Coldy Cold

This summer has been recordbreakingly hot, but somehow I managed to come down with a terrible cold. I’ve been sick for a week, coughing, sneezing and waking up at night with a sore throat. I also lost my voice! The bright side? My friend sent me her recipe for a Hot Toddy, and Alex mixed one up last night. It was delicious. Have you ever had one?

Hot Toddy
½ shot Bourbon
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 cup hot water

What makes you feel better when you have a cold?

(Update: For readers who asked, my dress is Steven Alan, and my watch is a cheap Timex:)

  1. A delicious recipe for Mulled Wine, with water, sugar, cloves, cinnamon, lemon, red wine and brandy @ kitchenrabbit

  2. Our “secret” family chest cold cure is to take 1/2 shot of strong liquor (my brother likes crown royal, my Mom prefers cointreau, and I go with firefly vodka), drink a cup of tea (as hot as you can handle), then drink another 1/2 of a shot of strong liquor, repeat 1-2 time a day until you feel better. Works like a charm!

  3. sometimes i throw some powdered mulling spices in mine…with a full shot of bourbon. holy delicious!

  4. I had a cold and I just make a hot toddy using your recipe and it was delicious!

  5. I love the warming spices of a white chai tea. The white tea leaves are delicate and don’t give you the big burst of caffeine from a traditional chai. Add a bit of local honey and I’m smitten (and on the road to recovery). Although, now I will add a Hot Toddy to the mix.

  6. Thank you so much for this! I started a cold at the end of last week, after i saw this I tried it, IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I’m from the Dominican Republic maeby thats why I never heard of a Hot Toddy before. I’m very thank full for your post. It help me enjoy the weekend with my boyfriend. THANK YOU!

    Love your blog, I’ve being reading it for 3 years now. Keep the good work. Love from a little island on the caribbean.

  7. hope you’re feeling better! i came down with a cold too but it went away after a week. i think it’s the a.c. with this hot ny weather! the extremes aren’t so great apparently!

  8. Summer colds are the worst! I currently am developing one that I think I caught from my sweet little 5 year old niece. I think I’m going to try your remedy tonight!

  9. In regards to your update: I am so impressed at how put together you look even while sick! When I’m under the weather, you’ll find me tucked away in an oversized hoodie and pajama pants— nothing close to the adorable dress you’re wearing :) Hope you’re back to 100%!

  10. You look stunning in this shot, it’s hard to believe you’re sick! Be well soon x

  11. Mimi Konitzer says...

    Hot water with a splash of vinegar and lemon :-)

  12. You’re so cute in glasses, Joanna! As for me, hot tea with lemon works any day when I’m sick!

  13. As an Ole Miss alum…a hot toddy is a necessity! We even have a cheer about it…Hotty Toddy!

  14. Yep. I could totally go for a Hot Toddy right now… not feeling yucky, just feeling exhausted which resulted in an under eye spasm, Awesome.
    I do hope you are feeling much better (does it help to hear that you look adorable in that photo?)

  15. Jen says...

    I too have a summer cold, and I’m nursing a hot toddy right now. Same ingredients as yours but with the addition of cloves.

    I also like big steaming mugs of homemade bone stock with copious amounts of Sriracha when I’m sick. Clears the sinuses and knocks me right out.

  16. They’re even better when you make them with hot herbal tea(lemon verbena) in place of hot water!

  17. Thank you for telling us about your dress and watch!! I was going to ask.

  18. Anonymous says...

    Please tell me the name of your glasses. i LOVE them! Hope you’re feeling better.

  19. I hope you’re feeling waaaay better by now!

  20. you look adorable in your glasses :) get well soon!

  21. I love a hot toddy! Actually I love saying “hot toddy” as much as I enjoy drinking a hot toddy! Perfect way to stave off the worst of a cold. Feel better!!!

  22. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon. My favorite under-the-weather tonic is a Japanese tea made from kukicha twigs (found at health food stores). So very healing and soothing, I always feel better as soon as I drink a full mug.

    Katherine @ thistle handmade

  23. Oh, no! Colds in the summer are almost worse than colds in the winter. There’s no cure like sleeping it off, though, so I hope you’re getting some rest. Feel better!

  24. Ugh I feel you I am sick as well. We were on vacation for 3 weeks and as soon as we got to Bali (where I wanted to go) I got sick and now 2 weeks later I am just starting to get over it. I was SO SICK the entire time in Bali wahhh and now my husband and son have it.

    I have never had one of those drinks but I am from the South and they give whiskey to kids with toothaches lol.

    I usually do the hot tea with honey and lemon for myself.

  25. J says...

    An addition to my previous comment: wrap a few olive-oil rubbed bulbs of garlic with the tops cut off in foil and roast them in the oven until they are soft (400 degrees for about an hr). Unwrap the bulbs,let them cool, pop out all of the cloves into a bowl, then eat the mellowed garlic cloves on everything (my fave: spread them on some good toasted bread, with fig jam, and blue cheese for fast bruschetta.) Garlic is great for fighting infection.

  26. J says...

    Despite the outdoor heat, try a hot bath filled with epsom salts and eucalyptus oil. Drink a huge glass of cold water with lemon while in the bath. If you do not have a tub, you can use a little eucalyptus oil in a steamy shower. This should ease symptoms and encourage healing sleep. Feel better!