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Confession: I hate winter. I always get the winter blues when it’s cold, dreary and gets dark at 4:30. So, in an effort to come up with fun wintertime activities, I had a lightbulb idea…

Let’s start an articles club this winter! An articles club would be just like a book club, but we’ll read articles. We’d all read the same story–from, say, The New Yorker or Elle–and chat over wine and snacks. It would be fascinating, timely and a much easier commitment than a book club (because, honestly, who ever finishes the book on time?:). And it would make the winter feel fun.

What do you think? Would you want to start one with your friends? I could post the articles, and we could chat about them online, too. Let me know!

P.S. I’m thinking this one for the first?

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  1. I hope you really bring this idea into a “club feel” I don’t know what that means but maybe more posts, more facilitated discussions!

  2. The article..
    That would be so hard to do. It sounds like it paid off, but I am sure the 6 months while her husband was so distant seemed like years. I just don’t know if I could do what she did.

  3. A year late, but I really like this idea. Winter is back. Again.

  4. Loove these ideas! For me, board games totally get me through the winter! My favorite is SPONTUNEOUS ( because after a few glasses of wine some of the songs my friends come up with are hysterical (not to mention their singing lol)…that’ll chase any ones blues away! ;)

  5. I love this idea!

  6. What a fabulous idea! Unfortunately South Africa is a tad on the far side! It’s summer here so will definitely have a glass of wine, with aircon going while reading your online article club!

    Thanks and have a supa fab day!

  7. Great idea! I’d love to follow you as you start this experiment and try to foster my own club of friends. Thanks!

  8. I’m in.

    That article is powerful, what strength she has to have him find his way on his own. And if his decision had been not to stay, she already knew she would be okay. She knew it. What a woman. I’d love to hear how that went from her husband’s perspective.

  9. PS, the NYT article just totally blew my mind. Tucking away for future reference, heaven forbid I should ever need that technique

  10. I ADORE this idea, particularly since i’m addicted to mag articles (lately i’ve been floored by anything from Elle UK fyi) Please count me in!!

  11. LOVE love love that idea!! i vote it be online though considering i’m in seattle and it’ll take awhile to get to NY every week ; )

  12. Yes, please! Love this idea and so will my girlfriends.

  13. oh fabulous! even in NC I get the winter blues and I love to read.

  14. Love this idea! I live in Halifax, NS and experience the same kind of icky east coast winter weather as NY. An article club gives me cozy visions of lengthy, indoor evening discussions and debates over glasses of wine. Sounds good to me! I also enjoyed the article you posted and like many of the other readers here was awed by the strength, confidence and will power this woman displayed. I have already emailed it to some girlfriends. Thanks Joanna.

  15. This sounds delightful. I would love to participate!

  16. Love the idea and the article! I live in Portland OR and the constant rain makes Winter seem extra long here.


  17. i want to join!

  18. Great idea! Lovely post!

  19. Absolutely. Count me in! I love this idea.

  20. Absolutely. Count me in! I love this idea!

  21. Love this idea! I am always struggling to find time to read a book, but would love to read an article and discuss. Please do start a club!!!

  22. This really is awesome, though based on the number of readers you have, it may be more like a forum, I suppose.
    Also, it is REAL thoughtful that you suggested online articles, so foreigners can participate easier.!

  23. I love to read! So I’m in!

  24. Hi, we’re just starting out a food/culture blog written by two hilarious girls in college, and would love it if you would check us out! We adore your blog, and it would mean the world for us if you looked at it (and maybe followed us?)

    Dalz & Rox

  25. Count me in! Great idea and a great way to connect with other people…..x

  26. I’m in! Your first article suggestion got me. It is a great article and I think it would be fun to get my friends here in Germany in on it and then discussing online would be fun too! Wonderful idea ;)

  27. Anonymous says...

    Super idea. Count me in!


  28. I am interested in joining your online article club. :) I might fall out every once in a while because of school, but reading that article you posted was nice, and it would be fun to talk about it with others.

  29. yes please. great article. i’ve learned a lot already.

  30. great idea! sounds like fun; count me in! :)

  31. I’m in! I will read any article. even I can find that time. how will we discuss?

  32. Wow. 384 comments. I wish I could read them all because that article was AMAZING and I’m curious what others thought of it. Great call Jo. Brilliant as usual.

  33. I just sent that article to 5 of my fave girlfriends who I know will just die over that article—it is timely. I’d forgotten how articles can be the best novels in less than 5 mins. I feel inspired…”Happiness comes from Within, relying on any other equation can be lethal.” Great idea!–please continue!

  34. Amazing idea! I’m definitely going to start this with my girlfriends!

  35. Hi Jo. I loved this article! With everyone disposing everything from their marriage to their leftovers so much… its great to know there are people still staying strong. She’s not a weak woman she was just staying strong for her husband when he couldn’t which is what marriage is about. It’s not always 50/50 but 20/80 or 40/60. I’m not married and am single but I know thats what it takes! I think its a great idea to do the articles club because you’re right, books are sometimes too much of a commitment and then you end up feeling shitty when you don’t finish. Love the idea & I’ll be joining in!

