“Do I Smell Funny?” Natural Deodorant Challenge

This week, intrepid Cup of Jo editor Caroline was tasked with trying five natural deodorants and rating them on a scale of one to five. Here’s her diary…

Let’s face it: “Awesome Natural Deodorant” is basically an oxymoron. But many standard formulas contain harsh chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. So this past week, I slathered on five natural formulas, then went about my life—in hot, humid NYC—to see what worked and what didn’t…

Day 1: Tom’s of Maine Wild Lavender
This doesn’t work. It’s a shame because the wild lavender scent smells so good. But after an hour, the lavender part goes away and it just smells wild. “Hi-don’t-hug-me,” I greeted my friend at dinner, taking great care not to get too close. Throughout the meal, I kept my upper arms glued to my sides, wielding cutlery with just forearms, like a tiny T-Rex. Oh, well. Now we know. Rating: One out of five stars

Day 2: Crystal Body Deodorant Stick
Pros: One salt crystal can last up to a year, which means less money spent on deodorant and less waste for the environment. Cons: The part where it doesn’t actually deodorize. I’ve heard that salt crystals have legions of fans…who are you? (Really, I’d love to know.) I suspect this stuff may work for people who naturally smell fine. If that sounds like you, you’re lucky! If not, you probably shouldn’t buy this. Rating: Stars? What stars?

Day 3: Dr. Hauschka Deodorant Fresh
The label says it’s “refreshing and long-lasting.” Only half of that is true. The roll-on liquid does indeed smell fresh, but only for an hour or two. I usually love Dr. Hauschka products, but this didn’t stand up to a sweltering day. “Don’t worry,” said the boyfriend, “I like the way you smell.” That was sweet, but I doubt anyone else would have agreed. While this might be fine for a chillier season, I wouldn’t recommended it, unless you’re willing to carry it everywhere and frequently reapply. Rating: Two out of five stars

Day 4: Nourish Organic Deodorant
When I was a freshman in college, I learned a new word: frowzy, which was how my roommate described her underarm condition when it was less than fresh. I thought of that word many times while sporting this deodorant. It didn’t completely fail me, but I always felt, well, frowzy. I would wear this deodorant to read a book. I would not wear it on a run. Final verdict: Just okay. Rating: Three out of five stars

Day 5: LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant
By this point, I was about ready to reach for the clinical-strength Secret. Luckily, LaVanila swooped in to change my mind. It isn’t 100% perfect, but let’s be honest: what deodorant is? This was the winner of the pack, by far. I applied it in the morning and made it through the ENTIRE workday scent-free. I did need a quick touch-up before heading out in the evening, but this is New York in the summertime, so that’s to be expected. So happy to say: Recommended! Rating: Four out of five stars

Do you wear natural deodorant? Do you have a great recommendation that we didn’t try? If so, we’d love to hear!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I suffer from excessive sweating and it seems that the average anti-perspirant does not work for me Certain Dri works well. However the rest of my body is still sweaty. Are there any other options

  2. Gaby says...

    I really like the Native Deodorant (gardenia and Orchid) works very well throughout my whole day! May also try doing a mask on your armpits to cleanse the pores!

  3. Brittney says...

    It doesn’t seem like you used any of these long enough to know how well they actually work. Everything I’ve read about natural deodorants is that there’s a natural acclimation period that can last up to a month. I just got nourish yesterday and started using it, so far it’s holding up but I’m ready for the stink as my underarms get used to it. I get itchy armpits from deodorants and have tried everything out there and trying natural aluminum free ones is my last ditch effort so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and plan on actually giving it time to see results.

  4. Kati says...

    I was interested to see what you said about Crystal. After reading about Crystal spray on Man Repeller, I decided to give it a try (and risk a whopping $2 from my Amazon purchase). It is amazing! And, so great that it’s not $20 like a lot of other “all natural” deodorants. Can I be not-rich but also eco-conscious? Crystal works with me through just about anything but an FDA Audit (i.e., stress). It also starts to conk out after cardio or yard work, but what deodorant doesn’t? Anyway, totally agree with you that Tom’s is worse than no deodorant at all.

  5. I LOVE crystal deodorant and have used it exclusively for more than 5 years. Crystal Essence is my preferred brand— note, please, that I don’t use an actual crystal, which is the more eco-friendly choice. But the roller ball Crystal Essence is 1000000% reliable for me. Love it. It’s so fresh!

  6. Julia says...

    You guys. Primal Pit Paste is the way to go for a natural deodorant. It works amazingly well.

