Welcome, Caroline!

As you may know, I have been looking for an editor to work alongside me, and I’ve found her! I’d love to introduce Caroline. She was a book editor at Penguin before jumping ship to come to Cup of Jo, and I’m thrilled to have her here.

Here’s the backstory, if you’re interested…

Why I wanted to hire an editor: As I’ve mentioned, this past fall, I was feeling pretty burned out. Part of that was postpartum depression (similar to what happened after Toby was born—it was grim!—and I’m so grateful to have come out the other side). But part of it was that I was so bogged down by day-to-day work and upkeep that I didn’t have enough time to write as many longer, more thoughtful posts or produce the types of original series I wanted to. I felt like I was on a treadmill. And after years of working on my bed, I really craved a separate workspace (a room of one’s own) and a collaborator to chat with about things like post ideas, ad negotiations and, of course, celebrity crushes.

Why blogging takes so long: Honestly, sometimes I look at my blog and think how does it take so long?! Ha! But it just does! As I’ve mentioned before, blogging should look easy—just how magazine articles and books should look easy and fun. But it doesn’t mean that it is easy. Writing the posts is the fun part (I love that part so much), but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve found that the bigger your blog gets—and the more you focus on it as a full-time money-making career as well as a creative endeavor—the more work it is. I wrote about the behind-the-scenes of running a blog here and here, if you’d like to read more.

On the hiring process: When I posted the job listing in December, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but more than 500 resumes poured in! I couldn’t believe the caliber of applicants—magazine editors and writers, book editors, up-and-coming bloggers with strong voices, novelists, you name it. After painstakingly narrowing down the list, I called 16 people in for interviews. We chatted about their experiences, goals and aspirations, and I asked them some formal questions (“How would your current boss describe you?” and “Why are you applying for this position?”) and some fun ones that Swissmiss had recommended (such as, “Describe yourself in three words” and “What’s something you’re bad at that you wish you were good at?”). I loved meeting all these smart and wonderful women! Then I chose a handful of finalists and gave them an edit test with various blogging assignments–such as “generate five ideas for how-tos” or “interview anyone about anything, but make it super tight and compelling.”

In the end, everyone was amazing, but Caroline really stood out. She’s a funny, energetic person with lots of ideas and opinions (when I was interviewing her, I kept thinking the word, “firecracker!”), and we had a good working dynamic, which is important since we’ll be spending so much time together. So I offered her the job and was thrilled when she accepted! We rented two desks, side by side, at Studiomates in Brooklyn, along with other friendly freelancers.

The future of the site: Right now, Caroline is getting trained and settled in, and she’s also working on larger series and interviews which are coming up. Looking ahead, we would love to make Cup of Jo a more full-service lifestyle site with more in-depth series—like another round of Motherhood Around the World and more Motherhood Monday essays—as well as new series, which we’re already rolling out, such as beauty uniforms, house tours, illustrated questions…and many more coming up. As we move forward, and experiment with things, I’d love to hear your thoughts, since it’s so important to me that you love the site. And, with Caroline on board, I’m also excited to get my work/life balance back on track this summer, since it’s been so off since Anton was born!

Anyway, Caroline is the best, and please welcome her to Cup of Jo. She lives in Brooklyn, has an adorable puppy and loves loves loves lipsticks (she wears different colors every day). I hope you enjoy getting to know her as time goes on!

Thank you so much for reading this, and lots of love, as always. xoxo

(The required footwear for the job.)

P.S. Blogging as a career, and 14 mothers talk about work/life balance.

(Thanks to Jen Mussari for snapping some photos yesterday)

  1. You are so stinking awesome! I love the last picture lol. I know I’m a little late with this, but good luck and I cant wait to see what great things you and Caroline have in store for us!

  2. Cannot wait to see what the two of you come up with! Hope it will be a fantastic fruitful partnership!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve been reading Cup of Jo since 2008ish and am excited to see it grow. Have truly enjoyed reading.

  4. I am a little afraid that this blog then becomes less personal, as Garance Doré’s blog which is written by several people (her studio). She hardly writes on her own blog now… But I suppose that is what we call “la rançon du succès” in french.

  5. Welcome Caroline! You’ve got quite an engaging blog yourself! Your post about moving to New Zealand totally had me confused and April Fool’d–well done!

