Kid & Coe: Vacation Rental Website for Families

Kid & Coe is a brilliant new site that curates family-friendly vacation rentals—with cribs, toys, books, high chairs, everything you might need when traveling with little ones. You wouldn’t have to tiptoe around worried that your child would mess up a fancy sofa or get into the bookcases, and your kiddo would have bunch of cool new toys to play with!

Here are three beautiful places, below…
A house in London (this is actually Courtney’s place!)…

A barn in upstate New York

An apartment in Los Angeles

Which would you want to stay in? Here are all their homes around the world—from San Francisco to Mexico to the Swiss Alps. Thumbs up, Kid & Coe!

P.S. Vacation rentals that are run like hotels, and the the houseboat we rented in Amsterdam. Plus, 10 tips for traveling with a baby.

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    But first, the three-bedroom cabin in Sonoma.

    I need some fresh air and the woods look incredible!

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  5. What an awesome idea! My family of 4 almost always stays in vacation rentals when traveling, so cool to have one go-to resource for family friendly rentals.

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  9. This is fantastic! Definitely sharing with family and friends!

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  11. There are also companies, like Hamptons Baby Gear, who provide baby equipment rentals to bring the comforts of home away from home. Most deliver, setup and pickup too. We’d be happy to help any of your readers who are looking to rent one of the Hamptons offerings with all of the accessories that may not be included – jogging stroller, changing table, diaper pail, etc.

  12. What a great idea! It would definitely take some of the stress out of travelling with small children, knowing you don’t have to lug all of their stuff along with you.

  13. Thanks for sharing. I have a small child and our family is getting a Cape Cod summer rental next year so I would love to get some ideas of how to make our summer home more enjoyable and appropriate for our daughter. Thanks again.

  14. waw, thats a m a z i n g

  15. Brilliant! I’ve just applied for our place to be on it! Not sure if our city is popular enough though!

  16. Brilliant! I’ve just applied for our place to be on it! Not sure if our city is popular enough though!

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  18. does the same thing! Not that I travel a lot currently but I love the idea of having a much more personal option to stay in when traveling.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  19. I’d love to sleep in those tiny little beds

  20. Amazing idea, great places at great locations, too bad it’s so expensive!

  21. OMG! I just had this idea this summer! We stayed at a friend’s house while they were out of town and not having to bring a pack and play, travel high chair, toys, etc was SO amazing, not to mentioned it was already baby proofed for our very curious 16 month old. As soon as we walked in the house and he saw all the toys he exclaimed, “OOOOO!” and parked himself on the floor for a good hour. I told my wife then, someone needs to come up with vacation rentals for families! Brilliant idea. :)

  22. A few years ago i wouldn’t have imagined that i would be dreaming of a family friendly vacation. These pictures have got me ready to pack our bags and head off with tha husband and our eighteen month old. Somewhere that won’t drain the pockets. Thanks for the head start!

  23. totally recognized courtney’s house from instagram. we have the same piano and i’ve admired her kitchen for months!! will definitely check out kid and co. thanks!

  24. Gorgeous! Too bad they don’t seem to be in our price range–they look like great places to stay!

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My husband and I have started renting homes instead of staying at hotels since our son was born two years ago. Homes are so much cozier and less stressful than hotels. This site is great. I’m particularly eyeing the South of France homes. :) Hopefully they’ll add some residences in Paris soon, too.

  26. wow, this is amazing!!! I was just looking through the other rental site you shared recently- the one that our parents would like- ie not an actual person’s home. lol but so many were not family friendly- no kids allowed. And my cousin who is English has used a similar site when traveling with their 2 yo around Europe, and spoke highly of it! so I am incredibly happy you shared this! phew!


  27. What an excellent idea! Every vacation we scan Airbnb hoping we can find a good child friendly option, but we’re still unsure until we actually see it ourselves. This would take all the guesswork out. It might actually be possible to have a real vacation with children! Thank you so much! Super idea!

  28. jm says...

    I have fallen down the rabbit hole of planning my next vacation…

  29. These are all really gorgeous examples of design, but I don’t quite get the “family friendly” aspect. White walls, white couches, white bedding, white flooring, a 5- or 6-foot tower of books (maybe a barely-visible tall and very narrow bookcase, rather than a tower waiting to fall?) I’m going to guess none of these places actually look this way when guests arrive. If anything, they look LESS kid-friendly than most rentals.

    • Hi Happily – we can assure that they are kid-friendly – the vast majority of the homes on Kid & Coe are owned and occupied by families and rented out when they go on vacation. So, they’ve been tried and tested by kids already…and we’d NEVER recommend that a family stays somewhere where a child might get squashed by a falling bookcase ; )

      The team at Kid & Coe

  30. OMG that barn in upstate New York looks like heaven. I haven’t taken a vacation in about 2 years (true story). This looks like the perfect, close-by getaway.

  31. This is a really neat idea, I would definitely consider the barn in upstate NY, that seems like the most perfect place to take kids!

  32. Great idea! The last VRBO place we rented we had to photograph where all the breakables went, hide them all in a closet, then put them all back before we left. It would be nice to skip that part of traveling with a toddler! :-)

  33. Love this! Can’t wait to try one out!!

  34. Hello Cup of Jo readers!

    Thank you so much for all this great feedback – and thank you Joanna for the sweet writeup. Seems there’s been so much love headed our way that our site is having trouble keeping up! We’re getting bigger robots on the job as we speak – sorry for any possible hiccups.

    The Kid & Coe Team

  35. This is a silly little pet peeve of mine, and I don’t think the language is going to change any time soon, but it drives me crazy that the phrase “family friendly” actually means “suitable for parents with young children.” For those of us who can’t/don’t have children, it reinforces the idea that our families are not “real” families.

    • I can understand your frustration, but if you look in just about any dictionary, the most basic definition of “family” is something along the lines of “a social unit made up of parents and their children.” As more and more people are choosing not to have children, that will likely change, but there you have it.
      If it’s any consolation, there is a whole universe of absolutely dreamy looking hotels, b&bs, and other lodging scenarios that are off-limits to those of us traveling with young children. For us, it’s very helpful that there is a label that lets us know our kiddos will be welcome.

    • Really? Hotels which refuse people travelling with children? I highly doubt this.

    • Yes, actually there are loads of hotels and resorts that are for adults only. They tend to be romantic and overlooking the ocean somewhere…

    • Yes, actually there are loads of hotels and resorts that are for adults only. They tend to be romantic and overlooking the ocean somewhere…

  36. I’m so excited about these family vacation homes!!! I’ve already contacted one of the hosts to coordinate our first stay!! Goodbye hotel coordination with an 8 month old!! I’m looking forward to becoming a loyal customer to Kid & Coe! As always Joanna, great find/post!

  37. jm says...

    These places look amazing! It is kind of as if your child gets a special vacation IN the house itself bc of all the new toys and books – and so much easier for the parents. Great idea!

  38. This is a fabulous way to travel! Love it!

  39. Amazing!! These are so lovely. Must keep this website in mind next time we take our sweet girl on vaca with us!

  40. Great, now I want a yellow sofa. How pretty is that ?! :)

  41. I don’t have any kids but I’m definitely going to pass this on to my sister and brother-in-law who have four! Great looking – and functional – spaces.

  42. This is super! We just returned from a mini beach vacation where we were holed up in a hotel room with a three-year-old and a six-month-old. This would have totally rocked our world. Thanks for the share!