How to Cure a Headache

braid-hair-tutorial-cup-of-jo-Last night, I had a headache, and as I rooted around in our medicine cabinet for Advil, I came across this headache soother, which my old roommate had given me. She swore by the stuff, so I decided to give it a try. You just massage it onto your temples and forehead; the Menthol Crystals feel cool and calming, while the lavender relaxes you. And lo and behold…it worked like a charm.

Just thought I’d pass it along! It’s always nice to find natural remedies. Any other headache tricks to share? I’d love to hear!

badger-headache-soother(Top photo by Alpha Smoot for this braid tutorial)

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  2. Water, like most people, and the best trick I have is to chew peppermint gum. The peppermint is soothing and the chewing action releases tension in the neck and jaw (often a silent culprit of headaches) as well as increases circulation which is very important for helping headaches.

    I suffer with daily headaches and average a couple migraines a month so I’m never without gum.

    Also, if you do take pain medication, take it with something highly caffeinated as the caffeine will help the medication take effect faster.

  3. Two Motrin and a Pedialyte popsicle. I swear by these ice pops–they’re made for kids, but they’re the only thing that help my headaches!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  4. I’ve heard that you can often get over a headache simply by drinking water. That’s because headache (sometimes) could just be a way that our body uses to tell us it’s thirsty.. True or false? Don’t know, but the side effects of drinking a glass of water are zero, so I guess it’s worth trying this tip :-)

  5. Peppermint oil works. Every time I have a headache I massage it onto my forehead and temples and the headaches gone!

  6. I swear by peppermint oil, which works especially well for sinus pressure this time of year :)

  7. I use Peppermint essential oil, which looks to be an ingredient in this balm! Yay for natural remedies!

  8. This sounds similar to Tiger Balm, which I’ve been using since I was little and my mum bought it from the local Chinese restaurant. Have you tried it? It’s got a very characteristic smell and gives you the hot/cold effect which helps so much with headaches and muscle pain.

    BTW I’m gonna try that hair tutorial right now, SO pretty!

  9. Peppermint oil on temples and the back of the neck works well

  10. haha i love these comments. thanks so much :)

  11. Origins makes a headache serum kind of thing that comes in a little pump. It’s minty and you rub it on your temples…it’s like magic!

  12. Totally fascinating to read a few repeated comments about massaging the fleshy webbing between your thumb and forefinger. I’ve had a throbbing headache most of the day and haven’t wanted to resort to painkillers so this tip is just what I am after.

  13. This post is great!

    I suffer from a lot of headaches and have always found the cold cloth on the neck routine helpful. Next time I get one, I’m definitely going to try the soaking your feet in hot water plus cold cloth on the neck trick.

    Similar to the hand pressure point people are talking about, I find I can get immense relief from applying pressure to my eyebrows. There’s a point kind of to the middle that dips in a bit, that’s the spot. It should almost hurt to push on it.

  14. [ Smiles ] Lovely!

    It is nice to know that there are alternatives to those dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

  15. I get migraines so I’m off to check this out.

  16. Love that stuff. Also you can use mint extract.

  17. I’ve had migraines for years, and an ice pack on the back of my neck helps a little. I’ve heard if you put your feet in warm water and an ice pack on your neck it’s supposed to draw blood away from your head/neck and help with head pain.

  18. So good to know! I love their Sleep Balm, too. It does’t work EVERY night, but I’m a self-diagnosed insomniac, and it works some nights when I’m on the brink, and it’s always very relaxing :)

  19. carlien, this isn’t a sponsored post, just something i thought was cool. (sponsored posts are always marked clearly.)

  20. I get tension headaches pretty regularly, so unfortunately I have lots of tips and tricks! Many headaches are the result of dehydration, so my #1 trick is to drink a big glass of water, a small cup of coffee (caffeine helps), and take a 30-minute nap. And random, but peppermint tea, regular (not Diet) coke and, for whatever reason, McDonald’s burgers are all good saves for me.

  21. room temperature water- so simple but works!

    xo Julianne

  22. I find that I get headaches when I’m dehydrated, so I drink a big glass of water and lie down with an eye pillow until it works. If you can’t lie down, at least drink the water.

  23. I doubt it’s a sponsored post, Joanna is always so upfront with readers that I trust she just wanted to pass something on.

    Other head ache cure – WATER! Lots of it. I’ve felt “hung over” a few time during my pregnancy and realized, aha!, that it was dehydration. Guzzle up!

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  25. Tiger balm is one of my favorites for tensed muscles. However, I usually just go with Reiki, 100% natural. :) And as other readers suggested, yoga and breathwork are good stuff.

  26. someone else mentioned putting an ice pack on your neck, but what REALLY helps is if you then soak your feet, at the same time, in hot water. it’s a crazy feeling but it’s like it resets your nerves from feeling pain or something.

  27. I try to use peppermint oil when I’m looking for a more natural solution; rub some on your temples and across your hairline at the top of your forehead…wait a few minutes, then hope for success!

  28. So glad you left a link to the hair braid. I love that style and will be trying it tomorrow. I love Bagder Balm. I use their bedtime lavender one to help me ease into sleep.


