Three Ways to Tie a Scarf

This snowy winter is never ending! The bright side, though, is that you get naturally rosy cheeks and get to wear scarves. So, for these blustery days, my friend Kendra agreed to show us three ways to tie a scarf…

A French twist, above (just use the photos as instructions)…

Make your own snood, above…

And a cozy shoulder wrap…

Which do you like best? How do you usually tie your scarf? Hang in there this winter!!!

P.S. My favorite winter boots.

Her ripped jeans are by Rag & Bone (similar and cheaper here). Coat by Emerson Fry (similar here). Plaid scarf from Madewell (similar here and here). Textured sweater from Topshop. Green nail polish is Don’t Tell Mama. Sunglasses from Zara, similar here and here.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo; styling by Kendra Smoot)

  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m always trying to think of new ways of wearing my scarves and these look great and are easy to do as well.

    Thanks for listing where all the other clothing items came from too. Love those jeans!

  2. This genius post is exactly why I read Cup of Jo – LOVE! xx

  3. e. says...

    I bought the Anthropologie scarf because of this post – love it!

  4. The scarf shown in the photos looks really nice! I have been really liking the USA styled scarves that have been made for the Olympics. Thanks for the post, I think I might have to try out the 3rd way you’ve tied your scarf.

    Luke |

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  6. Loved this! I saw this in my feed the other day and saved it because I didn’t have time to read right then. And then this morning as I was running out the door and couldn’t figure out how to do my scarf, I was like “Dang it! Should’ve read her post!” So here I am :) I shall be scarf ready tomorrow!

    XO, Emily

  7. I use the first one a lot. It’s nice and flat and keeps my upper chest warm.

  8. I love your blog

  9. Love the french twist – will def try that – am always annoyed by how badly I do my scarf so thanks for this post! Lili

  10. Love the french twist – will def try that – am always annoyed by how badly I do my scarf so thanks for this post! Lili

  11. Very cute.

  12. I wear a lot of infinity scarves so i don’t do any fancy thing, but the first one looks soooo good! i’m going to try it out soon.

  13. I have been doing a version of the 1st one but I like your friend’s method better. I do love the third one, too. Très chic!

  14. I hate to admit this, but until about 2 years ago (I’m 26!) I had no clue how to tie a scarf so I didn’t, it just hung limply around my neck. In all honesty I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I will be bookmarking this for future reference. Thank you!

  15. I love the first one. At the moment it is summer in Australia so my scarves are in hibernation but looking forward to winter to pull them out a try these styles. Thanks for sharing!

    – Teagan Kahla

  16. I love the first one… I actually learned how to tie scarves that way from a guy working at a market stall selling pashminas in Istanbul. It has been my go-to way to tie a scarf ever since!

  17. Love the french twist! Although it’s too hot to wear a scarf here in sunny Malaysia.

  18. Very nice! Love the first style of making it.

  19. Sorry about that…posted the same thing twice! Guess I am excited about these scarves :)

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  21. Love the french twist. And the shoulder wrap! I’ll definitely be trying these out in this cold winter!

  22. The first one is a nice twist (pun intended), but I’m not sure I understand where to tuck the ends on the shoulder wrap. Is it like tucking a towel around you after you get out of the shower? How do you make the other end stay?

  23. Great visual aids – many thanks! I’m headed out the door with Look #1. Brrrrr! Warm regards from IL!

  24. thanks for the tips! I tie mine like the first way, through the loop, then twist and through the loop again. can’t remember where I learned that. I like the idea of making it look like an infinity scarf too, so thanks for the tip!

  25. My cute mom is always asking me how to tie a scarf! I don’t think about it when I throw one on, but this tutorial is perfect for her!

  26. This is great! Thanks for sharing, my favorite is the first one which I will definitely try tomorrow morning.

    Your Romanian fan :)

  27. I love these scarf tying ideas! I’ve only tied my scarf in one way and always wondered how to do the french twist. Thank you for this!

  28. I love the scarf ideas! But I am not a fan of Hunter boots. I LOVED them when I first got them. They were great for rain, snow, etc. After a year they started leaking. And then one of the side buckles fell off… I know someone else who has leaking issues with them too. They are good at first, but for $150 bucks I wanted them to last for more than a year. In this horrible Chicago winter I’m having to wear plastic bags inside my boots. So (not) sexy.

  29. Your friend Kendra is lovely. And I love her scarf!!

    My best friends name is also Kendra. She is one of those friends that one is truly blessed to have and only come one in a persons lifetime. She is beautiful, funny, smart and always warms the soul. Funny thing is my husband introduced us when he and I were first dating. He and Kendra were old buddies from childhood. We met up at a pub and once Kendra and I started talking it was as though I found my female soul mate! My husband was truly the third wheel that night…poor guy.
    Must be in the name. I am sure ‘your Kendra’ is a pretty cool chick as well. Cheers friend!

  30. I should care more about making my scarves look cute, but I’m a culprit of just throwing that sucker on and going!

    <3 Daryl

  31. There’s a scene in Le Divorce where Glenn Close’s character says she would love to write a book on all the ways French women wear their scarves, and all the words they have for them. That came to mind when I saw this post!

  32. Oh I love the first one!

    Y’know, all winter I have been getting by without a scarf! I’ve been wearing this big blanket wrap cardigan all gathered up at the top of my neck, under a trench coat zipped up. It has worked a treat and nicely fulfills my ‘winter uniform’ criteria, but I do miss having something cool to tie up like this.

  33. I am not a fan of winter but i really love scarves so that helps a lot.

  34. Great scarf!

  35. Love the shoulder wrap!! So different, practical and chic!

  36. I love that you anticipate our “Where is her ____ from?!” questions. You know us so well, Jo. :)

  37. Oh those Smoot sisters. My my they are talented. I had the pleasure of knowing their family in Provo briefly and they are an incredible family. You should try to get a house tour of their old mansion in Provo UT. Its incredible.
    Great scarf tutorial!

  38. Love her style! I’m especially loving (among thirty other things) her lip color! So natural yet with a little shimmer/shine. Can you please PLEASE let me know what she’s wearing (and if you say it’s just good ol’ plain jane burts bees I’ll be so upset that my lips aren’t that color when I apply my balm).

  39. Thanks! I’m always wondering how people get scarves to look so great.

  40. such cute ideas! i always go the boring route, so i’m very grateful for the inspiration :)

  41. i’m usually a fan of the double wrap too, though I usually make sure the wraps are tight near the neck, and loose at the chest so they look really full :)

  42. I’ll have to try the second one – love it ! I usually tie my scarves in some way that looks like your first example. Tip : Hermes has a special app with 21 different ways to knot a silk scarf (before the Internet era, they handed you a tiny booklet with drawings and jaw-dropping examples…)

  43. I typically go with the old fashioned “double-wrap-around”, or the trendier “single-wrap-pointy-part-in-front”- her bangs are fantastic!!