  6. I am so excited to hear about the direction for Cup of Joe…I love this little space on the internet, sometimes I stay away for a little while, so I can curl up on the couch with some coffee or wine (depending…) and catch up. It’s like a beloved magazine. Also, so glad you are on the other side of postpartum depression. That is a hard stage to go through… On to better and better things! Congrats Caroline! :)

  7. I absolutely love your series posts. I can’t imagine how much work they take! Glad you are getting some help! As always, thanks for blogging!

  8. Happy for you! I just hope your blog doesn’t lose the personal touch. The blogs I enjoy most make me feel like I know the person. As, if we met, we could be friends. A little peek into another life. I have seen a few blogs lose that as they grew, and added staff and became an advertisement and therefore lost me as a reader. Guess I’m a bit of a voyuer ;) Best wishes

  9. Caroline- i have similar coloring to you, what lipstick colors do you recommend? Thanks!!

  10. Caroline- i have similar coloring to you, what lipstick colors do you recommend? Thanks!!

  11. Caroline- i have similar coloring to you, what lipstick colors do you recommend? Thanks!!

  12. Welcome Caroline! i have always love reading this blog, it is always my energy booster! Hope you will enjoy your job has much as joanna has always had
    as for new ideas of the blog, how about doing a series on asians living in NYC and New Yorker living in asian cities? The asians can be first generation immigrants who don’t even speak english or second generation of these immigrants, and vice versa the New yorker can be someone who was relocated from work or just wanted a change in environment. I think the cultural shock that these people experienced will be good and fun to know. :D

  13. That’s so exciting to have some help on board and if Caroline loves lipsticks, then I will love hearing what she has to say!! Congrats and can’t wait to see what fun stuff ya’ll come up with!

  14. Welcome Caroline! :)

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  16. Congratulations to you and Caroline!!! I can’t wait to see how the site grows and changes and gets even better!!!

  17. Congratulations to you and Caroline! I can’t wait to see how the site grows and gets even better!!!

  18. Welcome!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store!

  19. I lov lov lov motherhood series! As a new mom leaving in asian country, would love to see how is the education system around the world as well as the growth environment for the kids! Lookin forward to more great posts! Congrats!

  20. What is that army green jacket you’re wearing it’s fabulous

  21. Congratulations Caroline! I do work part time for Issuu.com, but there is some really great inspiring content on there I think you would enjoy and find useful. Not trying to plug, but if you are looking for something different, I’m still amazed at the great reads and visuals I find on there.

  22. Welcome Caroline!! I love the matching shoes & worn jeans!

  23. Congrats to both of you!

    Joanna, as an aspiring writer, you are someone I look up to. Your sincerity comes through your writing and because of this, you have a very special connection with your audience (more so than most bloggers out there). I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to come to this space and relate to so many things. Thank you for inspiring and I can’t wait to see what the future of Cup of Jo holds!

    xo Nadia

  24. Excuse, shoes photo…kisses

  25. Welcome Caroline! It is funny your Shies photo, but arrn, t your foot cold??? Here in Spain we always use socks… until june..;)

  26. So exciting! I’ve been wondering how the search was going and have been looking forward to seeing what came of it. This blog keeps me company over lunch breaks and is a heat warming place to spend time. Looking forward to more!! Welcome, Caroline. :)

  27. Welcome Caroline! Can’t wait to see what you will add to this blog. And I’m so excited for you Joanna! It’s going to be so much more fun now that you have someone else in your office. Love, love, love your blog and especially the series. Soooo excited :)

  28. It’s so exciting that you are able to have Caroline on the team, which means that there will be even more awesome posts! I love your blog and really enjoyed reading about Motherhood around the world, so it will be super to see more of that sort of thing. Everybody wins!

  29. Yaaaaay!!!!! Welcome to Caroline, can’t wait to get to know you!! And I’m so happy for you, Joanna, that you’ve got a collaborator! It can be so refreshing and energizing!. Brainstorming is the best, especially with someone you have a great working chemistry with. Congratulations that you’ve found each other!
    PS: I think I speak for all your faithful readers when I say that we like her already :-)

  30. Congratulations and welcome Caroline! I am jealous of all the Toby high- 5’s you’re going to get! I agree with some of the previous posters, in that as much as I am looking forward to what is in store, Joanna, I hope you still keep some of your content of just “you being you”!

  31. Congrats Caroline, sounds like it’s going to be a great fit for both of you. Joanna I still can’t believe you did all of it on your own for so long – truly amazing! Love the blog, thanks for what you do.

