Anton’s First Steps!

Eleven-month-old Anton is a quiet, kind-hearted baby, who focuses on the world around him with great seriousness and concentration. For months, he has been carefully trying to walk—first, standing, then cruising along the coffee table, and finally taking a few wobbly steps here and there. But a few days ago, it all clicked and he officially became a TODDLER! Here are two videos of him walking along the water outside our apartment…

Congratulations, Antoni!! You did it! He reminds me of an old man out for his passeggiata.

P.S. Toby’s first steps, which feel like a lifetime ago.

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  2. Adorable! I so loved this period with both mine (now 7.5 and newly 4). That Frankenstein walk is the best and I love how he’s all tippy toe about it :)

  3. Bravo Anton ! These vids are beyond adorable!

  4. Aw, just love the cityscape in the background! Big day!

  5. So sweet! Hooray Anton!! And his is totally like an old man out for his passeggiata :)

  6. i rarely ever comment, but i love your pictures of anton. he truly looks like a thoughtful baby. best wishes with your boys!

  7. Hearing your voice is insane! Totally not the voice I hear in my head when I read your posts :) Anton is an expert!

  8. He is so incredibly cute! I love this small snapshot of city life – his little barefoot self taking his first steps out on the walk near the river – bikes wizzing by and skyscrapers in the background. Thanks for sharing! He’s such a cute little man.

  9. Good job Anton! This is weird, i remember when i first discovered your blog and you were pregnant with him… It sometimes feels incomprehensible how fast babies develop.

  10. same comment as annika above…i imagined your voice to be different (for whatever reason)…our sons seem to be hitting milestones together:) such a fun age.

  11. Is that you saying his name? So silly but I’d never heard your voice and it wasn’t how I imagined it. :). He is so adorable. Love your blog

  12. Love those chuby legs, so cute! Well done Anton!

  13. Heart. Melting.

  14. Too cute!!!

  15. Hearing your voice is so cool, hahaha! Way to go little dude- his legs kill me:)


  16. I can’t believe he is old enough to walk already! It feels like yesterday that you were talking about taking baby moons, and posting motherhood monday things.

    Congratulations to Anton!

  17. jessica, that’s funny! did you think it was pronounced “ANT-un”? some people will say that, but we go with “AN-ton” :)

  18. LPC, haha, i hear you! and, interestingly, i would NEVER have let him walk with bare feet in the west village (our old neighborhood) because it was so crowded and dirty on the sidewalks. but in battery park city, they literally wash the sidewalks every morning; it’s spotless down here. it’s kind of crazy—i don’t know anywhere else in the city that’s like that!

  19. “no ankles” — haha, martini, i love it :)

  20. Amazing! Well done Anton! Such an adorable little fella.

  21. Yeah! Those chubby walking legs are too cute :). I’ll be curious to see what your experience is with two mobile little ones.

  22. I love Becca’s comment about having a kid old enough to walk, but not old enough to listen to you! He’s doing awesome, there’s nothing like those wobbly first steps.

  23. LOVE!!!! So, so sweet. Congrats Anton!

  24. My son is walking exactly like that now, at 14.5 months! So fun to watch their triumphant little selves :)

  25. So adorable! It seems like he’s growing so fast.

  26. Oh fun!! I loved watching my niece and nephew take their first steps! It’s so exciting seeing kids put things together and learn.


  27. Yay Anton – and you’re just so squishy cute too!

  28. This child!!! How are the people passing by not stopping and gushing over him? HOW?!
    What a sweet sweet family you have…

  29. I want to know what he was thinking as he stood and looked at that amazing skyline! What a good picture! So happy for him :)

  30. Wow this is probably the cutest thing ever.

  31. This is super cute. He’s adorable. But also, am I the only one who found it super cool/fun to hear Joanna’s voice? :)

  32. That’s so sweet. Can’t wait for this stage! In other news, it’s so strange to hear your voice for the first time after reading your blog for years…

  33. That is the sweetest video! Thanks for sharing life’s lovely moments.

  34. Look at him go! What a cutie!

  35. Yah Anton!! He’s a big boy now! What a cutie!
    Now you need to step it up chasing TWO boys! Yikes!

  36. Haha, so cute! I love what he does with his hands as he takes each step!

    -Lindsay from Dearest Darling

  37. No ankles and droopy drawers! Gotta’ love it.

    Congratulations Anton. Well done there, Kiddo.

  38. Welcome to toddlerhood, Anton! His little jelly rolls are the cutest! <3

  39. Oh my goodness, such a special day and what a clever boy!! My 15 month old is still not walking,which is fine, I can call her my baby for a bit longer x

  40. oh my god! he is the cutest! he walks so funny )) He is not even a year old yet, isn’t he?

  41. Oh my god I could eat him with a spoon! He is just the cutest! Go Anton Go!

  42. I found myself surprised by the way you pronounce ‘Anton.’ I guess it’s funny how we read things and say them in our heads and then hear it out loud and it turns out to be totally different!

    Anyhoo, Anton is just adorable! Congratulations big guy! Sweet family!

  43. As a suburban mom I’m half “Eeek! Cities! Baby bare feet! Horrible dangers!” and half “Oh my god he is so CUTE!!!” And speedy too:)

  44. Oh my goodness! What a sweetheart! Congrats on your first steps Anton!

  45. So handsome! Well done Anton!

  46. He is SUCH a doll! I love how your two boys each have their own distinct look – such sweethearts!

  47. That warms my heart! I have a 1 year old who is very content NOT walking – she loves cruising and crawling (for now).

  48. He is adorable Joanna!

    Congrats for such a beautiful family!With all the respect you are one lucky girl to have 3 handsome men at home, let me tell ya!

    Now I can get over the fact that people walikng/ jogging/ biking did not even look at Anton! I swear if I was passing by I would die out of cutness!!

  49. There is nothing cuter than just a little white onesie! Congrats little Anton! And good luck, Jo! We always wait for them to walk and then remember how exhausting it is when they do!

  50. What a cute accomplishment. First it’s walking…then it’s marriage. Or so it seems. Life goes so fast!! :] // ☼

  51. This is such an iconic NYC moment. Taking your first steps along the Hudson. Can’t get any better than that! Congratulations Anton!

  52. oh my goodness this made my day! Love his little arms tucked by his side ;)

  53. He’s starting to look so grown up! Love his little diaper butt :)

  54. I don’t know why the still shot from the first video reminded me of Rocky…haha. All he needs is a little hoodie! Too cute!

  55. i just love more than anything that his arms are raised up rocky style like a little champion.

  56. unbelievably sweet! congrats! xoxo

  57. Honest to god, that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. How sweet! Congrats on the achievement, Anton!

  58. Congratulations, Anton! My latest post is a little different, but it’s all about the little triumphs in life, even when it comes to bargain shopping. Check it out:

  59. Ah the joys of having a kid old enough to walk but too young to listen to you! I am living this right now – good luck and congrats to Anton!

  60. love it! and i think it is hysterical that no one is paying attention to the little guy, esp. the walker in the pink shirt.