Anton’s Birthday

My sweet bunny Anton turned one this past weekend. I can’t believe how quickly his first year flew by. (The first year with our first baby felt endless and insurmountable, whereas, thankfully, we knew—more or less—what we were doing the second time around.) For his birthday, my dad came to visit, and we spent a day doing Anton’s favorite activities: eating strawberries and watermelon, taking a million baths, going to swim in our friend’s pool, splashing in the sprinklers at the playground and eating just a little bit of sand while I wasn’t watching:)

The day he was born, I looked at his masculine face and deep eyes and half-joked to Alex, “He is a bruiser with a heart of gold.” And, funnily enough, that has been 100% true as he has grown. He climbs up slides, he puts his face underwater in the bath, he literally shakes off bumps and falls—but he is also shy and gentle and the most devoted friend. He’s a lover not a fighter. When he’s playing at home, he’ll periodically take a break to walk over and lay his head on my knee for a few seconds, like a little puppy, before returning to his toys. And he’s always walking over and offering his face up to his babysitter for kisses.

I just adore him and feel so lucky to be his mama. I’m so excited to see what this next year brings.
Also, this photo made me laugh out loud. What a second child’s birthday! Since Anton doesn’t know how to blow, Toby pushed forward and blew out the candle, while Anton waited patiently in his little paper crown. Oh, Anton, little doll, you get first dibs next year!

  1. Hi Joanna! Your boys are so precious. I know Anton’s 1st birthday was a while ago, but I thought you might like looking at these photos anyways! Don’t you love the sprinkles/ lighting and the pure joy of this little boy on his first birthday? :) Thought I should share because maybe you’d like browsing through the pictures as much as I did! -Heather from Vancouver

  2. That last photo CRACKED me up! How darling is he?

  3. Thanks for sharing the source for Anton’s outfit! I’m off to purchase it for two little nephews. :)

  4. I love the simplicity of your party … everything your one year old likes. Fun and easy.


  5. I love LOVE your descriptions of the boys. Here to many more happy years!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful boys, Happy Birthday Anton! I love the expression on his little face in the last photo.

  7. jfairbanks, thanks for asking. it’s from winter water factory, they always have the sweetest prints! :)

  8. lily, thank you so much for your note. it really means so much to me.

  9. N says...

    What a cutie! And that jumper! Happy Birthday to little Anton. :) Natalie

  10. Happy birthday to you sweet little man! I love his gentle expressions, he truly seems like an old soul.

  11. My little guy is just a week older than your sweet Anton, and he does the same thing as him – every so often, he’ll stop playing for a few seconds and rest his head on my leg or knee, like he’s in the mood for a quick snuggle. It’s absolutely the BEST, and I although I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts, I can’t help feeling sad for when it ends! Also – thank you for honestly saying the first year with Toby felt “endless and insurmountable.” That’s exactly how it’s felt for me, despite my deep, deep love for my son.
    Happy birthday to Anton!

  12. I love these photos! And the banana bread for cake is a fabulous idea, so much better than some huge sugary thing! Also – I love that romper in the first photo, do you mind sharing where it is from? Thanks!

  13. Hi Joanna, I’ve been following your blog forever but rarely comment – I wanted to tell you that (for various reasons) one-by-one I’ve stopped reading most blogs, but I’ve continued to enjoy your work. This post is a good example of why: instead of planning an elaborate, Pinterest-perfect, party to showcase on your blog, you planned a day for Anton (as opposed to a day to show off beautiful [and usually expensive] things, perfectly curated and staged photos, etc.). I think this shows authenticity, and that’s something that is going away on so many successful blogs. Keep doing your thing! :)

  14. katherine, thanks for your question! anton uses the stokke high chair—sometimes we take off the tray and pull him right up to eat at the table, and other times we put on the tray which seems a little easier for him to eat from.

    it has been a really great chair for us and works so well as the child grows. hope that helps!

  15. Happy Birthday, Anton! It sounds like it was a lovely celebration.

    Joanna, what high chair do you have for Anton? I know you posted about the Stokke for Toby. Would you recommend it for babies as well?

  16. Haha! That pic is hilarious. You’re right, Anton looks so masculine and tough!

  17. aww so precious! congrats on your beautiful family :)


  18. Your boys are adorable.

  19. Happy Birthday, Anton! What a sweet photo of the brothers : ) Anton’s affection makes my heart melt. I can’t wait for kiddos of my own.

  20. Happy 1st birthday :)
    I think you should enlarge the photo and frame it. I can bet if you will ask Toby in a few years for is favorite photo of him and his brother he will tell you this one from Anton’s first birthday.

  21. Happy 1st birthday Anton! I really love all your posts about Anton and Toby!

  22. Happy Birthday Anton, you’re the cutest :) Having 2 boys as well, I really enjoy see how Toby and Anton play together. and his sailboat outfit is awesome.

  23. kathleen, toby and i baked banana bread with chocolate chips and put it in a cake pan because a) anton’s favorite food of all time is a banana and b) i didn’t want him to have real cake yet since he’s so little :) joannaxo

  24. Sweetest post! Love all the beautiful detiails about Anton’s personality. He seems absolutely perfect. And that last picture- classic! Happy 1st Birthday, Anton!

  25. kat, i’m so glad. a friend recently described me as a “high-anxiety optimist,” which actually really rang true haha! :) renae, yes, he loved it! we devoured it all almost immediately (should i admit that online?:) camille, i haven’t shared anton’s birth story yet, but plan to soon. i just have to get my act together and write it all down. it’s a little intimidating to be honest!

