Quiz: Are You an Introvert, an Extrovert or an Ambivert?

You may be surprised. Here’s a little quiz…

We’ve read a lot about introverts and extroverts over the past few years (TED Talks, Quiet), but there are still misconceptions. The truth is, introverts aren’t necessarily shy or quiet, and instead can be the charming life of the party; and extroverts, while generally outgoing, can also get social anxiety and stage fright.

The easiest way to figure out if you’re an introvert or an extrovert is to ask yourself where your energy comes from: Do you feel revitalized after having alone time or from being around other people? (Interesting, right?) As self-proclaimed introvert Jonathan Rauch said, “It’s not a choice. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s an orientation.”

1. On a train, where do you sit?
When you choose a seat on the subway or a table at a café, do you keep to the edges or plop squarely in the middle? Introverts tend to feel more comfortable on the outskirts, but extroverts favor spots between—or even surrounded by—other people.

2. What’s your ideal birthday party?
An introvert would likely prefer celebrating with couple of close friends, while an extrovert would rather throw a big party. (“Wine for everybody!”)

3. Have you been described as intense, mysterious or aloof?
Introverts typically mull their thoughts over BEFORE sharing them and might even plan out what they’re going to say; small talk might feel fake or unnatural. Meanwhile, extroverts are typically happy to strike up conversations with everyone, from the cashier at the grocery store to fellow passengers on an airplane. At work, they perform best when brainstorming out loud, since they prefer sounding boards to quiet rumination.

4. You feel sluggish and drained. What just happened?
Introverts feel drained after busy interactions and need to recharge by being alone, while extroverts actually gain their energy from groups of people and feel sluggish when they spend too much time by themselves. But here’s an important distinction: Both introverts and extroverts enjoy other people’s company; the difference is how each one responds to the stimulation.

5. Do you love–or hate—doing nothing?
Picture this: Your roommate/family/partner is out of town for the weekend, and you’re home alone. Are you excited to fly solo, or do you immediately call friends to hang out? Introvert Audrey Hepburn once said “I love being by myself…love taking long walks with my dogs and looking at the trees, the flowers, the sky,” while extroverts can get bored and tired when they’re alone for long stretches and end up craving the company of others.

6. Are you the planner among your family and friends?
Extroverts tend to be the ones to extend invitations, feeling like “the more, the merrier.” (You know that friend who always says, “Can so-and-so come along?” Definitely an extrovert.) Introverts can have a tendency to let friends and activities pick them.

7. How do you make decisions?
When making a big life change—say, renting a new apartment or taking a new job—introverts tend to stop, think carefully and make exhaustive lists of pros and cons. But while introverts proceed with caution, extroverts embrace change and risk.

8. The phone rings! What do you do?
Extroverts pick up, but introverts typically screen calls, even from friends. An unexpected phone call can feel disruptive. It’s not that they’re averse to talking—they just want to be ready for it.

9. Does your significant other make no sense?
Funnily enough, introverts and extroverts are often drawn into relationships with one another, since they help balance each other out. In relationships, introverts typically request lots of “me-time.” (As Jonathan Rauch said, the introvert’s motto is “I’m okay, you’re okay—in small doses.”) Extroverts might not initially understand and might even feel offended. During an argument, an extrovert may want to talk through feelings immediately, while an introvert might prefer to seek a quiet retreat and think before they’re ready to talk.

10. Do you have tendencies of both introverts and extroverts?
Everyone exhibits some traits from each personality type—as Carl Jung said, “There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert. Such a man would be in a lunatic asylum.” But some people fall squarely in the middle. They may draw energy from a crowd one day, but feel the need to retreat the next. If this sounds like you, you might be an ambivert.

We’re curious: Do you identify as an introvert or extrovert? What about your friends or significant others?

P.S. Another famous personality test.

(Illustrations by Gemma Correll for Cup of Jo. Facts found via Susan Cain, The Atlantic, TIME, The Huffington Post, TED Talks and Psychology Today. Quiz written by Caroline Donofrio)

  1. Piotr says...

    I’m really introvert. But here in Brazil people really valorize the ones who talks to everybody, so i learned how to be more extrovert throught time. An interesting point is that almost all my friends and relatives are extrovert.

