1. AC says...

    I love watching this video – it’s too true.

    My previous eye doc, for a very long time, was a friend of mine. He eventually became a friend of my ex’s, once we started dating. We broke up after 4 years. He got married, then divorced after a year. We had a pretty bad break up. I ran into him at the doc’s office and I know he was trying hard not to be seen but I decided to say hi because we are adults. After smalltalk (how are you, blah blah) he said “Sounds like things are really great for you. Wish I could say the same for me.” I refused to be his dumpster again. All he did was complain complain complain and never acknowledged any fault for anything. So I jetted out of there RIGHT QUICK. It really sucks because we still have a lot of mutual friends so I hear things through the grapevine even tho I never ask. It was like raising a teenage girl, dating him! Thankfully nothing like the video has ever or will ever happen.

  2. Karolina says...

    This is sooo true.

  3. Mimi says...

    Must must watch BLUE JAY on Netflix. It’s totally about running into an ex & terrific.

  4. Ashley says...

    I realize this is old, but I came across it and had to share… A couple of years ago an ex of mine, with whom things did not end well at all, moved into my apartment building with his new girlfriend! When I saw him moving his stuff in I was absolutely mortified! Fortunately I moved out and got a place with my now husband shortly after he moved in.

  5. el says...

    Ha…I ran into an ex while in the health food store. The Gods were kind to me, considering. I had literally just finished trying on all sorts of eco makeup and tidied the first new hairstyle I’d worn in years – given myself a sort of free mini makeover, when I turn a corner and there he is. We had an easy, mutual breakup so I was genuinely happy to see him (it’d been 4 years) and we hugged. Then he introduced me to his new girlfriend. Haha. Gorgeous, and I later learned made well over 300k a year as a corporate exec. She was 30. Anyway, I’m a friendly sort and I was happy for him. Later he sought me out for comfort while they were breaking up – no sex for us though, obviously.

  6. Steph B says...

    I know this is an old post but I’m just reading it and it reminds me of my moms run in with her ex. My mother, sister and I were in the grocery store in our bathing suits and long ratty blonde hair buying TV dinners one summer after spending all day in the pool. We must have been 8 and 12 years old and looking all ragamuffin. My mom suddenly gasped and literally pushed us kids into the card aisle and said stay! We peaked out to see her with a bright red face talking to the most handsome black man in a suit. After the encounter she was giggly and weird and just kept saying Sunny Maxwell you devil. Haha. They were high school sweethearts and hadn’t seen each other in 20 years. Recently as an adult I asked my mom why she hid us in the hallmark aisle and she just laughed and said she was sorry and then got all glazy eyed and sighed “Sunny Maxwell” again. Haha.

  7. KatieSue says...

    I ran into an ex once while emotionally rehabbing at my parents mid divorce. He was on a date with what looked like a high end escort, I was in cargo shorts. CARGO SHORTS! It was also my birthday. He asked how I was and all I could say was, “I’m getting divorced and it’s my birthday.” He looked horrified. My mom said my face turned deep purple. It was worse than any movie. A few years later I was home and ran into my first love. He invited me over to his house for dinner with his pregnant wife. I went. It was a little odd but at the same time lovely and I had the whole afternoon to get myself together to look my best. Two totally opposite experiences! (I was reading this old post today because I just ran into my recent ex last night and it was a little more like the video. Ugh. When will it end)

  8. I’ve actually had some pretty ideal run-ins with my ex so far. So good, that I’m convinced i’ll have the “no shower-baby crying-and arguing with husband” kind of run-in any day now.

  9. Worse – when you look horrific (bad hair day and totally casual/messy clothes), go out for a quick manicure and run into your husband’s ex whom you had never seen/met before! And she looks her best!

  10. UGH. That was so awkward to watch! I hardly bump into exes, thank GOD.

  11. I ran into my ex after 7 years (we had also dated for 7 years). He was married to the woman he cheated on me with… they now have 2 quite unattractive kids. I looked at 50 ugly toddler photos and convincingly complemented every one… THEN when i attempted to show the just wallpaper of my phone which is a photo of my son, he barley looked at said “oh yeah”…. Then i smiled and yelled (in my head) WELL LISTEN BUDDY you treated me like crap, cheated on me, spread rumours and NOW you cant even say “cute kid” NOW YOUVE GONE TOOOOOO FAR!!! …. then i said “well great to see you bye”

  12. I went to a college that had curfew rules about having visitors, and my ex happened to be an RA who was doing rounds and caught me and my then-boyfriend (now another ex) breaking curfew rules. He had to write us both up. It was so awkward. He ended up just giving us a warning and leaving. Now looking back it’s hilarious. At the time it was sooo awkward.

