Author: Joanna Goddard

Have a Lovely Weekend.

11 fun links, including Issa Rae's best career advice.

8 Tips for Home Shopping on eBay

8 Tips for Shopping on eBay

Seasoned collectors on how to find beautiful things for your home.

Alex’s 10-Minute Salmon Sandwich

A toaster oven is your kitchen's best-kept secret.

Week of Outfits: Sharon Mrozinski

An antique dealer in Maine shows us her menswear-inspired outfits.

12 Sweet Pajamas for Kids

Polka dots, stingrays and more adorable patterns.

Do Your Kids Ever Walk Around Alone?

I'm so curious.

Have a Great Weekend.

Including a summer pasta hack and a beautiful wooden home.

Crushing on Midi Dresses

My new favorite dress length, and here's why.

My Sister’s Killer Salad Recommendation

Totally into this.

I Tried the Diva Cup, And Here’s What Happened

What a game changer!