A 19-Hour Vacation in NYC

Last Saturday, we took a one-night vacation. As I mentioned, we hadn’t traveled without kids since before Anton was born, and we had been craving a romantic getaway. Suddenly, Alex had a great idea: Why not just stay at a hotel in the city?
So, on Saturday morning, we booked a room through the genius app Hotel Tonight, which releases discounted hotel rooms every morning. We were psyched to nab a room at The Standard, while our beloved sitter agreed have a sleepover with the boys at our apartment.
One cool thing about the rooms is that the baths are smack in the middle. Sexy, right?
The views–of both the Hudson River and the Empire State Building—were amazing, and Alex pointed out that the dock beneath our room was where the Titanic would have docked, if it had made it to New York City. Always full of fun facts, that guy, haha.
I had gotten a new dress for the occasion. It was a splurge, so I plan to wear it 382,746,952 times:) I loved that it looked like a wedding dress, since we had stayed at The Standard on our wedding night; and a few people on the street actually asked if we had just gotten married at City Hall.
Next we walked around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a little bar, Entwine. I have no idea how we had missed it while living in the West Village for seven years! The space was dark and charming, with a small bar and back patio.
Alex ordered a Negroni, while I, as always, chose a glass of white wine. Side note: I LOVE when bars describe their wines (especially with descriptors like “chalk and wet stones”).
Afterward we walked to a late dinner and got fish, pasta and more wine.
A giant portrait of the chef hung on the wall above us. Awesome.
The next morning, we slept waaaaay in and then read in bed for a while.
And here’s the view from the bed! Not bad.
The shower had one of those rain shower heads. Heaven.
We finally rolled out of bed to make it home by noon.
And found this little guy waiting for us in the sink. :)

It was such a great night and felt like a real escape! I’d highly recommend it if you need a quick break (and who doesn’t?). Have you ever stayed in a hotel in your town? Any fun vacations coming up? xoxo

P.S. NYC Guide, and how to keep the sparks alive.

  1. Abby says...

    I randomly came across this post today, which I’d somehow never seen before and was a pleasant surprise: my favorite blogger reading my FAVORITE book! :) thanks for sharing your life with us!

  2. It is indeed amazing a pretty couples spending in their vacation in one of the worlds most renowned Great city of NY, what more pleasant experience can one ask for.
    Hope they had a great stay in NY city.

  3. This is an amazing trip you had there. Thanks for sharing. I will also go with my boyfriend to NYC in the beginning of next year and I checked that hotel on and I saw it had a pretty good price. I think I might book it for my trip too.

  4. Fabulous dress!! LOVE!

    We had a great night in a hotel in our own hometown when the littles were very little. Ah….it was as wonderful as yours. Thanks for the memory.

    I think it is important for parents to have time to themselves and to sometimes put their own wishes first. I wrote about it here.

    Thanks for the great post.
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  5. that dress is gorgeous!
    sometimes all you need is 19 hours..

  6. I recently was thinking of doing this with my girlfriend for her birthday. She just started a new job and doesn’t have off for her birthday. Hopefully she likes it.

  7. Sounds like just the recharge you both needed. I love having a break in our own city, it’s close and convenient but also feels like a mini holiday…

  8. Beautiful dress and good for you guys! Recently I was lamenting that my husband and I couldn’t really rationale a big vacation away, but we could go away for a weekend. I was feeling bummed that it wasn’t as good. Then I had to adjust my attitude because it’s still good!

  9. That dress is seriously beautiful Jo Xx

  10. Funny side note, I moved to Germany about six weeks ago and as I was scrolling through the lovely pictures on this post, I stopped at the photo of the menu in total shock and excitement because it was in English! I suppose I’ve been in Germany just long enough to be floored when I see a menu not in German.

    Anyway, back to Rosetta Stone. Gotta learn Deutsch!

  11. How fun! and that dress looks amazing on you!

  12. Joanna, I love this!! Yours and Alex’s relationship and views on them really inspire me not to settle!! Old man Anton is like, “Mother, where have you been?”

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  14. What kind of camera are you shooting with? Looks like a great getaway!

