We’re heading to England to visit our long-lost cousins, aunts and uncles this week. We haven’t been there in three years, and we cannot wait to see everyone. Toby was teeny the last time we were there, and they’ve never met Anton! We’re excited for fish and chips, the smell of salty air and all the noisy chaos at my grandmother’s house.

I was originally going to blog a bit during the trip, but in an effort to disconnect, we decided in the end to take the time completely off, and Caroline is taking a vacation, too. So, have a wonderful two weeks, and we’ll be back with lots of fun stuff on August 11th! Meanwhile, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, you’re warmly invited to check out the archives…

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Have a wonderful couple weeks, and see you on August 11th! (By the way, I got this book to read on the plane and it’s incredible so far.) Lots of love, as always. xoxo

P.S. I might be posting a few photos on Instagram, if we can figure out our phones in England; Alex and I are total neanderthals with that stuff!