  32. Hi Caroline! You’ll be great! I like lipstick too!

  33. Hooray!! Welcome, Caroline!

  34. Oh welcome Caroline!! I love this blog sooo much and hope to not lose that fun personal touch, that’s what fun about this blog…feels like you’re talking to a girlfriend!

  35. Welcome, Carolina! I can’t wait to see what you two are up to for the blog! Also, excited to learn her lipstick tips!

  36. Best Wishes for a wonderful start to your work together!!! How great to hear!

  37. What lipsticks does she recommend this spring??!

  38. Congrats! Love your ideas for posts, especially for ones on different cultures/locations in this great world of ours. Excited to see what comes from your collaboration!

  39. Congrats & welcome! A Cup of Jo is truly one of my very favorite blogs to read. I’m excited to see you grow & look forward to even more great content!

  40. Por supuesto que le damos la bienvenida! Yo también estoy emocionada de ver que el blog al que sigo desde hace años está creciendo. Espero que esta nueva etapa os enriquezca a ambas y que sigáis inspirándonos día a día. Enhorabuena! xo, M.

  41. perfect! she seems the best fit for the job ! yeaaah !

  42. exciting times congratulations to you both . Cannot wait to see all the exciting things you have planned

  43. Caroline, the Studiomates desk, working close to Swissmiss!!! This sounds fantastic and it’s great to feel part of all this as an avid fan.
    Great work and great work to come !

  44. I think your ideas for expanding the scope of the blog and website are very exciting – I’m looking forward to seeing how the two of you proceed in new directions!

  45. Looks like you are a good match!
    Congratulatons and welcome to Caroline!

  46. Congrats and welcome, Caroline! Would love to learn more about her as time goes on as well!

  47. O what an amazing opportunity…bummed that i missed out on applying to this. ANYWAY congrats to Caroline and can’t wait to see what you have up ahead.


  48. While I’d love more posts about beauty uniforms and house tours and other series, please don’t let the blog become too “professional” and impersonal. The reason I love the blog is its personal element; it’s mostly about you and your family and your home. I don’t think I’d stick around if it became too different. Please keep what we love while you also try some of the other things that excite you.

  49. Welcome! I’m looking forward to what’s in store :)

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  51. How exciting!! Welcome Caroline! I’m so excited to see the direction your blog takes. I especially love your longer essays, house tours, motherhood series, etc. and I’m looking forward to reading more of those.

    P.S. those pictures of you two are the cutest.

  52. Welcome Caroline! I have been reading this blog for a few years now whilst working as a junior doctor in Scotland- it has been my little luxury through gruelling shifts but I am soon about to start maternity leave as we are expecting our first baby in May! I will certainly look forward to motherhood Mondays now! Good luck starting your new adventure together xx
    Tilly xx

  53. A huge welcome! As an editor myself, I’m totally jealous. I think you two will have a blast. So happy for Joanna to have a team, now. xoxo

  54. Congrats Jo! She’s looks like the perfect fit already. I’m sure she will help you grow COJ to be even better and yay for you to find a great helper. I bet it feels awesome. Keep up the great work!!

  55. yay! so exciting! I am so excited to see where your blog is headed! I love, love, your long and thoughtful posts! I learn so much so I am happy that there will be more depth with your blog! I see it really becoming big and the go to place for everything! Caroline sounds great and she is just the cutest! So happy for you!

  56. Welcome Caroline!! When I heard Joanna was hiring someone, I thought uh oh… the feel of the blog will change. After reading this, though, I can better understand why she is taking this step and I of course trust her judgment (it is her blog after all lol). I think this is exciting and I look forward to seeing more content on here. I hope to see a wide variety of things.

  57. M says...

    Congrats to both of you!

