kiss at restaurant

Alex and I recently started doing something new. When we’re going out to dinner, instead of meeting at home first, we now meet at the restaurant. Here’s why…

Scenario #1: We meet at our apartment first. Toby’s running around, we’re getting dressed in front of each other, I pull on tights (or Spanx!), we share the bathroom and brush our teeth side-by-side, we ask each other Married People Questions: Can you pass me the deodorant? Is my shirt wrinkled? Will you buzz up the sitter? Wait, I need to pee…

Scenario #2: We meet at the restaurant. Pushing open the door, I feel a secret thrill as I span the bustling room. Butterflies in my stomach, I hope I look nice with strategically flushed cheeks. I spot Alex, looking dapper (and even a little intimidating) perched at the bar with a beer, wearing his suit from work, smelling like cologne, waiting for me to come kiss his neck and say hello.

Meeting at a restaurant whisks us back to our early dating days and kicks off a romantic vibe for the rest of the evening. It’s a little thing, but sometimes life is about the little things, right?

(Btw, have you ever seen this funny scene from When A Man Loves a Woman? They had the right idea.)

What funny little (or big!) things do you do to keep the sparks flying in your relationship? I’d love to hear…

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P.S. Keeping up your relationship after kids.

(Photo by Anders Petersen.)