8 Fun Instagram Accounts

8 Fun Instagram Accounts

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Here are eight funny and inspiring ones…

Above, the wildly popular I Have This Thing With Floors brings together photos of people around the world standing on cool floors. It’s weirdly inspiring and beautiful (and I love the shoes).

8 Fun Instagram Accounts

That J.Crew Gingham Shirt made me laugh out loud. Alex wears this shirt ALL the time, and Toby even has a mini version. #busted

8 Fun Instagram Accounts

NITCH features photos of celebrities with quotes. Jackie Kennedy Onassis advises: “Minimum information given with maximum politeness.” Awesome.

8 Fun Instagram Accounts

Waiting Dogs is a homage to all those patient cuties waiting outside cafés, restaurants and shops.

8 Fun Instagram Accounts

The tongue-in-cheek Sad Animal Facts gets it right every time.

8 Fun Instagram Accounts

The Subway Book Review asks bookish commuters to share their thoughts on what they’re reading. (Our girl Caroline was featured last month!)

8 Fun Instagram Accounts

Satire Gram pokes fun at all the Instagram clichés out there.


Rock That Museum Kid shows that kids can love museums, too. P.S. Reminds me of this photo of teeny Toby gallery hopping.

Any other recommendations? We’d love to hear…

  1. Great suggestions, I followed a couple, also found one that looks to be hilarious. fashiondads_
    I was laughing so hard when I was looking at that one.

  2. Love the eight fun accounts and everything else you’re doing. You might also get a smile from my account — assuming you can put aside your own academic loyalties.

  3. How fun! Looking forward to scouring through NITCH. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. fun! i love that kids in museum one :)

    come and check out an account i created some weeks back. it’s instagram ping pong with 2 players that we match up every week to play against each other – @thepingpongproject !!!

  5. Aidel.K says...

    I follow several foodies on IG, but also love humor. This one ticks both boxes:

    I really enjoyed (maybe a little too much) looking at your suggestions!

  6. WOAH. we must be on the same wave length because i wrote about my 10 favorite accounts on 3 chairs. p.s. i’m cracking up because so many people are into hot dudes reading haha.

  7. Caroline Calloway’s instagram is unique and compelling. She shares photos about a year behind, and writes a memory about that moment. Her account reads like a pieced-up memoir, and her writing is engaging and smart and honest and poignant. Try to stop after one–it’s impossible!

  8. Tiffany says...

    That J.Crew Gingham Shirt was a good laugh! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Haha people can be so creative! I love this list, the only instagram account I knew already was the one with the floor photos. I don’t know many this brilliant instagram accounts, but some I really love are carolina_nusadua and helloemilie. But I love soo many instagram accounts, I’m on instagram all the time xD !

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    Recent post: 7 questions to make you discover what makes you happy

  10. I am both fascinated and horrified by Dr. Pimple Popper’s IG, which I recently read about on another IG faves lineup.

  11. Followed some of these!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Rachel x

  12. Jennifer says...
    *Kal is a beautiful artist from the Canadian Prairies.
    Her account will feed your soul and her unique script and powerful words will fill up your heart!

  13. I absolutely ADORE the “I Have This Thing With Floors” account!! Perhaps I’ll send them a little snap of my toes on the tile in St. John’s Basilica. It was possibly one of my favorite spots on my trip to Turkey!

  14. thanks so much for posting this! i am always on the hunt for fun new accounts to follow on instagram, and i am especially looking forward to more gems from satire gram :) ps – subway book review is one of my long-time favourites as well! xx

    • Lexi Mainland says...

      Ah, that’s a great Instagram account, thanks for suggesting it. A friend and former colleague of mine, Stacie Baker, is the photographer! Her feed is here: She has a book coming out this fall!

  15. lisa cline says...

    I love instagram! as classy/artsy/cute as I love to keep my feed.. sometimes I just need to laugh, and I recommend fuckjerry and thefatjewish if you’re in that boat as well :’)

  16. Emilie says...

    hotdudesreading cracks me up.

