Tiny Gold Earrings

My friend Maureen and I were talking at the playground the other day, and I kept noticing her teeny gold star earrings. They were so subtle, they almost felt like a secret. Then I met a friend for coffee a few days later, and she was wearing mini gold staples. Now, all of a sudden, I keep spotting tiny gold earrings on women all around town.

Here are five lovely ones: square, hearts, circles, stars and staples.

Thoughts? Would you wear these? Which do you like best?

P.S. Jenny Gordy talked about these in her beauty uniform, as well.

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  1. They’re so simple but they’ve become my favorite. I wear tiny gold staples (from Gravel & Gold) almost and somehow never tire of them.

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  3. Nora Miller says...

    I love to mix and match earrings with my necklace but these are just so tiny, I’d like to see a combination with some tiny necklace.

  4. I feel like there’s a time & setting for all style of earrings. I would definitely wear the staccato studs from Madewell. Simple & beautiful.

  5. Adrienne says...

    Kris Nations has the most adorable mix and match studs :)

  6. I have the cubes from Madewell in gold and silver–wear them all the time!

  7. I have two cartilage piercings in my left ear and currently have teeny gold stars in them, which I searched for for ages. They are subtle enough to stay in all the time and not too flashy for my liking but are also adorable. My younger sister has a single cartilage piercing and has an absolutely tiny ball stud for it, pretty much as small as can be without it going awol in her ear, which I think she likes because she gets a bit paranoid that her ears are sticky-out-y so doesn’t want to necessarily bring attention to them!

  8. I bought a pair of gold cubes just this past January. I love these NYC fashion posts! Makes me feel like I never left ;)

  9. I have tiny golden moon-shaped earrings that I love! I wear them almost every day and they provide just the right touch of sparkle for any casual outfit :]

  10. SR says...

    Tiny gold earrings are so fresh and elegant. They have an element of the mysterious about them. The mini cubes and staples are my favorite.

  11. winden jewelry makes some great tiny studs — and they’re all handmade in brooklyn!

  12. Yes! They are lovely! My 4 years old daughter wears tiny gold spheres, and my little one wears tiny pearls. I usually wear very tiny white gold circles.
    What do you wear, Jo?

  13. I wear tiny gold arrows/Vs every day.

  14. Lu says...

    i wear tiny gold cubes or tiny gold “confetties” (as I call them). simple, chic (cheapish) and, as you put it, like my little secret.

  15. I was just thinking that I feel like the “statement” jewelry trend is due for a big-time reversal and that this spring and summer will be all about super delicate pieces!

  16. I have very sensitive ears, so I usually wear white gold or gold based jewelry, especially in my ears. I purchased a pair of round diamond studs that I wear everyday. Feel a little fancy without too much bling.

  17. I wear tiny earrings everyday! But mine are silver. I love dainty earrings. I was inspired by Snow White’s earrings in Once Upon a Time. They seemed at first so weird, being so tiny! But I couldn’t stop staring at them, and finally had to buy some. Now they are all I wear.

  18. I’m a former jewelry designer who now wears almost no jewelry – the tiniest gold balls or stars are about it, with a super-skinny ring or maybe a simple pendant necklace. I find too many options overwhelming after making thousands of pieces of jewelry for others.

  19. Love tiny gold studs. They’re professional and go with everything. As a tomboy who often sleeps in her earrings and wears the same pair all week, this is my favorite trend.

  20. I wear little gold earrings every day. Madewell has some that I like a lot, or I find them at boutiques, etc. They’re so effortless and kind of trendy, I love it.

  21. These type of earrings are all that I will wear if I ever want to wear something. They are comfortable and you kind of forget you have them on but look very elegant and subtle. I’ve had a couple for years and they are all I use, really.

  22. Simple studs are my favorite look!

  23. I like the bit about it feeling like a secret! It does kind of feel that way! Haha. I have tiny staples and I love them so much!

  24. Oh yes I wear them all the time! I used to wear long and bulky earrings before, but I’ve been obsessing over these tiny little things over the last couple of months ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  25. I can’t! I used to have my lobes stretched to 1/2″. I don’t regret doing it but I can only wear normal earrings with the larger disk backs because they will fall through. Maybe if I get my ears pierced a second time….

  26. I love the idea of teeny gold studs. Sometimes tiny earrings make me feel self-conscious about my ears being big. But then I tell myself to get over myself and enjoy the little sparkle.

  27. I love my Kathleen Whitaker gold staple earrings. I spotted them on a friend and then bought a pair for myself. I haven’t taken them off since.

  28. I love my Kathleen Whitaker gold staple earrings. I spotted them on a friend and then bought a pair myself. I haven’t taken them out since.

