1. I love getting really nice, flowy, soft shirts and half tucking

  2. Fzillion Manager says...

    Yes, I need to do the front tuck in order to balance my proportions! It’s much more flattering than a full on loose shirt.
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  3. Caroline says...

    I do it all the time. Much more flattering too!

  4. This only reminds me of boys trying to get away with going off dress code in high school ;)

  5. Bonus: I broke my foot/ankle and can store small items in the front-tucked pouch of my shirt. Double Bonus: Keeping cool as I crutch my way from the fridge to the couch with a water bottle. :)

  6. Love that you posted this! I am a front tucker, and have had fleeting doubts about it. Like I say – ‘fleeting’!
    Happy tucking xx

  7. Do it all the time!

  8. Yes, I need to do the front tuck in order to balance my proportions! It’s much more flattering than a full on loose shirt.

  9. I love how the front tuck flatters the high waistline of my favorite pair of jeans. A half front tuck is more relaxed and thus, I am a half-front-tuckker. :)

  10. I love the front tuck – it’s just a little bit more flattering than a fully loose top! I do it slightly off to the side though, rather than down the center.

  11. I have to compare it to “the messy bun”. There’s just something so sophisticated and sexy about the half tuck. It’s a simple way to take a plain tee and some denim to the next level. Although, I must admit, wearing this look and coming out of the restroom don’t really mix. I’ve been stopped numerous times from strangers gently informing me that my shirt is stuck in my pants! Ha.

  12. I’m a front tucker! I like that it’s more comfortable than a full tucked in shirt, but looks more stylish than leaving your shirt un-tucked. I’m not a fan of the half tucked or the sloppy button-up tuck one side in, one side out.

    Katie @ Freckled Latte

  13. I’ve been rocking the front tuck for this past year and I like it. I always fought against tucking in shirts, but now I like how slimming it is.

    I did have to explain the half-tuck that JCrew pioneered a few years ago to my boyfriend…I know he was impressed…

  14. I feel like such a dork when I try to pull off the front tuck. It always looks so good on other people, but whenever I try it out at home before heading out into the world, I pull my shirt back out, and leave it out. I think I need to have a touch more confidence to be that hip!

  15. What? This is a trend? I’ve been doing this for years. I thought it was normal.

  16. I do it all the time! I think it gives more style than just pant-shirt. It looks more effortless.

  17. We used to do this in middle school. It was a fashion rule. Just like peg rolled jeans.

  18. Ah, I do it all the time. I’m seriosly pissed off when it doesn’t work with new clothes! Haha. It makes me feel cooler.

  19. i prefer a classic and decisive full tuck but can appreciate the subtle nonchalance of the half/front tuck.

  20. Sure! It’s pretty rare I’ve seen a tucked-in top and thought that it looked better untucked. The only thing I tend not to do it with is tunics with a heavy weighted fabric, because they just need to hang long.

  21. Front tuck if you have a thigh gap and washboard. I have neither, so no.

  22. I’m always doing this, gives a little shape without getting all the bulk of completely tucking the shirt into a pencil skirt or tighter fitting pants.

  23. DO! love this look.

  24. Everyone at my work does this and I am surprised by how much I actually like the front tuck!

  25. I do it it all the time! I find that the button on my pants, or belt, often makes tiny holes in the front of my shirts, and this prevents that. Plus, it give you a defined waist without the hassle of tucking in a whole shirt.
    Wow, that sounds lazy. ha.

  26. Definitely do this! But sometimes, the effect is more “droopy gut” than “Madewell perfection” :P

  27. I think it looks cute but definitely does not work for my body! I’ve got a little too much in the tummy

  28. Doing it since last year… but you know, here in Italy we are a little bit obsessed by fashion ;-)

  29. Huge fan of the front tuck. I’m nearly 8 months pregnant, and with the right shirt it creates the illusion that I somehow don’t have a giant buddha belly. I’m flaunting the bump these days, but this proves that front-tucking will hide any errant gut in the future. Postpartum uniform?

  30. AG says...

    This just inadvertently happens to me … I go to work fully tucked, but within the first hour of sitting then standing and sitting down again, the only thing left tucked is the very front. I just shrug and embrace it. Who knew I was so damn stylish!

  31. I don’t like it. There are certain exceptions, but it looks contrived most of the time . Perhaps I am too Parisienne…

  32. I love the front tuck…I could never pull off the half tuck. I always felt that just looked like your shirt came out.

  33. I ALWAYS do this! It’s a great way to add a little waist definition and it’s kind of an “effortless” cool. Except of course we’re all talking about it so it’s not that effortless ;)

  34. I love the front tuck! I love blousy, relaxed shirts like the ones on some of these models, but I also have broader shoulders and wider hips, so sometimes they can wind up making me look a little bigger. The front tuck pulls everything in a little bit to keep things more on the flattering side. If you’re in a more polished-casual work environment, like I am, it also makes it easy to keep longer or larger shirts and blouses from feeling frumpy. The best!