    • Christina says...

      I TOTALLY agree! I’m bummed they didn’t include it. And the lavender scent is divine.

  7. Rachael says...

    Sea of Spa is by far the only natural deodorant that has ever worked for me. Found it in Israel but u can buy it on Amazon as well. I definitely sweat and I will say it took my body about 2 weeks to get used to the change. Now I just apply it in the am and go about my day like normal. Love it and highly recommend!!

  8. Dalia says...

    The best natural deodorant is Lovefresh!! I’ve tried all the brands out there and always went back to my antiperspirant but once I tried this one I be stuck to it! It’s easy to use, smells great (different scents) and works!! I allowed myself a transition period between an antiperspirant and Lovefresh and really all that was required that I reapplied in the same day. After 2 weeks I was applying once a day and I NEVER SMELLED! Even after my excersise classes! It is the BEST!

  9. I love Schmidts but I can’t get my husband to wear it because it smells to “girly”. We just got him a brand called Uncle Jack’s and he loves it! They sell on amazon

    • Michelle M says...

      I’m a believer in Primal Pit Paste! It takes some getting used to because you use your fingers to apply instead of swiping it on, but it works! Also, the jar lasts a while so it’s not as expensive as it seems (Lula – go for the splurge!)

  10. Suzanne says...

    Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant works and i’ve tried every natural deodorant. Try it, it’s amazing and the Lavender & Sage one smells so good!

  11. Jaim says...

    Tom’s I love their fennel toothpaste but the deodorant not only made my underarms burn, but it also didn’t do anything to stave off funky scents post-workout. The Crystal, however, is my daily go-to. It does need to be re-applied frequently only on sweaty days, but the tiny travel size works fine and leaves zero scent. I smell like me, mostly clean and I’m not terrified of clogged pores or sketchy ingredients.

  12. Abilene Johnson says...

    Whether its my child or anybody else’s, i’ll always prefer to suggest natural deodorants. No doubt that homemade deodorants sometimes become unable to cover the smell but if we select the branded kids’ deodorant, it can enable our kids to get rid of the smell in the quickest time. These deodorants stay our kids fresh for around 24 hours.

  13. I like to wear natural deodorants, they keep me fresh and away from Funny smell. Best use of these deodorants in morning and before going to bed.

  14. JustMe says...

    I never post comments , but actually having found a natural deodorant that REALLY works after years of making due with baking soda messily rubbed under my arms, I had to share. I gave up traditional, aluminum based deodorant years ago, but I struggled, and I mean really, really struggled to find a replacement that worked. Each time I found a new natural deodorant that promised to leave me fresh and sweet smelling all day I rolled it on full of hope. Hope that I could walk with my head and arms held high. Hope that I could stand in a crowded elevator without shame. Hope which always faded within a few hours when the familiar scent of untamed, wild, au naturale, me inevitably came wafting out at the most inopportune times. So, I made due with baking soda. It was messy and often stained my shirts, but it worked reliably… most of the time. Three months ago the game changed. I found a natural deodorant that works and works well. It’s called Moo Goo. Yes, Moo Goo. It doesn’t sound pretty or fancy, but, it works. It works so well it even gives me second day stink protection. On a lazy Saturday morning I can skip showering and deodorant re -application and I still won’t stink bomb. That is a dream I never would have dreamt after giving up aluminum based deodorant. So, if you dream of dancing, running, playing outside until you are a sweaty mess without being a stinky mess, Moo Goo. Thank you Moo Goo.

  15. Tiff-a-roo says...

    I just discovered this brand at my local vitamin shoppe – after trying the Lavilin deodorant and discovering that apparently I am part ferret – cute, but stinky -I returned the Lavilin, purchased this brand in unscented for $9, which comes in a regular roll-up tube and does not need to be applied with a tiny spatula. AMAZINGLY, this works great. For real, people – I used to be so sweaty and stinky I had to get prescription deodorant that literally dried/fried my armpits. Once the excessive wetness was gone, I couldn’t find a deo to keep me smell free and I’ve had to use Secret Clinical as the only solution ever since. I am so, so happy to have found a replacement.
    Don’t know about their scented products, but the unscented works great.

  16. Julia says...

    Yeah I’ve been trying the organic deodorants and haven’t found the one yet. I just tried Lavanila and it makes me smells worse than if I just plain forgot deodorant. It makes me smell like I rubbed raw onions under my arms, its terrible.

