Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for such a wonderful year. I loved reading all your smart, funny and thoughful comments and emails and can’t tell you how grateful I am for this community of likeminded women. Very much looking forward to new series and exciting adventures in 2015. And by the way, did you know that 2015 is the year that Marty visited in Back to the Future Part II? (Get psyched for hoverboards!!!)

Here’s a quick look back over the past year, if you’d like…

Motherhood posts, like a mama/kid sleepover, home as a haven, 5 tips for sibling rivalry, beautiful necklaces for mothers, how to get your kids to talk at dinner, the crazy things you do as a parent and a moving essay asking: what if you can’t have a child?

We did another motherhood around the world series, where we interviewed moms living in England, Turkey, China, Germany, Australia and Chile—plus 24 surprising things about parenting in the United States. As always, I was completely riveted by their answers and inspired by parenting norms in different countries. (And now I want to move to Berlin!)

Posts about four-year-old Toby, such as dates with your child, our England vacation, his first school picture, Toby the gourmand and funny things he says (Never grow up, Toby!)…

Posts about one-year-old Anton, including his first steps, his birthday cake, his emerging personality, a Fire Island vacation and a baby food realization

Fashion posts, such as how to look French, a funny fall trend, four everyday outfits, cheeky T-shirts and what everyone is wearing in NYC

Beauty posts, such as a new beauty uniform series, where lovely women spoke frankly about their beauty routines and bodily insecurities and bedtime rituals and changed-their-life products, plus tomboy perfumes, how to blow dry your hair like a stylist, the perfect nail polish, how to get rid of a pimple and wise words to make you feel good


Design posts, like where to find affordable art, funny vases, 15 genius tips for living in a small space and the Cup of Jo holiday gift guide

House tours, like a California house, NYC apartment and colorful New Jersey home (and I’m looking forward to sharing some photos of our Brooklyn apartment in January)…

Posts about career, such as 10 lessons I’ve learned in my career, 15 career tips from smart women, the funniest tumblr ever written and six ways to stretch at your desk

Food and entertaining posts, including the #1 item you need for house guests, what we cook at home, pizza math, how to get kids to eat vegetables, dinner-party conversation, the trick to a healthy diet, two-ingredient pancakes and three-ingredient pastas

Lifestyle posts, like how to start an articles club, what kind of exercise you actually like, why happiness shouldn’t be the goal, where you want to live, what’s really in your bag, interviews with B.J. Novak and Lena Dunham, and which fascinating articles we’re reading (a new series)…

Relationships posts, including 8 things I’ve learned about marriage, how often you say “I love you,” my sister’s awesome dating tip, the best time of day to have sex, dating a (much) older man, a 19-hour romantic getaway, a new kind of wedding registry, a cool way to get engaged and what you’re actually thinking when you run into an ex

Cup of Jo editor Caroline came on board! She accepted fun challenges, like experimenting with natural deodorant and talking to strangers; and wrote about a genius hair trick, being an introvert and seven ways to cope with heartbreak

Travel posts, such as great family vacation spots, how NOT to be scared of flying, the best packing tip, traveling to Paris alone and how to pack without wrinkles

How-to posts, such as how to feel happier, how to cure a headache, how to tie a scarf, how to remember people’s names and how to help a grieving friend.

Thank you so much for everything! It was a joy to interact with you this year, and I’m looking forward to more conversation in 2015. Happy holidays, and sending a hug through the internet. xoxo

P.S. We’ll be back to regular posting on January 5th, if you’re in a blog-reading mood. Meanwhile, see you on Instagram :)

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