  2. Tasya Situmorang says...

    I’m an extrovert. I don’t mind having my ‘down’ time (alone time), but realistically, too much alone time and staying at home for so long can be draining.

  3. I am a perfect ambivert. too much time alone or with people = meltdown.
    but i’m talkative, so everyone thinks i always want the people. that’s ok as long as i can escape too :)
    the boyfriend is a total introvert. it’s lovely

  4. I’m an extrovert with an intimacy outlier :)


    I have had a couple of official MBTI assessments done.

    The intimacy outlier means that in a group I prefer to properly engage with just a few people. That’s usually opposite to most extroverts, hence the outlier :)

  5. Definitely an introvert. I dream of being a hermit in a mountainside cabin one day! :)

    • Cliff says...

      Me too! Maybe I will see you on the mountaintop…but not too close.

  6. I’m definitely an Introvert, though I didn’t really think about it, because I’m not quiet. I think I’ve become an introvert, rather than always been one. I blame working in hospitality!

  7. I’m definitely an ambivert…. but I never knew there was a word for it! I’ve always told people I’m just a “vert”!

  8. So glad to know that i am an ambirvert!
    Because reading through those questions,I could see me as an introvert and the extrovert.

  9. Em says...

    I am definitely an introvert. I love the Audrey Hepburn quote. I have included it in my blog post: quote of the week! :)

  10. Always thought I was introvert (hence my being very happy living alone), but I will happily chat with anyone, and love being around people when I choose, so ambivert, tending towards introvert. My BF female is ambivert (I could never live w/her), but my BF male is introvert, so he can come over on weekends! Fun reading these comments, Thank You!

  11. Definitely an introvert! Going into this I knew that I could spend days alone, happy as a clam, but each new question showed me how undeniably introverted I really am.

  12. This surprised me!!

    I always thought of myself as an extrovert but according to this I’m an intorvert and it actually makes sense!

    I love the ilustrations!

  13. Introvert with an extrovert SO! These are pretty spot-on.

  14. 90% introvert. My family considers me an introvert, but my closest friends consider me extrovert.

  15. Answering all the questions, I’m a total introvert. My husband is way on the opposite spectrum a total extrovert…but we’ve learned to meet half way…25 years later.

  16. Almost positive I’m an ambivert…Every day is different, and my response to a stimulus one day is not the same response I would have to the same stimulus on a different day. I identify strongly with both responses to many if the situations pissed in this article.

  17. I am definitely a major extrovert while my husband is very much an introvert! Funny how opposites attract!

  18. I think I may be an ambivert– a term I was not familiar with until now. Thanks, Joanna!

  19. I think I’m both. It depends on the day, how I’m feeling and the circumstances.

  20. “Quiet” is such an amazing book, and I would recommend it to anyone. It helped me understand the true meanings of the terms introvert and extrovert. After many tests taken, it seems I’m about 60% introvert/40% extrovert. I can be very shy at times, so I always thought of myself as a complete introvert, but now I know I was just misinformed. Since becoming more educated on this subject, it’s been pretty enlightening to recognize and appreciate the extroverted side of me.

  21. Ambivert! Never heard that expression, but sounds like me because I relate to both sides.

  22. I don’t know that I necessarily agree with the point that introverts tend to let activities pick them. I’m an introvert but most definitely a planner. In Quiet Susan Cain points out that introverts often like to host because it gives them a sense of purpose. Instead of just awkwardly trying to break into a conversation or keep yourself occupied, you actually have a purpose. Also, I love planning because it gives me a degree of control. I can invite people I want to be around and can limit the number of invitations so that not everything has to be a huge party.

  23. Secretly definitely an introvert, although I’ll fight it until the day I die!

  24. Introvert, which is funny bc I’m WAY more social than I used to be, so I thought I’d flip.

    #6 is the extrovert in me. Hey, if i’m already seeing people, I might as well see ALL THE PEOPLE! ;) Also, #2: I want my closest group of friends, but I also want it to be fun!

  25. introvert, as is my husband. i have more extrovert tendencies than he does, but for the most part, we are both happy to do nothing at home all weekend and talk to no one but each other.

  26. introvert, as is my husband. i have more extrovert tendencies than he does, but for the most part, we are both happy to do nothing at home all weekend and talk to no one but each other.