  15. I work in Meatpacking and sometimes walk down that way on my lunch time walks. The first time I saw Entwine, I thought it was like ent-wine and died laughing imagining a wine bar for ents (from lord of the rings). Obviously it like lovers entwined but I still have a nerdy chuckle.

  16. I work in Meatpacking and sometimes walk down that way on my lunch time walks. The first time I saw Entwine, I thought it was like ent-wine and died laughing imagining a wine bar for ents (from lord of the rings). Obviously it like lovers entwined but I still have a nerdy chuckle.

  17. I work in Meatpacking and sometimes walk down that way on my lunch time walks. The first time I saw Entwine, I thought it was like ent-wine and died laughing imagining a wine bar for ents (from lord of the rings). Obviously it like lovers entwined but I still have a nerdy chuckle.

  18. I use hotel tonight all the time doing it as we speak! Oh how I miss home (NYC) I love the standard and I love the drinks in the pictures!!! I am so in love with your dress too what a lovely post.

    Ps Anton is priceless

  19. First off that dress is beautiful!!! Second we live in Houston and do one night getaways often to Galveston island. It is very rejuvenating!! I have two little boys very close in age to yours. I will be in NYC for a girls weekend next weekend!!

  20. I love love your dress!

  21. I’ve been trying to find a copy of This is Where I leave You book. Was it good?

  22. I’ve been trying to find a copy of This is Where I leave You book. Was it good?

  23. SO funny! My husband and I were on the other side of The Standard earlier this week! Our side had black shower tile. And can I just say that 4 days with that open shower scene can be a bit much:) Ladies got to shave and it ain’t always pretty. Was the elevator video not crazy? We kept joking “what if we brought our kids!?” OR “let’s call down to the front desk and ask them for a pack-n-play” :) It was fun.

  24. My hubby and I try to do this every year either on or around the time of our anniversary. When we do it we also try to find a great local band to go see that we can walk/cab to. We met at while seeing a local band at a bar when we were in our early twenties so it always makes us feel young again. Can’t wait to try that app next year, I usually use priceline, thanks!

  25. Wonderful idea, and you know what, you both look like newlyweds! Got that look in your eyes.. Your dress is made for you! Gorgeous. x

  26. That sounds like such a fun night! I actually have that dress in the white and mint version! It looks great one you; what did you wear under it? I have a white shapewear-slip thing that’s strapless that I wore under mine because I was worried that a nude bra would be visible, but whatever you wore didn’t show through! Mind sharing your secret :)? Thanks!

  27. thanks for the comments on the video post! i loved it, too. yes, i actually decided not to allow comments on that post out of respect for the lovely brave boy and his family. i didn’t want it to spark any debate on my site; i just wanted to show my heartfelt support of it and leave it at that. anyway, thank you so much for these lovely comments!

  28. thanks for these sweet comments! the dress is sold out at shopbop now, but for those who asked, it’s also sold here:


  29. I second Leticia. Everything she said! Thanks Joanna. Sad you actually had to shut the comments down though. Have a great weekend! x

  30. Very nice! Love the photos. My husband and I try to do a mini getaway at least once a year, in between longer vacations. We once drove a few hours to the rocky mountains and stayed overnight at a luxury hotel… that was fun but a little too short. I like the 2-3 night ones better, but obviously that’s not always possible.

  31. Lovely pics, lovely dress, lovely idea for a short escape from every day life!

    Joanna I wanted to comment about the post from today June 13th. I understand the reason comments are not opened for that post but I just wanted to say that one of the reasons Cup of Jo is my favorite blog is your open mind and how lovely of a person you seem to be.

    I haven’t seen the video before, I’m not even a mother and I finished watching it in tears.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  32. Love this and love your dress!

  33. that dress is worth EVERY PENNY! i want to copy you and have the same night in the same dress :) I live in San Francisco so we try to do a getaway to wine country an hour away every so often to recharge. Isn’t amazing the difference that one night can make?

    P.s. This is where I leave you is my favorite book :) i’d recommend book of Joe next!

  34. My husband and I booked a one-night getaway in our own city (Austin, TX) at the end of my pregnancy. We went to a nice dinner and listened to jazz in a bar afterward. It happened to coincide with a hurricane threat in another part of the state, and when we returned the lobby was full of people who had evacuated looking for rooms. I felt guilty for taking a room when I had a house a few miles away… but not guilty enough to give it up!

