Do or Don’t

Would You Do a Wedding First Look?

"She was drop-dead gorg."

Do or Don’t: Square Neck Shirts

Straight out of Jane Austen's Emma.

Wedding Do or Don’t: Having Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids: yay or nay?

Do or Don’t: Very Scary Books

This new book pushed me over the edge.

Do or Don’t: Sharing Food at Restaurants

My husband hates sharing plates, and here's why. (Where do you stand?)

Do or Don’t: Dining Solo

The trials and tribulations of eating out alone.

Do or Don’t: Two Duvets on One Bed

Scandinavians have figured out a key to good sleep.

Do or Don’t: Snail Masks

Snails make you look radiant, apparently.

Do or Don’t: Mailing Thank You Notes

Can't we just send a nice text in the cab ride home?

Do or Don’t: Cash Wedding Registry

Talking about whether plain old money is an appropriate wedding gift.