10 favorite wallpapers

Our Brooklyn apartment hunt is slowing down (since apparently most people don’t list their apartments before the holidays), but I’ve still been daydreaming about decorating! Wouldn’t it be lovely to wallpaper just one wall in a bedroom or living room? Here are ten beautiful ones…

1. Paris. 2. Forest 3. Blue feathers 4. London gents 5. Grey waves 6. Sailboats 7. Bookcase 8. Owls 9. Morning in Manhattan 10. Animals

Aren’t these pretty? Which do you like best?

(Top photo features wallpaper by Josef Frank from Lisa Grue’s home. Graphic design elements by Rachel for Cup of Jo)

  1. Really Fav Wallpapers

  2. Very cool and beautiful wallpapers! I love the forest wallpaper.

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  5. The Grey Waves paper is just beautiful. So whimsical. x

  6. I have a Pinterest Board of my favorite wallpapers. I only chose non-woven ones so they’re easy to remove (they come down in one piece instead of a million tiny pieces, and don’t damage your wall). Perfect for rentals:

    I also posted an article about this in Urbanette Magazine (


  7. I love the paris wallpaper!!!

  8. PS If you have any wallpaper projects in mind, I’d be more than happy to provide you w/some wallpaper; we have that on, like I said previously, called Paris! I am sadly not very crafty, but appreciate those that are!

  9. Love these! The blue feathers is the cover for a wallpaper craft book: Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art!

    Also, we sell the Paris Wallpaper in our online store: We call it Euro Tour. I noticed your link doesn’t work, and so I thought I’d mention our store as a place to purchase. : ) If I may?!

  10. I just adore the Owls, I NEEd to Pin!! :)

  11. i like the blue feathers wallpaper as it gives a soothing effect..

  12. i’d love to make wallets out of them!


  13. Perfect! Adore the Peacock feathers and the Parisian scene for a powder room!

    Art by Karena

  14. The owls is my favorite because it’s just so playful yet somehow a little sophisticated. I am very intimidated by wallpaper, though. I’ve been wanting to try it for years but end up painting instead.

  15. I like the waves one best. But I admit, after recently having to remove old, not-so-pretty wallpaper in our new house, I don’t know if I could ever willingly put it up myself – that stuff is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. Granted, it was likely put up in the 70s and I’m sure they have better glue that removes easily, but these experiences definitely make you think twice :)

  16. Oh wow! Those aren’t boring Waverly. :) I love how calming the ocean waves are! That would be adorable in a bathroom behind a claw foot tub. I also love those books! That would make a library/study/living room so cozy and inviting. They would also be an excellent way to create an out of the ordinary accent wall.

  17. I live for wallpaper! When I moved into my current apartment, my friend said my wallpaper looked like something from a slasher movie, but it’s the reason I fell in love with this place!

    The books wallpaper is fantastic–as a future librarian, I approve of the wallpaper and the titles I can make out.

  18. I think they had the grey waves in the elevator at the Chicago BHLDN store (so you know it must be beautiful!). It looked great in the small space, and the seams were hard to notice. We all commented on how much we liked it!

  19. wow, those waves are incredible! i’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend that we should do one wall in wall paper, but so far he’s been resistant to the idea….most of the options out there are too girly, or too over-powering….and this wave print is just perfect! i can’t wait to show him! :)

  20. We live in an old Toronto house similar to what I’d expect in Brooklyn… love the old tall gumwood baseboards, coffered ceilings, heavy wood doors. We have William Morris wallpaper in the dining room the hallways, mostly to cover up the insanity of plaster that exists in an old house like this. Wallpaper is essential! Love the kind of romantic bohemian feel of his patterns. We have the peaches and the large green flowers.

  21. Either waves or blue feathers, both beautiful. I love the idea of one wallpapered wall and the rest painted in a neutral colour.
    May I ask how come you’re moving?

  22. If you want really cool wallpaper, check out Flavor Paper (from Cobble Hill, BK!) crazy cool motifs, even modernized, Brooklyn-themed toile by the Beastie Boys!

  23. The grey waves make me want to draw them directly on the wall. Great finds!

  24. Its a tie for me between the cherries and the Eiffel Towel (which is so kitsch, but I love it nonetheless!).

  25. I love the sailboats and bookcase one. Definitely want to have at least a wall with wallpaper on it when I get my own place. Just for something different.

  26. Those London Gents are so cute! Wouldn’t they be great in a coat closet or little boy’s room? Very sweet.

    • uhm… I just remember that the first pic is a pic of your bedroom… well, nothing new for you then! sorry about that! :-)

  27. these are so great. love the london gents! i feel like it’d be so much fun in a bathroom or somewhere else unexpected.

  28. @theunemployedbrooklynite–that’s awesome AND removable!

