Do or Don’t: Thongs

So. I have a secret…

I wear thongs!

Yes, it’s true. For years, I figured they would be uncomfortable, so I avoided them; I was more of a cotton briefs girl. But then I tried Cosabella thongs, and I fell in love. They’re made of soft, comfy lace, and the cut is chic and sexy. But the clincher for me? You don’t get panty lines when wearing jeans, so you look SO much better from, ahem, behind. Now I wear them everyday.

What kind of underwear do you wear?

  1. Granny knickers all the way. Thongs transfer bacteria from back to front and are so uncomfortable

  2. I was in Target not that long ago when I overheard two 20 something girls talking in the lingerie department:

    “Those thongs are so big!” (meaning the triangle, I’m guessing?)

    “Yeah, like my mom would totally wear those; eww”

    Me: Seriously?

  3. I’ve been wearing thongs since my early twenties and I think they are much better when you’re wearing tight pants. No one likes to have panty lines showing on their behind. I would like to find some really soft thongs that are comfortable to wear.

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  5. I know I am way late with this comment, but just reading this post from one of your links in another post.

    I have never been one to wear thongs, but not opposed to trying again with a good pair. I looked up the Cosabella ones and they say hand wash or dry clean. Does everyone here who wears them hand wash all their undies? Just curious. I can’t see myself taking time out to do that. I don’t mind line drying bra’s and undies, but not sure about hand washing.

  6. Boy shorts. My guy thinks they’re adorable and asks me why I don’t wear them more often. He likes them even more than lace. I’m not big on thongs. They’re surprisingly comfortable, but I feel like I’m not wearing anything and it makes me self-conscious.

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  8. Anonymous says...

    i disagree whole heartedly with no panty line argument. there absolutely is still a panty line, only in a different, place. in my opinion the thong panty line looks much much worse. really, if that is what you are going for, those boy short cut ones are the way to go because the line is below your cheeks, much less obvious than a big ugly thong line, and you still get the little bum lift that comes from more full coverage styles.

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  10. Anonymous says...

    Really? I thought thongs were dying a slow death, at least it feels like that in Europe. Of course, i wore them when it was kind of compulsory but hated them for a few reasons: i find them very unconfortable, I guess it depends on body type, some women find them mormconfortable after they have become moms. Then there is the hygiene issue, it’s just no good as regular wear. Plus, i guess some, or many, men go for them, but the kind of men I like and certainly my man don’t. It all goes down to personal choice only… As some one mentioned, there is something worse than vpl and that is visible thong line. And because people assume that thongs are vpl proof (they are not!) you got a lot of that. Visible thong through leggings, and thin skirts, and white trousers… Yuck.

    Virtulay invisible CK hipsters for me, to avoid vpl. Otherwise, o the pleasure of a dainty cotton embroidered pant fro Stella McCartney or retro lacey stuff fro Elle McPerson.

  11. the lacie from Victoria Secret… best part no panty line!xo jenna

  12. Yes! I love thongs- especially Hanky Panky! My mum has started this cute tradition where she gifts me a few colorful pairs of panties at Christmas, and I always know what I’m opening because she signs the card “from Mom, not Dad.”

  13. ALL SORTS!

    I am a huge fan of girl boxers and shorts. I have a beautiful pair of blue and white polka dot shorts with lace around the edges that are my current favourite knickers.

    My favourite thongs are from La Senza because they’re girly, comfortable and sexy :)

  14. I was a thong girl forever – no panty lines thank you very much. But I’m Mormon and so yes – I now wear THOSE underwear :) They sound strange, I know. But they do have a cool meaning. And one very handy thing: still no panty lines !! :)

  15. i don’t.
    but i’ve been told i should. hm.

  16. Cosabella, huh?? I’ve gotta try these!! I find that when i do buy lace panties, they tend to rip easily…is that just me??

  17. Anonymous says...

    Here’s an alternate perspective: when I was in Soho during Christmas, I was sitting at Olive’s, waiting for a sandwich, when a chic woman came in with her son.

    Her jeans did not have any back pockets, and it was clear, from my, ahem, vantage point, that she must have been wearing a thong because her bottom did not look, well, supported.

    I have never tried a thong, and I wonder whether this situation is part and parcel of the thong experience. Personally, I’d prefer a little support!


  18. Anonymous says...

    I personally don’t care what underwear other people prefer, as long as I can’t see it. The whale-tail is evil but so is visible underwear of any kind. I think the ladies that are so “shocked” that some people don’t wear thongs doth protest too much.

    It personally feels unsanitary to me to have fabric riding up there, and I’d like to avoid trips to the gyno but if you prefer it and don’t have issues, good for you. Why do we care so much what other people wear? Personally I find thongs uncomfortable and no amount of other people singing their praises will shift my opinion. We’re all different. Do what works for you. I hate it when girls throw around “granny” or “trashy”. If you aren’t wearing it, what do you care? We all have different ideas of sexy or comfortable. Personally, I love a boy short on a girl, nothing cuter…to me.