  29. I have tiny gold triangles and the littlest gold staples that I bought on etsy. I love them both and wear them every single day :)

  30. My sister bought me a pair of tiny gold lightning bolt studs for Christmas, and I feel like I’m paying homage to Harry Potter whenever I wear them :) I also have these little gold triangles that I love.

  31. I love tiny minimal earrings! I think it might be because my ears and earlobes are teeny tiny. Tiny earrings look almost normal-sized on me, but regular sized ones tend to look huge :( Even the staccato ones look like they might be too big, but I love the staple!

    The gold is such a lovely trend right now, I might have to invest in some! I love to wear tiny silver triangles that were my mom’s when she was younger. The set also came with tiny diamond-shaped ones that I wear when I’m feeling cheeky.

  32. I should check my old jewelry box since I probably have a lot of small earrings from years ago.

    I like having them show up through my long hair though, so I prefer larger ones. Maybe they’d be fun for a change of pace though.

  33. I adore tiny earrings but prefer them in silver or white gold. :)

  34. I have a pair of cubes and a pair stars for some years and I never get tired of them. I love tiny earring specially when my hair is tie.

  35. I had been hunting for tiny gold earrings for the past year and finally found those Madewell staccato studs two weeks ago! Bought them right away and have been wearing them constantly ever since.

  36. I find post earrings too uncomfortable – when I lean my head against something there’s a post sticking into my head.

    Is there a trick I don’t know about?

  37. I agree! The size of these little beauties is perfect! Madewell had a perfect multi-set during the Holidays. I love them because you can mix and match. I gifted them to myself!!
    Here is a similar set:


  38. I love this trend! I am a nyc based jewelry designer/maker and everyone loves all my simple gold studs!

  39. I used to wear 10mm ear plugs up until 2012 and since letting my ear lobes go back to their normal size, I haven’t found any earrings that I like.

    I really like the look of these tiny earrings though, I need to look for the perfect pair!


  40. I wear the teeniest gold heart studs almost all the time. I love them!

  41. I love the look of tiny gold earrings! I’m one of those people that will only wear really small jewelry, so this is right up my alley!

    Kim .. Nonchalantly green?! And how you can be featured!

  42. The hearts are so cute, but alas, too expensive. I always wear CZ tiny diamond studs and never change them! :)

  43. I LOVE teeny gold earrings. Interesting how it’s becoming a trend – I started it ;) Honestly I haven’t seen anyone in real life do it except me, but I guess it must be catching on somewhere! I have ones that are so tiny you can barely tell I am wearing them unless you look closely. They’re so small that they would slip out of most peoples’ ear holes lol. I got my ears pierced a bit later in life so my holes are not too stretched out yet. I would link where they’re from, but I can’t remember now. I got them a couple of years ago. They’re rose gold.

  44. I wear tiny gold staples (from Gravel & Gold) almost and somehow never tire of them. They’re so simple but they’ve become my favorite.

  45. I just got a pair of tiny gold heart earrings and I love them! I get lots of compliments because they almost blend in with my skin but then they kind of hit the light once in a while, I just think they are a perfect every day earring :)

  46. Yes! I’m fashionably these days! Im wearing gold studs from an very cool etsy shop. (the owner is the sweetest, she gave me a ring I wanted to buy from the last money I got from my ‘opa’who passed away due to cancer. This way I could donate the money to a cancer research center)

    I love it because I feel it really does something for my appearance even-thought it is so little.

  47. I would definitely wear these tiny, but stylish earrings. I love the delicate and dainty jewelry trend.

  48. yes! I love dainty jewelry and I’m so glad it’s coming back in style. I just never felt comfortable in the big, in your face stuff, even though I think it looks/looked great on everyone else.

  49. Yes! After reading Jenny Gordy’s beauty uniform on here :-) and LOVING her small gold earrings, I bought the Kathleen Whitaker circles and staples and wear them almost every day now!

  50. I rocked the big chandelier earrings for a long time but have since embraced the sweet subtly of tiny earrings.

    One of my favorite sources is this etsy seller:

  51. LOVE my tiny gold earrings, inspired by Jenny Gordon’s beauty uniform! I wear little gold ball studs right now, but thinking of getting some tiny gold bars for the summer!

  52. I have those exact circle studs, and I love them! They’re beautiful for every day wear. They catch the light and I actually get more compliments on them than a lot of other, bigger earrings!

  53. i love teeny tiny earrings. i have the 1st letters of my kids names, flat circles and then 1 tiny heart. all from catbird!

  54. I love little earrings! I have a pair of hearts and a pair of stars that I occasionally mix up. They’re also perfect for a second piercing or cartilage piercing because they are so subtle and pretty. :)

  55. I’ve been wearing a pair of tiny gold staple earrings for over a year now – I used to change my earrings everyday, but I love the simple look of these so much!