Spring Nail Polish

This spring, my friend Gemma turned us onto this amazing nail polish: Dior Nail Glow. And now all our friends are wearing it. Have you tried it? Here’s how it works…

Here are nails without polish, above…

One coat, above…

Two coats, above…

Voila! Basically, Nail Glow, which is slightly pink, enhances the natural color of your nails: the pinks of the nails become pinker and the whites become whiter. It’s beautifully glossy in person (it was hard to capture in photos!) and easy to apply—it makes nails look clean and feminine. Your nails just look DONE. I’d highly recommend it as an everyday spring color.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for A Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot. Gold dot ring by Basha Burwell)

  1. Kerry Ann says...

    Great Find! I must admit at first I thought it was just another nail polish, a pricey one at that. Was I ever wrong this polish is amazing. It is now my
    go to gift for girlfriends. Thanks!!!

  2. LOVE this polish. Literally my go to and day to day nail polish. Perfect balance between sheen and color. Love this post!!

  3. RebeccaNYC says...

    Cutex used to sell this very same type of polish. I think it cost, oh… $1.99? I wonder what ever happened to it…..

  4. Ok, I finally splurged and bought this polish because of your post. It’s the most I’ve spent for a bottle in my life! But I have to say, so far, it was worth every penny! It looks so pretty on!!! I also love that it takes only two coats and it dries quickly. It’s great for a mom on the go for sure.

  5. Wow! It makes hands look so sophisticated, nice choice.

  6. This polish is so great! I love it:)

  7. This polish looks great! I’d like to try it. Thank you for the recommendation, Joanna :)

  8. Muji makes a very similar polish, but in red, which goes on pink. Perfect after 2 coats! My girlfriend picked it up in Tokyo, however, it might be sold at the Muji store in NYC. x

  9. this sounds amazing! I crave the kinds of nails that just look healthy and polished without looking salony- maybe this is the holy grail

  10. Are those your hands? To whomever those hands belong to: lovely hands. :)

  11. I went to Sephora today to buy some other things, and decided to try this nail polish on. I’m sad to report that it just looks any regular clear nail polish with a pinkish tint.

  12. Love how natural it looks!

  13. Saw this post and had to try it out. I love it! I think I’m going to stick to just one coat, otherwise it’s too pink for me. Thanks for the suggestion, Joanna!

  14. I love simple yet cute nail polishes! Thanks for this :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  15. How had I not heard of this gem yet?? I love the au natural look of this with the pink tint! going to share this with all of my girlfriends immediately!

  16. Beautiful color and beautiful jewelry. This will be great for me because I’m a jewelry designer so my nail polish is always chipped. This would be a good solution because it wouldn’t show the chips though.

  17. A manicurist that I went to once told me that she always uses Essie’s Sugar Daddy and since then I’ve noticed that every manicurist has it as the “clear” polish that they keep in their drawer! So that’s my go to for pretty, shiny nails. But that Glow looks so nice too…

  18. mj says...

    To the person who said to try clear polish and a few drops of red polish? It works! Cost me less than 4 dollars and got the same effect. Thanks!

  19. OMG. This is going to look so amazing on my gorgeous pregnancy nails!!! Thank you, Joanna. :)

  20. Thanks for the recommendation! I normally don’t wear polish on a daily basis (because I’m so bad at the upkeep but can’t stand chipping). This seems like a great compromise to my laziness though!

  21. After reading this post, I ran out to Sephora and bought it. Love the effect. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  22. Beautiful!! Adding to my wishlist! ;)

  23. Love it- when I was younger and got french manicure at the nail salon- they used something similar, but I always thought it was some sort of special nail salon only product that us regular people couldn’t get. I will be picking this up before my next at home manicure.

  24. To the people who think the price is too steep – think of this this way… yeah it’s $25, but a bottle will last you like two years (even with regular use). That’s not so bad… I bet most of you don’t think twice about spending $5 a day on coffee.

  25. I have been using this for several months now… I love it!!

  26. I second the Hard as Nails version. It is usually $1-$2 and has been around FOREVER. I remember my mom using it in the early 90s.

  27. Barbara, Sally Hansen also makes a polish that is similar – “Hard as Nails” Natural Tint – it’s only a few dollars!

  28. Thanks for this post, but I wish you would also post alternatives at different price points. Most people I know wouldn’t dare spend $25 on clear nail polish, no matter how great it works.

  29. To get the same effect put two drops of red polish in a bottle of clear polish and mix it up well. Viola. Same thing.. It’s an old (cheap) trick.

  30. I think that is so pretty. I pretty much only wear subtle colours on my fingers (and dark on my toes) and since I have an active toddler am looking for something good! Expensive, yes, but my experience with Dior is the quality is worth it (I would rather have that as opposed a few expensive coffees)

  31. The lipstick of that is really great too!

  32. Wait, so $25 clear nail polish is not an April Fool’s joke?

  33. thanks for the budget recommendations, eleanor and jenny!

  34. Love this! but expensive for a student family:(. You should use this as a give away sometime!! :)

  35. jm says...

    i have tried this polish and it is amazing! So shiny and gorgeous.

  36. I JUST looked at this stuff yesterday! I love the natural effect on your nails…. it’s a great way to have something going on in the nail department, but without the obvious chipping!


  37. Love this!! Do you know of anything comparable that is a bit more affordable?

    Though I love Dior, not sure I could splurge $25 for polish.


  38. D2 says...

    LOVE this polish! And easy to apply at home = fab! And love the rings too.

  39. Growing up my mom wore a very similar nail polish by Dior – she was never fancy about other things in life but she was fully committed to the Dior Polish. So classic and it looked beautiful on her nails. I forgot about this until now – thank you! I am going to order mine today.

  40. Very pretty! I like that it’s something that I can apply myself. Whenever I try to do my own nails with a darker color, it looks so messy!!


  41. Neat! Back when I was ‘too young’ for nail polish, I would color all my nails with a pink Magic Marker and then rub it off, leaving a pink stain behind.

  42. Essie also has a similar polish for a lot less.

  43. I use the oxygen polish by Julep and have the same effects!

  44. $25 for a clear pink polish…April Fools?

  45. @sarah, the tiny thin one is from catbird, the other band was made at a jeweler’s, and the gold bangle is from General Store in San Francisco. thanks!

  46. I have this! I agree, it’s so easy to apply and your nails just looked nicer.