    Joanna, it’s so inspiring to see how you take care of yourself both personally, but also professionally – it takes lots of strength to set out on your own in the first place, but then to realize your needs and make those changes (expensive ones and ones that highly influence something that’s been your pet project) deserves a nod (and a glass of wine :). I need that kind of role model! I’ve been reading your blog daily since before you got engaged, and I couldn’t be happier to see you and A Cup of Jo transition into this new, exciting stage. :)

    And Caroline, good for you! Huge congrats. I can’t wait to “get to know you” through A Cup of Jo as well – puppy and lipstick and Joanna’s admiration are FANTASTIC qualifications. :)


  58. Welcome, Caroline! As someone who knows you, I can vouch that you are the best ever!

  59. I don’t follow your site because it has a constant flow of amazing articles (although they are there and I can search them anytime). I follow it because it is honest and simple. I like that for one post you just put up a bunch of family photos from the beach. I like seeing the jeans that you like and what you think of the latest Wes Anderson Movie because I like your style and your “voice” is funny and easy to read. I’m glad you have Caroline (Hi Caroline!!) and feel rejuvenated. But just know that I don’t read your blog because it is “fantastic”. I read it because it is simply you, and you aren’t worried about the dweebs in the world who look at who you are, you are writing to those of us who enjoy having a friend there in the morning before we start our work…a friend who will share the funny, or sad, or cool stuff she has been thinking about…and that’s it. So please don’t ever feel pressure to be fantastic, because there is a relaxing charm to the simplicity, yet obvious dedication and depth to your blog. How do you manage both?
    Welcome Caroline, and may your firecracker ways help keep A Cup Of Jo waking us up in the morning and may you both together, continue to add a little extra something to an ordinary day.

  60. Thank you for working so hard so people like me can look forward to reading your blog. :) It”s like opening a mini-present every morning!

  61. Welcome, Caroline! So excited for what’s in store! My favorite posts of yours are the “deep” ones and the juicy stuff ;)

  62. Welcome, Caroline! So excited for what’s in store! My favorite posts of yours are the “deep” ones and the juicy stuff ;)

  63. Jo, it’s exciting that you are taking your blog from a personal, day-to-day family/lifestyle blog to one that will incorporate more interesting series, interviews, and other great ideas — kind of a like a magazine, and then… an empire! Welcome Caroline!

  64. … and apparently pant wear for the job (jeans with holey knees). That’s a great picture. Welcome Caroline!

  65. Happy for you, Jo! Caroline seems like a bunch of fun to work with. Can’t wait to see what she & A Cup of Jo as a whole have in store.

  66. Welcome Caroline, from one Caroline to another!

    Claudia, you got such an amazingly qualified group of resumes because the quality of your work is so amazing! It’s a great place to “visit” for me, so who wouldn’t want to “live” there. :)

    It’s wonderful to be able to collaborate on something so meaningful. Enjoy the new endeavor and I can’t wait to see where it takes you both. Very exciting!

  67. Congratulations, Caroline.
    I kind of nailed a dream job (hopefully not the job a 1000 girls would kill for, Ha!)

    Wish you all the best!

  68. Congrats Caroline, so excited for you!

  69. Excited for what’s to come!

  70. Yay, Caroline! xox

  71. Congrats, Caroline! We miss you and are so excited for you.

  72. ohnow I REALLY wish I got the job because I’ve got a pair of those shoes! ha ha
    congrats to Caroline!

  73. Congrats, Caroline! (And Joanna — she’s a smart one and firecracker, indeed.) xx

  74. Welcome, Caroline!! xo

  75. Welcome Caroline! I’m excited to ‘meet’ you!

  76. Congrats! I’m a regular and look forward to see what you do next. LOVED the motherhood around the world series – was excited to wake up and read it! :)

  77. Super excited about this, welcome Caroline! You look fun. Just check out the color of your Cons.

    Your blog always brings me back home, I lived in Brooklyn for a few fabulous years of my life & I miss it desperately! Thanks for always bringing a bit of the good ‘ol days back to my life!

  78. Welcome, Caroline! If I may make a request – could you do a motherhood work/life balance with working out of the home moms as the primary breadwinner? It’s a constant struggle for me, and i’d love to know how other moms handle it.

  79. Welcome Caroline! Looking forward to your future posts.

  80. Yay! We’ll miss you at Penguin Caroline! :) Sam

  81. Great news. Welcome Caroline & I’m happy for you, Joanna. xo

  82. Not sure how involved you’ll have the kiddos in the blog as they age, but I would love a weekly or monthly post from Toby’s perspective. It could have pictures from his vantage point, interesting observations that only wee ones have. It could be an extension of the what 3 year olds say posts you have on occasion. I also wouldn’t mind hearing from Alex sometime, once a quarter perhaps?

    I’d also love more international posts. You have lots of American readership, myself included but would love to see some collabs with international bloggers. A Cup of Jo has so much global potential! (I’m a consultant, big thinker if you couldn’t tell).