  35. Yes! Why not play around with the tucking? Don’t love it with a belt.

  36. I don’t 100% get the front tuck. I feel like, make a commitment – in or out! But that’s just me, obvs.

  37. This just reminds me so much of how the cool/mean girls in my gym class tucked their gym uniforms when I was in 9th grade (1993!!). …I just can’t do it.

  38. I always do it with my St James breton. But, if I am puffy in the belly I don’t!

  39. So guilty. My husband calls it the frat tuck, but I don’t care! It makes me feel a little more pulled together, and weirdly, I think it helps define a waist when you’re wearing oversized shirts. Love it!

  40. Yep! I do it all the time. Like you said, just a little bit of the front of the shirt…not too perfectly tucked!

  41. Doing it right now! I like to see some detail on pants and avoid bumps from underlying belts.

  42. Yep! I wouldn’t have been inclined at all a few years ago, but now, I think it looks weird if I don’t. I have short legs and a long torso, so I think it looks better for my body type, though I may be lying to myself. :)

  43. I’m not going to lie, this happens to me on accident almost every time I go to the bathroom… Lately I also like to do it on purpose, just because I like the change in proportion of torso to legs, without the constant worry of getting the back untucked whenever I raise my arms (which happens surprisingly often!)

  44. I say it’s a do!! I’m not a fan of the full tuck. It’s very problematic, IMO, especially with pencil skirts. It creates weird unflattering bumps. The half-tuck was just weird. But I really like the front tuck as pictured above!

  45. Not a fan. I say either wear a shirt that fits properly or commit to a baggy shirt wholeheartedly. It just looks a bit disheveled to me!

  46. Lol, yes! I’ve been doing the front tuck for 2 years now… depends on the shirt, how much or how little to tuck…

  47. I do the front tuck and I love it! It feels very sexy casual like I’m cool enough to be laid back while still being chic.

  48. I’m a serial half/front tucker, especially if I’ve got an adorable belt (I live to tie pretty, tiny rope sometimes as well!).

  49. I’m totally a tucker. But I sometimes overtuck.

  50. Love a front tuck. Easy trick to looking somewhat hip in my uniform of jeans and a button down. It makes me feel young. If I tuck in all around I feel older. Silly, I know! But there it is.

  51. I do this occasionally but it can really backfire! Sometimes it covers up the belly pooch, and sometimes it just seems to make it more noticeable. It’s a dangerous game.

  52. I’m doing it right now!! Yes, I like how it makes your look preppy casual

  53. Buy Now/Blog Later just did a great post on the front tuck, which she calls “the shame tuck”:

    Shame Tuck

    What some of the other commenters are saying is so true, it looks nonchalant but really takes a lot of effort to get just right! I love doing it with men’s t-shirts and sweatshirts to look a little more trendy (and not like I’m just wearing men’s clothing because it’s so comfy.)

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  54. Seems too styled, too forced, don’t think I can get away with it. Though I have been known to do it out necessity because of the rivet nickel allergy.

  55. I’ve heard of it being called the ‘rock star’ tuck, business in the front, party in the back. I love it!

  56. I’ve been front tucking for a long time. didn’t know it was a new thing:)

  57. Been front tucking for awhile!

  58. christen, i’ve noticed that too! i really like it.

  59. Most definitely and certainly a do! Unless you’re zippers broken, in which case the to tuck or not to tuck conundrum is the least of your worries.


  60. Yup!

  61. I don’t generally like tucking at all but I might give it a try…who knows?!?


  62. I did the front tuck today! Where I live (Naples, FL) I don’t see it often but I love the style.

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  64. Totally front tuck….it elongates the legs in a way, while a full tuck doesn’t really work for all bodies. I do it all the time, especially when Im wearing jeggings or leggings with teamed with my boyfriends super huge shirts.

  65. I always used to do this in high school! I am glad to see the trend has made its way back!

  66. Some hockey players do it with their jerseys for luck :P

  67. Haha! Whenever I see this I think the woman just had a rushed trip to the bathroom. Did not realize it was intentional. But I live in the ‘burbs. We don’t have fashion out here. ;P

  68. I’ve also noticed a lot of knotted shirts recently, like from the 80’s. Hopefully I’m not a fashion victim here, but I’ve started doing it too occasionally.

  69. I’m all for front tucking these days, if only to save my tees from those awful tiny “corner of your jeans” holes!

  70. Love the front tuck! I did it all the time when I was pregnant (into only non-maternity, low rise jeans) to keep loose (non-maternity) tops from looking like a tent. So flattering!

  71. LOVE the front tuck! I feel like it’s more flattering than the full tuck and much more relaxed! I didn’t realize it was trendy right now, it just makes me feel more put together!!

  72. I am very pro front tuck! I have been rocking the front tuck since middle school (I collected belts and wanted to show a little peep of belt)… but when the trend came back a little while back, and I started re-rocking the tuck and my husband took a firm anti-tuck stance! He remembered my front-tuckin 6th grade self and I guess it just reminds him of goofy baby me!

