Welcome, Lexi!


I’m thrilled to officially introduce Lexi Mainland, the newest member of the Cup of Jo team. She started four weeks ago and has already been behind many cool things (hair parts, favorite podcasts, drinks on a plane). As managing editor, Lexi will be working with us on editorial posts, new series, social media and brand partnerships.

Her Backstory

Lexi comes to A Cup of Jo after more than eight years of editing, storytelling and digital strategy at The New York Times. She also won an Emmy (!) for the One in Eight Million series. She is a committed news junkie, but she says her truest passions are design, food, culture and online communities like this. Lexi lives in Manhattan (but is moving to Brooklyn in a month) with her husband, toddler son and King Charles spaniel.

Lightning Round Q. & A. With Lexi

Favorite book:
I love Joan Didion. She’s one of a few authors I’ve read almost in total and I just started the book Play It As It Lays this week. Slouching Towards Bethlehem is probably my favorite of all because it’s so transporting. You feel like you time-traveled to the grooviest parts of L.A. in the 1960s and 70s.

Favorite movie:
Terms of Endearment. Makes me cry every time, and Shirley MacLaine is everything.

TV show you always watch:
Broad City. When I’ve finally watched every episode I’ll start over again.

Daily breakfast:
Homemade smoothies are a new breakfast ritual. If anyone has great ideas for what to throw in my blender that a toddler might also enjoy, please tell me.

Random pet peeve:
Those shaggy cut-out rugs that some people put around the bottom of the toilet. Why?

Most memorable vacation:
My now-husband and I spent a summer together when I was 22 doing nothing in Italy. We were unemployed and fairly penniless, but we shared a Vespa and went all over the place. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime couple of months.

Dream vacation:
My friend Miki takes shoestring trips every year to the most amazing places you can ever imagine — remote swimming holes, sunlit caves, beaches filled with wild horses. If you don’t already, follow her on Instagram. I hope to tag along with her soon!

Irrational fear:
Because it once happened to a friend in an awful way, I am constantly afraid of emailing a huge group without meaning to. I always write emails now with nobody in the address line and only add addresses when I’m ready to send. Then I irrationally check 1,000 times. Then I check again after I send (which, I know, wouldn’t help.)

A fun fact about your dog:
Our dog Bowie has incredible emotional intuition. If you’re sad or not feeling well, he’s the first living being in our household to come over and rest his head and front paws on you.

Activities you enjoy doing with your son Jasper:
He’s so fun at 15 months. I love every minute, but I especially like to take him in the elevator to visit the super in our apartment building. It’s a big event and involves lots of blowing of kisses to a somewhat surly dude until he cracks a smile.

The #1 thing on your spring wish list:
A new pair of Pons Avarcas sandals, because I can’t imagine warm weather without them.

Something about you that might surprise people:
I’m one of the best parallel parkers in all of New York. If you don’t believe me, ask me to tell you my trick.

We’re so excited to have Lexi and know you’ll love her as much as we do. Here are a few more pics…


Fixing our hair. (Busted!)

bowie 1063 Bowie the dog.

Lexi reporting for The Times in a Manhattan courtroom, but trying (in vain!) to stay out of the photographers’ lens.

photo 1 (2) Lexi and her toddler son Jasper.

(Top portraits by Nicki Sebastian for Cup of Jo. New York Times courtroom photo by Todd Heisler)

  1. Rebecca says...

    Hi Joanna, Caroline, and Lexi,

    Love reading CupOfJo. Kind of weird question, but have you ever considered a video post? I read many blogs and occasionally think about the fact that I do not even know what the writer sounds like. I am kind of curious! For instance, Joanna – do you have an accent? (though I do remember an accent post you wrote a while back). Well either way, thank you for producing consistently readable and enjoyable content. I look forward to seeing more from your growing team.

  2. Leticia Centeno says...

    Welcome Lexi!

    Can you share your tip?
    I cannot, for the Love of God parallel park!

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Hi Leticia,

      I posted it lower down in the comments, but doing it again here too!

      Here’s how you do it: Line up your car side by side with the car that’s in front of the space you’re trying to parallel park in. By lining it up, I mean the nose of your car should be right next to the nose of that car. (Also, your car should be about 9 inches away from the other car — not too far or too close.)

