A Hair Trick

Every morning when Caroline comes in to work, our conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Did you get your hair cut?”
Caroline: “No.”
Me: “Did you get a blowout?”
Caroline: “No.”
Me: “It looks really great.”
Caroline: “Thanks!”

Finally, yesterday, she revealed her secret: A hot air brush. “It’s a round brush that blows hot air out of it, and it’s been my styling trick since high school,” she explained. “Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to attain a smooth blow dry at home (even if you’re not ambidextrous, hyper-coordinated or a professional stylist). You can create a sleek look or soft, bouncy waves. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use one.”

Have you ever used a hot air brush? Mine is in the mail:) Thanks, Caroline!

P.S. 16 hair tutorials.

  1. Haha I used to have a hot air brush when I was a freshman (’94ish) that ran on these liquid butane-filled battery cells. Frightening! Haha I was always worried it would explode while in use. I never really mastered using it anyway, and then by the time I was a senior the flat iron had been invented (or at least hit the market… whatever) and all I wanted out of life was for my punk-colored hair to be straight and long.

    PS I have hair down to my fingertips… and that picture is making me itch for short hair (“short” being anything above the waist)

  2. Lane says...

    I’ve had this product in my Amazon cart forever, I just haven’t quite been able to commit yet. I would LOVE to see Caroline do a little tutorial on how she uses this product — her hair/style/general self is always on point!

  3. Courtney Cartwright says...

    I am going to get my hair done today, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what colors you used???

  4. Katie says...

    Could you please tell me what colors are in your hair? It looks amazing and id love to get my hair to look this color!

  5. Lisa says...

    This brush is amazing but it has damaged my hair so badly! tons of breakage right around my face!

  6. Just ordered it! Excited to give it a try. Fingers crossed!

  7. Emilu says...

    I bought this last February after reading this post and only tried it for the first time yesterday. My mind (and hair!) is blown. I have naturally curly hair and I’ve never been able to blow dry it straight and smooth myself. I paid to get blow outs for special occasions. On my first try my hair looked amazing! My life is changed! I looked up some you tube video tutorials before getting started. Thanks for the hot tip!

  8. Elena says...

    just got mine and my hair does indeed look like I just got a blowout! However, I normally prefer to wear my hair with curls–like the leading photo. Can we get a tutorial on that? ASAP? Thanks!!

  9. Betsy says...

    Just ordered another hot air curler. Used one for years and loved it-no need for curling irons-dry and curl all at once. Gave body and curl!’

  10. Jenn says...

    How did you actually do your hair in this picture? Just twist half back and up or is it like a topsy tail with half your hair?

  11. Michelle Clay says...

    I love this entire message thats being put out there ! !!!!!
    Please tell me what are three good hot air brushs. And very importantly , what brand and color is on this gorgeous head? I know all color looks different on each head depending on natural color and health of hair. I used to be a cosmotologist. Please reply!!!! Michelle

  12. Hi Caroline, it looks like we have similar hair texture! Do you use anything in your hair before you hot airbrush it? Just got one :)

  13. How about that tutorial on how to use it? I just ordered one!

  14. Is this your hair? If so the color is amazing, and if it comes out of a box can you tell me what it is please? Thank you!

  15. Wait… will this curl normally straight/slightly wavy hair without using a curling iron? Because I’d be all in!! And yes… tutorial desired :)

  16. I’m a little sad my hair secret has been revealed! It really is a miracle tool!

  17. I’ve gone through about 10 of these since high school. It’s probably the easiest hair styling tool I’ve ever worked with, and I think it’s time to break it back out of the closet!

  18. We just moved and I was able to clear out my storage. I found my hot air brush! The brush is detachable and it has another piece that is a basic curling iron! I can’t wait to use it again!

  19. I have been using my hot air hair brush for a few months now since you posted this suggestion and I LOVE IT. You have yet to steer me wrong.

  20. I’m curious if you don’t mind answering the hair in the picture how did you get it that color? It is spectacular.

  21. I would love a review once you’ve gotten yours–do you think it really works? Is it worth the price? Easy to use?

  22. Absolutely the best hair styling tool ever!!!!!! Why am I just figuring this out when I’m 43? Curses!

  23. @Karina – i don’t wash my hair every day either, but the style seems to hold for the second day. if necessary, i say spray water on it to restyle. ;)

  24. I have been using one since highschool as well. I don’t know why more people don’t use them. they save time by styling and drying all at once.

