1. It is a special present for every love one. we will found many band or local shop to buy this with affordable pieces. this initial necklace especially good for any gift item!

  2. Oh this is so such a adorable and lovely gesture to showcase your love and bond. I recently came across custom jewelry shop online ( High Line Custom Jewelry :https://www.highlinecustomjewelry.com/) and bought beautiful custom diamond star pendants for my twin sisters. They recently graduated and i wanted to gift them something something they both share. I would now ask them if they can customize these with “M”and “L” initials.
    Thanks Jo for the idea.

  3. Cynthia says...

    I bought myself and my adult daughters initial necklaces from Tiffany, so we all have something alike. It was a special present for my oldest daughter’s 30th birthday. Tiffany does have affordable pieces.

  4. maggie says...

    I totally would wear my boys’ initials on a necklace. I have them on alex & ani bracelets but I love my gold name tags from my friend’s company Anna Bee Jewelry. She has clean, modern & stunning style

  5. I wear a “D” necklace for my son Daniel :)

  6. I wore a bracelet with my BF (now hubby) initial for most of my teenage years. I love the idea of doing it with kids and will probably do something similar when we have our own
    Two Hearts One Roof

  7. Yep! My husband gave me a gold L (for my son Logan) and a gold B (for my son Beckett) on the day Beckett was born. That was over 2 years ago and I’ve barely taking it off since. I love them so much!

    • Jenna says...

      What designer was your necklace? I recently misplaced mine and I am dying to replace it!! Thanks!

  8. I love initial necklaces. I have one year old twins so have an ampersand necklace for them instead of their initials :)

  9. I have the hidden intial necklace from bethmacri.com. It’s a good solution if you don’t like what two initials mean. I love the look of just the gold bar and that it has a special meaning too.

  10. I used to wear a tiny N, which i loved because it is both my initial and my husbands, but oskar recently ripped it off while breastfeeding.

  11. I do! I started with a gold disc with my married initials and a tiny champagne diamond, then added a disc with a classic F for my son and then a fancy scrolled E for my daughter. My son loves to find his disc and hear that I’m keeping him close to my heart all day :)

  12. Ny niece Penelope Sue is (not surprisingly) nicknamed Penny… When she was born, I gave my sister a teeny gold penny charm (our alternative to the initial charm) I had kept from the charm holder (ah, the 80s!) my mom and dad had given me when I was a preteen, but first I had a copy of it cast for me so that we could both have one. Neither of us ever take it off, and it not only signifies our precious Penny, but also is a connection to our mother who passed away much too young 18 years ago. <3

  13. I received from my husband this necklace with our son’s name engraved on it for my first Christmas as a mama. I think I may have first seen it here on your site, Joanna. The silhouette is crafted from a photo taken of my son’s profile when he was 6 mos. old. I love that I carry around a bit of his babyhood wherever I go. I never take it off and people give me compliments all the time. <3


  14. Love Maya Brenner and have the sideways initial necklace with my own initial. Receive compliments every time I wear it. I’m sure if/when I have kids I’ll don their initials, but for now I stick to mine and my husband’s. :)

  15. Yes, and I love it! I have the Helen Ficarola with my daughter’s initial and another one with my husband’s initial. They are in gold and I wear it on a thin gold chain. I think HF was the first (or one of the first) and then lots of designers started to make their own! Such a cute and sweet trend.

  16. I miscarried my first sweet baby before I knew whether it was a boy or a girl.

    I knew that I wanted a way to keep its memory close to my heart even though we didn’t have a name, so I got a vertical silver bar necklace with the date our little one left us left us inscribed on it in Roman Numerals. It’s so special to me, because every time I catch a glimpse of it or feel my necklace brush my skin, I think about my darling baby.

  17. My husband got my kids’ initials off Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/annekiel) They are super sweet and small — very sentimental!