  36. great article!

  37. mariefrance says...

    Sooo needed that article right now! I did you know?! Just that one paragraph actually, the one about pride… I Do need to feel proud of me… let’s find out how!!! thank you!

  38. Lovely idea…I’m in too! It’s like a mini-book club.

  39. I love this idea. I’m in and great first article choice! Lots of thoughts buzzing around my head on this one!

  40. Brilliant! I’m addicted to The New Yorker and The Atlantic – it would be so great to discuss the articles (especially as the weather turns, and more time is spent warm indoors…)

  41. Great idea!

  42. I love the idea. And it’s so strange you picked that article. I read it a couple of years ago and it has stuck with me. I’m still not sure what to think. I would love to talk about it with some other ladies.

  43. that article was great, and this is a wonderful idea! Please post more articles from your club :) <3

  44. Sounds good – sign me up

  45. Great idea! definitely do online – I’m in!

  46. this is a fantastic idea! I hate to admit this but I haven’t read a book from beginning to end (other than Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and that was only the relevant parts) since I had Lucia.

    If you’re looking for people to join you for the wine drinking I’m just downtown from you and would love to join! :) yay

  47. Wonderful idea!! Would be great to do a Twitter chat to discuss everything together.

  48. Best idea ever! Gives me a legitimate excuse for constantly telling people what I just read in the New Yorker…

  49. Ah, for a sec I thought you meant in person and I got all excited! I’d even trek in to Manhattan from Brooklyn. Meet some other NY moms. But then probably 300 people would show up. No good… It’s a great idea though!

  50. I have a newborn and don’t know that I could devote time to a club BUT I read the article and it’s amazing. That is so selfless and true love. Will definitely be sharing it with others….and will keep that in mind in case it should ever happen to me or someone I love.

  51. Can I just say you are the sweetest person ever? To not only accept but embrace my all-encompassing SAD which envelopes my life from November-March, and also my proclivity towards dragging out that last chapter of a book for MONTHS (whether it is because I am in love with the book or in fear of the challenge of finding my next great read)? And perhaps make me feel like I am not the only one? I. Love. You. xo

  52. I’m in! that article was amazing!

  53. Anonymous says...

    That article helped me and my boyfriend through a terrible period in our relationship. About 3 years in we broke up because he “just wasn’t feeling it anymore” and said he wanted to be single again. I was baffled by these vague reasons he was giving me but I moved out, crushed. We remained friends and were still in contact almost every single day for about three months. During that time I read that article and decided to just wait it out but still be up front about my feelings for him. Low and behold, he came back to me. One day, things just clicked back from friendship to relationship. We moved back in together and have had three more very happy years together. In fact, we are happier now than ever before.

  54. I LOVE that idea. And that article was really good!

  55. 1) this is a great idea. I’m in grad school so I have no time for an actual book club and I have severe jealousy toward friends who can be part of one and read things that aren’t overpriced 8th edition textbooks.

    2)I’m in a marriage and family therapy program and so I absolutely love this article. What a perfect example of extending grace and sitting in the uncomfortable hardships life brings our way with those that you love. Thanks for posting!

  56. That article was amazing! I’m astonished at her resolve. I can only hope that I can learn to apply that lesson in my own life when my children are misbehaving. Thanks for sharing!

  57. I love the idea!!! I’ll keep checking back…and I may have to start an articles club with some of my friends!

  58. Definitely in favor and I loved the article. Such a great alternative to the immediate divorce. But, it takes a woman who is secure in herself. And, that isn’t easy.

  59. ilona says...

    Such an amazing idea. And such a fantastic article. It really had so many hard truths, but yet was really hopeful. I’m going to propose my book club do an article instead over the holidays when we are all pressed for time!

  60. Nina says...

    And I looove winter and getting cozy inside! I love long nights. It’s so romantic! Joanna I love the idea, sign me up! XO

  61. Loved the idea! And I already read the article. Very interesting!

  62. callie says...

    absolutely! i’m in!

  63. Oh, now that’s a brilliant idea, love it! Keep me posted :-)

  64. I´m in! if you link the articles cause i can´t get the new yorker here!

  65. Fabulous idea! Please do it! I would love if you posted the articles on the blog. A virtual article club would be so fun this winter!!

  66. Sofia says...

    I’m ready! ;)

  67. Anonymous says...

    I like how you think! :)
    Let’s do it!

  68. oh, this sounds awesome! I love hearing what others have to say – and finding new articles I might otherwise never know about!

  69. I’m in!

  70. Brilliant. And what a way to start – This is one powerful and fascinating piece. Thanks for posting… And keep it comin’!