      Then, slowly, in reverse, back up until the nose of your car is now lined up with the door seam of the other car. By door seam, I mean the line between the front and back doors.

      Finally, slowly back up and start turning into into the space just before the nose of your car reaches the back wheel of the car you’re next to. It may seem like you’re starting too early but it’s not! You’ll glide right in.

  3. Vicky says...

    Welcome, Lexi!
    I am so happy your team and blog is growing, Joanna!

  4. Jessi says...

    I’m currently loving the following smoothie recipe:
    Almond milk (homemade is best!)
    1 whole banana
    1 spoonful grass-fed whey
    About a tablespoon of raw chia seeds
    1 heaping handful of greens (baby spinach, baby kale)

    Delicious and nutrient dense!

  5. did someone already ask you to share the trick for parallel parking?
    If you decide to share let me know!!!

  6. Best smoothie: 1 cup of mixed frozen berries, 1/2 cup frozen mango, 2 bananas, a big splash of orange juice, and a big blob of yogurt. My kids and I have it every day.

  7. stacy says...

    Welcome Lexi! I look forward to more from her- she seems like a cool gal. The email thing! OMG I totally have this fear too! I am going to start writing the emails first like she suggested- love that!

  8. prudence marule says...

    Hi Lexi,

    I do the same thing with emails only because, I tend to write stuff in my head before I actually write it (type it) down, my twin sis is the same and she once sent a Skype gossiping about one of our colleagues to the colleague instead of to me because she was writing the Skype in her head while typing it… luckily it wasn’t anything nasty.. she was asking if i though the lady had changed her hair cause she thought it looked different, phew!

    Welcome to the team! may your new role prove challenging and fulfilling!

  9. Ronny says...

    Welcome Lexi~ I have the same fear as you when it comes to sending email. I usually checked the content 100 times before I add any email addresses. Then I check the email address 100 times. Then I check the sent folder after I sent the email. It doesn’t help when the “attach file” button is very close to the “Send” button in Outlook too.

  10. She sounds so lovely! I am jealous, however, that she has my dream job! XOXO

  11. jodie says...

    Welcome Lexi! Please share your parallel parking trick, I’m so bad at it!

  12. Shannon Salentine says...

    Love the Pons tip! I work at a stand-up desk and I’m always looking for cute flat shoes. Welcome Lexi!

  13. Got a big laugh out of the “fixing our hair” picture; before I read the caption, I thought, “What?? A post about lice?” Clearly, I am a mom of school-aged children.

    Welcome, Lexi. Cannot wait to see what you add to Joanna’s already-magnificent site. xoxo

  14. Welcome Lexi!!
    Have heard wonderful things about you and can’t wait to meet you. Also would like to meet Bowie and Jasper, ASAP. Also, smoothies: Greek yoghurt, bananas, flax oil, avocado and almond butter.
    And ditto re emails! I am the most e-paranoid person ever.

  15. Lucy says...


    Avocado and almond butter make awesome smoothie additions for toddlers.

  16. Lisa Jenkins says...

    This is a bit off topic, but Joanna, where did you get that gorgeous bohemian tee???

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      you may be able to guess, but… madewell! :)

  17. Tricia says...

    Omg I love her long brown hair – just like everyone on this site all the time!!

  18. It’s so beautiful that you have a new member in your team, she seems to be great, and I will follow your blog to see what’s new.
    I really like your new style, it’s easy, simple, fresh. Good choice.

    Continue this way Jo!



  19. Dani says...

    Smoothie my little boy loves: into the blender throw 1 banana, few frozen strawberries (5-6), handful frozen blueberries, couple of heaping spoons plain Greek yogurt, cover plus an inch or so almond milk (I’ve used water or of course reg milk in a pinch), blend! Sometimes I will add other fruit, chia seeds, a dash of cinnamon, spinach or whatever, but the above is my go-to base. Welcome! (to the blog)

  20. Brenna Wong says...

    Welcome to an amazing team Lexi! I have been an avid reader of Cup of Joe for years.
    My 18month old loves smoothies, usual recipe is frozen fruit (tropical/berries), almond milk, LSA, chia seeds, organic unsweetened yoghurt and a banana. As my 3yr old loves them as well I sometimes add a little maple syrup or cacao powder. And I have been known to throw in a little kale too.

