How to Do Anything

We’re taking the week off from the blog because my family is taking a mini vacation: first, hanging with relatives after my cousin’s wedding in Pittsburgh (I wore the jumpsuit! Thank you) and then taking the boys to the beach for a few days. Meanwhile, Caroline and Lexi are working their magic on our third installment of Motherhood Around the World, which we can’t wait to share, and also on some fun upcoming posts, like a black-and-white house tour, a new beauty uniform and the coolest thing to serve at a summer dinner party.

Meanwhile, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are some past posts you may have missed…

* How to look like a French girl.
* How to dress like a tomboy.
* How to pack for vacation.
* How to have the prettiest ears (of all things).
* How to make your mornings 1,000 times better.

* How to pick a perfume.
* How to give yourself a five-second hair makeover.
* How to paint lovely nails.
* How to NOT smell funny.
* How to blow dry your hair like a stylist (or fake it).

* How to say goodbye at a party.
* How to sip wine without getting lipstick on your glass.
* How to make the best avocado toast.
* How to arrange the perfect cheese tray.
* How to host an articles club (or cookie swap).

* How to mend a broken heart.
* How to have more sex.
* How to have a career you love.
* How to comfort someone who is grieving.
* How to date someone older.

* How to survive the first year of parenthood.
* How to be a slow parent.
* How to get your kids to talk at dinner.
* How to make your child feel loved.
* How to share a family bed.

* How to find affordable art.
* How to decorate a tiny apartment.
* How to pick the best flowers and arrange them.
* How to find an awesome podcast.
* How to have Instagram make you laugh (and a good thing to remember).

* How to NOT look like a tourist.
* How to pack like a fashion editor.
* How to ease your fear of flying.
* How to sound British.
* How to travel with a baby (and entertain a toddler on a plane).

Life overall:
* How to give a high five.
* How to introduce people.
* How to do the world’s hardest tongue twister.
* How to walk on ice.
* How to outsource your life.

Have a great week! We’ll be back on Friday with a link list. xoxo