Relationship Tip: Keeping the Sparks Flying

Alex and I recently started doing something new…

When we’re going out to dinner, instead of meeting at home first, we now meet at the restaurant. Here’s why…

Scenario #1: We meet at our apartment first. Toby’s running around, we’re getting dressed in front of each other, I pull on tights (or Spanx!), we share the bathroom and brush our teeth side-by-side, we ask each other Married People Questions: Can you pass me the deodorant? Is my shirt wrinkled? Will you buzz up the sitter? Wait, I need to pee…

Scenario #2: We meet at the restaurant. Pushing open the door, I feel a secret thrill as I span the bustling room. Butterflies in my stomach, I hope I look nice with strategically flushed cheeks. I spot Alex, looking dapper (and even a little intimidating) perched at the bar with a beer, wearing his suit from work, smelling like cologne, waiting for me to come kiss his neck and say hello.

Meeting at a restaurant whisks us back to our early dating days and kicks off a romantic vibe for the rest of the evening. It’s a little thing, but sometimes life is about the little things, right?

(Btw, have you ever seen this funny scene from When A Man Loves a Woman? They had the right idea.)

What funny little things (or big things!) do you do to keep the sparks flying in your relationships? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Keeping up your relationship after kids.

(Photo by Anders Petersen)

  1. Good gosh this is such a small brilliant thing! Trying this as soon as possible!

  2. Really enjoyed the post, i can see how this can help spark a relationship!

  3. awesome!!! love is all…. =)

  4. A small gesture that could really spark up a night! What a great idea! I’m going to do this! Thanks!!

  5. My Fiancé and I just moved to London and have been using this sweet tip. We are avid concert goers and will meet each other at the venue after work, it is so romantic rushing up to meet him standing in line or scanning the venue for him! Thank you Joanna

  6. I’ve been married 14 years, gotta hand it to you for being so smart after 5. :) And LOVE that clip.

  7. I really love this. Date nights have become almost work lately. I am going to try this. thank you -Kacee Bree

  8. I’m nowhere near getting married, but that’s such a simple yet awesome idea!!!

  9. Now why had I never thought of that!? :) Just have to find a sitter now!!

  10. I love this idea. When we have a ‘date’ sadly not often enough, I get ready in another room. But I will definitely try your idea of meeting up separately. Thanks for all your shares.

  11. This is so true~

    My boyfriend and are both in a new city, so we’ve made a deal to sight-see every saturday. Also, we’ve taken on a new project where he draws my portrait every saturday, and our plan is to see the progress after a while. We also go on various trips together, and one of them is to go to a new country and learn a new language for couple weeks while sight-seeing.

    I’m now logging the different saturday activities we’ve been working on on my blog~


  12. Love this idea! Keeps things more exciting and date night is much more anticipated!! Yay!

  13. never tried before ! but I think this is very brilliant idea. !

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  16. Thanks for giving me a great hint! Maybe I will try to think something unique or I will also try this one!Lol. But I want to invent something new and very presentable. I can’t think as of now but surely I will do it! Thanks again.

  17. What a great idea – thanks for sharing. Will definitely have to try this for our next grownup date.

  18. B says...

    I seriously love this. I remember reading this post when you originally wrote it. This is such a great idea, and I’m getting butterflies thinking of meeting up with my boyfriend for brunch rather than another casual dinner at Chilis after watching episodes of the Walking Dead for hours. ;)

    Love this blog, you are talented and beautiful.

  19. Thanks for sharing. I think we just need to be honest with ourselves in what we’re wanting. I like your honesty, what you have mentioned rings true and has given me some pointers to work on!

  20. I love that scene from that movie

  21. Anonymous says...

    a good life is mainly about the little things and realizing how special they really are……

  22. Such a simple and brilliant idea, I love the way you write about your other half too, to love someone like that is a precious thing, great blog too, i could spend hours readingXxx

  23. I think meeting out is a brilliant idea! I’m all for anything that helps keep the spark alive.

  24. This is a great idea. How cute are you guys?

  25. First of all, love the pic at the start of this post.
    I get this! I recently noticed (after 20 years of marriage) that when we meet at the Y after his work day, I look for him and my heart sings when he walks into the room, his eyes seeking me…his smile just for me…

  26. I have been in a relationship for 5 years now and have recently been thinking of more ways to keep the spark alive. This is a great simple idea. Thanks!

  27. I do this quite often with my live-in boyfriend. I love it because I get to play my music and dance around while I get ready. Have a glass of wine in the bathroom while I’m putting on my make-up. It reminds me of when I lived in my apt before moving in with him. I love ME time. Also…..this is a sweet TIP…I did this a few weeks ago. My man was having a tough week at work and I sent him a stunning bouquet of flowers. It was awesome. He said the delivery man walked in and saw him first and asked him to sign for them. My man said he thought “wow, somebody in the office got beautiful flowers”, and asked the delivery guy who they were for and the guy looked down at his signature and said “They are for you”. He called me right after. It was out of the blue and he loved it. Who says you can’t send men flowers?! xo

  28. i LOVE this! My boyfriend and I often meet in a bar and it makes it so much more special! x

  29. What a splendid idea!!!

  30. I love this idea! And the putting the phones away one. That’s a real biggie – there’s nothing worse than going on a two people plus two phones date :)

  31. I wish we could do this, but with the work we do- that’s tough.
    I will try it though, I love that feeling when you spot him from across the room.
    My hear tis melting!

  32. we do this too and I think it’s just the best thing ever. you’re right…it’s the little things that together become huge things. love it.

  33. One night I had my husband pick me up for a date at the hairdressers……. I had a great blow out, pampered and fresh…… ready for the perfect date night. Much better than waiting at home in my sweats rushing to get ready with the kids all around.

  34. What a great idea! And that video was hilarious and perfect and so sweet.