  17. Lula says...

    I’ve been pondering this delima over deodorant for awhile now so this article was helpful. I work out a lot and lifeguard in the heat and humidity of Alabama so I really need to use a deodorant that works. At the same time I don’t want to be regularly slathering on harsh chemicals. I will need to look into trying LaVanila myself.
    I had heard of another natural deodorant called Primal Pit Paste and it was given some good reviews but not enough for me to spend the money on it just yet.

  18. js says...

    I use both the salts and another natural deodorant. The salts kill the majority of bacteria, but not all, so another natural deodorant is needed. Anything to avoid chemicals and smell!

  19. This is sooo funny! Was just thinking how useless the Tom’s stuff is this very same morning. Ended up using my husbands……. Augusta Georgia is no joke in summertime!

  20. Sarah Roberts says...

    I live in Texas… and play soccer. I have tried the following natural deodorants over the last few years. All failed at some point; usually the end of the work day, let alone after a soccer game. I have tried dermalogica’s deodorant, Jason’s – apricot, Nature’s Gate – springtime, Thai crystal, Alba – tea tree, and Tom’s – beautiful earth. Not one could keep up with me until I tried Green Tidings! I can wear it to work where I am walking, lifting, and can get a sweat on, remain odor free, go play soccer, and STILL be odor free. Sweaty yes, but not smelly. They make it fragrance free and in lavender. I have been wearing it for months now, even in hot June Texas weather, it is holding up. Try it!

    • Hannah says...

      I second this recommendation – it is the only natural deodorant that has consistently worked for me. I love it!

    • Gene says...

      I use it for now 3 years, never let me down!

  21. Emma says...

    stinky girl! It works incredibly well and actually has a very gender neutral scent. My boyfriend actually switched to it from conventional deoderant. It comes in either a large or small plastic tub and you just apply it with your finger.

  22. Nichole says...

    As a lifetime sufferer of end of day B.O. that only seems to get worse with any scented deodorant the ONLY thing I’ve ever found that actually neutralizes armpit funk is baking soda! I just mix it with a little water and rub a small amount on at the beginning of the day and like magic – NO end of day funk ever! easy! great post!

  23. Natural deodorant testing is the worst. I just figured out the secret to deodorant… making my own!

  24. I use Soapwalla cream deodorant! It’s amazing, even though putting on a cream deodorant (like with my hands) was a really strange concept at first. I work at a healthy beauty shop and we sell that and one by Meow Meow Tweet! But are highly recommended!

  25. Jean says...

    Lavilin has stellar reviews on Amazon, NY Mag, and many other sources. I decided to try it out last year and the results have been amazing! I only apply once a week, even in the summer, and I am set.

  26. I make my own deo out of coconut oil, bicarb of soda and a splash of tea tree oil. I’ve used nothing better and will never go back to commercial deo

  27. Narta deodorant is the only one that works i swear!!

  28. I know I’m a little late to this but…
    My sister and I have been using LUSH Aromaco for years now and swear by it. We both get compliments on our “perfume” (even though it might have been a couple of days since I showered!). I seem to remember reading somewhere that it isn’t for super sensitive pits though.

  29. Blissoma has several naturally scented aluminum-free deodorant spray options and an extra strength stick that is suitable for even sensitive skin. There’s a sample set available so you can test them all.–3-sprays-1-solid_p_120.html
    The sprays are especially awesome after shaving because they don’t sting like some of the baking soda deodorants can right after you’ve had a date with a razor. The stick is amazingly effective and doesn’t give baking soda rashes like some of the really heavily baking soda based deos can.

  30. Hello! Forever Living’s Aloe Ever shield Deodorant is one of the best:
    Made with stabilized Aloe Vera gel, this gentle blend of ingredients contains none of the harmful anti-perspirant aluminum salts found in many other deodorants on the market.
    • Contains no aluminum salts
    • Does not stain clothes
    • Can be used directly after shaving or waxing
    • Rich in texture

    Try it & you won’t regret it:;) contact me for Inquiries. thank you
    my email add is

  31. LaVanila is my fancy go-to deodorant. Otherwise, I make my own using coconut oil, baking soda, a few drops of tea tree oil, and a few drops of clove oil. The clove oil makes all the difference! But I generally only use it in winter, because it just feels like a winter scent.

