate or inspire you? Is the post enticing and visual? Do you have a point of view that’s different from other bloggers? People will like reading your blog—and you’ll enjoy writing it—if you’re true to yourself and your posts come from the heart. (I wrote more about blogging as a career here.)

Can I meet with you to talk about getting started in magazines?

Meeting with readers used to be one of my favorite parts of blogging, but unfortunately I’m unable to meet up, due to time constraints. I really hope the above interviews and websites will be helpful. Good luck!

I’m coming to New York. Where should I eat? Stay? Play?

Here’s the Cup of Jo Guide to New York with all our favorite places. Have a wonderful time!

Will you please write about my project or product?

If you email me with a link, I’ll be very happy to consider it. Thanks!

How does Cup of Jo make money?

Cup of Jo sometimes earns a commission on sales of products we link to. (Readers never pay more for products; it’s an arrangement between the retailer and Cup of Jo.) We always select items we genuinely love and want to share. We also publish several sponsored posts and giveaways each month, and we label them clearly. Commission-earning links, sponsored posts and display advertising are the three main ways we support Cup of Jo.

Why was my comment removed on Cup of Jo?

Cup of Jo is a positive place to swap inspiration and ideas. We encourage constructive criticism and debate, but if your comment is thoughtless or offensive, we will remove it.

Can I email you about something else entirely?

Yes! I adore getting emails from readers, and I really try to respond to them. Unfortunately, I’m not able to respond to every single one (which is why I set up these FAQ, which I hope are helpful). I get many, many emails from readers daily, and, while I love them, sometimes it’s impossible to respond to all of them, while still juggling work, marriage, two children and plain old life responsibilities. Please forgive me if I wasn’t able to reply, I so appreciate your emails and thoughts! xoxo