Cookie Swap

So, last night, I hosted the Cookie Swap!

The ladies came over at 7pm with containers full of lemon squares, magic bars, homemade thin mints, and Cornflake cookies, among many others. The coffee table was overflowing. (Toby made a quick cameo before bedtime; you can see him cuddled in my friend Samantha‘s arms above.)

We passed around pitchers of ice-cold milk (and bottles of wine), and people found cozy spots on the floor to hang out.

Megan (right) made her grandmother’s recipe for bark with almonds, chocolate and Matzoh!

Susan Cernek, a fashion editor at Glamour, didn’t have time to make cookies, so she brought bottles of nail polish instead. :)

Alex came home just in time to say hello to the ladies, including pretty Lee from Copenhagen.

Toby zonked out about fifteen minutes into the festivities, but we still doted on him (and his sweet bald head) by video monitor.

It was a really fun evening and yummy excuse to get together. Thank you so much to everyone who came! xoxo

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  2. It’s always this kind of treat to determine how we plus Alex fill up your house together with these love and contentment.

  3. This specific looks like such enjoyable! It’s always this kind of treat to determine how we plus Alex fill up your house together with these love and contentment.

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  5. I LOVE how no matter where you are in the world a get together with female friends always looks the same ! Awesome ! I think I just might have to start this tradition down my part of the world ~ New Zealand xxx Lou

  6. I LOVE how no matter where you are in the world a get together with female friends always looks the same ! Awesome ! I think I just might have to start this tradition down my part of the world ~ New Zealand xxx Lou

  7. oh yummy and what fun! i wonder how a cookie swap on this side of the ocean would go over with my amici…hmmmm

  8. I’m pretty sure someone in my life needs to invite me to a cookie swap ASAP. Or I’ll have one for my next birthday–the big 2-2. That sounds like loads of fun.

  9. Such a great idea for a get together! Mmmm. . . lemon squares and cookies are always a great excuse for a party!

  10. I’m taking this idea for a party in Nov. Awesome thank you!=)

  11. Marie b says...


    One of the girls on the 3rd picture looks like Garance Doré. Or is she? :-)

    Cookies parties sound so american to me. It is amazing ;-) We should importate that!

    Marie (from Belgium)

  12. la franglaise, yes! she’s eight months pregnant and GORGEOUS. her dress is a regular (loose) dress from club monaco.

  13. this is just adorable! I’m so glad you shared this!!

  14. delicious! what’s better than friends + cookies (& nail polish!)?! hope you had lots of leftovers!

  15. oh joanna, it’s wonderful how you fill your place with beautiful people and yummy cookies! :)

  16. x says...

    it’s always great to come here! you make people’s life better in some way. :) *

  17. What a fun party! Since I am totally in babyland at the moment, I can’t help but notice your friend in the stripey dress: is she expecting? I think I can see a pretty belly bump. She’s looks beautiful, anyway. Thanks for this peek into your life!

  18. I would LOVE the recipe for the homemade thin mints!! Please share!

  19. Love this idea! It looks like you girls had so much fun…thinking of hosting my own cookie swap soon :)

  20. please, oh, please: links to recipes!

  21. FUN! I wish I was there! I want to have a cookie party now! LOVE THIS!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  22. carina, i LOVE those!!!!! and melinda, i invited about 10 girls, since i figured that way, we wouldn’t have too many cookies overall and would have more of an intimate feel. and krys, some people brought printed-out recipes which was great!

  23. thanks for these sweet comments! nicole, the rug is actually from Pottery Barn; we got it new from ebay.

  24. What a great idea! I am so keen for a cookie swap now.

  25. Looks like a blast! A cookie party is a great idea! I may have to do that soon for an excuse to see all my ladies!!

  26. What great (mostly) girlie fun! I’d love to do that!

  27. LOVE cookie swaps! Such a great excuse to get together!

  28. video monitor

  29. Sounds like the kind of girl day I just love!! Good friends, some primping, a couple of men (Toby included) for a minute or two, talking like girls do, and COOKIES!!!! What’s not to LOVE?!! ^_^

  30. A fun, relaxed party! Warmly, Karen

  31. is that a beni ourain rug? im obsessed!

  32. What a lovely group of young ladies! The idea of a cookie swap party is just delicious. Mind if I steal it?

  33. It was such a fun night. What a perfect idea for a party. I wish I got to talk to each girl more. They were all so great. I have to say though that my favorite part of the evening was my Toby cuddle!

