Where to Find Affordable Art

When we were decorating our new apartment last fall, I scoured the web for affordable art. There are so many beautiful prints out there! Here’s a round-up…

Above, from top:
1. John Lennon photo from Sonic Editions, a collection of iconic music photography.
2. Atmosphere print from Inaluxe, an Australian design studio.
3. Flower photograph by Ashley Woodson Bailey. (I also love the flower photography by Kari Herer.)
4. North America photographic print from, an online poster shop.
5. Ocean print by Budi Satria Kwan from Society6, a collection of art prints from thousands of artists around the world.
6. There’s No Place Like Home print by Ashley Goldberg.
7. Hollywood photograph from Whisper Editions, an online gallery that collaborates with artists to create original works in limited quantities.
8. Letterpress poster from Aardvarkonsea.

9. Photo of Maddie the Coonhound.
10. No Matter What print by Christopher David Ryan at My Little Underground.
11. Constellation print from Evajuliet.
12. Married to the Sea art print by Clare Elsaesser.
13. Couple Dancing print from 20×200, a collection of limited-edition prints by emerging and established artists.
14. New Yorker cartoon from The Conde Nast Store.

15. Bike poster via JaydeFish.
16. Buffalo photo from Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop.
17. Stripes silkscreen print by Wayne Pate.
18. Illustrated recipe by Felicia Sala from Society6.
19. Pears watercolor from The Joy of Color.
20. Linen heart print from Castles and Things, an Australian home shop.

A few other art destinations: Buy Some Damn Art, Schoolhouse Electric, Max Wanger, Little Paper Planes, Mr. Boddington, My Guide To, Hugo Guiness, Paul Ferney, MoMA store, BOOK/SHOP, Rifle Design, Kai Samuels-Davis, Jen Kindell and HunterGatherer.

Thank you! And please tell me, below: What did I miss? :)

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  1. I’m biased because I sell my own photography on Etsy…but as a collector, I’m always blown away by the amazing selection of original art, prints & fine art photography available on Etsy. Plus, it’s crazy affordable since Etsy doesn’t really promote the art sold there and it’s still something of a secret! Love all the framing tips here — thanks for sharing.


  3. I love this list! Really beautiful stuff. I would also add to the list of wonderful artworks. They have a lot of great contemporary art prints that are suitable for home decor. Spread the art!

  4. Joanna, I’m a little late but came via your nursery inspiration post. There is a new online art gallery out of Bushwick called Sugarlift that I think you would like! Good prices and high quality work from young artists, many pieces in editions so starting at about $100. Great aesthetic and a good small and local business (as well as local artists!) to support!

  5. Just found your blog, Joanna, and love it! Especially appreciate this feature of affordable art because who doesn’t need something unique at an affordable price for an apartment, home, or office?

  6. Hello Joanna,

    There’s also theBowerbirds ( which sells art by emerging artists from Asia. Hope you will find something you like!


  7. Another great place to find affordable art is Versus, a Dubai based gallery of passionate collectors who launched an online platform last month. Read more about it here

  8. If you’re not keen on a mass-produced print but are hoping to find an affordable original artwork, check out StateoftheART Gallery. There’s a good selection of one-off pieces under $300 from emerging artists in Australia and South Africa. And the gallery is curated to ensure quality over quantity.

  9. I love the idea of custom artwork though I feel like the artist who created the work knows the best cropping of their own works.
    For canvas printing though I do like

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  12. This is a French image editor – they have lots of art from comics (like Blacksad etc). Not very expensive though shipping to the US may raise the price quite a bit.

    Also, – some artists are also displayed on society6

    And yes, Etsy is the best affordable art source EVER. You can find ANYTHING under ANY kind of design.

  13. This is a French image editor – they have lots of art from comics (like Blacksad etc). Not very expensive though shipping to the US may raise the price quite a bit.

    Also, – some artists are also displayed on society6

    And yes, Etsy is the best affordable art source EVER. You can find ANYTHING under ANY kind of design.

  14. I love love love the screenprints and giclee prints by Double Merrick ( Especially ‘La Mer’ and ‘La Lune’.

  15. I love the print of “married to the sea” it reminds me of a print I’ve been searching for for years. You can see the print of a women holding a large beach ball up in the air on the sitcom “The New Adventures of Old Christine” I stumbled upon reruns of the show and fell in love with that print on a wall in her sitcom living room. In your vast knowledge do you know how I would find such a print?

  16. I love the “married to the sea” print!! It reminds me a bit of the print I have been searching for forever. In the sitcom “The New Adventures of Old Christine” with Julia Louis-Dryfus. There is a print hanging in her living room on the show. It is of a women holding a large beach ball up in the air. I have searched all the ways I can think of on the Internet to find it. I’m sure it is a some what famous print. Do you and your vast knowledge have any clue where I could locate this picture? It’s easy to see in the show.