  21. lizzie says...

    wish your staff were more diverse, I’m surprised you haven’t received any comments on your lack of representation of WOC :( awesome to see such bad ass professional ladies moving on up in the biz world, though – and lexi seems fab. can’t wait for more motherhood around the world!

    • Sara Gering says...

      dude, it’s literally three people.

    • Emma says...

      What Sara said. Lexi sounds like a fantastic addition with a tough to beat resume.

  22. Linda says...

    I love this blog more and more each day. Welcome, Lexi! So excited for you all!

  23. Lexi Mainland! What an amazing addition to A Cup of Jo. And loss for the NYT. As a former colleague, I can attest to her exquisite talent, style and taste. Some other reasons to hold her in high esteem: she won an Emmy despite the fact that she worked for a newspaper, dislikes shag toilet rugs and named her son Jasper (my middle name is Gasper).

  24. Congrats on the newest addition! I also love Joan Didion and am looking forward to the new content that Lexi will share!

  25. Welcome Lexi. You are so talented & I can’t wait to hear more from you.

  26. Awaiting for the parallel parking trick-tip! :)

    • Siena says...

      Me too! Please share, Lexi! And welcome!

  27.  Maria says...

    Never commented before but I can’t keep silense no more :) New design is wonderfull and I’m so happy that this space is growing and getting better!
    Many kisses and good wishes from Ukraine.

  28. lucy says...

    lexi sounds so down-to-earth and funny. welcome, lexi! look forward to getting to know you through CoJ! :) have a great wkend, ladies :)

  29. What a great addition to the team! Looking forward to more of Lexi’s contributions.

    So much agreement in the short-answer questions! Whenever I see toilet carpets, I cringe at the thought of fecal matter in the shag. Also mass email paranoia. And I always check after I send too, even though it doesn’t matter.

    That Italian summer/vacation sounds AMAZING. And I hope when you tag along with your friend Miki you get to do a piece about your travels for Cup of Jo. I would definitely interested.

  30. Nina says...

    Welcome welcome!

  31. Welcome Lexi to the team !

    Love all your latest news around here !!!


  32. i totally do that email thing, too!!

  33. Amanda says...

    Welcome Lexi! Joanna, I love the team, the new look, and the direction of the blog in general!

  34. Welcome Lexi! What a fantastic team!

  35. Emily says...

    Welcome Lexi! I have really enjoyed the addition of Caroline to the team so I’m sure that Lexi will be a great addition too. I hope this means that Joanna is setting up an east coast team to look after things so that she can move to California to be closer to her loved ones…or at least spend more time there…it is written in the stars after all ;)

  36. Rob says...

    This is huge! I have known Lexi for 15 years — we worked together at NOVA back in the day. She is one of my favorite people in the world– a fabulous writer, an innovative storyteller and is a truly wonderful person. Cup of Jo readers are in for a treat.

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Thank you, Rob!

  37. Lena says...

    What a fantastic team! Welcome Lexi, looking forward to reading about what you have to say!

  38. Sophie says...

    Joanna, congratulations on the lovely new blog design and all of the growth! I do hope, though, that this doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing any less of your voice on this blog… because that’s the reason I visit every day :)

  39. jeannie says...

    Welcome, Lexi! You sound as if you fit so well with Cup of Jo – so smart and savvy. The “One in Eight Million” series looks fantastic, and I have had “Slouching Toward Bethlehem” on my book shelf for ages. Now I will read it! Good going, Joanna, your team and blog just keep getting better!

  40. Never thought I’d have a craving to practice parallel parking, but now I’m itching to go give it a try (or 20). I often park blocks away from where I need to be to avoid any sort of potentially embarrassing/difficult parking situation. Thank you and welcome, Lexi!

    PS- Our go-to breakfast is a banana, blueberry, and spinach smoothie with heaping spoonfuls of flax meal, almond powder, and shredded coconut, plus a bit of Greek yogurt (lots of natural protein). My 18-month-old gobbles them down! I use frozen fruit/veg, blend with water, and skip the ice.

  41. Jessie Walker says...

    Welcome, Lexi! Perhaps you’ll do a Beauty Uniform soon for us?

  42. Hannah says...

    Where is Caroline’s dress and your top from? Both are cute

  43. Mary Lou says...

    We love you already! All the best in this new chapter.