  27. Definitely an ambivert. I am all over this scale. Usually within my family and very close friends I lean more toward being and extrovert but around most friends and people in general, I am definitely an introvert. What an informative post!

  28. @ Tinna: I think it’s helpful to label introverts and extroverts… at least I find it helpful. Up until I heard of introverts, I was convinced something was wrong with me because I didn’t want to party like my friends, and I was generally quiet and did not enjoy hanging out with people. I also think that from a school and workplace standpoint, it helps to realize that the current way things are set up is catering to extroverts. With all this new research that’s coming out, changes are being made so it’s more of a balance.

  29. I have a theory – and it could be relevant only to me – but I think everyone has a quota of social energy. It varies greatly person to person, but once it is used up, you need some alone time. I am definitely an extrovert. A couple of years ago my job was admin work in a small office of 4 other people, all introverts, who sat with headphones on, working all day long. By the end of the day I was crawling up the walls for some company and chit chat. Now I do a job more suited to my chatty outgoing personality (hotel manager) and it is great, but after talking to people all day, when I come home, I need to chill, and yes, have some alone time.
    As an aside, I absolutely loathe that idea that so many of these introvert/extrovert articles put forward that extroverts “get their energy” from other people. What rubbish. We’re not vampires, people, we just like hanging out. If introverts feel drained by that, then that is another thing altogether, but please don’t say we’re stealing your mojo. It makes it sound creepy and weird.

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  31. Definitely an introvert, but I also draw lots of energy and stimulation from being with people. It’s just that, past a certain point or if I’m not prepared for it, I find it exhausting.

  32. I’m an am invert with closer ties to introvert. My boyfriend is definitely an extrovert, we are at complete opposite when it comes down to social gatherings! I’ve learned to deal with it by being becoming super extroverted. It always seems to backfire on me tho bc I end up talking about something deep and “thought provocting” when everyone else just wants to drink! I’m also interested in how introvert/extrovert/ambivert relates to astrological signs. I’m a Sagittarius and my boyfriend is a Gemini (two VERY opposite signs) and it seems like there could be a direct relationship. I wonder if there is some sort of study on this?

  33. Introvert. I read ‘Quiet’ and finally felt like so much made sense! Because I can be a talker (in-depth conversations are my forte), people sometimes mistake me for an extrovert. But based on your article, I fall squarely into introvert. What amazes me is how difficult society sometimes finds dealing with introverts. Extroverts, it seems to me, are considered more ‘normal.’

  34. Introvert! :)
    I read your blog regularly and feel a comfort through your posts and stories as if I personally knew you and we were friends, cousins… something (you do an awesome job transmitting that!) However I have never left a comment until today.
    I saw a post on wedding pictures from a wedding in the Galápagos Islands (I am from Ecuador) and immediately thought maybe Joanna would like to check this different wedding (I don’t know the couple or photographer)–matthew

  35. One of the clear examples in my life that puts me in the extrovert pile is when I was younger and meant to be home studying for uni or highschool my mum would come home after work those days and I’d immediately start rambling on about anything and everything, she’d often ask not had a enough contact today aye?

  36. This is great! Definitely an extrovert in the sense that I need to be around people. I have about a day every 6-7 years where I like to be on my own (It doesn’t last long, and once I’ve had my dose of it, thats enough for a few more years!) But like you say being an extrovert doesn’t mean attention seeking, extroverts can definitely still experience ‘stage fright’

  37. I love this post! I’m a definite introvert, which people never believe because I’m chatty, opinionated and sociable. But in small doses, and then I want to run away and recharge!

  38. All my life I was told to be an extrovert but sometimes I didn’t feel specially like the soul of the party… Now after reading your post I believe I might be an ambivert…

    Thanks for the post, it’s very interesting!

  39. I guess an ambivert. I honestly answered every other question differently.

  40. Introverts unite ! (separately)

  41. D. says...

    +1 to everything that jennie said. too much time around others really drains me, and time alone really fills and builds me up again. i do well i social situations, i love meeting new people, so others don’t pin me as being an introvert.

  42. Amazing, just because I’m tall and can talk loud doesn’t make me an extrovert at all.
    I love nothing more than being alone, I always sit in the outskirts, it’s increasingly hard for me to talk to people, I need quiet, I always screen calls (sorry friends) etc. Great test, now I know!