  25. Bought one last night and this morning my friend said “did you get a hair cut? Blowout?” I almost died – too funny!!

  26. Jo and Caroline – does this only work on wet/damp hair? Can you use it on dry hair to restyle, smooth out, touch up? I don’t wash my hair every day or every other day, for that matter.

  27. Have you tried it yet, Joanna? As magical as promised? I’m one positive review from committing.

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  29. Ah! I used mine over the weekend, and it’s amazing!!! My hair even looked good on day 2!

    PS: My bf walked in while i was using it (he had seen me take it out of the box downstairs moments earlier). He was trying to talk to me and was all, “Wait…is that a dryer….or a brush?”

  30. My dryer arrived last night and I used it this morning- it is completely revolutionary! I arrived at work looking like I came fresh from the salon. I LOVE IT. Thanks for the suggestion.

  31. I’m shocked none of my hairstyling friends ever mentioneded a hot air brush!!!!!

  32. what products does she use? that’s the key: the product.

  33. Could I put a request in for a video tutorial? I find the picture tutorials hard to follow. Thank you!

  34. me says...

    I used one until recently (I stopped using mine because I cut my hair short). A hot air brush is a great tool, but you need some tricks to make it work. What I figured was 1) use mousse to get roots stand up 2) use finishing paste (Fructis worked best for my thick hard hair) to ends, 3) divide your hair and curl. My hair stylist told me to use a hot air brush to style, not to dry very wet hair.

  35. I have the Babyliss Big Hair one- and no expertise with hair- but whenever I use it , people compliment me on my hair- it just makes my v fine hair look waaay thicker- you dry your hair to 70% dry and then use the brush- and it doesn’t take long at all- highly recommended.

  36. I just googled “Hot Air Brush Tutorial” and several YouTube videos popped up.

  37. Ha! I used one of these for 11 years when I had short hair. It never occurred to me to use it on long hair when I grew mine out. Genius! But, now that I think about it, my round brush is 3″, so I wish they made a fatter version of this.

    And we always called it my “blower tool”. Haha! Hot air brush is a much better name.

    Now excuse me. I need to go dig my hot air brush out of the basement….

  38. Emily, I use the 1.5 inch brush – it’s great for creating volume, and for quickly drying longer hair.
    And we will put together a tutorial! :)

  39. Seriously, just yesterday as I was blow brushing my hair, I realized that I have been using the same blow brush since I started doing my own hair in grade 5, 12 years ago. THE SAME ONE. FOR TWELVE YEARS. How is that even possible? Now I feel the need to tell everyone I know, so obviously I had to comment here as well.

  40. Maybe she can post a tutorial about how she uses it! I’m pretty sure that I don’t have the skills to make my hair look that good!!!

  41. I used one pre-existence of the flat iron/stick straight trend (jr high/high school) and it was amazing. Blow dry your hair 2/3 dry upside down & then use it to finish just like you would with a brush and blow dryer. Makes it easier for the uncoordinated (me). I’ve since given up on straight/blowout hair and just use a wand to smooth out and define my natural waves. Maybe I’ll dig this out of my parents house (they don’t throw away anything). Ha! Thanks for the reminder!

  42. Tried one last weekend and it almost ripped my hair out! Obviously need to practice!

  43. Oh yes … I love my hot air brush. It’s the only way I can dry my hair myself and have it come out half decent looking! Although I’ve only figured out the long a sleek look by using it, not the curls, so I have some experimenting to do with it.

  44. i used this in high school, university, and throughout my 20s… never a flat iron. its fantastic! now with a super short cut my hair doesn’t need it!

  45. I’m looking forward to Caroline’s tutorial ;)
    (hint, hint)

  46. Wow! thanks for the tip:)

  47. Gah! Joanna! I recently bought the blow dryer and round brush that you recommended, and now I learn that I can have amazing without having invested all that money?! Sigh. ;)

  48. Oh my gosh how cool! I’ve never heard of this but you may have just changed my life!

  49. my mom bought a con-air hair brush for me in high school (14ish years ago) and i still use it to this day! perhaps it’s time for an upgraded version :)

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  52. This is awesome! Which size? 1 inch or 1.5? Thank you!

