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  2. Haha, this is something I do instinctively, and I always look SO stupid when I do it.. but it’s better than falling down xx

  3. When I try to imagine how this looks I just picture people stomping down the street!

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  5. haha this is great! im always impressed by girls who can walk around in stilettos on ice! but i guess there’s a formula to everything :) x

    & Pretty Things

  6. I wish I would have had this injury-saving information two days ago, when I took a nasty fall on my way to the subway here in Toronto – making me a) late for a meeting and b) sore for a few days….penguin walking from now on….

  7. H says...

    I live in moscow, russia, and let me tell you…going outside in wintertime is one hell of a challenge…especially on a sidewalk which seems more like an ice rink ;)

    I guess ive mastered the penguin waddle though..since this winter ive only fallen 3 times, in comparison to last years 7 ;)

  8. I usually don’t go out when it’s snowing outside. But I guess this is a great tip! It really makes sense and I believe this is also applicable to wet floors and stuff like that. Thanks for sharing it :) Everybody would benefit from this especially this snowy season. :)

  9. :) I live in MN where all of our sidewalks are currently covered in sheets of ice, which happens when it’s just above freezing during the day and super cold at night. I have to walk my little dog on the icy walks several times a day so he can do his business, and usually, we’re both pro’s, but when he sees a squirrel – or a random cat – danger zone!!! My advice? Lots of yoga…balance is everything!

  10. Yesss! I love this! Walking like a penguin is way more embarrassing then falling!!

  11. Ahhh haha this is great, Joanna! Where do you find this stuff? Now tell me who in their right mind would really wear Louboutins in the snow?!
    xx Liz {celesteandpearl.blogspot.com}

  12. After nearly six IL winters, I finally mastered this! :)

  13. Ok that is hilarious but sooo true. LOL. I’m curious as to how many women fell at NYFW ?


  14. Haha, what a funny picture! The first picture you posted though, was of a lady in heels. Interesting that you posted that, because in the past I have found that wearing heels in snow and ice is actually helpful. (At least for me.) I tend to walk more carefully in heels along with the fact that heels kind of stab the ground, which helps to stabilize you in the snow.

    { Ellies Wonder }

  15. wish I’d seen this four weeks ago when I slipped on ice and broke my wrist during the final few months of my design degree! eek! Thanks for the tip though. x

  16. I do that and think its pretty instinctual. Once you slip and almost fall, you figure it out!

  17. I slipped on ice in college and sprained my shoulder when I landed. Given that pain and the inconvenience of having my arm in a sling, I’ll be opting for the penguin walk from now on!


  18. This is a great tip. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and my biggest fear is to fall on ice. I rather walk like a penguin than falling down. I already walk funny anyway :)

  19. I live in Canada and have varying luck with not wiping out haha. Sidebar: I like the way you say “rad”. No one I know in real life says it. Totally makes me nostalgic for the 80s. I’m a bit younger than you but I still grew up in part of the 80s :)

  20. I once slipped and slid about 4 feet on ice-covered Newbury St. in Boston. This tip would have come i handy for a California girl like me!

  21. Eight years of living in New Hampshire taught me that little secret. And even then, sometimes you fall. My advice is: take the ice carefully, and don’t get too overconfident, because that is when you fall flat on your face.

  22. I recently moved to Buffalo, NY where (like so many places in the NE and around the Great Lakes) there is always snow and ice on the ground during the winter. I’ve fallen an embarassing number of times. I’ll have to try this today, thank you!

    If only my sweet wheaten terrier could also walk slower on the leash so as to not pull me down with him. Yesterday, he slipped on ice while he was running to play in the snow and just sat there and looked up at me, confused or embarassed, for a couple of minutes. It was quite possibly the cutest/saddest thing ever.

  23. By FAR the best post I’ve read all day!

  24. Such a cute graphic but very informatative. Love it!

  25. hahaha. after falling backwards last winter, i would definitely say there is nothing more embarrassing, not even the penguin walk!

  26. So true! They are horribly not chic, but I sweat by my Yak-Traks for surviving in the winter. They are these funny treads you can slip onto most shoes, and they have saved my arse quite literally a multitude of times. I never used to care about slipping on the ice, but now since my toddler is usually in my arms, I’m much more careful!

  27. Yes! This is so key. I just didn’t realize my nickname of “walking like a penguin” was official, either. :) The first few steps while you adjust your walking rhythm are a little tricky, but it gets easier. I also will walk up into the snow on the outside edges of the sidewalk, it gives more traction than the icy middle.

  28. I’ve done this (and called it “walking like a penguin”) since I was a little kid! Didn’t know that was the official term for it haha

  29. it’s so weird you posted this, since i just fell for the first time this winter yesterday! (the sidewalk wasn’t salted, since the city isn’t recognizing it as a sidewalk in winter, i guess…ugh.) it was super-painful + i ended up with a huge bruise mid-foot…i’m totally trying this penguin thing now!

  30. ah, yes! but as i have learned this winter, being pregnant changes your center of gravity and all those loosened joints give you a real run for your money.

  31. jm says...

    Hilarious! I used to wear Moon Boots back in the day to deal with snow and ice. Now I will walk like a penguin!

  32. much needed advice! also, i can’t stop laughing at the falling guy’s face.

  33. Haha! For what I know, falling down is very embarrassing, so next time I’ll give a try to the penguin walk! ;)

  34. Funny! My Mom taught us to walk like this to avoid scuffing our Sunday shoes as kids! Her version had a little more bending of the legs, and she called it the “camel walk”!

  35. Walking carefully is better than falling. Being from Norway, I’m used to being careful. Shoes make a big difference: I prefer shoes with rubber soles and some pattern/grooves. Us clumsy ones need all the grip we can get!

  36. Ha! This is funny and useful! Thanks. MAde me smile.

  37. Haha! Walking like a penguine is do-able.

  38. ah! i always walk like a penguin in the snow/ice! it’s half the fun of it.
    kw ladies in navy

  39. I always thought, okay, if I fall, I fall no big deal until I fell and broke my arm so badly I had to have major surgery. Stupid me…not so young anymore I guess.

  40. I always found, if there’s any left nearby, that kicking a little snow onto an icy path for traction helps a lot too.

  41. This just makes me giggle….

  42. Looking stupid does not cost money, but getting injured does.

    • Agreed!

  43. Haha. Super smart! I’m a Minnesotan who now resides in Denver so that’s helpful!! Although it doesn’t really help when my dog spots a squirrel. All bets are off! :)

  44. I’d walk like a penguin anyday if it means I didn’t fall!! I fall ALL THE TIME!!! =P

    Hopefully New York doesn’t get too much snow today or I will so be using these tips! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  45. Who cares if you’re walking like a penguin if you’re looking that fabulous in Louboutins!

  46. Thanks for the tip..i hear it’s going to snow tomorrow in NYC :)

  47. I grew up in snowy Wisconsin, so I already knew this, but of course I don’t actually walk like that all the time. Just a few weeks ago I was running on some ice (smart!) and my legs flew out from under me and I slammed down on my tailbone. hit it so hard I think I jarred my brain and gave myself a minor concussion! My brain’s ok by now (I think…) but I’m still feeling pretty stupid for having chosen falling over walking like a penguin.


  48. Less likely to be injured walking as a penguin :) even if it is a little awkward!