  17. J says...

    Love this –
    thanks Jo

  18. elle says...

    im sure someone already mentioned this but you have to follow insta2yearold. im sure you’ll relate with your two little kiddos. its the best!

  19. I’m going to check out waiting dogs haha…
    There are just so many good ones out there… I like andrewknapp, jermzlee, idalaerke…… the list goes on and on…

  20. I’ve been following Nitch for awhile, and love your other suggestions as well! Especially Subway Book Review and Rock that museum kid…fantastic!

  21. Kim says...

    I love garypeppergirl – she just happens to be in NYC right now. Also Lukeshadbolt, a photographer, whose shots are just incredible. He also happens to be garypeppergirl’s fiance.

  22. Thanks for sharing these Jo!! They’re awesome! Especially love “Rock That Museum Kid” – great inspiration for photography of stylish and artsy youngsters!

  23. Lucija says...

    you should check out symmetry breakfast and hot dudes reading haha :)

  24. love this post! discovering new instagram accounts always leaves my feeling inspired.. love the sad animals facts one, the illustrations are too cute!

  25. Anne says...

    check out kidsaretheworst. It always makes me feel less alone in this crazy parenting business!

  26. Waiting Dogs is so adorable. I have just been scrolling through the pictures smiling nonstop, thanks for the pick-me-up! :)

  27. Anna says...

    Not an Instagram account, but tumblr born out of Ig trends/instacliches- (ridiculous and eerie, but I can’t look away and not like those perfectly curated pics).

    Also I’m in love with Caroline’s ig and Joanna- your’s always makes me smile (except that bike incident, yikes). xo

  28. Oh I love these! Ok, you have to check out @wenevermet. It’s an incredibly clever account of pictures of people where you cant see their face and the captions are so great – it’s for all those people we watch but never meet and we imagine what their life story is. I know I do that whenever I am people watching, so this account is a fave for sure! :)

  29. I love instagram recs! I just did my 5 fave women last friday on my blog. Now I need to check out Satire Gram! Ha, too good!

  30. Amy Lauree says...

    Ah so good! That gingham shirt one is totally hilarious.

  31. Rebecca says...

    Well you just made Rockthatmuseumkid’s day! Check out their instagram post just now.

    • Kate says...

      YES. I reread this post thinking that I must have missed it because it DEFINITELY should be included. For the hot dudes and for the hashtags.

  32. kate says...

    @bikecrush -photos of bikes from NYC (and around the world!)

  33. Jane says...

    I love She’s a former marketing exec, he’s an economics professor at Princeton. They have an adorably precocious 5-year-old and travel the world all the time.

  34. Tyler says...

    wolfgang2242! He was featured on HONY – he has 8 adopted dogs and a pot bellied pig. So sweet how he cares for senior dogs.

    • Lora says...

      This is one of my favorites!!

  35. Debbie says...

    I love, love, love MaryJoHoffman Instagram. She has a beautiful blog called Still Blog where she posts pictures of her art made with things she finds in nature. Her Instagram is particularly when her chicken, Glimmer, shows up in her house. You can search #glimmersuperstar to see just glimmer. Enjoy.

  36. Leanne says...

    Dallas Clayton on Instagram is amazing. He’s a modern day dr suess.

  37. Jody says...

    @tinyatlasquarterly is a compilation of users’ instagrams shared via their hashtag, #mytinyatlas – definitely gives me a major case of wanderlust

    @mrorlandsoria has hands down the funniest captions on Instagram. I have to be careful reading through them while I’m at work because I laugh so hard :)

  38. So many good ones! Two favorites are:
    1- @artlexachung (where they juxtapose photos of Alexa Chung looking like famous works of art.)
    2- Find Momo — (where you get to find an adorable pup named Momo every day! It’s like “Where’s Waldo,” but with Momo!)


