Author: Joanna Goddard

How Do You Think About Death? (Just an Average Tuesday Question)

I'm not NOT having a midlife crisis.

Have a Loving Weekend.

Links for you.

The Movie I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Omg, I'm still sweating.

Five Gold Earrings

Totally into these.

Cup of Jo

Do You Have Life Insurance?

Haven Life is a new kind of online life insurance we're really into.

Have a Lovely Weekend.

Fun links, including the best new memoir and asking your co-workers how much they make.

US Book Covers vs. UK Book Covers

Which do you like best?

Winter Survival Idea: Soup Group

The best way to survive winter is with friends, eating soup.

How Did You Pick Your Child’s Middle Name?

"Our son ended up being conceived in Montana, so his middle name is Monty."

Have a Lovely Weekend.

12 fun links, including Catastrophe's season four trailer and a miracle beauty product.