  35. oh my gosh. you look gorgeous in that dress!

  36. What a cute idea. I LOVE all of your pictures, and you look absolutely adorable in the dress :) xx

  37. Lovely idea! On a side, unrelated note, i think it is interesting you disabled comments on today’s post about raising a transgender child. The topic is not open for discussion?

  38. its a great idea. i wish we had done that when our kids are little. if i suggested it now my husband would think i was nuts!

  39. Holy GORGEOUS, Joanna! You look smokin’!

  40. You look gorgeous in that dress! Great article btw, as always!

  41. You look gorgeous! So glad you two had an evening out. Fabulous!

  42. Eek! We stayed at the Standard on our honeymoon! Your photos brought back so many memories. I loved our room and the views!!

  43. Looks like a fun evening! My husband and I had a very similar night just last Friday. We stayed at the NuHotel in Brooklyn (we are locals too). Having moved to a new ‘hood two years ago, it was a refrshing treat to just laze around our old neighborhood in a most leisurely way. Before returning to our babbling, gurgling 15-month-old happily scarfing Cheerios at Grandma’s house.

  44. Sounds like a great little getaway. We’ve done this a few times and it is definitely a stress free way to leave the kiddos for just one night to yourselves. LOVE that dress!

  45. What a fun date night!! And that dress is AMAZING! Great find:)

  46. That dress is beautiful. I love the idea of your little vacation – I’m not a little jealous. We’re getting away for a few days in France next month, though, so I’m holding out for that!

    Katherine @LondonNotebook

  47. Your dress is absolutely beautiful.
    No way that Alex was able to take his eyes of you!

  48. what a good idea :) looks like a lovely place you guys picked out!
    xo, cheyenne

  49. You are stunning Joanna! How fun to go the hotel you stayed on your wedding night?!

    I have totally done this before, its a great escape. Now that I barely even get to date since we have a two-year-old I can imagine how glorious an overnight getaway would be. Relaxing and sexy. ^_^

  50. YES! That is what we did for our baby moon, we just went up to San Francisco for a couple night. It was marvelous. No need to travel far when it’s fun just to stay local in a hotel. Totally agree!

  51. katherine, yes! i will add that to the list of upcoming posts, great idea. kroides, good so far! i’m not that far into it, i’m such a slow reader:) kirby, good luck with the move! kate and elena, have an amazing time—SLEEP IN AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!! if you wake up go back to sleep haha! :):):)

    thanks again for all these lovely comments.

  52. I’ve read and heard before – that short get a ways are actually better and relaxing, than weeks worth of vacations! :)

  53. That dress is gorgeous and looks beautiful on you! I love staying in a hotel in town for a mini-vacation. My boyfriend and I did that for my birthday last year and it was wonderful.

  54. Yes! Last summer for my bf’s birthday, we stayed at the Trump in Chicago ( we live in Chicago). It was fun! We had a fancy dinner in the hotel and watched fireworks from the rooftop.

  55. Awww so so cute!! Glad you guys got to relax!
    ami || NaiveCookCooks

  56. Anton is absolutely gorgeous!! This looks so fun, by the way!

  57. Hah! We’re doing 24 hours at the Standard in Miami Beach tomorrow night! It’s our first night away from our baby (she’s almost seven months) so we had to do a staycation. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in!

  58. My husband and I are headed to Windsor, Vermont for a four day getaway :) We can’t WAIT!

  59. Beautiful dress! And wonderful idea for a quick getaway.

  60. In these pics of Anton he looks very much like your husband!

  61. Fab exciting night and you didn’t have to endure a plane trip! Dress is like shepherdess on steroids– lovely.

  62. the dress is very nice but that baby in the sink is just the most adorable thing I’ve seen on a blog all day!

  63. jm says...

    I love your dress! What a great night – plus what could be better than that little guy waiting for you in the sink?!!!

  64. My partner and I do this from time to time when we need to get away but don’t have the time or money for a full on vacation. In fact, we’re planning on doing it a couple weekend. You’ve inspired me to buy a new dress for the occasion!

