My One-Day Hair Makeover

The other morning, I gave my hair a makeover…

My hair was looking terrible (Toby agreed:), and I wanted to do something for myself. Partly to combat winter blues, partly for a relaxing break, partly to look my best, partly just for fun, I gave myself a special treat and went to Drybar
Drybar is a salon just for blow outs. Have you heard of it? A stylist blow dries your hair so it looks gorgeous, for a price tag of about $35, depending on your city. The splurge isn’t just about your hair (which can last for two days if you sleep very still), but also about the rad experience. First, when you arrive, the salon is really pretty, with cookies and flowers in the waiting area.
The stylist washes your hair, gives you a 10-minute head massage if you’d like, and brings you a cup of tea or coffee. (I chose mint.)
While the stylist dries your hair–which takes about 30 minutes depending on the length–you get to watch a movie! The Holiday was playing when I was there, which was a funny one to watch. Kate Winslet is the best (and Jude Law is such a cad).
The final result! I instantly looked polished, even in jeans and sneakers, and felt pretty for the rest of the day. :)

Drybar would be great before a hot date, party or wedding, or if you just need a little breather from work, babies, life:) I’m keeping it in mind for future birthday gifts (it would make a great bridesmaids or new mama gift!). I’d also love to take my sister when she next comes to town. Have you ever been? Would you want to? xoxo

  1. The photos are great, This is the first article I’ve read on your wonderful blog! I’m looking forward to reading more xoxo

  2. Lovely!!! I really would like to visit Dry Bar sometime, You look great :)

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  5. thanks so much for the tip about drybar! i was in new york for the weekend and booked an appt. and it was wonderful! my curls have lasted despite the wind and the atmosphere was great!

  6. Sounds like the equivalent of getting a manicure only more essential in some ways… if this makes sense!? Like a mini spa day, looks lovely! And I can see your new iPhone is really coming in handy. iPhone post

  7. Have you watched the entire “Holiday”? Jude Law is NOT a cad.

  8. Ohhh, Toby’s just so happy, it is adorable!

  9. I love this! At first I thought places like these were pointless…until I got my first blowout for my birthday over the summer (gift from a friend) and I LOVED it! I’m actually going again this weekend to get my hair done in preparation to host my first dinner party! Exciting! – Elle from

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  11. Anonymous says...

    I just booked this for my friend and I who are coming to NYC in March all the way from Ireland. It’s her 1st time and I can’t wait to show her around.

  12. I’m thrilled to hear it was $35! I figured it was much more! We have one here in Newport Beach and I’d love to go but figured it was far too pricey. Thanks for the info! You look great!

  13. Anonymous says...

    Hi Jo,
    I’ve just read your post about getting your hair blow dried at Drybar.  I know that it’s a treat being pampered, but have you tried the Babyliss Big Hair dryer?  It is unbelievably brilliant.  My hair is similar in style to yours and was okay, but often just kind of ‘hung’ there, like old curtains.  Now I bounce down the street like I’ve just stepped off the set of ‘Desperate Housewives’.
    Another amazing product is Philip Kingsley’s elastizer.
    Thanks for blogging, you’re great fun to read.
    Tracey Bennett
    (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)

  14. Wow I would LOVE to go! It seems like something really great to do on a day when you are just feeling blah.

  15. Anonymous says...

    What lip color are you wearing?? It looks wonderful!

  16. Yes i would definitely go to one if I had one around.
    But definitely will keep this in mind next time I’m in NYC! Such a great idea!

  17. What a fantastic and inexpensive way to pamper yourself. Proof positive that a good hair can beat the winter blues.

  18. Just came across your blog, very fun.
    I enjoyed the series on dressing like a french woman.
    Nice new haircut, one of my favorite things to do, is get a cut.

  19. As everyone pretty much knowsLace wigs can be easy to manage and it also is very helpful to your real hair because depending on what type of hairstyle you’re wearing

  20. Wow this is a cool idea! I’ve never even heard of this (small-town America here!!), but really love this idea! It would be great to do before going to a wedding or some other fancy event that you didn’t want to do your own hair for. I’ll have to investigate and see if any boutiques near me do this sort of thing.