  29. I love ALL of the badger balm products!!! (I personally prefer them to Burt’s Bees.) The Highland mint balm in a tub is THE BEST THING when I’m sick. I slather it all over my face to deal with the dry skin from nose blowing. In the winter I use it on my hands also.

  30. Agreeing with the others — the fleshy part between your thumb and index finger works for me most of the time. Although when I’m too late and have a migraine, I turn the lights off and sit in silence for about 15 minutes. Helps to soothe me and reduce the stress that created it in the first place!

  31. When I get a headache I, first try to figure out why I have it, so I start with a big glass of water (Like Laura) and then if its from tension, I will put a warm bean bag (mine is shaped like a puppy and it goes in the micro wave… a little twisted but totally works) on my shoulders to loosen them, and cold chamomile tea bags on my eyes… or I suppose cucumbers would work too. I’ve had migraines since childhood and even was one of the early patients to have botox injected down my neck and shoulders to help. but nothing works better than cold tea bags and some shoulder relaxin.
    P.s. the chamomile tea bags on your eyes also works for pink eye.

  32. I just think those badger products are packaged so cutely! Really makes me want to try them for that alone, but good to know it works! :)

  33. I get awful headaches and my neurologist “prescribed” me magnesium vitamins. Since I’ve been taking them daily the frequency of the headaches is GREATLY reduced. Also, it’s a little strange but a netti pot can do wonders! Love the blog Joanna!

  34. Trying this! Thank you. :)

  35. The other day, I tried that trick of putting your hands and feet in warm water and leaving forward with ice on your neck, and it definitely made a difference. It didn’t cure the headache, but it made it a lot better. I get them a lot, so it’s great to hear about other strategies!

  36. My mother used to tie a scarf tight around my head when I got a headache. Would sometimes give relief, but holy moly don’t take the scarf off too soon or your head will feel like it’s visibly throbbing.

  37. I find that most of my headaches (especially in the summer) come from not drinking enough water. If I feel a migraine coming on, I guzzle a couple of glasses of water right away!

  38. Tiffany – I recently read grape juice could prevent migraines. It might be worth a shot… thought I would pass that on. For headaches I do typically reach for Advil if it persists, but I try to drink a big glass of water on the off chance I’m just dehydrated before I pop a pill.

  39. Pets. I used to get migraines twice or more a week, but as soon as my husband and I got a dog they disappeared. I’m positive it’s because of him. Now I’ve had approximately two migraines since February, all because of a furry best friend. Despite the fact that he’s a drain on our money and time, and I’m constantly worrying about his well-being, he’s made me a healthier person :)

  40. Aveda Blue Oil!!!! It works like magic:)

  41. Thanks for this great tip! We are traveling at the end of the month and this little gem will be great for carrying with us! Thank you!

  42. Head On was my go-to, Joanna, but like you said, you can’t buy it anymore. Drat! I agree with Lynn, Tiger Balm is very good. Thank you for sharing this Soother, I must give it a try. I’ve been using triptans to treat my migraines of 21 years, but a cooling balm is so helpful.

  43. If I’m out and I get a headache, I pinch the fleshy part in between my thumb and index finger. There’s a spot close to the joint- and you’ll know it when you find it- that hurts when you massage it. Once you find that, squeeze it for a minute or two and your headache should go away.

  44. A massage. Tense shoulder and neck muscles can cause headaches as well.
    I’ve tried this brand’s lip balms and they are really good as well.

  45. HN says...

    I used to have terrible headache quite often. (So did my grandmother and mom.) I couldn’t go out without putting a pain relief in my bag, otherwise I would possibly get in trouble when it starts outside.

    But since I started hatha yoga a year ago, I don’t need them anymore at all. I may feel a little dizzy when the class is hard, but it goes away quickly and I go out without carrying medicine now.

    I wonder if headache associates with blood circulation or something. It is so wonderful to be completely pain free. So my ultimate solution is exercise.

  46. Since most of my headaches seem to be related to stress, when one comes on, I always try alternate nostril breathing (it’s a form of meditation). You can look up directions online. It almost always works immediately for me!

  47. Once i was told that if you press your hand hard, right in that soft part between your thumb and your forefinger the headache will go away!
    As I rarely suffer from migraines or headaches I never really tried it! so I really don’t know if it’s true.

    Probably the pain will just move from your head to your hand (if you press really hard)

  48. One thing to do when you have a headache is to drink water. Often we get headaches because we are dehydrated. My cure is to drink a large glass of water and then go laydown and put pressure over my eyes.

  49. I’ve been having migraines ever since I had my second baby. I think it’s something to do with hormones, but I will try anything to make it better! Thanks for sharing! xx

  50. tiffany, so glad to hear something is working! that must have been so debilitating. my sister-in-law has migraines and it’s so hard. happy to hear it’s getting better!

  51. When I get a migraine I love a cold cloth on my neck. Works beautifully!

  52. i also tried “Head On” ages ago, which was great—but i don’t think it’s for sale anymore!

  53. Ordered!! Thanks so much! I have suffered from migraines for over 15 years. I have been taking an all-natural supplement called Butterbur for the last 5 months and it has really reduced the frequency of my migraines. I love all natural remedies, so thanks again for sharing.

  54. lavender and peppermint essential oil! you can get at

  55. Tiger balm!