  32. I am in love with Fat and the Moon’s natural deodorant! It has a really nice spicy, peppery, citrus-y scent and it keeps me smelling fresh all day- and I S-W-E-A-T like nobody’s business. I’ve heard great things about Soapwalla and LoveFresh’s rose…

  33. I have to echo the recommendation for Schmidt’s deodorant–this stuff is a game changer for me. I’ve tried making my own out of pretty similar ingredients to Schmidt’s, but it wasn’t as effective. I’ve also tried Lavilin, which apparently is a miracle for some, but only kept me fresh for about half the day. For me, Schmidt’s actually keeps odor away for the entire day and into the next day, and it holds up after working out. Love it!

  34. I tried the Toms lavender and it was terrible. it seemed to MAKE you smell like body odor. BUT the powder scent works amazingly!

  35. haha so well written!
    I might be looking for a new one. I’m not sure the one I’ve loved for years is working anymore (!?)
    no scent for me though. Everything always has to be fragrance-free…

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  36. Sam’s Natural changed my life, and the life of my pits! They have a few scents to choose from-Aloe is my fave!

  37. I love Caroline’s writing style! She’s super funny, and I like that quizzical look in the photo. I’d love to hear more from her!

  38. It is a sad but true fact that meat/dairy eaters have much stronger B.O. It’s just the nature of animal products in the body – all carnivores have strong B.O. So the gentler natural deo’s don’t work as well for them – they do however, work perfectly for vegans. Read it and weep…lol

  39. You really just need to give it time – I’ve swapped entirely to the more “natural” deodorants (Toms of Maine, and the Trader Joe’s unscented). I had been using coconut oil as deodorant on and off, usually on weekends, so my transition wasn’t too long. Stick with it!

  40. almost all articles on this blog are useful i will recommend it

  41. A great followup post to this would be how to neutralize and remove B.O. smell out of your delicates, dry clean only, synthetic and woolen clothes, etc…
    My experiences with all-natural deodorants lead me to ruin many of my favorite sweaters… deep-set body odor smells that would just never come out.

    Also – I’d be interested to know… what kind of lead time do you need to add to your routine for the deodorant application before putting on your clothes? Did the all natural stuff absorb?

  42. Make your own, it seriously is the best deodorant ever! I make a small batch for me and my husband and it lasts for about two months. He works in construction and has proven that this deodorant can withstand the work in the hot Phoenix Arizona weather!

    I use baking soda, coconut oil, arrow root and tea tree essential oil. Try it, it works wonders!

  43. Love Ambre Blends natural deodorant in invoke and solace!It’s made with probiotics to naturally combat smells.

  44. Coconut oil + starch + baking soda works great! i was skeptical when my sister made some for me but I’m surviving spain’s extremely hot summer just with it and it works perfectly!

  45. Arm & Hammer has just deodorant. It’s sold at most drugstores and lasts longer than the other deodorants I have tried and doesn’t have anything funky. It’s a unisex smell.

  46. I’ve tried all of those, except the Dr. Hauschka and the LaVanila, in addition to desert essence organic and Jason and not a one worked for me. The only one that does any good is the kind I make myself.

    I use arrowroot powder, baking soda, coconut oil and a few essential oils. At the end of a long day in Vegas heat no smell. Its definitely a winner.


  47. I am using the Aloe Vera products one:

    My mum wanted me and my sister to use it as she is really into healthy products and cancer prevention so I did start using it. At first it was not working so great, I was used to antiperspirants and I guess my body as well but now it’s perfect, I don’t sweat or smell even in the summer heat! And it’s actually good to know that it doesn’t harm you. I recommend to everyone and I guess some of those you tested may also get better if you keep using them longer!

  48. My successes: Lavanilla or Couvent de Minimes. Good lasting power, good scent, good texture! Now, Joanna, a real challenge: can you put a piece together like this with MEN’S all natural recs? Would love to switch my boyfriend over to something safe and toxin-free.


  49. I swear by Soapwalla and I have tried many, many brands of the natural stuff. It is the only one that has worked for me and the bonus is that I love the smell of it.

  50. I recently switched to this brand, and it’s held up well to Texas heat:

    I use the lavender and sage formula, which smells divine. The deodorant uses baking soda as its active ingredient, and shea + cocoa butter moisturizes and makes the product easy to apply. You just take a pea-sized amount, rub it with your fingertips to warm it up, then spread it under your arms. Simple and effective.

  51. have used tom’s apricot as the scent remains a bit. note: i dont like sweating. i count going up n down stairs as a workout.. my nephews & niece call me tia armpit. i love it. im a little smelly, not offensive bad. im as west as it gets. fine with me. :D

    would be interested in checking out lavanila

  52. I use Natural for Her by Herban Cowboy in Blossom scent…it smells like a lady and it really works. My husband loves the mens line too.