  65. That sounds so heavenly, will definitely be doing that in SF (we move there next week). Love that dress, you look amazing!

  66. I LOVE your dress!!!! Looked like such a nice evening.
    We’re going to Ireland this weekend for Bloomsday and to celebrate my 33rd birthday. We have a baby girl due in August so we’re trying to squeeze in as many mini trips as we can!

  67. I LOVE your dress!!!! Looked like such a nice evening.
    We’re going to Ireland this weekend for Bloomsday and to celebrate my 33rd birthday. We have a baby girl due in August so we’re trying to squeeze in as many mini trips as we can!

  68. Lovely dress. How’s the book? J. Tropper is a writing partner of a guy who lives down the street from me in Rochester. They write the Cinemax show “Banshee” together.

  69. I love your dress! I’m going to a wedding for my friend and his partner and this dress is going to be perfect!

    And the last photo of Anton just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing :)

  70. Good god Joanna, I love your blog! Would you mind doing an updated post on your babysitter, and using a babysitter in general? As a nanny in another expensive city, San Francisco, I’d love to hear the other side of the story from a parent’s perspective. Cheers!

  71. I just bought that dress in cornflower blue and I’m in love! It looks gorgeous on you!

  72. I love that dress. White is gorgeous!

  73. you look so good, Joanna! I’m glad you both were able to get away for a while.

  74. TJ says...

    Are those Madewell skimmers? If not, where’d you buy those cute shoes?

  75. Dinner at Wallse! Our favorite (we had our wedding there)! Looks like a fabulous time all around!

  76. Love this idea and both of you look beautiful! We have two kids under three and getting away is nearly impossible. We are having an adult dinner this Saturday night, only because my 12-month is barely sleeping through the night.

  77. so funny, the people sitting at the bar in the background live in my building

  78. Along with a thousand other commenters I am in love with your dress! Defs worth the splurge. I don’t have kids but me and the man live 40 mins from Stockholm and planning to spend a night there sometime during the summer, we go there on say trips but there’s something different about being in a city for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  79. Love the dress!It’s a classic you’ll have forever! Your idea is great! My girls are adults, but it sounds like a great idea.

  80. That dress is so cute! Your trip sounds fun – what a good idea to get away.

    Omg your baby in the sink is TOO CUTE!

  81. LOVE your dress! Sounds like an amazing time!

  82. I rarely leave comments unless I’m trying to win something but you look HOT in this dress!

  83. Awwww. You and Alex posts are my second favorite (Conversations with Toby come first). I’m glad you guys had a great night, you looked so good!
    xo, Dakota

  84. What bliss, what satisfaction, having time to yourselves and a really good way to do it. LOVE LOVE the dress! It’s gorgeous on you! Totally worth it!

  85. Echoing all of the above comments, but your dress. ON POINT. Worth every penny too. You look lovely in it.

  86. amy, you should! and lou lou, that sounds really fun. i love that you’re starting a trend with your friends :)

  87. What fun! It is a beautiful dress. Just saw a snarky comment that someone made on your pin of this post. I just want to say that I think your blog strikes the perfect balance when it comes to personal posts vs. outside topics.

  88. carla, i’m still in the beginning of the book, but so far, so good!

  89. thanks for these sweet comments! emily, we paid her per hour when the kids were awake, plus a $50 overnight fee. but we kind of guessed!

    (also i love your username:)

  90. We just did a staycation in SF with the kids. We stayed at the palace hotel which has this lovely indoor swimming pool. We pretended we were tourists, ate at the ferry plaza and went to a giants game!

  91. The dress is amazing & you look absolutely beautiful in it!

  92. The dress is amazing & you look absolutely beautiful in it!

  93. How are you liking This Is Where I Leave You? I just finished Plan B & I really liked it.

  94. I thought for sure this might be a post about you renewing your wedding vows, when I saw that dress!

    Sounds like a really nice night out. :)

  95. That dress is AMAZING!!! I love this idea for a quick getaway, you guys are the coolest!

  96. This entire thing is perfection. Loved the hotel, your dress, the negroni, the walk, the reading, and the babe in the sink. My idea of heaven.

