Weekend Link Lists

Have a Great Weekend.

10 fun links, including award winning nature photos and a very different ending to When Harry Met Sally.

Four Fun Things

Including the world's best self tanner.

Have a Lovely Weekend.

11 fun links, including celebrity hairstyles and a Vermont home makeover.

Four Fun Things

Including a funny new show and the freshest shampoo.

Have a Great (Long) Weekend!

11 fun links, including Keanu Reeves as every Disney prince!

Have a Sweet Weekend.

11 fun links, including a deep dish pie and Mindy Kaling being hilarious.

Have a Relaxing Weekend.

Including why dictionary.com is updating the definition of "black."

Have a Delicious Weekend.

11 fun links, including Issa Rae being a genius.

Four Fun Things

Four fun things, including the prettiest summer top and a slamdunk Father's Day gift.

Have a Loving Weekend.

13 fun links, including a love letter to a teacher.