  26. thanks for all these sweet comments. aww, nine, you are so cute:) and yes, grace, it’s amazing how different they can be! i’m continually surprised.

  27. Glad it was wonderful Anton! i remember when we saw your ultra-sound and were wondering if you were a boy or girl!

  28. i absolutely love the last photo. i have two kids as well and this totally rings true for me!

  29. He sounds like a special little gift .. he is adorable in that crown .. He should always wear crown :)
    Happy Birthday Prince Anton <3

  30. I love,love that last photo!

  31. So cute! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! That onesie in the first photo is soooo cute!

  32. This is the cutest, Joanna! He sounds like such a sweet, adorable little man…and don’t you just love how different, unique and special-in-their-own-ways your own two children can be?!? :)

    Happy happy day, Anton!

  33. Joanna, this heartfelt post made me courageous about going for a second child. Just like you did with my first one since you were about half year ahead. You’re such an inspiration. Thank you!

  34. Happy Birthday! Such a sweet photo and so true with the second child. Your description of Anton perfectly describes my son (also my second child). They sound very similar. My little one who just turned two will walk up to me ask me for a hug. I will miss that when he’s older:)

  35. Anton is so adorable! Happy birthday!

  36. What a cutie! So happy the past year has brought you such wonderful memories with him. It’s so important to start thinking about keeping track of those special moments and stories now, so he’ll have a lasting artifact to keep with him in the future– scrapbooking, journaling, this blog even!

    Thanks for sharing these sweet moments.

  37. congrats! that last picture is just priceless :)
    xo, cheyenne

  38. Hahaha, PERFECT picture! :)

  39. My how time flies!
    Happiest birthday wishes all around, Joanna.

  40. That first picture of the baby is adorable. Happy Birthday, Anton!


  41. Aw, so adorable!

  42. Happy birthday, little one!

  43. Joanna, I truly love how you describe the personality of your little ones. One day, when I have kids, I’ll try to pay attention to those details as well.

    Happy birthday to your baby boy!

  44. What a sweet pea! Warms my heart reading these posts about your love for your children! <3

  45. Happy Birthday Anton!
    Happy Good Brother Toby!
    Anton looks like he’s deep thinking about his wish.

  46. What a doll!! Happy 1st birthday to Anton!

  47. Happy birthday, Anton! My baby girl turned one this past week too, and what a year it has been! Already, they are not babies anymore, but their own little people.
    We had a beautiful sunny day with strawberries and watermelon here in Denmark too – I guess babies love the same things everywhere ;-)
    Thank you for a great blog – I have followed you guys during this first year of motherhood and found lots of good advice, laughter and encouragement.

  48. That picture is so great.

    And your description of him made me laugh.

  49. What a sweetie – happy birthday Anton. I love that onsie – where did you get it?

  50. this post made me so emotional! happy birthday to sweet anton xx

  51. Hahaha that photo! He is waiting so patiently with a look of “whatever.” So sweet!

  52. So cute! Joanna, did you ever share Anton’s birth story? I must have missed it if you did.

  53. Joanna, yum! Your blog is so inspiring! I’ve been encouraged when you’ve written about anxiety. Thank you!

  54. Awww so sweet! He is totally eyeing the cake!! Did he love it?

  55. Anton seems so sweet and Toby seems like a great older brother!

    Happy belated to Anton!

  56. tatanicka, i’m so sorry! i have been meaning to write it but it just feels sort of mountainous and overwhelming to write—i will do it soon, i promise! congratulations on your baby news, you must be so excited. xoxo

  57. kat, anton’s all-time favorite food is bananas, so toby and i stayed up late the night before to bake a banana bread cake with chocolate chips. :)

  58. What kind of cake is that?

  59. Aww Happy Birthday sweet boy! That onesie is too cute he’s wearing.

    Haha his face in that bottom photo is hilarious!

  60. Happy birthday, Anton!
    P.S. Such a pity you never posted his birth story. I’m expecting my first child later this month and I loved Toby’s birth story and was kinda hoping to read another positive birth story by the time I get to experience my own :)

  61. Anton is such a doll and Toby’s a good big brother. You must be doin’ something right!

  62. his face is so sweet in the last photo. ;)

  63. thanks for these sweet comments…and yes, elizabeth, i agree! :)

  64. OH MY GOD! That picture is too much! I nearly woke a sleeping child with my laugh. Happy birthday sweet Anton!

  65. That photo made me laugh out loud. So cute!

  66. what a great picture! happy birthday, anton!! what a doll he is.

  67. That birthday picture is gold! So adorable!

  68. Happy Birthday little prince! I love the paper crown btw, we do this in Spain too! As a matter of fact, my own little boy turned two on Sunday and one of the things I was most looking forward to is seeing his crown that he and his classmates made. :)

  69. Ohhhhhh, those stories of Anton’s affection just kill me! What a sweetheart! :) I have two boys also (very similar in age to yours). Aren’t sons just the best? :) Happy birthday, sweet Anton!

  70. Hahah that picture!! I’m a second child myself– solidarity, Anton!

  71. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! May I ask where his adorable sailboat outfit came from? It’s so cute. :)

  72. Waiting so sweetly there in his crown! Happy bday little man! I agree that the 1st year with the first child felt like 10 years for me, the 1st year with the 2nd, felt like 10 weeks!