What are your plans for the weekend? We’ve had a great week in California and are heading back to New York this weekend. (By the way, this book saved our lives on the plane.) Hope you have a great one, and meanwhile, here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Who else is psyched for the final episodes of Mad Men?

February is officially the worst.

I wish I’d had these in California.

Amazing cookies, no baking required.

What a fascinating ethical question.

Okay, take a deep breath.

What a sweet way to announce the sex of your unborn baby.

Can you match the dog with its owner?

Why no one at Fashion Week is wearing tights.

How to lose weight in four easy steps. (Made me laugh.)

Whoa! This guy rules at Wheel of Fortune.

The fleeting joy of getting rid of clutter.

The best Bachelor recaps, written by a former contestant.

Really, really loving this new shirt.

(Photos of Joan Didion in 1968 by Julian Wasser, now showing at Danzinger Gallery. Gender reveal via Storq)