  19. i used to wear cosabella, but found that LaCie from Victoria’s Secret (the only thing there I buy) are just as comfy and are 3 for $30, which is a good deal to me.

  20. Thongs, always. :) Or these almost thong-ish boxers. Do you know what I mean? I don’t know how they’re being called.


  21. Love this post! I’m into either thongs or “cheeky” boy shorts. It gotten to the point now that if I’m wearing briefs I feel like someone’s grandma, lol.

  22. Anonymous says...

    I feel awkward wearing anything but thongs! Hanky Panky are my favorite, and I also wear the VS lace ones quite a bit. I have bought a few cheap pairs that were definitely awful and uncomfortable, so maybe that is where a lot of the ladies discomfort comes in? I just feel like its so much fabric when I wear briefs. :)

  23. Thongs are also a must while working out! Most bikini briefs lead to Wedgie City. Thongs are the route you wanna take to Comfy Booty Land.

  24. That’s just about all I wear! I usually sleep in boy shorts or hipsters. My reason: I hate VPLs but more than that, I hate elastic waist bands that give me any trace of love handles. I love that the lace just lays against my skin and thongs are so comfortable! I stock up on the Victoria’s Secret PINK 5/$25 deals. :)

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  26. Honestly it depends more on my mood than what I’m wearing..sometimes I just feel blahh and just want to wear grannies all day long hah

  27. I’m glad I’m not the only non-thong wearing gal out there. I wear regular cotton briefs. And for special occasions I’m usually in my spankeroos!

  28. Cotton low rise breifs or boyshorts, specifically the ones with lace tops from VS. I’m sure the boyfriend would love it if I wore more thongs but I haven’t found any that I’d love to wear every day.

  29. hanky panky all the way! even when I was pregnant. love them.

  30. Total DO! I wear thongs almost everyday. Sometimes, I feel more sexy or dressed up in a pair of full lacy panties. :)

  31. hahaha I’ve always been a panties girl but lately I’ve been trying thongs too and getting quite used to them. You’re sooo right they make “the behind” look so much better!

  32. I wear both briefs and thongs. I don’t understand why some people hate thongs so much! I find them to be comfortable, but I’ve had people heatedly argue that there’s NO WAY something “up my butt” could be comfortable.

    I think thongs are sexy, too.

  33. Cosabella all the way- they are amazing. Hilariously refreshing post about a possible taboo subject that you’ve made cute and approachable!! Happy Friday!

  34. I wore thongs for years, but I have since switched to hipsters in very soft and strechable fabric. I’ve gotta be comfortable, especially down there!! lol.

  35. I for the life of me do not understand people’s obsessions with erasing panty lines. It’s never struck me as something so drastically awful that I needed to focus on it. So I’ve left the thongs along. It’s comfortable undies for this lady.

    • Ditto.

      As an athletic girl, I’ve tried every cut of underwear out there, looking for something that won’t slide and bunch. Hanes No-Slip low-rise bikinis or hipsters are the only comfy undies that stay in place for me. :)

  36. erica b, says...

    gyaaah i suppose i should be a grown up lady and give them a try again one day. i’ve always felt a constant wedgie when wearing them before. hm. here’s to new undies in 2012! :D

  37. I own a few pairs but I tend to wear the super comfy Jack Wills pants :D

  38. I’ve never worn a thong because I think they look so uncomfortable but mahybe I should give it a try! When I’m wearing leggings/ tight jeans or dress I wear invisible hem knickers. They are from Intimissimi and so comfortable! It confuses my boyfriend into thinking I’m wearing no underwear at all ;)

  39. What a brilliant idea!

  40. cute post. i definitely wear thongs too. i stick to the lace-around-the waist ones from victorias secret. they are super comfortable and not to mention pretty. i read once that the underwear you wear can influence you mood & its so true! if you wear sexy underwear it instantly makes you feel a little sexier and its so true!!!


  41. Anonymous says...

    Oh my gosh, no! They’re like a highway of bacteria from your pooper to your urethra! And I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to stay quite moist down there so thongs just cause a lot of chafing and chapping. Awful, awful, awful! Bikinis for me!

  42. kaela d. says...

    plus i have a little butt so thongs make it look decent and not small like full booty undies usually do hahaha

  43. kaela d. says...

    thongs all the way! but i’m really specific….the soft lace waisted thongs from VS are pretty much the only undies in my drawer….except for a few cute boy short style ones….and the full bottom’s that come out once a month and are only for sweatpants or bedtime. interesting to read everyones opinions :)

  44. Anonymous says...

    Already posted to say I am not a huge thong fan, but just had to come back to say…alhough I may find them a little less than 100 % uncomfortable. They are no where near the holy heck uncomfortable that is underwear that has a vertical seam all the way up the middle in the front. I inadvertently bought a pair when I was not paying too much attention. They soon went in the trash!
    The only reason I can think for a company doing that is to save $$ on fabric?