  21. I’ve only given these as gifts, but never done one myself! Love your hair, you’ve inspired me to try it!

  22. I love that you use the word “rad.” Thank you for making me smile.

  23. kate says...

    haha i liked your original hair! i’m a sucker for messy beach waves and you seem to have them natural (lucky!). if you feel like your hair needs a little volume, try the Oribe texturing spray. gives hair this messy perfect beach look and helps get rid of any oils.

  24. wow..this is so nice and fun! wish they had it in Tokyo. you look amazing!

  25. They have these in So Cal and I’ve been dying to try them out. I’ve reverted to the old messy bun look for winter:(

  26. Joanna, my sister and I were just talking about this place! We want to go there the next time we are in New York (we live in D.C.)

    BTW, are you wearing a Canadian tuxedo in these photos? Chambray shirt with jeans? My husband and I joke about this word for denim and denim outfits all the time.

    Just wanted to comment and say how completely charming I think you and your family (and blog) are! Thanks for brightening our winter days with your adventures!

  27. I went to Obadiah Blow Dry Bar in Bellevue, WA when I was up there, actually for my Mom’s Memorial Service. I went the day before the service and it was a nice way to just stop and let someone else care for me in a very practical way during a tender time. It was really special to have someone do for me what I normally do for myself. The gal also used some great products, especially for the Northwest wet and my hair lasted for a couple of days. My daughter who’s living in Italy told me she’s gone to one in Florence. Who knew?!?

    • Hi Kathleen! I found your comment through a google search for a blow dry bar in Florence. Do you know the name of the one your daughter went to? Would she recommend it? Thanks!!

  28. love your play by play of your day at dry bar! looks like a fantastically relaxing time, and your hair transformation is amazing!!

  29. I would love to do this!

  30. We have salons like that in Toronto and I swear by them for special events. The one I go to is called Blo. I think they’ve opened a few locations in the States recently. A little cheeky…their slogan is “blo me!”

  31. what a fab winter treat ! :) + your hair is beautiful! i wish i could do something like that everyday, especially in the winter when my hair feels dull + kind of staticky. have you ever had a clear gloss done to your hair? my friend just had one done + she said it made her feel like she had pantene hair (for two weeks!).

  32. Reina says...

    I can’t belive you guys have to pay $35 for a blow out in Manhattan!!! I live in Bogotá and we have cheap salons everywhere, and only cost like $3 (oh an manicure cost the same)

    Yes, we’re lucky I know, but beauty is a big thing for us latina women.

    You should come visit and have mani-pedi and blow out every day LOL!

  33. You and Toby are adorable together! Also, your hair looks really pretty! So, I just spent the last 30 minutes pouring over Drybar’s website. What a fabulous and adorable idea! I do not put very much heat on my hair, so it’s not very useful for me. Nevertheless, it sounds like a great experience! Thanks for sharing!

  34. When I win the lottery, I will do this all the time -sounds FAB! But at $35 bucks a pop, it’s definitely a once in awhile, special event type of thing. Your hair looked awesome!

  35. Anonymous says...

    The question really is : what did you do with the blow dry? A night out, Dinner? I awlays make plans for the night I get my hair done – this week it’s dinner and dancing with the girls….

  36. I have a dinner date with friends on Friday…My friend and I are going to drybar after work to get a blowout before we meet our fiance’s for dinner :) SO fun!

  37. what a fun experience! sounds like a real treat. i would love to spoil myself, but there is always a delay for things to get over here to israel. movies, trends, new ideas, etc… so for now a haircut and color will have to do :) but yous turned out great!


  38. I like it! I learn and practice english with your blog. Thank you!!!!

  39. you look just like Liv Tyler with your blow dry. Lovely little treat, I will keep my eyes pealed for something like this in England.

  40. With great hair and nice shoes you can look like anything in between head and toes and still feel great.
    The best part is the head massage isn’t it?!

  41. Anonymous says...

    Any Dominican hair salon in the Harlem or the Bronx can do the same job for less $. But then you don’t get the cookies and drink and movie…

  42. that sounds like the perfect pick-me-up. glad to know i’m not the only one who needs to switch things up every once in awhile to beat the winter blues! hang in there!