  17. I have to recommend a dear friend and artist

    Stunning, vibrant oil paintings – not too expensive!!

    She has taught me that everyone should have art in their home!

    Great post – everyone loves affordable!

  18. ps that is me above “the byrd”-ashley woodson bailey :)

  19. thank you so much joanna for including my work in this post. every artist is so talented-i am honored to be listed here! i love my flowers and love capturing them-my forever arrangement.

  20. i love the food illustrations so much!!!

  21. Etsy Etsy, Etsy. Great place for affordable, unique new, vintage and original art of all kinds. Keri

  22. Etsy Etsy Etsy great place for new, vintage and original art. Keri

  23. Hey,

    I’m reading your blog for quite a few months now, and it’s always like a short-time holiday in New York…!
    It really is often an inspiration for my Couture Dolls – I just love your posts about New York women and styles.
    Thank you!

    I’m working on a series of Cloth Art Statuettes – and I’d love to introduce them to you.
    The Ladies can be seen here:

    Many greetings from Munich,


  24. The best place ever to buy original art at amazing prices is the end-of-the-semester art sales at universities. You can buy paintings, ceramics, one-of-a-kind prints, etc. I’ve purchased things from the Kansas City Art Institute, the ceramics department of the University of Cincinnati, and the University of Arkansas. All are real treasures!!

  25. We are moving soon to a bigger place, so I will be referencing this post for sure. :)

    Shoutout to Bonheur Prints — recently started by a friend of mine & their goal is to sell affordable photographs/art.

  26. one of my favorites remains the photo prints i found here a while back of the dear beds! so natural, artistic, human, warm and soothing. do you still have that hanging somewhere?

  27. Fab list! I can’t wait to get a bigger place with more wall space. Mine’s already full.

    One you missed is my etsy shop full of photography prints and canvases, including some from my last solo show in November:

  28. Love your selection! Some of these works I knew, some are completely new to me, thank you for introducing us to them. The Ocean print has been one of my favorites for a while, maybe I should just get it :)
    If you should ever look for new photography prints, I’m selling landscape, animal and travel photography (Scotland, Norway, Italy and more) in my Etsy shop :)

  29. Awesome post! I really want to put up some great (but affordable) art when I get a place of my own soon!

  30. My go-to framer is Michael’s (the craft store)! There is always a coupon out there somewhere; every weekend I see coupons for 40% or 60% off custom framing. They do a wonderful job too. As I type this, I am admiring three paintings around the room that they’ve done well! Highly recommended, great selection of frames.

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  32. Thank you for these links! Always looking for affordable art.

  33. has affordable art and frames

  34. also love!

  35. You forgot my favorite site – they commission well known artists to make limited edition prints for kids. It’s my go-to for both my kids rooms and for getting special gifts for all the children in our life.

  36. joanna! thanks so much for including me in this gorgeous roundup, and for the super awesome suggestions. xo, clare

  37. I love that you did an art round-up! Ann Shen (shopannshen on etsy) and Jeff Claassen ( are my favorites for filling empty spaces on my walls. Wildly different styles, but both are totally unique and very affordable. Affordability is nice because you can buy multiples and make clusters which I think look better.

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  39. Love the suggestion to look for artists in your area, and all the framing resources above, too! Another good idea is to gather inexpensive art while you travel; to create your own art with lines, chevron, blocks of color etc. Especially grateful for framing resources in reference to this suggestion.

  40. thanks for featuring my recipe!
    x felicita

  41. Lots of great, affordable, and original paintings on They have a good search engine to narrow your choices.

    Hunters Alley also has art.

  42. Lots of great, affordable, and ORIGINAL! paintings on :)

  43. Thanks so much! I just purchased a Kari Herer print for my little sister for her birthday!

  44. Joanna- I know someone mentioned, but would really love for you to also share your framing sources, and also maybe to include some tips on how to frame on a budget? As I’ve noticed in your apartment tours, you have this “affordable” art that is framed beautifully, and at the end of the day, I have a feeling thousands of dollars were spent on not just the art, but the frames.Any nice ones are so expensive! So if you do have good inexpensive sources, please share!

  45. SL says...

    So many unique prints! Thank you for the roundup, Joanna. I love clare elsaesser’s pillow series. Makes me want to dive into bed for a nap.

  46. Ditto on what Amanda Lee said! Now, the problem is, how can I get any work done when I have so many great websites to look at?? Sigh.

  47. !!!!! Such great stuff! They specialize in affordable, original art and even have some of the artists you just mentioned. They are definitely my go-to when I need something new for my apartment!

  48. I’m so glad you posted this. Original art looks so much more grown up than posters or small, framed photos. It makes a HUGE difference! Super duper resources, thank you!