  13. Haha oh gosh. I’ve never dated yet and so have not had an ex and so have not had an experience like this yet and for that I am grateful -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  14. I ran into my ex the night of my bachelorette party. It was around 2 a.m. and we were waiting for a cab on the sidewalk. I was wearing the terrible bridal veil tiara, my “bachelorette” sash had ripped at some point during the night so I had it tied around my neck, and for some unknown reason I was covered in stickers. I heard someone say my name but I didn’t understand what was happening until my best friend said: “Oh my god. You’re [first name] [bad word] [last name].” I just stood there with my mouth hanging open staring at him throughout the entire encounter. Then our cab pulled up and my friend pulled me inside. I can only imagine what he was thinking about the whole thing. Awful!

    • Erica B says...

      Old post, I know, but I ran into an ex/guy I was hanging out with who “ghosted” while at a bachelorette party….my cousin’s, not my own. We’d bought her a “Bride to be” sash and she wouldn’t wear it, so I was (who knows why), so when I ran into him he looked like a deer in headlights bc it was barely 6 months after he “ghosted”. I bought a round of whiskey shots and sauntered away without clarifying. ;)

  15. I moved to NYC from California so all my exes are safely stowed away on the other coast.
    But if one were to show up .. I would probably not recognise them anyway lol

  16. I ran in to my very first boyfriend the night of my rehearsal dinner while I was with my fiancé! We ran to the mall in our rehearsal dinner garb for some last minute things and we passed him in the parking lot. We definitely made eye contact and recognized each other. We also recognized how awkward it was and kept walking in different directions. Crazy.

  17. Oh, gosh, I run into exes fairly frequently since I’ve lived in NY forever and most of my exes still live in NY. I remember running into an ex-boyfriend once while out with my husband AND my mother-in-law and he was with his son. I’m friends with him, though, so it actually wasn’t awkward.

  18. hahahahaha, @theegg, laughing out loud :)

  19. This makes me insanely glad that my ex moved to Alaska…. yeah :)

    BUT have run into some ex-friends in the last few years. Pretty much that same awkward feeling right there!

  20. They should make one for when your current partner runs into your ex… even better!

  21. My last run-in with an ex was at the county clerk’s office while my husband and I were obtaining our marriage license xD This just happened to be the ex I turned down a proposal from…awkward!

  22. its worse when you have the new guy over for dinner for the first time, and your parents call him the exes name…

  23. Mine was on a plane back from a foreign country to home country. It helped I had a very good friend next to me scenario planning/analysing with me patiently for the entire 3 hours!

  24. I was working as an intake coordinator for a therapy clinic when my ex-boyfriend from some six or seven years back called in seeking couples counseling. He’d recently gotten married, and… It was awkward. I jumped at the chance to assure him I could find someone else to take their information, since… No.

  25. Maybe that’s why they broke-up: bad at communication and never saying what they mean.

  26. I straight up hid behind a building.

  27. So funny! I saw my first love for the first time in more than 10 years in the supermarket when I was at home last year. I was wearing a huge winter jacket, my glasses, my hat, and to top it all my wellies (gum boots) ! There is some universal law that says you will only bump into old boyfriends while looking like a scarecrow!

  28. that hasnt happened to me yet but i sometimes wonder what i will do when it does… most probably it would leave me very frazzled for days! i hope it never happens!

  29. It was date night with my current partner and my ex was our waiter. He didn’t come back, someone else helped us the rest of the evening. So awkward!!

  30. This is incredible. And totally made me relive those terrible feelings of running into an ex.

  31. Unfortunately my ex and I have a LOT of mutual friends so every time I go out there is a good chance that I will see him. I used to have anxiety attacks when I would see him but now my heart just briefly races, not in a “oh, he’s so dreamy” way but an “oh, hell” way, and then I feel nothing. Progress! He always makes a point of saying hi or bye, but all I can muster up is one of those pursed lip non-smiles haha. Damn, those exes. Why can’t they just go away?

  32. Haha, love this! I recently moved to the same city as my ex… Fortunately, we had our first run-in at a concert, which was ideal. I was dressed up and having fun with a group of girlfriends, spotted him first, fortunately sans his new girlfriend. I just have a feeling the next time will be significantly less ideal, like while I’m walking my dog, in yoga pants, with the flu, on a Friday night, while he’s out with his girlfriend… eek.

  33. I was biking to class one morning and I was all sweaty – thought it would be a good idea to say hi…. It’s the worst!

  34. That was hilarious! Despite the fact that my ex and I live in the same borough, work in the same borough, and despite the fact that our parents live a few blocks away from each other, we have NEVER run into each other, in 5 whole years. We do keep running into each other’s family members though, which can be awkward if you dated a long time, i.e. “Hey, almost mother-in-law!”

  35. Never got as far as the sex part but ugh it’s always so painfully awkward =/

  36. Ha! This so totally happened to me the other day. Apart from the end bit… That didn’t happen! But still, so very awkward!

  37. OMG. So real. I didn’t bumped into both of my exs in more than a year. THANKS GOD.

  38. Hey! Writer/producer/actor here. Thanks for sharing this!

  39. i was wearing a freaking BOOT on my leg after breaking my ankle. ugh the worst! why do we always look awful when we run into our exes?