1. Thanks for the tip! Just got one for the husband ;)

  2. I need to get my hands on that Harvard one – especially since that’s the field I work in.

  3. HAHAHA! I want to buy almost all of these. So funny!

  4. just bought one of the harry potter ones for my friends birthday, she’s going to love it!!!
    perfect present!

  5. I’ve seen someone wearing the harvard law shirt. I’m going to get the “I hate running” shirt!

  6. amazing!

  7. jm says...

    Love the “I hate running” shirt. All very funny.

  8. Maybe this comment is obnoxious – but I just graduated from Harvard Law (really) and I think it would be really funny to wear that shirt.

  9. Wow, these are hilarious! The running one is perfect – my husband LOVES running and I HATE it!

  10. Haha these are great! I found a few others on there site I just may need to buy as well!

  11. “I do yoga to relieve stress. Just kidding. I drink wine in yoga pants.” Grin. I needed this today. Thanks, JG!

    The Shaded Acorn

  12. hahaha a good statement tee is essential for lightening up a grumpy nyc sidewalk.. no comment necessary just a tiny bit of side-eye interaction lol

  13. the Harvard law one is a “fitting” shirt for mindy kaling! …you know, since she gave the day speech at the graduation this year ;)

  14. These are too funny! Clever designers…Thank you for sharing!

  15. Hilarious! Love the Harvard law one. Too funny!

  16. I have seen the coffee one recently and saved it. It is ace. My favourite though is one saying ‘I am a lady with the vocabulary of a well educated sailor’. Love it! x

  17. Especially the second one. Such truth.

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  19. Aw I totally want the Harvard one!

  20. Oh my gosh haha I love all of them. I really want to wear the Harvard one though

  21. I made my friend Christina a t-shirt that says “Christina is better than Chris.” Chris is her boyfriend. She wears it around the house. haha

  22. i have the Harvard one and I always forget I’m wearing it until everyone on the street starts smiling at me.

  23. Absolutely love these, especially the Harvard law one! Ailish Goes

  24. oh my gosh, this website is hysterical!

  25. I like the last one, especially. I always giggle when I see the “I’m an English major… you do the math” ones. Describes me perfectly!

  26. These are great! I especially appreciate the second one. Guilty.