  53. Herbal Magic Roll On-Deordorant is great! I have been using it for years after thinking I would never find one. 5 stars!

  54. I’ve found that the Tom’s of Maine stick is also NOT good. I was getting a funk. Someone mentioned Arm and Hammer and that gave me the same funk.

    I found that any of the solid deodorants are not very good, I’m wondering if it is because of the binding agent that is used to make it a solid.

    I’m currently and successfully using Tom’s of Main Long Lasting Wild Lavender Deodorant Roll-On. It typically lasts a whole 8-9 hour work day and then I reapply before going out at night.

  55. Thanks for all the info! I have been wondering about some of these myself

  56. to be honest, Old Spice makes deodorant WITHOUT aluminum (you have to read the label!) that costs about $3.50 and works fantastically. However, there is no women’s deodorant without aluminum that isn’t Tom’s (which totally sucks). Viva Old Spice!

  57. Oh, and the crystal stick actually still has aluminum in it! So annoying, but it’s a different kind so they get away with saying it doesn’t have aluminum chlorohydrate (or something) in it. I used to use it (unsatisfactorily) until I found that out.

    • Lindsay says...

      WHAT?!! NOOOOOO!!! I I swear by crystal, and was baffled by her review. I have never smelled since once since using these salt deodorants. I use the roll on, and the salt stick. Wow I need to do better research next time….

  58. I make my own but have heard great things about Primal Pit Paste! We didn’t experience this, but once you quit antiperspirant, you may go through a detox phase for a few weeks where you smell worse (a healthy thing to happen!) and then nothing will seem to work.

  59. I love Kiss My Face Crystal Rock Sport Deodorant. I find it works on all types of sweats, just not stress sweats.

    The secret to making the change is to give yourself time to purge out the toxins in your armpits. When you first switch to natural deodorant you are pretty rank because your sweatglands are used to being clogged with chemicals. Give it some time and you’ll see that natural deodorant (and all other products for that matter) rock!

  60. I’ve been pleased with – Desert Essence Dry By Nature Deodorant With Chamomile and Calendula – 2.5 oz.

  61. I had the same trouble finding a natural deodorant that wasn’t sticky or grainy and actually kept odor. For me, Kiss My Face deodorant was the answer to my problems. I do usually reapply half-way through the day. But, I do think it works much better than other natural deodorants.

  62. I use a crystal and it works great for me. But, just like going no poo, there is a detox period and your body needs to adjust to being chemical free. It’s probably not a good idea to try a deodorant challenge in the middle of the summer.

  63. I looked for the longest time and have settled on Real Purity deodorant. Definitely works and not nearly as expensive as some of the other natural options!

  64. SO funny, I ran into a fellow Cup of Jo reader buying Lavanila at the Sephora in Flatiron yesterday! We asked the same salesperson at the same time for the brand :)

  65. crystal (alum) does really work like magic so you probably didn’t wet it enough or something!

    • Lindsay says...

      That’s what I thought too!!!

  66. I honestly took a break from wearing deodorant and didn’t notice that I smelled bad or better yet, didn’t notice anyone else thinking I smelled bad. Randomly, I thought I would try Toms Natural deodorant and after a few hours of wearing it, I noticed a horrible body odor smell and it was coming from me! The deodorant actually made me smell bad! It’s a shame because I like the company but their deodorant just did not work for me!

  67. Soapwalla! I have also tried many ( dr hauschka- toms- Kay-crystals-weleda) but soapwalla is the only one I have been able to use and be happy with. I tried a new one recently called schmidt’s and it seemed to be working as well…

  68. This post made me burst out laughing! I don’t know what made me laugh more ‘tiny t-rex arms’ or ‘frowsy’. Was your roommate Jamaican, Caroline?:)
    I’ve never tried natural deodorant but I’ve been wanting to give it a try. A friend of mine swears by baking soda. But I feel like that would be a bit messy.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  69. I actually was doing research on natural deodorant this past weekend!! I looked into buying Soapwalla and LaVanilla, but ended up not buying either because of mixed reviews. :/ So I ended up on etsy and found one called Peace Pits. It had a lot of great reviews, but we shall see.

    I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine for almost 6 months now and really liked it. It worked for me; however, I recently read an article about certain ingredients to stay away from and one of the ones mentioned was propylene glycol, which is the first ingred. in Tom’s.