  39. I am about to follow the Subway stories right now.

  40. Oh my goodness, these are all so great! I love following these kinds of Instagram feeds – possibly even more than those of my friends and family (just don’t tell them… they’re a little sensitive). Thank you for introducing me to eight of the best accounts I’ve seen in a long time!

  41. Love these accounts! Followed a few of them!

  42. yael steren says...

    I love parisinfourthmonths – so many beautiful photos of Paris and flowers and food!! it’s super inspirational! and then of course I love my instagram account also (@yaelsteren)! xoxo yael

  43. Love these! Especially the fun floor patterns, which I’ve followed forever (sometimes I like the shoes more than the floors).

    I work at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and post colorful patterns that I find on museum objects during my lunch break. My account is called MuseumMosaics.

  44. Jo! Please tell me you’ve seen @assholeparents on IG!? It’s a montage of all the times children are upset because of something their (loving) parents did/did not do for them.

  45. Annie says...

    A favorite artist I follow is, @ LisaGrue from Copenhagen, found her thru one of your blogs that had a poster in the Brooklyn apartment you showcased, and now I have it too! Also: @Strong_And_Tender, For Fashion that is simple, basic and classic.

    • Ashley says...

      haha I love your comics! Amazing.

    • Thanks, Ashley!

  46. My hands down favorite Instagram account right now is @catbookclub. It’s adorable pictures of cats with books. What could be bad about either of those things?? :)

  47. Love these! I especially love NITCH, thanks for showing!

    I post at about my expat life in Spain!

    Love your blog, always

    Lucy x

  48. I never get sick of Hot Dudes Reading, which is exactly what is says it is, plus a little creative license as to the what the Hot Dude is really like in real life. Cracks me up (and makes me swoon) every time.

    • Maddie says...

      Julia, a friend of mine had her boyfriend featured on the account and he told her he loved the caption and found it hilarious but felt partly violated and partly flattered by the comments!!

  49. Ooh, I love the recommendations! My favorite of this roundup is the one about floors. What a fun and random idea.

  50. Lauren E. says...

    This might go without saying, but National Geographic has the BEST Instragram. And I find myself subsequently following all their photographers, too.

  51. Gabrielle says...

    Great post, Joanna! Always looking for fun, inspiring (pup-filled) new accounts to follow.

    On a random note: A while back (maybe a year ago at this point?) you posted an email address for readers to send questions to your mom and said she would be answering them on the blog. I’ve always found the little pieces of wisdom from your mom that you’ve shared to be honest and thoughtful. Do you think her column will still appear on the blog in the future?

    Thanks! x

  52. These are all awesome! Love Satire Gram especially — it’s so spot on.

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  53. Abbie says...

    THANK YOU!!!! I am always the *first* to know about all these cool things thanks to you Joanna!

    • I agree with this one too! So unexpectedly hilarious – you’ll want to tag your friends to share the giggles!

    • Sophie says...

      Thank you Alissa for sharing this tip. Laugh out loud funny!

  54. Dakota says...

    Jolie of Brim Papery keeps it real:

    Alison has dance offs and is so fun to follow:

    Candis at The Jones Market is so inspiring:

    Ivie Baby for everything gender neutral is also very inspiring:

    And of course there’s Yoga Girl and Dallas Clayton:

  55. Lucy says...

    I love rafaelmantesso. He posts fun pictures of his dog Jimmy! And recently collaborated with Jimmy Choo

  56. Maiken says...

    My friend Stella is a very talented artist and photographer. She has an eye for soothing color combinations and sweet childlike whimsy (especially involving animals). I love her instagram.

  57. So glad you posted these, going to check them out right now! One of my favorite IG accounts is of an art and architecture student in Valencia, Spain named Anniset, who posts beautiful but also artistic and whimsical photos, normally with a cameo from her boyfriend, like this one:

    Another one that people who speak Spanish or Catalan might enjoy is A Truth as a Temple. They take Spanish idiomatic phrases and translate them literally into English. I like this one particularly:

    I only know Spanish ones, sorry! :)