  71. I read it! So good. Can’t wait to discuss!

  72. Love this! And it will be guilt-free because I never ever finish the book on time…

  73. My girlfriends and I are doing this!! We LOVED the idea. Thanks a bunch for sharing :)

  74. Sounds like a great idea! Let’s do it!

  75. I adore this idea, Joanna! The article you posted is so moving and encouraging. Our culture is so bent towards immediate personal satisfaction that it can be difficult to decipher our feelings and determine a course of action. It can even seemed that we are all doomed for divorce no matter how wonderful our current situation is. I so appreciate the author’s honesty and your willingness to open up new ideas to your readers. Just wonderful.

  76. that article made me cry. and think.

    thanks for sharing.

  77. I love that idea.

    I just breezed through that article and it was so inspiring and made me tear up. What a way to look at something that could be devastating. Thanks for it, and I can’t wait to read what others you have in store!

  78. elena says...

    wow. that article. intense.

  79. Sounds like a great idea. One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is read Modern Love, I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on some of the articles that just get passed by sometimes.

  80. Love this idea! The article you just shared was provocative and interesting. As someone going on 5 years of marriage, it’s a very different road than you might think before you start out on the journey. That being said, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Lots to think about with that article. Looking forward to other ones you suggest!

  81. Just finished the first article! When do we start?

  82. Anonymous says...

    Yes, please!! I think it is a brilliant idea. Doing an online version would be great for me too! Thank you!

  83. Love the idea…just read that article in like 2 minutes…tears. Thank you for sharing. I loved the author’s honesty and strength. I am not sure I could do that were I in her position…

  84. This is a wonderful idea! Count me in!! Going to start reading the first one now!

  85. Love the idea, loved the article! (I’ve lived through that same experience in my marriage, with a husband who is sometimes depressed and takes it out on me. I, too, have learned not to take it personally, and give him space until it passes, when he becomes my beloved husband again. It’s hard. This article really resonated with me.)

  86. Love this idea! I work in the city and live in the ‘burbs so feel like I don’t have time to do a book club…too much pressure to read a full book. But an article? This I can handle.

    And I just finished reading the one you suggested and really enjoyed it and I have a feeling I won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

  87. Michelle Meltzer says...

    It’s a great idea.

    I actually re-read the NY Times Modern Love piece that you linked. I reminds me that you can’t know how life will turn out or what you’ll do in that situation though I hope I’m as levelheaded as the author.

  88. This is a fabulous idea, and what a first article to introduce it with! That woman is incredibly brave. I can’t imagine being that strong but I guess we all do things we can’t imagine ever doing… at some point.

  89. I’m in! And I love The New Yorker — an article club will help me stay current with it. Great idea!

  90. T.London says...

    Daaaamn Joanna that is such an amazing article! I really admire Laura’s strength, bravery and positivity. If I ever am put into a similar situation, I just hope I remember this article and have just as much love in my heart as Laura does. Cheers for that :)

  91. This good idea going to be warm the witer : )Wish I could joying .

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  93. Ooh please do. I’ve fallen off my book club bus and find myself needing words during my day when I’m not entrenched in a novel in the evenings at home. It has involved lots of NPR, and I would very much welcome a place to find some compelling reading material that doesn’t take more than 5 minutes from my work day. Good idea!

  94. Wow, that article is very thought-inspiring!! I’d love to hear what other people think! Will you be doing this in some kind of forum or via comments? Either way I want in!

  95. brooke says...

    i love this idea. it is perfect for busy people who still want to feel stimulated/cultured. thank you. please do it online!

  96. What a great idea! An article club is so much more realistic than a book club. I just read the article and was so moved. Great choice.

  97. I love this idea! I’ve read the article and am excited to hear other people’s thoughts!

  98. Perfect! Count me in from Istanbul, Turkey!
    Already read the first article and was moved by it.

  99. Brilliant!! I’m definitely in! Let us know details :).

  100. I’m on… I don have anyone to talk about my magazine addiction…

  101. What a great idea!

  102. i love it! and i read the first few paragraphs of that article and almost cried at my desk… adding wine to the mix might make this a highly emotional discussion… and i want it. :)

  103. Melanie says...

    Love this idea! As a new mom whose up every 3 hours feeding/ pumping – knowing I have something to read/discuses with adult- makes me smile:)
    The article really made me think. At first I was yelling in my head “Get the lawyer!!! Make him pay for doing that!!!” buy as I continued reading, her theory made sense. I see it with my husband- when my awesome partner turns snappy and mocking – often ill turn to him and say, ” I don’t know what’s really making you stressed but you won’t take it out on me, figure it out or decide if you want to talk about it” and I’ll walk away. A couple hours/ next day he’s my husband again and filling me in on what’s on his mind. Koodos to her for being able to get through the “I don’t love you anymore” – I don’t know how she managed to keep her composure.

  104. Great idea! I’m already in a book club and can’t keep up so an article would be terrific. Let’s do it online.

  105. This is a great idea! I will definitely suggest it to my friends! Thanks.

  106. LB says...

    This is an excellent idea. I want in!!

  107. LOVE the idea and just read the article. It was fantastic. Thank you! I want more!

  108. Brilliant! I’m in. I can’t handle the pressures of a book club (I read for fun, throw in a deadline to finish a book and it sucks the joy right out), but articles I can do!