  53. RD says...

    I’ve used one for ever–15 or 20 years. I couldn’t do without it.

  54. RD says...

    I’ve used one for ever–15 or 20 years. I couldn’t do without it.

  55. RD says...

    I’ve used one for ever–15 or 20 years. I couldn’t do without it.

  56. Absolutely LOVE the hot air brush! My mom introduced me to this amazing tool back in high school and has been my go to tool!

  57. I have one but I’m too lazy most days to use it!

  58. I bought this two weeks ago, and LOVE it! My hair looks amazing and I was surprised how easy it is to use. I would definitely recommend it! (I’d also love to see a tutorial)

  59. Looks so intriguing! Beautiful shiny hair in the picture.

  60. Amazing, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this earlier. Do you know if you can go straight from towel dried/damp hair to using it… or would you still need to blow dry for a while first?

    Susie | june lorraine

  61. Get out!
    I have seen these and thought “too good to be true.”

    – uncoordinated/impatient hair person

  62. I bought my first back in the 1960s. It had attachments for comb and brush.

  63. yep – it changed my life!

  64. Does she use the 1 or 1.5 inch brush? This looks like just what I need!

  65. A few weeks ago, I started using product and a round brush and SO MANY people have asked me what I’ve done… like people think I’ve lost weight. it’s amazing what a little styling can do – ha!

  66. I bought one of these earlier this year it has changed my life! No really it did!

  67. This is a game-changer! $30 invested. I would like a tutorial on the tool, but would LOVE one on the half updo pictured!

  68. My mom had one from Japan when I was a kid and I’ve been using it ever since, until it broke last year. It had a good 15 year run! So glad you posted a new one for me to purchase!

  69. My mom & several of her friends use one! I’d love to see how Caroline uses it to style her hair (since she’s not in her sixties). :)

  70. My mom & several of her friends use one! I’d love to see how Caroline uses it to style her hair (since she’s not in her sixties). :)

  71. I’d love to see a tutorial on this!!

  72. Yes, but how did Caroline make that pretty, swoopy, half-updo? Can you ask her to reveal that, too?

  73. Hi Amy! The brush is the same from all sides, so it’s great for left-handers, too!

  74. Ive been using one since middle school (a reallly long time) I cant live without it! Best hair tool ever. Enjoy!

  75. Definitely need a turorial on this one. I have a TON of kinky curls that frizz like crazy. If my hair isn’t straightened, I don’t leave the house. I’m like Roseanne Roseannadanna’s long lost daughter.

  76. I’m intrigued! And adding my name to the list of people requesting a tutorial:)

  77. I’m intrigued! And adding my name to the list of people requesting a tutorial:)

  78. Yes! I’m with Liz A, I would love a tutorial! There are so many gadgets out there you can purchase to make styling ‘easier’ but I find them so cumbersome to use!

    Also, being left handed — I sometimes have trouble because the tools are shaped for right handers (buttons, switches, cords are often awkward).

  79. Will you post an update once you get it telling us whether it is easy to use or not? I’m very tempted (like you I have fine, straight hair). But I want to know if it’s easy to use or if it gets kicked to the back of the bathroom cabinet and never seen again. :) Thanks for having an amazing blog, by the way. I love it. (first time commenter).

  80. yeah… I’m going to need a tutorial on this one. Last time I tried to use one of those I got it irretrievably stuck in my hair and had to cut it out… nearly down to the scalp… two months before my wedding. I had to get a weave to cover it.

  81. Yes! I’ve been using one since high school with every hairstyle from mermaid to pixie.

  82. I. Know!! I just bought one a month ago, and it has transformed my hair.
    It’s like having a salon blowout every week. It’s awesome.

  83. Great secret! I’ve been wanting something new to make my hair less dull. Thanks!

  84. Not ashamed to admit that it took me less than 15 seconds to order one off of Amazon. :)

  85. This blog post without a corresponding tutorial is just kind of mean. I purchased the hot tools version a few months ago and after a few unsuccessful attempts, I just gave up. It’s now a dust collector. I figured I had too much hair or something. Help us, please!