  44. Katie says...

    First of all, I love the new site design. I’m always a little nervous about these things (too nostalgic for my own good!), but it turned out just beautifully. Well done.

    Second, welcome to Lexi! And congrats to Jo on growing into such a great team!

    Also, now I seriously want those sandals…

  45. Joanna, can you share where your beautiful shirt is from?

    • Claire says...

      I remember seeing it at Madewell awhile back. :)

  46. alice says...

    I love your blog but don’t usually comment. I’m breaking that rule to let you know that I love the new layout. It’s gorgeous and completely user friendly. And welcome to the team, Lexi! One in 8 Million looks fascinating.

  47. Welcome Lexi! I’ve loved reading some of Caroline’s pieces and it seems like Lexi is an equally amazing addition to the team. You ladies are great! Happy Friday!! xo

  48. Hahaha, the shaggy rugs that people put at the bottom of toilets! Sounds like you’ve added another smart AND funny person to your team! This blog just gets better and better :)

    x. Morgan


  49. Welcome, Lexi! I too, would be really interested to hear more about your decision to leave the NYT and work for Cup of Jo. I’m a radio producer with an almost-three-year old and I love hearing other journalists’ stories (as in the two great podcasts Longform and Tape, which I’m sure you already know about!) As for smoothies, my daughter loves almost anything, though I actually haven’t tried a green smoothie out on her yet. My current favourite is grapefruit with a bit of ginger which brightens it right up. I use one banana, one large supremed grapefruit, a few spoonfuls plain yogurt and about 1/4 tsp. fresh grated ginger. Yum! I’m itching to try an avocado smoothie too – just saw a recipe for one on The Kitchn that looked great.

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Hi Isabelle, I posted a few career thoughts in response to Emma, below. The recipe sounds fantastic, thank you! Now I just have to finally learn how to supreme citrus…

  50. Chelsey says...

    My 19 month old loves smoothies, a trick to sweeten without added sugars is to use dates! I pit them and soak them with cashews to make a delicious (and protein rich) nut milk base. They are so sweet!!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that’s a great idea!

      for dessert “milkshakes,” we love making a smoothie with milk, a banana, ice and a small spoonful of cocoa. they are actually really delicious.

  51. Alexandra says...

    welcome lexi! so excited what the new team has in store. LOVE Cup of Jo’s new look too. :) this site is my favorite inspiration! xo

  52. Welcome, Lexi!

    I use a similar trick for parallel parking. It’s worked so well when I lived in San Francisco that I once got applause from a passerby when I completed the parking job. Yep – pull your car next to the other one about 9″ away. I line up the seam of their car with the seam of my car (the spot between the front and back seats). I then turn the wheel to start pulling into the spot. The second the seam of my car matches up with the back left bumper of the other car, turn the wheel to pull into the spot. It will NEVER feel like the right time to do it, but it puts you in the spot just right every time. :)

    I’m so glad you’re now part of A Cup of Jo!

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Exactly, Sunny!

  53. Welcome, Lexi, you sound like a perfect addition to Cup of Jo!

    I’ve got a couple of great toddler/smoothie tricks for you:
    1) If you’re using a high power blender (like a Magic Bullet), add a handful of raw cashews and a small spoonful of coconut oil. They will make your smoothie extra creamy, they add some protein, and supposedly raw cashews even elevate your mood.
    2) If you have a little of your smoothie left over, pour it into a popsicle mold and stick it in the freezer.

    Now, please call me when you guys are ready for a West Coast correspondent!

  54. Ohmigod—I interned with Lexi’s friend Miki at Nat Geo years (eons!) ago. Hahaha, small world! Thanks for sharing her IG! Looking forward to seeing what the Cup of Jo team has in store.

  55. So awesome! I love your whole team — rad folks!!

  56. welcome, Lexi!!! it was so nice meeting you.

  57. Looks to be an incredible hire – a perfect fit. I’m excited.

  58. One in Eight Million is one of my favorite multimedia pieces ever. I’m so glad to know the brain behind that is now with Cup of Jo. Welcome, Lexi!

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Thank you so much, Laura, and thanks for reading.

  59. Trish O says...

    Those rugs were created for mom’s with boys who are now in middle school. each night you can pick it up and put in the wash. then clean the floor. Just hold on…you will understand.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      omg hahahahaha i kind of understand now. laughing out loud at my desk.