  29. susie, no way! i’d love to see a photo:) and amber, totally — our realtor says that people often list their homes just before the end of the school year, since so many people move according to the academic calendar (if they have kids in school, etc.) so rest easy over the holidays! :)

  30. I love the sailboat one :) I’d like it even more if it was in gray so you can just have it on one wall in a nursery.

  31. i have the first “Paris” one up in our baby’s nursery! it looks great in his room! the only problem is he gets so distracted staring at the wallpaper sometimes he won’t nap!

  32. H says...

    Oh goodness the forest wallpaper is perfect! I would definitely consider that or the wave one, possibly for a bathroom or a random hallway even.

  33. Oh my, that book wallpaper is making me delirious! It’s beyond amazing.

  34. What a wonderful selection! Thanks for posting this as we’ve been looking for the perfect wallpaper and these give me so many ideas!!

  35. I love all of them! Good luck on finding a place ! I am looking also in California, I never thought to wait until after the holidays! That makes me feel a little bit better. Love your blog!

  36. LK says...

    I love the Paris, London gents, and manhattan wallpapers. I guess I have a thing for cities. I am house hunting and because I live alone and don’t have to consider another opinion, I would definitely put the Paris paper up in my office when I make my purchase. It would be so lovely.

  37. oh my gosh, i always associated wallpaper with a really bad basement i lived in during college (think NEON, even on the ceilings), but then i went to a girl’s house recently and she had just lovely wallpaper in her home…and now i want it. your choices are excellent.

  38. Ooo…you had me at Paris. I’m scared of wallpaper. What if I get tired of it? It’s so hard to remove, isn’t it? Maybe wallpaper has evolved since I was a kid. If you wish it away, does it just peel itself off?

  39. The bookcase one is adorable! That would be cute to cover the back of a bookcase and fill the bookcase with knick knacks and keepsakes.

  40. I have a book fetish. So it’s gotta be Bookcase. O_O

  41. oh my gosh, these are great. I’ve been trying to psych myself up to wallpaper our guest 1/2 bath – I’ve never wallpapered before and I’m nervous!

  42. i lurrrve wallpaper. we have an accent wall in our living room and now i’m on the hunt for temporary wallpaper to put up in our bedroom. i’m a fan of oh joy’s peony design in the white/gold but too nervous to pull the trigger – feels too permanent. but i might just have to bite the bullet and do it because i can’t find any removables that are like it.

  43. I am an unabashed fan of eccentric wallpaper!
    These are wonderful choices, all!

  44. I love all of these especially the bookcase one…it would be perfect for a home library or office!

  45. Wallpaper has so been on my mind lately. Also, large scale paintings instead, possibly.

  46. I love the idea of wallpapering one wall. That, or having loads of picture frames on just one wall. Or just one really brightly painted wall… I have no intention of moving out my apartment anytime soon but I still daydream about how I’d decorate my dream home! :)

  47. I like the orange sails and green animals for a little kid’s room. When I finally have a house, I want to have one wall of a kid’s room to be funky fun wallpaper.

  48. I’ve been trying to find some wallpaper for one wall in our house, and I want it to be striking, and that feather wallpaper just might be the one. Love. Great selection!

  49. LOVE the forest one. I really, really love that!

  50. sigh.

    it’s a sickness. my wallpaper obsession. I’ve spent more money on $5 wallpaper samples than I care to admit. {shhh, don’t tell my husband} I have a binder full of beautiful patterns and colors and dots and scenes, yet nary a papered wall. strange, yes, but it will all pay off some day. it must!

    like you, I yearn to move and when it happens, boy will I be ready!!! ha!

  51. I think I would use the waves and the black one with the animals. But the one with the books speaks right to my heart!

  52. I really do wish you guys well with your apartment hunt! Maybe something will come out after the holidays.
    These wallpapers…I want every one! My favorite of all is the London City Gents. Really perfect.

  53. I love these! But wallpapers can be a pain in the long run. I just discovered steciling walls. Its not the same stencils grandma used to have. They are hip and modern. Changes a room like wallpaper does, without the commitment. :-)

  54. The top photo just had to be Swedish (since being Swedish myself…) with Josef Frank wall papers and the additional rucksack from Fjällräven…
    Great post!

  55. Paris and London Gents have me swooning… My great aunt had a pretty cartoon lady with long hair in a bath on her bathroom walls.

  56. Ooooo! I love them!
    I want to wallpaper one room when I get my own place. I think it would be so pretty, especially with solid walls in an accenting color.

    I really love the london/paris one. And the bookcase!


  57. I love the forest print, very sweet.

  58. these are perfect for that small guest bathroom.
    love these.
    ok to share this link in my friday roundup?

  59. I love the London gents one! I am inspired!

  60. Love the green animal one!

  61. I love the waves!