  86. Joanna — you forgot to mention the most important part — the one you’ve linked to is under $30! You can’t get a blowout for that price in NYC. I’m all over this! Thx!

  87. I would love a tutorial on using this to quickly (under 5 minutes) salvage second-day hair… pretty please??

  88. So now you need to tell us how to use said hot air brush Caroline!!!

  89. I purchased one of these months ago after seeing it on another blog, but it turns out that my arms just don’t bend the ways that they need to (backwards and upside down..?) to do anything useful. And I need two extra hands, to boot. Please share a tutorial! Otherwise it’s doomed to the un-used recesses of my bathroom cupboard.

  90. wouldn’t it be helpful to actually see a picture of Caroline’s hair?

  91. ok well I just purchased this!! I’m on it!

  92. I’ve used one since college. I’ve actually just about worn through my 2nd one, the brisltles are all bunched up inside the barrel from being tossed in too many suitcases.

    I’ve used it when my hair was long, like pictured, and now that it is in a short bob it still works so great.

    The easiest way to do a blowout at home and I feel like I get less fly aways when i blow my hair out with the brush dryer, as I call it, than a normal round brush. :-)

  93. I’ve used one since college. I’ve actually just about worn through my 2nd one, the brisltles are all bunched up inside the barrel from being tossed in too many suitcases.

    I’ve used it when my hair was long, like pictured, and now that it is in a short bob it still works so great.

    The easiest way to do a blowout at home and I feel like I get less fly aways when i blow my hair out with the brush dryer, as I call it, than a normal round brush. :-)

  94. Hi Christina! I usually use the hot air brush after I’ve gotten dressed, so my hair has a bit of time to air dry. (Or if you’re in a hurry, you can blast your hair with a regular blow dryer for a couple seconds to remove the excess water.) I put half of my hair in a top knot and blow dry the bottom layer first, then dry the top and sides. Hope that helps! :)

  95. a tutorial would be awesome! is that Caroline’s hair in the picture?? So pretty!

  96. Babyliss do a great version in the UK – Sali hughes does a tutorial on the Guardian website. I rough dry my hair with a hairdryer first and finish with the “big curl”. I can do a smooth blow dry but im not sure how to do curls so would love a tute! Xx

  97. Tutorials are now needed! Caroline we need your help.

  98. I’d love to see a tutorial too!

  99. Scout and Rice—i’m going to look that up! i think my friend susan might use that. she always has the loveliest curls. and becca, i’m going to ask reagan for some ideas & hopefully put together some curly-haired tutorials. thank you!

  100. Is there a particular brand you recommend?

  101. I would so love some styling tips for curly-haired ladies like me! It’s so hard to find cute & helpful ideas like this that would work on my hair!

  102. Ha! My mom uses my old hot air brush — which I’ve had since high school. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me/takes forever due to my super thick hair. Maybe today’s models could handle my mane?

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  104. My life has been changed, I had no idea such a thing existed!

    I’ve been using one of those automatic hair curlers lately (search for ‘babylis titanium’), they are amazing! You take a 1″ section of hair and the machine sucks it up and curls it beautifully – no curling expertise required. A whole head of hair is done in 15 mins and best of all, the curls last a couple of days. Literally every friend I have come across since I started using this product has offered such lovely compliments!

  105. I bought the Revlon one, but sadly I didn’t notice any difference when I used it. Maybe it’s because I have super thick, hard to dry Asian hair, or maybe the heat wasn’t hot enough. Would love a tutorial!

  106. Ive used one since jr high. It takes longer than using a blowdryer and a brush, but I think it’s easier and my hair always looks smoother and more polished. I rarely have to touch up with my flat iron when I use my hot air brush.

  107. Cool, thanks for the tip! I would be interested in a tutorial as well. Does it dry really wet hair, or do you have to air/blow dry it a bit first to get it started? And, do you go in layers, or just have at it all at once? Do tell, Caroline! :)

  108. Tutorial!!!

  109. OK. All these hair tutorials, + the hot air brush is going to change my life! Thank you!!

  110. Can you guys get a step-by-step tutorial up please!?! Love this idea

  111. I have one of these! I bought it 3 weeks- it does wonders to my hair