  70. I am SOOO going to get some strange responses for this one lol!

    A few years ago I broke up with deodorant and went the “natural” route. First stop, Tom’s…..bad idea lol. So i took it back to the roots :-) I’m Cuban, and it’s apparently some old country Cuban secret, but I promise, it works! I mix Sodium Bicarbonate with alcohol. The alcohol part may sound a little harsh, and it can be if you just shaved le’pits, but other than that it works like a dream! I promise! I would love to hear if anyone else reading tries it, and how it worked for them. xo

  71. I’m sorry you didn’t have much luck with these! I recommend trying the Soapwalla Kitchen Deodorant Cream. Ask anyone in the green beauty scene, it’s a classic because it really does work. The formulation is different if you’re accustomed to the mainstream stick application, though.

  72. I love Tom’s deodorant! I’ve been wearing their Apricot or Lavender scents for the last 8 years and I never smell like B.O.

    Although, this year I switched to their Unscented version and after 5 minutes it makes my underarms smell really stinky! Like a dirty diaper, not like sweat. It’s really odd. I don’t know if personal body chemistry can react with the ‘scent’ like that, but I can’t wait til this tube runs out!!

  73. So glad you did this! I tried the Crystal stuff and was so disappointed that I went straight back to Dove. I didn’t want to waste any more money. I’ll definitely try the one you recommended once my Dove runs out.

  74. Oh my goodness, I went through the same trial and error (mostly error) a few months ago. I was about the throw in the towel, when I happily discovered Green Body Deodorant. I use Clarity and it gets me through an entire day of work and a sweaty yoga class! I HIGHLY recommend this product! It ships quickly, also!

  75. I love Truly’s. It’s great and it really works. The only down side is you apply it like a lotion opposed to being in a stick form. I get mine from Shoba, and there are multiple locations all over Manhattan.

  76. It doesn’t surprise me so much that you favoured the deodorants you tried last — it is probably much less to do with the efficacy of the product, and more to do that I’m pretty sure your body sweats/smells less as it gets used to not have antiperspirant chemicals applied.
    I’ve seen a few other commenters say you’d probably need to conduct a longer test to really be sure, and I’d agree – I genuinely think your body adjusts to not being reliant on antiperspirants.

  77. thank you for this post, i have been desperate to ditch good ol’ dove but have been hesitant to make the investment to try all the natural options out there on my own! please do more posts on low toxicity home and beauty products!

  78. thank you so much for this feature! i’ve been dying to make the jump from good ol’ dove but given these aren’t exactly dollar purchases, have been hesitant to test them all on my own. Please continue to do stories home and beauty products that are low in toxins!!!

  79. Transitioning to a natural deoderant takes time, so of course the results were terrible the first few days. The salt stick especially takes a while for the body to adjust to, and applying it can be tricky at first, too. I now use a homemade concotion of coconut oil, arrowroot starch, baking soda, and some essential oils that keeps me from smelling for days. Bonus, my armpits are super soft now.

  80. I can’t live without GUV’NER from LUSH.

    After years of trying everything.. this natural deodorant is one of my favourite finds of all time!
    it’s is actually made for men (and strong enough to handle my hubbies intense work outs.) but its scented subtly and delicately enough for women to wear ..

    i love it so much i have to share. Enjoy!'ner/03623,en_US,pd.html

  81. I’ve been using the Crystal for years! I’ve never had to buy a new one. It last much, much longer than a year. It takes a week or so for it to really “work,” but, yes, it does work!

  82. La Vanila is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried as well. Origins used to make a fabulous deodorant but they sadly no longer carry it.

  83. I make my own: Coconut oil + baking soda + essential oil of choice. Into a glass jar it goes! The weird thing is you have to kind of scoop it out and rub it on. It works just fine! Sometimes in the real heat of the summer I reapply mid-day, but I would probably do that with conventional deodorant anyway. Primal Pit Paste (great name!) makes a good all-natural deodorant with similar ingredients as above. Great choice for anyone looking for deodorant without the chemicals!

  84. Have you seen the Portlandia episode with a sketch about natural deodorant? That’s what I immediately thought about when I saw this topic! If you haven’t seen it, google ” Portlandia Mother’s Son”.

  85. My skin consultant sells Schmidt’s so I believe it is the best available, but I only tried a sample and had a hard time putting it on. I would definitely try it again! I use Tom’s, a lovely peach scent and like some others found that the longer you stick with it the more affective it becomes. I kept my name brand non organic close by for my long distance running and high stress situations but a month ago it ran out and I haven’t felt the need to buy more :) Now that I feel free form the toxic stuff I would like to try some of these others!!