  43. An ambivert all the way! (okay, leaning a bit toward being an extrovert, but an ambivert makes more sense to me along the spectrum).

  44. I’m no introvert, but I’m certainly on the spectrum. I am good at small-talk, enjoy public speaking, and it’s easy for me to make friends. The reason I identify as an introvert is because doing those things is draining and I enjoy spending time alone.

  45. 1. I used to be an extrovert but I grew into an introvert when I had kids. I just like to stick to my own family now and it is hard to reach out to people.

    2. I have always loved to go out dancing at clubs and got lots of energy from dancing for myself like a maniac. I enjoyed having lots of other energy around me and music directing the energy that wasn’t directed towards me. I got irritated when guys tried to dance with me but I enjoyed when people wanted to talk to me when I took a break from the dance floor…but I wasn’t very good at talking back to them. I wonder if that is introvert of extrovert thing if you are much better at expressing yourself through dance?

  46. It’s the thing about the phone calls that always gets me. I HATE phone calls. It’s not that I don’t like talking – I love my people! It’s just – yup – I gotta be prepared. So true. Love it!

  47. Introvert with extroverted features- I love bringing groups of people together, but not being the center of attention. And I never screen calls- I’m a people pleaser and feel way to guilty to ignore someone. My fiance’s definitely an extrovert- he’s the last guy in the hall after church because he has to catch up with everyone :)

  48. Ha, I thought I was an extrovert all the way, but now I’m thinking I fall somewhere in the middle! I definitely gain my energy from being around others, though.

  49. I’m ambivert! There definitely are days when I would rather be surrounded with people. Most of the time though, i’m an introvert..

  50. Some of those answers were spot on! I definitely screen my calls – almost more than friends because I know meaningless calls will be quick and done with and won’t disrupt my life where friends I need time to prepare. But I definitely think in the end I’m an ambivert by necessity, because my husband is so strongly an introvert and one of us needs to make decisions!

  51. I’ve long identified as an extrovert (interestingly, I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder as a teenager but overcame it with medicine and therapy), and parts of me are so classically extrovert, but as I get older I find myself needing a bit more alone time (or as my Myers-Briggs-obsessed friends and I call it, “i-time”), to the point that when I read your ambivert description I wondered if that’s me!

  52. Ambivert, for sure!

    It’s funny, I’ve always thought of myself more as an introvert, but my response was yes! to many of the extrovert questions. (Wanting to sit in the middle of the table at the dinner party was spot on. But really, does anyone want to sit on the end?!)

  53. Introvert, I was just enjoying some quiet computer time and screening calls after getting home from being in busy downtown.

    Also I wonder if noise affects introverts and extroverts differently, I’ve always been really sensitive to loud noises and feel totally relaxed in silence.

  54. According to several Myers-Briggs Personality Tests I’ve taken over the years, I’m about 51% extrovert and 49% introvert. Ambivert all the way :)

  55. Introvert! I knew it, but the seat on the train and the phone screening – couldn’t be more true.

  56. That explains why my husband and I can never agree on where to sit at the movies.

  57. I Am 200% introvert:). I love my me time. I like being in social situations bit being there alone sitting quietly and observing. Def always need the aisle seat anywhere in case I need to get out

    I can only take so much of my extroverted friends. They really do exhaust me and I have to flee . Time varies but usually does not take long

  58. This ambivert is new to me and I think is right up my alley!

    Most people who meet me assume that because I’m loud and outgoing that I’m an extrovert though I actually enjoy being alone more than being in large groups.

    Great post!


  59. I’m an introvert. My partner is an extrovert with a capital E!

  60. Ambivert! Didn’t even know that existed, but it explains a lot! I’m currently single, but I’ve dated seriously one introvert and one extrovert. Funny, maybe I should try an ambivert next ^^

  61. I am in introvert through and through.

  62. I’m an introvert, I do not have a significant other…maybe this is why.

    Meeting new people is incredibly daunting to me, and I only open up to people I know well or trust. At dinner parties, I am typically silent and observant; however in a room full of people I trust and feel comfortable with, my personality truly shines through! I wouldn’t describe myself as a shy introvert.