  73. I do this all the time! I love the look of it much better than the half-tuck. I hope this trend sticks around. It makes a t-shirt and shorts look a little bit more interesting.

  74. I do this all the time! I love the look of it much better than the half-tuck. I hope this trend sticks around. It makes a t-shirt and shorts look a little bit more interesting.

  75. That’s the only way I wear blouses and t-shirts!! I love the front tuck. I have big boobs, so it gives me a waist without accenting the girls too much.

  76. I laughed out loud when I saw this. Just a few days ago I was leaving the house……with a front tuck and my husband said “your shirt is stuck” I said no this is how its supposed to look he said “oh it’s kind of silly don’t you think?” needless to say I untucked but had been wearing this look for months haha! Glad to see maybe I didn’t look so silly after all!

  77. Practical reasons to do the front tuck: (1) with a belt, instead of leaving it totally untucked which would (for me) create a weird bulge over the belt buckle, (2) if you’re doing a job where you’re frequently bending over or lifting stuff above your head, you can quickly re-tuck a front-tuck much easier than nicely tucking in the whole shirttail!

  78. Only if you are as thin as the models (which Joanna seems to be!). I never feel like my jeans will accommodate tucking in…

  79. Finally I’m in style!! I’ve been doing this for a year!

  80. I agree with Elizabeth – this was totally a thing in the early 2000s when I was in Middle/early High school.

  81. I do the half-tuck or the front-tuck depending on the outfit. I love the look of the tucks! :)

  82. I’ll try it, but not sure if it works for my pear body with short torso.

  83. I used to do the front tuck with my oversized Nike T-shirts and flared jeans in the late ’90s. It was very hip.

  84. I would definitely wear my collared shirts this way. Now if only I had such nice collared shirts.

  85. Ha! I have always done this because I liked the look :) It’s nice to know it’s in fashion :)

  86. EB says...

    Love it! Front tuck for the win!

  87. I always start to front tuck and then feel silly and do a full tuck. That seems to make me in the minority! I think a full tuck can still look casual. But always wear a belt with a tuck!

  88. I love the tiny-front-tuck. I’ve also seen people do it where they are wearing a button up shirt and they’ll tuck only one side into their trousers, so one end is flapping out. That can look really cool, depending on who is doing it!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  89. Summer camp, 1994.

  90. This is funny! I never did it the other way, I always put my shirt like this. It makes me feel more put together!

  91. I rotate between the front tuck and half tuck. It really depends on the shirt and pants combination! But yes, I spend far too much time getting it “just right” before I head out the door. This is all like how “bed head hair” takes forever to actually re-create and “natural makeup” takes much longer than actually not wearing makeup!


  92. Yup! I front tuck! Woah…can’t believe I’m remotely in style (although Ive been copying what’s out there now)

    I agree with others – it makes a slightly bigger shirt look a little more fitted and put together.

  93. The secret is to start with the shirt out, and the next time you go pee, don’t fix the shirt and it happens naturally when you pull up your pants.

  94. I live in this style (the blousy top, skinny jean combo is my unofficial uniform these days!), partly because I have a big butt and small waist and a full tuck makes me look really wide in the hips. But a full untuck makes my legs look stumpy.

  95. i’ve done this for ages out of necessity – i have a metal allergy so it stops my belt buckle, jean rivets from touching my skin.

    glad to know i am now en vogue!

  96. I do it all the time! Maybe bc I worked at Madewell for a bit :)

  97. It just doesn’t work for me, I fiddle with the tuck so much that I end up just pulling it out all together.

  98. yes yes yes yes yes! Casual and work…I work in London and i think it’s a “thing” in cities at the moment?

  99. I do it all the time and don’t even think about it. But I went on a date with a front tuck last summer and the guy mentioned said it reminded him of frat boy style. Emmanuelle Alt is my favorite front tucker.

  100. I like how it looks in pictures, but when I try it in real life I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because I have a short torso? And if the shirt’s too long on the sides I look even worse!

  101. this was a thing i think back in the early 2000s. i guess it could be coming back. front or half … the real question is does that mean you have to belt as well?

  102. 100% yes, I do it all the time.

  103. duh! you know when your outfit is looking a tad on the frumpy side? boom. front tuck. magic!

  104. I love the front tuck. Its somewhere between ‘sloppy jeans and a t’ and ‘frumpy mom full tuck’

  105. I did this one day with a button up that is quite large for me. I liked the look of it but I did feel a bit silly.

  106. I like the front tuck! But not the half a front tuck. Maybe it’s a little too ‘business up front, party in the back,’ but I like the look. Sometimes I think it’s the only way to wear certain things, like a collared with a maxi skirt.

  107. Ha, ha! Yes! I do this, and I like it because a full tuck makes me feel like my love handles are hangin’ out all around. This is a more relaxed feel I guess!