    Welcome Caroline! I look forward to seeing how you grow A Cup of Jo

  83. Welcome, Caroline! I have really enjoyed reading Cup of Jo for the last year and look forward to more great content. One thing, though. I notice that most of the beauty and lifestyle tips seem to feature all white women. Where’s the diversity?

  84. Yay! Welcome, Caroline! Please show us your little puppy? We love CupofJo and will love you, too!
    XO H

  85. Congratulations on the new partnership! As a long time reader, and sporatic commentor, I really love all you have done and CAN’T WAIT to read all the new projects.

  86. Thank you for describing the process – it’s fun to see the outcome after seeing the recruitment call. Welcome Caroline!

  87. Hey Caroline!

    Greetings from Dallas, I’ve been reading Cup of Jo for four years now, this blog has kept me entertained and inspired throughout undergrad. I can’t wait to read your content!


  88. Sweet! Happy for you both and just love your blog.

  89. Hey Caroline!

    Greetings from Dallas, I’ve been reading Cup of Jo for four years now, this blog has kept me entertained and inspired throughout undergrad. I can’t wait to read your content!


  90. I look forward to reading your blog everyday especially the series! Congrats to you and Caroline! I’m excited to see and read your future posts.

  91. Love your blog. Excited to see it grow with Caroline!! And love the shoes. I have mine on today (and most days).

  92. YAY welcome Caroline! Must be so nice for you to finally have CUJ partner, Joanna… Very much looking forward to the upcoming series; your blog is the warmest nicest place on the internet. :) Also: I have the exact Converses that Caroline has so if that is a requirement to join y’all I’m totally in! :) I like her already… Best of luck xo

  93. lucky you, Caroline!!! ;) U two make a great team..yayyy!

  94. lucky you, Caroline!!! ;) U two make a great team..yayyy!

  95. jm says...

    You two are the cutest!! I hope you have a wonderful collaboration.

  96. Hi Caroline and Joanna! I just saw that if you’re working at Studiomates, that means you’re right next to Melville House (145 Plymouth St). Welcome to the neighborhood! The front of our publishing office is a bookstore, which is open from 12pm-6pm weekdays, so come stop by and say hi. I’d love to go to lunch sometime. — Claire

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  98. Great! Welcome Caroline.

    And, I *know* what you mean. I’m a new blogger and devoting my time to solely travel (though I am interested in guest posting on other blogs that aren’t solely travel related) and I’d say it’s like working an extra full time job. And I’m so behind. Already. I can’t blame my baby either, because I don’t have one. Just sometimes juggling life, working a full time job, and blogging can be utterly insane sometimes but I love my blog, and how it’s turning out, and I get very excited about numbers (I had 800 views in January, 1500 in February & 2000 in March, INSANE)!

    Glad you’ve found someone to help you out, it’ll be great to talk things through.

  99. Hurrah! Welcome, Caroline. Looking forward to more great content.

  100. This is the only blog I read and I eagerly await all your future posts. I know they’ll be engaging, funny and inspiring as always :)
    And of course – congratulations Caroline! x x x

  101. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! What a warm welcome! I’m so excited to be here. :)

  102. Very excited about the future of Cup of Jo! Welcome!!

  103. This is plain WRONG. How can you live with yourself? such a long post and no picture of the puppy??

  104. I’m so happy for you, Caroline! I wrung my hands, debating whether I should apply, but I’m so glad Jo found someone awesome. Have FUN!

  105. Welcome Caroline! And I’m so thrilled to see what you two do with CoJ, pretty sure my brave little freelance self will be pitching you in the future!

  106. How exciting! Welcome, Caroline!

  107. This is very exciting! I’m very happy for you!!

    What I would like to say is that I hope you don’t lose that personal tone you always use. What I love most about your blog is how you involve your readers and make us feel important to you.

    Lots of love and my best wishes!

  108. Excited to see the further growth of a Cup of Jo! Welcome Caroline! xx

  109. thank you so much, these comments are so sweet!

  110. Congrats Caroline! I can’t wait to see what you two come up with. This is honestly one of my favorite blogs and what inspired me to get my blog started.

  111. Welcome Caroline! Excited for this dynamic duo :)

  112. wonderful! looking forward to more “Jo” :) i truly enjoy reading your blog

  113. Hooray! Welcome, Caroline! So excited to see what you guys have in store for us!

  114. Welcome! Excited to see what you ladies are working on!

  115. Welcome Caroline!