  49. Hello Joanna,

    I started a gallery in 2009 called that sells affordable, fine art photographs by rising stars in the emerging art scene (I have a partnership with an international photo competition called Flash Forward which is where the artists I show come from).

    I was wondering if you’d take a second to check out our site! Either way, I love this post, love your blog and read it religiously (or A LOT anyway :).

    Here’s to more and more people buying art!

    Thanks again,

    Emily McInnes
    Founder and Director

  50. 20×200 is amazing. Different artists & editions. I buy all my art there.

  51. Love this post! Not that I don’t love hilarious Toby and sweet little Anton, but it’s nice to see a non-mommy post every once and a while! The balance is why I’ve been a dedicated reader for three years :)

  52. If you haven’t visited you really should. It was just voted best art website for the Webbys. You can browse art by category, medium, artist, and even set price ranges. Also, they championed the art genome project, which like Pandora radio and Last fm, generates “artists you might like” options based on the criteria you set in your searches. It’s pretty bad ass and definitely a great source to discover new art.

  53. Thank you so much! This was really useful!

  54. To save on framing, try and You just have to measure and assemble them yourself.

  55. These are wonderful! I cannot wait to stop being a student so that I can grow up and decorate a home! x

  56. We buy concert posters! Big problem is that they don’t tend to come in standard frame sizes and it is SO expensive to custom frame.

    In general I don’t have a problem finding affordable art, but again the problem is finding affordable frames! Even a small print costs close to $100 to have custom framed and cheaper ones from target/ikea/michaels tend to scratch and dent very easily. Any recommendations??

  57. Really good list, thank you Joanna. I also always go to the affordable art fair when it’s in New York, they host it around the world and my girlfriend runs the singapore one. More info here: some of the prices are thither but there’s a really good range and it’s fun to take te kids. Lucy x

  58. Getty Images just launched, where you can buy lots of artwork, famous or otherwise, for your walls. Really cool archival imagery, too.

  59. Love this! You have such a great eye (and your apartment looks beautiful). I write about affordable art all the time (and help clients find it). Thanks so much for posting these sources!

  60. Great finds Joanna, i see some of my faves here and added new ones
    thank you for featuring my pears

  61. Great finds Joanna, i see some of my faves here and added new ones
    thank you for featuring my pears

  62. Love the American Buffalo print but they don’t seem like they are affordable (except for the 7’x9″) especially as prints. If you have that much money to drop why not get an original piece of art? I would highly recommend going on a local gallery walk where you can meet artists and buy from them directly. Buying even one painting from an artist can make a huge difference!!

    8.5″ x 11″ • image size 7″ x 9″ • $25
    11″ x 17″ • image size 10″ x 13″ • $75
    16″ x 20″ • limited edition of 100 • $350
    24″ x 30″ • limited edition of 25 • $950
    30″ x 40″ • limited edition of 10 • $2500 4 left
    40″ x 52″ • limited edition of 8 • $5500 3 left

  63. Through the years I’ve discovered wonderful contemporary artists at local art fairs. I also frame and hang my vintage tea towels in my kitchen and hallway. I rotate them every couple of months. I change the poster board behind them (which serves as a matte) to coordinate with the colors in the towels. They never fail to garner compliments by guests. Unique and affordable art!

  64. Lovely prints! I’m going to be a proud older sibling and give a plug for Print Club Boston:, run by my very talented sister, Elizabeth Corkery.

  65. Oh scratch that; I didn’t realize 20×200 had come back! Their site was down for so long. Exciting!

  66. Sirena, that’s an awesome point! There are so many wonderful artists in every community. If you don’t know where to start when searching for artists in you area, try selecting the “shop local” feature on Etsy to get a list of sellers nearby. I’ve had a number of buyers contact me directly after doing this and the commissions from those contacts really sustain my business as an artist! Also Saatchi Art Online has a FANTASTIC collection of original works and prints at a number of price points. (WWW.SAATCHIART.COM) Saatchi offers a really wonderful interactive online community too, for artists and buyers alike.

  67. Great ideas Joanna! What about framing? Its so expensive to frame … any ideas?!

  68. jennifer, i *think* mindy kaling has a clare elsaesser print in her office on the show!

  69. This is all great, but I’d also like to add, if you are looking for affordable art, don’t assume the amazing artists in your community are out of reach! Original artwork can be surprisingly accessible and you are not just supporting a local member of your community, you’re purchasing a one of a kind creation to be treasured for generations. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out my sister-in-law’s amazing artwork at, or look for an artist near you – I know we all want to live in communities with artists in them, so let’s support our artists too :-)

  70. Great post! I was just searching for some affordable art this morning!

  71. The Tappan Collective!

  72. Thank you for this! I have been looking everywhere for affordable art and you nailed it!

  73. This is the post that I have been searching for!! I have been looking for art for our apartment forever. Thank you!!!!