    • LOL!!

  60. Christina Trifonov says...

    What a great catch, Jo! :)

  61. Hi Lexi!
    I just read that you love smoothies for breakfast! I am the Health Coach and recipe developer for the NYC based frozen, ready to blend, organic smoothie company Daily Harvest (daily-harvest.com). I have a two year old daughter myself and she personally approves all of our smoothie recipes ( minus the cold brew coffee blend!). We would love to send you a box of our blends to try! I know your family would love them for breakfast as they take the guesswork out of delicious smoothie making! Please email me at sara “at” sarajanemercer “dot” com to let me know where we can send you a box of Daily Harvest!

  62. Nora B says...

    Welcome Lexi! So excited to hear more of your voice–
    thought I’d share our family’s current favorite smoothie recipe:
    2C ish (i just grab a couple big handfuls) fresh spinach
    1 handful ice
    1/2 C water
    2-3 clementines, peeled
    1 banana
    1 C + frozen pineapple
    dash of flaxseed (optional)

    • Eva says...

      Oops Clara beat me to it!

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      I have that feature turned on and I LOVE it. But it doesn’t 100% solve my neuroses.

  63. C says...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE bowie! More Bowie please.

  64. Clara says...

    Lexi – if you use Gmail, get the “Undo Send” lab, it’s a lifesaver! I undo things irrationally all the time :)

    • jeannie says...

      you can undo send????!!!!!!!! WOW. Thanks.

  65. Katia says...

    Welcome Lexi! You’re quite the impressive addition to the team!

    Since you asked, I actually make a breakfast smoothie that my 2-year old loves and it’s a green smoothie!

    I put in a couple cups of spinach/kale (whichever I have on hand); 1 tablespoon of almond butter; half a squeezed lemon (citrus helps absorb the nutrients in the greens); some berries (usually frozen blueberries); 1 banana; some chia seeds; about a cup of almond milk; 4-6 dates and some flax seed oil. All of the measurements are approximate because I just kind of wing it.

  66. Candace Kielbiski says...

    Looks like a keeper <3

  67. What a badass photo of you in court, Lexi. My fiance and I love the Superfood Smoothies recipes from Julie Morris, in particular the cookie dough and chocolate hazelnut. It’s dessert for breakfast, only 1000x healthier. (:

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oooh thanks for this tip!

      (and i know, right??? that photo of her is so awesome.)

  68. awesome sandals!!! seriously need to hear the parking trick now :-)

  69. Congrats, Lexi — your dog is adorable!! Excited to see all the neat things you’ll be doing. :)

  70. Emma says...

    Great to see another member of the ever-growing Cup of Jo Team!

    Lexi – I would love to hear about why you made the move from the NYT to a Cup of Jo. I am also a hard-news reporter with a toddler (and another on the way!) trying to envision how my career will play out. News reporting is one of those all-consuming careers that is so, so hard to juggle with a family. I’d be so interested to hear about why, and how, you made the change – and I’m sure it would be valuable to other readers balancing work and motherhood!

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Emma, those questions would take me a whole blog post to answer! Joanna has published great pieces on work/life balance and we’ll do more. Thanks so much for commenting about it.

      I know many incredible moms like you in news and I don’t believe motherhood is antithetical to it, especially if news is someone’s passion, but it’s certainly very challenging. I feel lucky I got to spend so many years in a big, intense news environment when my time was still very flexible.

      Congratulations on the new baby! Keep us posted.

  71. Julie. says...

    Love those pons sandals, and NEED to hear the parallel parking trick!

  72. Awww, welcome Lexi! I love the new design and I’m excited for the amazing team of women behind this blog now. It’s so great to watch this space grow, I’ve really liked having Caroline jump in for a post here and there and I can’t wait to hear more from Lexi as well. Big hugs from Vancouver :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much, lauren! so nice of you to say.

  73. Lauren E. says...

    Joan Didion AND Broad City?! Welcome :)

    Also, I totally understand that irrational fear. A friend of mine was once complaining about a very innocent roommate issue in Gchat and the entire Gchat conversation got sent to that roommate! She emailed Google and they said they had no idea how it happened. It scared my friend off Gchat for a good long while.

