The Nerdiest Tip

We were hanging out with some friends last Saturday, and I went to give my friend Mary a high five. Only I missed. My hand went sailing through the air. Nothing more awkward!

Luckily she gave me a tip: When you give a high five, LOOK AT THE OTHER PERSON’S ELBOW. You’ll never fail again. Seriously. We tried it out for the rest of the night and it works every time! Go try it on your co-worker right now!

Thanks, Mary!:)

  1. diany says...

    not sure how I ended up in this post, but makes me so sad that we are not high-fiving anymore. Will we every touch co-workers, friend strangers in such care free ways? We didn’t know what we had.

    • Had the same thought. I think there will be a time. Just not this year or maybe next, but at some point. Keep hope alive until then! Sending a nerdy virtual high five to you.

  2. Fi says...

    And if both people look at the other’s elbow, it makes for a super loud high-five! (Which also leaves your hand stinging.)

  3. Hello. Am I the only person who misses on purpose? It makes people feel at ease instantly because…I am just a harmless dork :)

  4. I give high fives to my 5 year old students and have been teaching them this trick. It works every time.

  5. love the picture! my dog can give me a high five too! make me smile every time :)


  6. Oh, my roommate and I totally tried this in college and ended up giving each other the most painful (i.e. accurate) high five ever! We were just really excited to try this trick and ended up with really sore palms. Hahaha.

  7. I’ve had no idea!! Thanks! :)

  8. ha, you are just too funny girl! i’m going to have to try this little tip out later today ;)
    xo TJ

  9. Actually that’s how my hubs and I hi-five. We purposely miss each other’s hands. We figure we’re nerds anyway, might as well embrace it :)

  10. haha totally just visualized this. Hate when things like this happen. Epic fail.

  11. Even nerdier than missing a high five? Waving to someone who doesn’t see you and doesn’t wave back. Then you have to play it off. Oh yeah, I was totally just going to run my hand through my hair. Ouch.

  12. Haha, this is hysterical but oh so handy!!
    Glad I found you x

  13. haha, I so tried this out with my boyfriend x

  14. hahaha – here’s nerdy me thinking: which elbow??

  15. Hahaha I went directly into my coworker’s office and practiced – I think everyone must have either thought that we did something amazing (requiring upwards of twelve high fives) or that we were slapping each other in there. It worked though!

  16. Hah, I used to volunteer in a Kindergarten class… this was always my first day of school lesson. Got the kids to loosen up.

  17. But I never look at A Cup of Jo while I’m at the office!

  18. Sorta like how in boxing they tell you to look not at the fists but at the shoulders…that’s where the movement begins. :) By the time you look at the hands, you’re already a second too late.

  19. This is hilarious – my husband and I just spent the past five minutes testing this… my hand is sore! But we never missed :)

  20. In my kickball league, I am known as the “watch the elbow!!” high-fiver. What can I say, I hate to let a good high five attempt go to waste.

  21. Good tip! Never knew!

  22. Haha, oh yeah. We know that one!

    (My daughter, 3 1/2, says it every single time we high five!)

  23. I love this tip! My friend taught it to me once on a night out of drinking. (High fives impaired even without alcohol.)


  24. This tip totally works! The problem is that for the hour after someone suggests doing this, all you do is high-five people :)

  25. I expected a 9/11 post as well.

  26. Hilarious :) Have done that way too many times myself. I will def try the tip!!

  27. I know the day is not over but I honestly expected you to write something about 9/11.

  28. Fail. LOL. I’ve taught my dog how to high five my fist so it looks like we are giving each other “dap”… now that is nerdy.

  29. LOL

  30. THAT’S GENIUS! I will never have to suffer the embarrassment of an awkward high five miss ever again.

  31. Such great advice. I probably miss half the time whilst high-fiving. How do you keep all these thoughts and remember to blog about them? I feel like so many of my ideas for posts are lost because I forget them before I can write them down.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  32. when i was working at APC in soho, my co-workers constantly made fun of me for missing high fives. they taught me this trick and would train me by springing surprise high fives on me all the time. i got a little better, but the ultimate victory came the other night – crossing my street on the way home, a stranger and i high fived. in motion! out of the blue! i totally looked at his elbow ;)

  33. As a European, I’m really bad at giving high-fives! This trick is one of the first things my husband, who’s American, taught me. Yes, it always works :-)

  34. Ha! That has happened to me before. Or how about the person waving to you so you wave back, only to realize that they were waving to the person behind you. Doh!

  35. I love this tip! No more awkward missed high fives. :)

  36. I am notoriously awful at giving high fives, 99% of the time I completely miss or just barely catch the edge. My sister shared this tip with me a few years ago and it really does work. Being able to achieve that satisfying clap when I connect without someone’s hand has elevated my standard of living. My favorite time to get high fives is when they are offered by random strangers while I am out running.

  37. It’s true. A few years ago I found this tip out, so I suggested my friend and I try it… because we were epic failures in the high five department. Honestly, I blame her. So we tried it and yes it works!

  38. These are the best kinds of tips!

  39. How funny! My boyfriend “taught me” this trick but I thought it was just something silly he was making up, but I guess he was actually right! And it definitely DOES work.

  40. Ha ha. Not nerdy at all. A perfect high five is one of the best things. Wish could test this out now… But may not go down to well on the commuter train :)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  41. Impressive! ;) xoxo

  42. My friend told me that about a year ago and we did the same thing! It was the high-fiveiest night we’ve every had, haha

  43. i taught my boyfriend this tip a year ago and now he loves to high five people (like a nerd)! it really does work.

  44. That picture is great! Makes me think of my dog, he *loves* giving high fives. So much so that he will offer his paw completely unsolicited. More than once he’s caught me off guard and punched me in the face. Not sure if that’s better or worse than missing entirely… ;-)

  45. Now I have to try this, because I was always the total fail person when it came to looking like anything less than an idiot when it came to high fives.

  46. hilarious! who knew, totally going to try it!

  47. This is a tip that will definitely help an awkward girl out like me. ;)

  48. Love this! We will now be eternally cool! :-)

  49. I’d heard that tip before. Absolutely works! Who would’ve thought!?
    Also, that picture is totally adorable.