  34. What a great idea (and could totally go for some cookies for breakfast!)…I love any excuse to host fun get togethers with my friends too!

  35. yummy… a lot of cookies and friends. I’m going to copy this brilliant idea :)

  36. looks like a lovely evening. what a great idea.

  37. how many people do you recommend to invite to something like this, in order for it to be an success?

  38. Its like a cool and modern Martha Stewart’s party! awesome!

  39. looks like you all had such a great time…great shots of friends catching up and having lots of fun

  40. I love cookie swaps! Must have been a great night.

  41. How FUN!! I’m so hosting a cookie swap – STAT! :)

  42. oh wow! looks like a totally wholesome (albeit the wine) day. Hope you had lots of peanut-butter-and-chocolate goodies!

  43. What a cute idea!!!! Sounds like you had a great time!

  44. I’m so jealous! I wish I was there! I was just going through a Martha Stewart mag from earlier this summer and there you were – at a fun party – and I was jealous then too!!!

  45. I can only wish i had as many friends as you! NYC can be one of the loneliest places in the world sometimes.

  46. What a great idea. I think I’ll try this for my upcoming birthday! Thanks for sharing!

  47. What a great idea and lovely evening!! Now I will definately have to try a cookie swap party sometime! – Great post, thanks for sharing! :)

  48. Looks like so much fun. I like that a cookie swap in the summer….mix it up. Did everyone bring the recipe to share also?

  49. Aww, that sounds and looks like such a fun and cosy party! I love those types of events. The cookies look delicious. And Toby is THE most precious thing.

    Thanks for sharing!


  50. This looks like so much fun! And all the cookies look delicious.

  51. What a lovely gathering! This post makes me happy :-)

  52. Um, doesn’t everyone eat cookies for breakfast?

    You say it like it is a naughty thing.

  53. Um, doesn’t everyone eat cookies for breakfast?

    You say it like it is a naughty thing.

  54. Sophie says...

    Ooh, never heard of a video baby monitor! Cool.

  55. Anonymous says...

    This looks like such a fun, relaxing get together! Glad Alex made an appearance and that Toby slept through most of it! Now I am craving a cookie!

  56. thanks, joanna! i’ve been trolling amazon but don’t have quite as much time for research as usual. ;) i’ll check it out now and try to add it to my order. i’d love to introduce our little rascal– we call him zay– to a little more solo time with his crib buddies.

  57. Awesome :) I’m hosting a cookie exchange this Saturday. Hope there are as many yummy goodies.

  58. how fun, joanna! i need to steal this idea. :)

  59. I will be stealing this idea come autumn! Looks like a blast. :)

  60. delicious! I want to do the same thing! Looks like so much fun!
    xo tash

  61. Love this! I host one every December :)

  62. Looks like fun!
    I totally forgot that I staged a cookie swap last year… You’ve inspired me — perhaps it’s time for another :)

  63. Oh how I wish I was there – so many delicious looking goodies!!

  64. Looks like a fun and delicious night!


  65. OMG, what a great idea. I have to be a copy cat and invite my friends for a party like this. And a fellow Copenhagener at the party just makes it look even more cozy:-)

    BTW – I know it’s so uncool to link to your own posts, but Joanna, íf you don’t already know about these, you have to! A ‘lurve’ necklace and a ‘lurve’ poster! They both made me want to do a little dance:-D




  66. that looks like a delicious and uber-fun time. i love the cold milk idea and the coziness of your apartment filled with people.

  67. That looks SO good! I wouldn’t know what to try first! I’m definitely doing this with my friends! Super great idea. Glad you had fun!

  68. That is honestly such a brilliant idea! Most definitely will pass on that idea to my friends..cookies and pastries swap (why not!)
    Lots of love,

  69. This looks amazingly fun! You’re quite the cookie hostess!

  70. Such a great idea and delicious, too :)

  71. I’m just gonna throw it out there, if you feel like you have TOO MANY cookies…I know an address in North Carolina that gives a good home to unwanted, orphaned baked goods…

  72. what a wonderful idea to get everybody together!

  73. p.p.s. i’ve been trying to organize my massive list of links for a month now! Awesome idea you have for rotating them. I’m thinking of dividing mine into categories….now I just have to find the time hahaha :)

  74. I love this idea! Consider it stolen…

  75. Sounds like so much fun!!

    p.s. you can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies. I still pour a glass of milk and get giddy when my mom makes them!! xoxo

  76. lemon bars sound so good! You have some lovely friends! :]

  77. I need to host one of these at my apartment

  78. Nothing better than a night with friends. I’m going to see Eat, Pray, Love tonight with my dear friend from when we were just babies. Best girlfriends are the BEST!