  74. Jessica says...

    How exciting! I have a question (already!) for Lexi … Pons: do they run true to size or not? I have been DYING to get a pair for this summer but have been scared to pull the trigger because I didn’t want to order the wrong size! I also can’t decide on a color (whoops) …

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Hi Jessica, I wear a size 39 in Pons and I’m an 8.5 in American sizes. I’d say they’re true to size. They are super. Go for it!

    • Karyn says...

      I love Pons, too :) I wear an American 5-1/2 or European 36 and am wearing a size 5 Pons right now. It’s perfect, and I wouldn’t want to go bigger as the leather stretches out slightly with use. Enjoy!

  75. Aimee says...

    Welcome Lexi! We share a love of toddler boys (I have 3 boys!) and cavaliers. I am glad to see you do a short haircut for Bowie! We do a short cut in the summer for our Black and Tan, Leopold and it’s so much easier!

    I wonder if your parallel parking trick is the same as mine. I’m in a city, but not NYC so it’s probably not so crowded or stressful!

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

  76. jbhat says...

    She seems awesome and like such a great fit! I also am a fearless parallel parker–high five!


  77. Welcome, Lexi! It’s inspiring reading a blog by so many leading ladies! Kudos to the three of you!

  78. Kate says...

    Welcome, Lexi! What a talented group of women!

  79. Summer says...

    So faaaancy! I look forward to hearing more from you ladies! Also, I’d be happy to challenge Lexi to a parallel parking contest sometime. Boom! :P

  80. Parallel parking?! DO TELL.

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Here’s how you do it, Allison, and everyone: Line up your car side by side with the car that’s in front of the space you’re trying to parallel park in. By lining it up, I mean the nose of your car should be right next to the nose of that car. (Also, your car should be about 9 inches away from the other car — not too far or too close.)

      Then, slowly, in reverse, back up until the nose of your car is now lined up with the door seam of the other car. By door seam, I mean the line between the front and back doors.

      Finally, slowly back up and start turning into into the space just before the nose of your car reaches the back wheel of the car you’re next to. It may seem like you’re starting too early but it’s not! You’ll glide right in.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you, alina! this is awesome.

  81. Ana Simoes says...

    Welcome Lexi!
    I loved your greatest fear because I feel the exact same thing. I’m terrified of emailing or calling anyone by accident, so I always double- and triple-check all my devices to make sure they’re off – specially during my Hozier-Take-me-to Church-car-driving performances.
    I also ten-times-check my professional emails :)))))

  82. Karleen says...

    So impressed with this lady – Congratulations!

  83. Maxine says...

    Yay! Loved the podcast post.

    Hey, I’m coming to NYC next week (and, coincidentally, taking Slouching Toward Bethlehem) on the plane. Side note: Joan Didion is my favorite. Anyway! If I could only try one coffee shop, which one would you all recommend?

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      oooh, good question! in brooklyn or manhattan?

      i love one girl cookies in dumbo:

      and then you can walk to brooklyn bridge park and see the gorgeous views of the manhattan skyline and both bridges.

      but crazily enough (since the site is called Cup of Jo) i don’t drink coffee, so if you’re looking for the best cup, i’m curious to see if other people have recs!

    • Meghan says...

      Budin in Greenpoint!!! Don’t get the $10 latte, though. Not worth it. The shop’s atmosphere is fun and full of Scandinavian goods for sale.


      If you need more coffee after walking half a block, and would also like to buy fresh flowers or succulents at the same time (NYC is the champion of multitasking retail space), you can do that at Homecoming. I recommend the Nola, a slightly sweet iced coffee.


    • Lexi Mainland says...

      I agree One Girl is amazing. If you’re in Manhattan, try La Colombe in Soho!

  84. Rachel says...

    Her dog is adorable! And I love her already for loving Broad City.

  85. Welcome to Cup of Jo, Lexi! I love this site so much and can’t wait to see the things you’ll bring to the table!

  86. Meghan says...

    you must must MUST share the parking tip!!! Welcome to Brooklyn :)

  87. i loved the podcast post! welcome, lexi, and i can’t wait to read what you three ladies come up with.

  88. Jennifer says...

    Welcome, Lexi! What an elite crew!

    Now you have to tell us your parallel parking trick!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i know!!!! lexi, please share!! (she is out today otherwise i would just turn around and ask her:)

  89. cofj gets more hardcore by the day. congrats!