  18. My husband took me to a local sculptor/jeweler and let me pick out my first Mother’s Day gift. There were so many beautiful things, but when I saw matte gold earrings in the shape of jacks (the kids’ game) I knew those were what I wanted! My son’s name is Jack, so they were just too perfect. Love them, but wearing dangling earrings with a baby is terrifying.

  19. i love these! i recently got a plate necklace with the initials of my first name, my husband’s, and our son’s

  20. I wear my “T” (my daughter’s name is Turner) disk necklace every day! I hope people don’t think I’m still really into the initial trend, as my name starts with “t” as well. I guess I’d better fish out my initial purse from high school…

  21. I were K & P for my children Katie and Patrick pretty much everyday. My son keeps telling me I need to add an R for our dog Rosie. He loves this necklace and it’s meaning!

  22. I do have them – 3 gold disks that my husband made for me and stamped/etched in the initials of each of my children after they were born.

    However, I don’t wear it all of the time (although I used to). Since the birth of my last child I’ve worn two different necklaces that represent my kids – one is a delicate lotus necklace that has a special meaning and was given to me by my husband before the birth of my son and the other is a necklace from Of a Kind of a tiny triangle with 3 rubies. I’ve had 3 children but only two were born alive and healthy so the 3 stones represents them all. The rubies signifies my husband since the first ring he made for me was a ruby. They’re not the same as an initial necklace but some how just as special.

  23. I don’t have an initial necklace, but I definitely want one! …probably with initials for myself. I guess when I have a family of my own I’d get their initials too :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  24. When my son was a young school-ager he gave me a necklace with his initial as a gift. I found it funny at the time as I had only heard of people wearing their own initial. But of course, I happily wore it. People were a little puzzled, but now it’s the thing to do!

  25. I have one :) A friend made it for me shortly after the birth of my daughter. I also have a necklace locket, embroidered, and inside is a photo of my daughter when she was about 2ish. She’ll be 6 in January :)

  26. Mine have my kids while names, Milo and Eliot on gold, and Plum on rose gold. My aunt who worked in a jewelry shop gifted me the boys’ names when my second son was born, and I ordered a similar one for my daughter soon after we discovered her gender and settled upon a name. I wear them all on a chain I recieved for my sixteenth birthday from the family for whom I nannied (for five years.) There is so much beautiful, simple, lovely sentiment hanging around my neck daily. My oldest, now five, can read the names and is acutely aware of how I wear his siblings and his names. He is so proud of it! I agree that it is a sweet motherhood trend.

  27. I make hand-stamped jewelry, and some of my most popular pieces are made as gifts for new mothers! I usually stamp the baby’s name or initials on the front and their date of birth on the back. Check them out!


  28. I wear a nameplate that says “mama” all lowercase, and i LOOOOVE to put it on.

  29. Stella & Dot has a gorgeous line of charms and engrave-ables with lots of choice for customization. You have featured many lovely choices and your taste is impeccable. I couldn’t let this post go by without sharing. Just last week they came out with their clover charms, a whimsical take on the alphabet set inside their signature clover motif. A wonderful way to wear your family close to your heart.

  30. I have the silver initial discs from Tiffany and Co. I wear them on the same chain as the bean necklace my husband gave me for a wedding present. They make it kind of lopsided but I love it anyway.

  31. I got mine from etsy, with my son(Z) and daughter(S)’s letters sandwiching our family letter(T) in the middle creating a ZTS. The classic monogram style created a unique design and I love it.

  32. I had a beautiful Tiffany’s initial necklace my best friend got me as a “mommy gift” but then my little one ripped it off my neck and broke it :(

  33. I had one wi his whole name but he wore it and I cant find it right now :/ i have a ring with dangling birthstones – one for him (tourmaline) and ine for me (peridot). I like it better than most typical mother’s rings.

  34. I had one wi his whole name but he wore it and I cant find it right now :/ i have a ring with dangling birthstones – one for him (tourmaline) and ine for me (peridot). I like it better than most typical mother’s rings.

  35. My husband got me one from Helen Ficalora with our initials for our anniversary and then we added our daughters initial when she was born. I love it!