  79. oh, juniper, we’re obsessed with our video monitor. it’s the brand Summer. we got it on amazon. xo

  80. this is awesome! i have a two month old– isaiah rumi– and am trying to introduce some of these magical tricks that allow for adult time, like ‘bedtime’ and ‘video monitor.’ can you tell me which video monitor you use and whether you like it? would be such a help! thanks, juniper.

  81. oh this looks fun + delicious! i had an idea for a milkshake party this summer + never got around to it. i’m re-inspired!

  82. What a fantastic idea!! Cookies and girlies, you can’t go wrong!

  83. This looks so fun! I’ve had a craving for no-bake cookies recently, and your post about the cookie swap has made it final: I’m going to get the no-bake ingredients at the store this evening. Soon my kitchen will be filled with peanut buttery, chocolately oatmeal goodness.

  84. Wow! What a brilliant idea. I don’t think I know enough people so would just eat all of the cookies myself!

    You are brilliant.

    Laura :D

  85. i have to say, this looks like just about the trendiest crowd i’ve seen at a cookie swap! haha i love it, you guys are all so new york chic :) such a cute idea, thanks for sharing!

  86. Sounds so fun! (:

  87. sounds incredibly fun and love the idea of doing this in the summer, instead of the usual, ‘Christmas cookie swap!’

    any excuse for more cookies in my life is a good one:)

  88. SO much fun. still recovering! xo

  89. Good idea, must replicate immediately. I’ve been wanting to make the Peppermint Milano style recipe in the newest Everyday Food.

  90. Looks like a great time with lovely ladies!

  91. i was wondering if you made those delicious looking peanut butter crispy bars as well…maybe next time! looks like so much fun..and quite the assorment of yummy cookies!

  92. I need to have one of these, I bake almost every day and end up giving my bisciuts and fairy cakes away to people. Love the milk idea too!

  93. Anonymous says...

    Whoa. Those blue strappy sandals look so cute on her.

  94. It seems like a lovely evening! Food and smiles all around.

  95. A friend of mine hosts a cookie exchange every December – it’s so much fun and it’s become quite the tradition!

  96. thanks for these sweet comments! Meredith, i totally wussed out on the peanut butter crispy bars and just made chocolate-chip cookies instead :)

  97. Your party turned out so wonderful! The treats look divine and I love the nail polish addin! All of your friends are so beautiful and stylish! I’m pretty sure I’m in the mist of copying your little party. . . Thanks for always having great ideas Joanna!

  98. Joanna, you are adorable. I love this little peek into your home life. It’s brimming with friends and love and great times. And the cookie party looks like it was a hit!

  99. This looks like an absolutely lovely evening! I can’t help but think what stylish friends you have :)

  100. Such a beautiful and lovely gathering of friends. The best things in life are free as they say. These images are proof..
    Thanks for sharing them..!

  101. M. says...

    such a fun party…love the cookies and wine…or how it goes??? cookies and milk? No?

  102. This looks wonderful! Such a simple and fun party to host! How did the peanut butter crispies turn out…a big hit?

  103. I love cookie swaps. We try to have several during the Christmas holidays. Looks like fun was had by all!

  104. It looks like it was a fun night.

  105. Oh how much fun!!! Friends and cookies! You’re so lucky to have such a great group of ladies nearby.

  106. I mean…Life is all about…a great circle of friends:)

  107. ..It really looks like a loving group of friends…Your party idea is so cool and I can see that all the girls really had fun…Life is always a good company and amazing group of friends…As I can see you have that for sure:)

    Cograts on such s sucessful party!

    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)

  108. So simple & so lovely- thanks for sharing your sweet night with us.

  109. oh yummm i want to be there ;-))
    lovely photo’s!

  110. This is so much better than doing it in December when everyone is crazy busy and eating way too much anyway. I’m totally on this!

  111. How charming! And I love how all your friends dress. So stylish in a causal yet chic way.

  112. aw, thank you so much! it was a delicious night…and we had cookies for breakfast today, too :)

  113. This looks like such fun! It’s always such a treat to see how you and Alex fill your home with such love and happiness.


  114. The only things we truly have are the things we share with others! I love your idea and the blog, especially Toby always bring a smile to my face! Hello from Belgrade!