  63. Definitely an introvert. I started noticing these qualities in high school and thought I was a weirdo but then I learned the term ‘introvert’ and suddenly my personality made sense! I NEED alone time and I always have to think to myself before I say anything out loud.

  64. Outgoing introvert who gets along famously with her extrovert friends and family. Even though they are baffled by my “moods”, they understand it’s not personal. I’m enjoy talking to people and could have a conversation with almost anybody, but find that I can only handle it in limited doses. Respecting and accepting this part of me has helped me to flourish greatly. I love my introversion. Since embracing it, I’ve learned to appreciate the smaller things in life instead of feeling guilty about doing it.

  65. I am totally an introvert, while my closest friend of 20 years is an extrovert with a capital E. We actually balance one another out when we are together.

  66. I am introvert with a few extrovert tendencies once in a blue moon! Haha! My husband is a full on introvert.

    What do you all think about children who are introverts??

    I ask because my daughter is only 16 months but she’s already showing signs of being more introverted. She’s still a happy, lovey & playful, but she is really chill and enjoys her alone time and lots of books. And I think it’s ridiculous that adults are the ones that have an issue with it. My inlaws were the first to say something (grrrrr) because they do not know how to interact with a toddler who isn’t super rambunctious.

  67. I’m an introvert–INFP. My significant other is an ENTJ. Definitely enjoy the balance we provide one another all around :)

  68. Finally I understand! I am an ambivert, that makes more sense. Thanks for such a great explanation!

  69. On some of the introvert descriptions I felt like crying out, “YES! That’s me!!!” The one the surprised me was that with introverts friends tend to chose them rather than the other way around. I’ve experienced that most of my life but as I’ve gotten older I’ve taken more control in that area of my life. Too many friendships fizzled as I realized I didn’t really like them.

  70. I don’t like the terms introvert or extrovert; most people have qualities from both. I can’t see that it does someone any favors to pigeonhole themselves under such a label.

  71. I’m mainly interested in why we seem to feel the need to put labels on ourselves like this? Is it easier to have a “diagnose” that explains our personality?

  72. #9 is eerily spot on for me and my husband. He is always ready to have a heart to heart immediately following and argument, but I need at least a few minutes to calm down, center myself and collect my thoughts. We have a lot of “alone together time” where we both do our own thing in the same room – helps me relax and recharge and he doesn’t feel like I think he’s in the way. This whole post rang very true for me actually.

  73. I was just going to recommend the book “Quiet”. It really is well written and well researched and just generally a good read. I started reading it because I have one quiet child and one really outgoing child and wanted to see what it said but then really read it with respect to myself! You can’t help but start to think about what you’re like. It’s very thought-provoking.

  74. I think I’m somewhere in the middle,. I’ve found that since I moved to California, from New Orleans, I’ve become MUCH more introverted : (

  75. We’re both introverted (slightly ambiverts heavy on the introverted side) and our first child was and still is an extreme extrovert. She loved to draw attention to herself which included her introverted parents and that made us uneasy. Once we figured out her natural tendencies we were okay with it but at first, it was quite uncomfortable for both of us!

  76. Hmm.. I would say both, but I’m definitely an introvert.

  77. Introversion and extroversion is definitely a scale too. It’s not just being one or the other. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic for my job. I am very much an introvert… like your stereotypical one!

  78. Introvert and loving it!
    I like being around extroverts tho cos they’re so different.

  79. introvert…all the way!

  80. Yes, I’m a classic introvert while my husband is a classic extrovert and its lead to many misunderstandings until we accepted that we’re both just the way we are. Thank you for posting this, it was illuminating and fun:)

  81. Ambivert, but leaning toward Extrovert. I talk to everyone! I feel like people are too closed inwards with cell phones/technology, that I miss human connection. Even with randoms at the grocery store! You never know who you could meet if you don’t open up.

  82. For my entire life up until recently, I have thought of myself as an introvert. I love alone time, and I would gladly spend a weekend curled up reading alone. But I have started second-guessing myself lately, because I DO feel energized after being with other people. But sometimes not. I have come to the conclusion that I am an ambivert. I really could go either way depending on the circumstance. This topic fascinates me! I married an introvert, which brings out my extrovert qualities. We are a good match.

