Toby the Gourmand

Three-year-old Toby loves food. Loves loves loves. I’ve never had to worry about a picky eater, thankfully—although I almost worry about him not being picky enough :)

When we put him to bed, he’ll often roll over and ask, “What we havin’ for dinner tomorrow night?” And yesterday morning, while eating breakfast, he asked, “So what we havin’ for brunch?”

And this is a common sight in our house, the little scamp! I showed my friend this photo, and she sent me this clip…

That’s Toby in 15 years.

P.S. French kids eat everything, a baby-food realization, and how to get your kids to talk at dinner.

P.P.S. “What about elevenses?!” Still laughing :)

  1. i envy you.. my child is not just a picky eater.. he’d actually not eat if given the choice. he likes the idea of eating and cooking and will make food requests and help me cook it’s the actual act of eating he has a problem with..

  2. yup. that’s my whole life.

  3. My husband regularly asks, “what are we doing for dinner?” while consuming breakfast or brunch. It’s so common that one of our friends tries to beat him to the punch and has turned it into a little context. The funniest part is that he is SERIOUS and really wants to start planning dinner while eating another meal.

  4. I’m 4 months pregnant and feeling the same way! Second breakfast, elevenses, yes please! It sounds like Toby may be a foodie one day. :)

  5. My mom used to always quote that line from 101 Dalmatians about me. “I’m hungry mother, really I am.” That first photo of him is adorable!

  6. I adore hearing about another little kid who loves food! One of the funniest things our three-year-old daughter Maeve has ever said was in response to finding out about a surprise brunch with Santa this past Christmas. Her response? “What?! I LOVE brunch!” Thanks for sharing this!

  7. my son is the same! he is only 21 months but he eats everything! he absolutely loves food, doesn’t surprise me though I’m the same way. my sisters and I were never picky eaters, either.

    my son had his first sushi roll before he was one, we ordered him an avocado roll and he loved it! now he has upgraded to other rolls and I’m so happy he’s not a picky eater.

    I think the key is to introduce them to lots of foods when their young and usually kids want to mimic parents so they’ll want what you are having.

  8. I wish our 2 y.o. ate everything – he is basically a vegetarian (except for meat pasta sauce that I make and pepperettes – yup – meat sticks – ugh) He loves fruit and veggies – but we need to bring his weight up – total struggle lots of days!

  9. Did you end up following any of those french kids eat everything guidelines? Curious if any of that helped with his diverse palate :)

  10. My son is the same way! Ever listen to Imagination Movers? “whats in the fridge?” Its a kids band we love that sings so many perfect songs for the boy who never stops eating lol!

  11. this is the darn cutest stinken thing Ive ever heard! Toobbyy!!

  12. I am soooo jealous! I have such a picky eater on my hands. My daughter is 2 and LOOOOVES fruit and chips and grilled cheese and that’s about it :(

  13. I love how your child has the enthusiasm to try new food.

  14. That’s awesome!
    My 2.5 year old daughter is a bit picky and doesn’t enjoy breakfasts… but give her a steak and she’ll be happy… LOL
    Love your blog!

  15. Haha, love the video. “What about afternoon tea?” He’s adorable.

  16. Funny–my husband totally does this and I thought it was weird at first. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can really only handle thinking about one meal at a time and my husband can multi-task. :P

  17. Wow, that’s such a blessing!

  18. I used to come out every night after being put to bed to my parents and say “wake up in the morning have buffest?” And WOULD not go back to sleep until they said yes we’ll have breakfast.

  19. My mom had me helping her with baking as soon as I could sit on the counter and wield a spoon, and my dad made me his kitchen apprentice as soon as I was tall enough to stir something on the stove. He’d cut everything up and add it to the pot at the right time, and I’d do the sautéing. Looking back now as an adult, this may be the single most important gift my parents ever gave me — the enthusiasm for cooking from scratch, and the necessary know-how . I can’t recommend strongly enough that you give that little man a spatula and put him to work!

  20. Love it! That clip is a crack up!

    My 18 month old’s favorite word is “toast”. He says it with such gusto. Good eaters are awesome.

  21. So wonderful! My almost 3 year old Louis runs into the house after his dad picks him from preschool and heads to the kitchen where I’m preparing dinner and asks: “So what are we having???” He LOVES food. One exception: “Tofu is not my favorite, Mommy.”

  22. Such a good problem to have! My three year old could snack all day if I let her. Hobbits are probably the best comparison for these cuties. ha ha! Toby is adorable!

  23. Toby sounds exactly like my lil dude, especially the second breakfast moment. Weird thing is both my husband and I were very picky eaters as kids so we have no idea where this foodiness comes from. My favorite recent foodie moment was when D happily asked if his St. Patrick’s Day shamrock cookie was a “broccoli cookie” since that’s his favorite veg.

  24. @unknown, yes! i’d love to share an update. we have a kind of funny sleeping situation right now. i’ll write up a little post soon!

  25. Bwahahaha. I would LOVE to abide by the hobbit meal schedule! x

  26. Ugh, you’re lucky. My boyfriend, 30 years old, won’t eat pasta that is the wrong shape (i.e.not rotini), bread that isn’t toasted, potatoes that aren’t roasted or soup of any kind. His mother believes his pickiness developed after serious childhood illness, but it’s beyond frustrating. I want to eat everything!

  27. My family is the same way! We are always anticipating the next meal. Even when my extended family gets together, we will be enjoying something at the table and asking what we’re going to eat next ;)

  28. It’s nice to see a kid that’s not so picky! Your boys are precious, by the way:)

  29. Ha! This is a VERY common thing in New Orleans. Whenever you sit down to eat, the subject of what you ate at a previous meal or what you’ll be eating soon comes up… every single time. The food in NOLA is just too damn good not to talk about.

  30. Gourmand, or gourmet ? Or may both ! A future little chef ?

  31. that is so adorable! Love the pics

  32. I die! I am 20something years older than Toby and I still do this, it drives my husband crazy, it’s typically the first questions I ask him after we have finished dinner, “what should we have for dinner tomorrow?”.

  33. I relate to Toby. I do the exact same things!

  34. Agreed! I have a 3 yr old little girl who tries everything….we take her all the time for Ethiopian, sushi, Thai, Indian, she loves it all! I try not to take it for granted though, as SO many of my friends are struggling with picky eater children.

    Side note, Joanna: could you update us with how things are with Toby and Anton? Would love to know basics, like whether you’re still nursing; do the boys share a room, and how’s that going; how has your work schedule changed; do you still have a full-time sitter; is Toby in nursery school? Sorry for the long list, I’m just curious! :) When Toby was a baby I loved following all the milestones because my daughter was born soon after he was. I would love to know more about how the balance with two kids is going. I bet a lot of readers would love a refresh on some of these issues :)

    Thank you for everything you do!

  35. That’s great!! He reminds me of myself lol. I think it’s important to expose kids to different foods when they’re young. There won’t be any such thing as adult meals and kids meals in my household when I have a kid!

  36. Second breakfast is the best ;) My first job out of college I ate two breakfasts and no dinner every day. Toby knows what’s going on!

  37. I believe we all have mini-chefs in the house. We should enrole them in Masterchef junior!!! :-D

    Wouldn’t mine if my son would turn to be a chef

  38. Perhaps you have a little chef in the making? We just taught our 4-year-old how to make his own guacamole (the only thing we do for him is cut the avocados in half and the lime in half and he does the rest. I love little gourmands!

  39. let him do small tasks that don’t involve fire or knives :-D they love it. Mine is such a courious boy e want’s to see (and smell) everything!