As I mentioned, we’re in California this week visiting friends and family. Hope you have a great one (and stay warm, East Coasters!!!). We’ll be posting a link list on Friday, but meanwhile, here are a few past posts, if you’re in a blog-reading mood…

* How to look like a French girl.
* How to tuck in your shirt like a model.
* How to love getting dressed every day.
* How to choose pretty outfits.
* How to dress like a tomboy.

* How to pick a perfume.
* How to get a one-day hair makeover.
* How to paint pretty nails.
* How to blow dry your hair like a stylist (or fake it).
* How to NOT smell funny.

* How to eat dinner.
* How to sip wine without getting lipstick on your glass.
* How to make the perfect cheese tray.
* How to host an articles club or cookie swap.
* How to make dessert with just four ingredients.

* How to stay in touch with friends.
* How to mend a broken heart.
* How to have more sex.
* How to comfort someone who is grieving.
* How to fake an orgasm.
* How to say “I love you.”
* How to win at dating.

* How to make it through pregnancy.
* How to raise happy siblings.
* How to get your kids to talk at dinner.
* How to breastfeed in public.
* How to share a family bed.
* How to decide if you want children—or just say no.

* How to pick the best flowers (and arrange them).
* How to find affordable art.
* How to decorate a tiny apartment.
* How to make your home smell amazing.
* How to create a happy space.

* How to hail a cab.
* How to NOT look like a tourist.
* How to pack like a fashion editor.
* How to ease your fear of flying.
* How to plan a family vacation.

Life overall:
* How to sound British.
* How to give a high five.
* How to introduce people.
* How to walk on ice.
* How to outsource your life.

Have a good week, and talk to you soon. xoxo