1. Bonnie says...

    I agree with MANY of these, including the word so awful that I don’t really even want to type it: panties.
    Also irritating is the highly overused “amazing.” Not everything can be amazing. Are you really amazed by a million things every day? If so, I guess you haven’t seen much in life! A kid who gets good grades, a great meal, a well-written, moving book, a comfortable sweater…none of these things are amazing. Let’s reserve that word for when it actually means something.

  2. Shelley says...

    Veggies I hate that word….

  3. Esme Kaye says...

    I think Kurt Anderson’s list is a valid list of some occasionally useful words which have become hackneyed, even vapid, due to overuse. Many of them still work in casual conversation, others sound pretentious to me. In journalism, however, I agree that they should be used sparingly and only as originally intended or not used at all.

    I would love to never hear about somebody’s “baby daddy” again, or “baby bump,” either. After that I think we can do without the trend of making verbs out of nouns. “Speechify” and “utilize” come to mind. Police jargon from television has become irritating as in, “on the job,” “unsub,” and “perp.” All euphemisms for “breasts” need to go as do both the more vulgar euphemisms for using the bathroom and the fastidiously accurate terms for what one might be doing in there.

    My biggest pet peeve of all is the overuse and concurrent misuse of a formerly lovely word, “literally.”

    I agree with whoever is wishing for a less distasteful word for “crotch.” I use Craig Fergusen’s charming variation, “lady parts,” but see where others might not find that suitable for their needs. In particular, those would be men and anybody writing a serious work.

    That being said, please feel free to speak as you wish. That’s what everybody else is doing these days.

  4. Susie says...

    “Does that make sense?”,
    “Are you sure?”, ” First and foremost”, “highways and the byways”, and anything starting with ” I personally believe…”

  5. Rebekah says...

    Just stop saying it.

  6. Ok, as a non-native English speaker I have to ask – what’s wrong with the word “moist”? Seriously, I don’t get it. (please don’t tell me that “seriously” is not allowed either)

  7. Sunnies

  8. I’m really hoping we can put our heads together and come up with some acceptable alternatives to the word “crotch.”

  9. Coagulation. ..yuck word! And no one men or women should say “gotta go take a piss!” Disgusting either wa y!

  10. Funny..this is great! I really don’t appreciate ANY food being described as “sexy”..or any kitchen bath or otherwise utilitarian things being described as “sexy” I find it revolting and nauseating.

  11. Hate when people use the word “Gal” or “Gals” or Broads” as if any of them mean, girls , women or female! !! They make me CRINGE! Love “Biochemistry”…..also hate when words to describe “aroma” “odor” and “fragrant” are miss used to description ie.” Those flowers have the best odor” geezer

  12. Utilize. Why can’t you utilize “use”?

  13. I dislike the phrase “price point”.

  14. Grub (as in lets get some grub), Flatulate, Y’all, Folks, Dang, Uber, Brouhaha, Zit, Quench (to quench your thirst) , The phrase (last, but not least…) Panties, Buggers, Hubby, Wifey, Preggers (I could keep going, but my list was getting long)

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  16. So many here that I dislike, but I haven’t seen the phrase that has been bugging me lately: ’nuff said.

    Makes my skin crawl. If you don’t need to say anything, then don’t say anything! And I’m also annoyed by silly abbreviations.

  17. Errands. I’ve always disliked that word.

  18. wrank….its not even a real word
    flippies instead of flip flops….
    & per–referencing ‘according to’

  19. The world SPELT is really annoying or when people say “FINNA” – really?? That’s not a word!

    Super funny post because my hubby and I talk about words that bug us all the time that people in/not in our lives say!


  20. hate the phrase “touch base” unless it is a literal baseball reference dont use it!

  21. I dislike the phrase “price point”. Can’t “price” or “cost” be used instead? Also being Canadian I don’t like the word “foyer” pronounced with the “r” at the end.

  22. fart
    thunk (as in “Who would have thunk it?”…makes me violent when I hear it!)

  23. “incentivize” “paradigm” “volunteerism” in politics, like they are trying to make the word more than it is. I also don’t care for non-profit speak either with all of their hyphens and ambiguity, words like.. at-risk, capacity-building, project-based, participatory…. so fluffy
    I don’t mind people who mess up grammar or use words incorrectly though, everyone makes mistakes.

  24. Word that make me cringe: Menstruation, flacid, diarrhea, circumcision, just to name a few.

  25. I would have to agree with many of these comments; would like to add that I hate it when people say PIN number, ATM Machine and so forth- when my manager says ABN number (Australian Business Number) to me I cringe. I also cannot stand it when people get plurals wrong: E.g. “Date of births”, “Brother in laws”..it’s insanity. Finally, when people use “I” in a situation where they should use “me” – “look at this photo of Jo and I” instead of “look at this photo of Jo and me”.
    However, if someone could please provide a synonomous alternatve for lifestyle, I’d greatly appreciate it! My recently established blog is based entirely around that word! To make matters worse, the domain is actually a PUN based on the word! Oh dear…

  26. Klara says...

    Haha, I think everybody hates the word moist.

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  29. Anonymous says...