  83. my fiance and i are both definitely introverts. our weekends are usually balanced with something social on saturday and some quiet recuperative downtime on sunday. if we have two days of social things we are both exhausted and just feel “off” by sunday night.

  84. I am in the middle of reading Quiet and I’m enjoying how relatable it is. I’m definitely more introverted than extroverted but I also struggle with social anxiety. My partner is more extroverted. The line “…an extrovert may want to talk through feelings immediately, while an introvert might want to seek a quiet retreat to think before they’re ready to talk,” describes us completely, lol

  85. Definite introvert. The point that really resonated with me was the number 4, about needing to recharge after spending time with people – this is me, exactly. I can’t bear to be in company all the time, 24/7. I feel like I’m withering! But an hour on my own and I’m good again.

    Also, do people really just, like, answer the phone? I would never, ever do that! Even if it’s my sister or someone – I’d always wait and get myself ready to talk before calling back. Great post, thank you.

  86. Introvert, which sadly can come off as snobby. :( I’m actually a really nice person, but because I’m an introvert, I’ve heard it said that I’m a snob/b*tch. 😔

  87. I am a complete introvert — albeit a talkative one! And my husband is as extroverted as can be.

  88. definitely an ambivert! Sometimes I get energy from people and crave interact, but other times I just want to go home and do nothing alone! I also hate when the phone rings, it can be such an interruption at times. But when I’m feeling more social, I could talk to a good friend for hours. Another thing is that I love meeting new people but I prefer getting together with small groups (to be honest, just one person!0 because then I can give my full attention to that person.
    All so interesting! Thank Jo!

  89. I’m SUCH an extrovert!! We took an MBTI in college and I’m 21 questions to 0 an extraovert. All of that is so true!

  90. one friend said that i am the most extroverted person she knows. And I think i was…until i began my relationship with Netflix.
    Now i’m more than happy to spend most nights at home. It’s balanced out more the older i’ve gotten. In my early 20’s, if i was alone too much i had to go walk through the mall just to be around people.

  91. I’m SO glad this list talks about the ambiverts! I’ve never fit comfortably in either category so this makes me feel much better. :)

  92. Definite introvert, and found myself in a job (that I actually love) where I am in a fast paced environment surrounded by people, where I don’t always have time to mull things over when faced with decisions. Between that and always making small talk with strangers 10 hours a day, I relish the time when I finally get home and can just sit in silence to recharge. One of the main reasons my last relationship failed was that the extravert I was dating didn’t understand my need for that, and often refused to let me have it, talking my ear off and following me around the house instead!

  93. I definitely vacillate between the two many times in a given day!I never want to talk on the phone, but have to be the center of attention at work. When my husband leaves town, I need to spend a night alone, then I have to be with people. My perfect birthday would be having tons and tons of people over. Perfect Saturday night would be drinking wine with a few good friends. Also, I’m terrible at making friends and have none of my own, only my husband’s.

  94. I’m an ambivert! I have lots of strong extra and intro qualities. Just this year I learned that there’s a third category, and it made me feel much better about myself. :)

  95. Wow, when I would this kind of ‘are you an introvert/extrovert ?’ kind of quiz, I would always find myself fall in the middle, needing to stay out of big crowds, feeling stressed before and drained after a big reunion , but also being really into small talk with anyone, from the cashier at the supermarket to the old lady sitting next to me on the metro, or being the planner and decision maker among my friends and family. And now I finally have my answer : I’m an ambivert !! Thank you Joanna : )

  96. This is hilarious. From the very first question about the subway I knew where I stood! Introvert all the way. Bring on that alone time.

    Ironically, though, my significant other is somewhat of an introvert, also. But he’s a standup comedian so I think they defy all logic :)

  97. Definitely an introvert. Husband is too.

  98. Ambivert….according to the information above, apparently!!

  99. Wow, I’m an ambivert! And I also learned a new word. Great post!

  100. Definitely an introvert. I read the book “Quiet” and just kept thinking “that’s me!” As I’ve grown older I’ve learned to handle social situations better, but I am still such a hater of small talk. Luckily my husband is a (slightly more extroverted) introvert too, so he’s very understanding. He’s learned to give me more of a heads up for social gatherings too, which helps immensely.