  36. My husband bought me my son’s initial on a necklace for my last birthday. Its beautiful and I wear it everyday. As I will for our baby on the way. I feel its a sweet way for me to feel I have a little bit of my son with me while I’m away at work.

  37. Helen Ficalora charms were “the” mommy accessory at the school where I taught in LA. I didn’t have kids then, but even received one with my own initial as a gift one year. Very sweet and chic.

  38. I used to wear one for my (now ex) boyfriend

  39. I have a heart disc on my bracelet with my initial and my daughters initial in rose gold. I wear it everyday, it was a ‘having a baby’ present of my parents.

  40. I love these necklaces! I have my kids’ and my husband’s initials on rings.

  41. I have one necklace with my boys’ initials and then a separate one with just my husband’s initial and a little map pendant from the city where we met. A little mushy, but I love to wear them!

  42. I had both my sons full names made really tiny on a necklace. Its by a jewelry designer named Marian Maurer. She does beautiful work. I never take it off and get compliments on it all the time because it is so delicate and subtle. She has a website but you can get it at Fragments in soho!

  43. I do but actually wear them as a ring engraved with their names, they are permanently attached and each ring had one name…. They were made as a one of a kind and given to me on Mothers Day a few years ago. I live it and it never comes off. From what I understand each ring is made specifically for you and then engraved on the inside with a number. One of the best gifts I ever received, besides the kiddos themselves!!

  44. I have the Catbird tiny initial rings in silver – J and J – and stack them. In reference to your other post, I hope to add 1 to 2 more initial rings in the future :). For all the craziness now, I consider it a “long-term investment.” I picture chaotic, fun holidays with lots of siblings, laughing, wrapping paper flying through the air, etc etc. I’ll stay sleep deprived a few more years and change a few more diapers to make it happen! (I have 1 and 3 year old boys, btw).

  45. I have the moon and star from Catbird. I love it but can’t wear it while the baby is still small – the chain is fragile and he likes to pull on it while I feed him!

  46. I wear one with my daughter Lou’s name on it. My friend sent it to me just before she was born. I wear it every day!

  47. YES! Have been wearing for a few years… “E” and and infinity sign! Luv having him so close to my heart. :))))

  48. Yes I do! But I wear them (C & M) in a bracelet. It was a gift from my MIL. Italian brand Dodo has lovely pink gold letters!
    Wouldn’t you wear your T & A everywhere? Would you just add another A for Alex? ;)

  49. i’m wearing my son’s initial “J” as an earring. one J and one stud on the other side. love the necklaces too – although i think jack would pull off a necklace as soon as i put it on … maybe when he’s older?

  50. I have worn my first daughter’s initial 13 years, and 10 years ago added another for my 2nd daughter. They are both from Helen Ficalora and are rose gold. My husband added a small heart with diamond charm to it a few years ago. So I wear an M and an S or MS…appropriate for me too.
    These are the charms

  51. I have them too! Got mine from Etsy.

  52. Yes! I have a double heart necklace from Erica Weiner with each child’s name on it. I also have a single initial necklace for each child and will give it to them each on their 16th birthday.

  53. My husband got me this necklace (site below) after our daughter was born. It is from a local artist. I love it…best gift ever.

  54. hahahaha mrs. sitzman, you’re so right! hadn’t thought about that.

  55. I’ve had my J & V gold disks since my two year old was born. I love them and never take them off! We got ours from Etsy;)

    • Chiara says...

      Me too! But mine is a “J (my hubby) and M (my son)” necklace.

  56. I wear mine every day- I never take it off. I love it! It is gold with a tiny disk with “T” on it, and it has a tiny pearl next to it. Simple, pretty, meaningful. :)

  57. Cute but yours would be T & A!

  58. I do! It has my daughters letters, “w” and “e”. Kind of cute that it spells “we” as its on a double chain. It’s a gold necklace you had on a gift guide one Christmas off of Etsy!