  97. the dress is incredible…you look fantastic! and such a great idea with the getaway in town

  98. I’d love to know what kind of camera you use. I’m on the hunt!

  99. Wow, Joanna! You look stunning! Sounds like a perfect little getaway!

  100. We were in NYC last weekend for a Romantic getaway too! It was amazing! We stayed at The Nomad Hotel! The hotel is perfect, the bar is beautiful, the food to die for! It was great to get away with just my husband and do nothing but sleep, eat and drink (without being interrupted!)

  101. My boyfriend and I stayed in a hotel in Boston for a weekend. We live in one part of it and decided to stay in the Back Bay where it’s fancier, with more to do. It was one of the best little vacations and it felt so comfortable being only about 20 minutes from home!

  102. Looks like a great ‘vacation’ :) I’ve never thought about staying somewhere in my own city… It just seems wrong…

    Torsten @ MightyTravels

  103. Looks and sounds like a great time. The dress looks great on you!

  104. We have a 3 month old at home. My company hosted a 50th anniversary party last weekend and while we could’ve made the drive home afterwards, we got a hotel room instead and enjoyed some uninterrupted sleep in a nice king bed. It was glorious.

  105. That dress!You looked stunning. Thanks for the great idea.

  106. That looks more fun than fretting over catching a plane, packing, unpacking, losing something along the way (we always do), unpredictable weather, etc and all while breaking the bank…but I digress, NYC is such an amazing place, and there is always something new to discover. It sounds like a great evening out on the town, and your dress is lovely.


  107. I’ve always wanted to do this — stay in a fancy hotel in the city I live in. When I was in London it seemed like an out of reach fantasy, but maybe now that I am in Toronto I should give it a try! Thanks for sharing your fun date night.

  108. Love this! My husband and I actually did something similar when living in Israel, we spent a weekend in tel aviv away from our little flat in a northern village called tel adashim. We went out to dinner & love the “dateyness” feel to a quick getaway like that. While we do not have children, we still enjoyed “escaping” our routine lives for a few days. Y’all’s trip looked amazing and I LOVE your dress! So beautiful!

  109. You look awesome!

  110. Joanna, you are gorge! 6 years ago, I booked a “staycation” at a hotel near my apartment in Philadelphia to celebrate the 2 year dating anniversary for my boyfriend and me. Turns out, we were getting engaged that month (I didn’t know!) so it was especially special. We had a wonderful time and discovered bars and restaurants in the city we normally rushed past. Even now, we have been married for almost 5 years, have a 2 year old and still try to steal away. It’s so important to remember to be husband and wife and not just Mom and Dad.

  111. Thanks for the tip! I just installed Hotel Tonight on my phone. Glad you two had some alone time. Every couple needs that. Now if only I can find a babysitter…

  112. We used to do that every year on our anniversary. We would leave the children with a relative for one night and we would stay at a hotel.
    One year it was the Plaza, one was the Pierre .. I remember one .. not the name but how sick I was all night from something I had eaten at a local restaurant .. happy anniversary …gag :(
    But it was always a treat to just go sleep in a strange bed with my sweetheart and be alone together ..

  113. This looks amazing! I live in London and think that it would be a great way to look at the city through the eyes of a tourist :) that dress is so beautiful too, well worth the splurge!

  114. This is a very fun idea. I was wondering…how do you pay your sitter for an overnight? Flat rate?

  115. I LOVE that dress! That sounds like such a great time! My husband and I swear by in-town “staycations” and have gotten all of our friends into them. We live way out in the burbs, so we go into the city and stay the night and walk around down town and just enjoy not having to worry about driving or cab catching. Since it’s a haul, we very seldom go downtown outside of these date nights and always come across new fun stuff.

  116. Just did a quick vacation in Charleston, SC and it was amazing. Felt like we were in Europe and we were just 3 hours from home!

  117. Sounds like a lovely time.
    I’m reading the same book right now!

  118. What a gorgeous dress! And you look great in it!!!

  119. I love love love your dress!! Thanks for letting us know where it is from… the moment I saw it I had to know (and then I scrolled down). Looks like a wonderful night out! We haven’t has an over night since our son was born (about the same age as your Anton)… but hope to soon!